Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Force Things

(me playing in a chicken coop with a kitty)

I came across this message from Emett Fox in an old newsletter. Dr. Fox was an outstanding spiritual teacher whose books have helped millions.

"Never force things. Never bring heavy pressure to bear in a given direction. Never make up your mind that a certain thing must be done, or that it must be done now. All this sort of thing is dangerous, and is likely to land you in trouble instead of improving matters. It is really using will power, and is unscientific and unspiritual. It is looking to the without, whereas spiritual demonstration looks to the within. It is what engineers call centripetal action, and spiritual demonstration is always centrifugal.

What you really want is harmony and true expression at every point in your life. The actual way in which this comes does not matter so long as you get the thing itself. When you encounter a firm resistance anywhere, it usually means that you are on the wrong road and had better retreat and try another. Mental or material pushing will only get you farther down the wrong road, and it gives you a longer distance to retrace.

Claim that God works in you, and that when He works He always succeeds; that He knows the best way and is inspiring you to take it; that He meets no resistance for He works with joy; and that you and your life are part of that."
Isn't that a wonderful reminder to keep our focus on God? We can relax and let God be God, following His inner promptings. If we all were a little more like angels, earth would be a little more like heaven.
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