Thursday, February 28, 2013

Helping Another: An Angel Message

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Sometimes we have an unexpected opportunity to be an angel for someone in need.  Yesterday afternoon while downtown, a young man approached us in need of a gas can. His car had run out of gas in a No Parking Zone on New York Avenue.  He was afraid he'd get a ticket.

We didn't have a gas can, but Ace Hardware, a few blocks away must carry them. 

"I don't have enough money to buy a new one."  He said, walking away.

Something didn't feel quite right about his situation.  Elliot and I walked to the parking lot, not sure what to do.  As I was about to get in our car, another man happened to walk by wearing a tee shirt,  "JUST DO IT!"

Living in town, we drove by his car to offer help.  We could hurry home and come back with our gas can.  But the young man in need was't around.   We got our gas can, filled it with gas, and returned, hoping to find him there. 

Remembering the Angel of Patience, we waited. Time passed. I tried to telepathically send him an angel message.  "We're here with the gas.  Come back." 

Still no sign of him on the horizon. 

Then, another angel thought popped up. A synonym for God is Divine Mind.  I affirmed: "Divine Mind knows where this young man is." Divine knows all.

I listened and an idea came to me to check The Christian Science Reading Room across the street.  My good friend was working the desk.  Our driver had stopped in for help and she had given him some money and a container to walk up to the gas station a few blocks away.    We drove to the closest filling station, but he wasn't there.  We had no choice but to return and wait by his car.  Soon he showed up with a full gas can, and thankfully added ours to his tank. Now he had enough fuel to get home.

"Do you believe in angels?" I asked. 

He nodded. Somehow it seemed important for him to realize that he is never truly alone.  "Angels  nudged us to help you today." I said. 

He gave me a big smile.  He had recently been released from the hospital. He lifted his shirt to show us the stitches on his back from a car accident that almost killed him. He had been in a coma and was so thankful for a new lease on life.

It turns out his name is Michael.   I told him about Archangel Michael, the one who helps every spiritual seeker on the path fulfill his life purpose.  The young man looked surprised as if no one had ever spoken to him like this.  He smiled and said, he'd been to church for the very first time last week.

I was so thankful to the Angel of Patience for helping us wait it out. We can each be an angel for another on our way home if we just stop and take time out to help.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Rae Karen