Sunday, November 24, 2013

What Thoughts Are You Parroting to Yourself?

(Parrot Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Life is full of surprises.  On my way to have lunch downtown with a girl friend, the annual Art Festival on Main Street had traffic blocked off.  Rather than worry my friend would have trouble parking, I decided to give gratitude ahead of time that she would be guided by the angels to the perfect place to park since the restaurant parking was also closed.

As it turned out, she arrived ahead of me and was able to get a table out doors by the water falls.   I could see how things are in divine order.  Joanna had found the last parking place in a nearby lot.  As I pulled out my chair to sit down, a worried woman at the table behind us confided that she was meeting someone there for the first time; they'd met on the Internet. He was coming from out of town.  With the Festival going on, where would he park?  Having already witnessed the angels at work, I told her not to worry, the angels would guide him to the perfect parking space.  She smiled and took my hand, seeming grateful that we both spoke the same language.  Before long her new friend showed up. 

Joanna and I enjoyed a delicious lunch in the sunshine.  I spotted a penny under the railing across from our table.  A penny is a sign from the angels that everything is in divine order.  A lizard sunning on the railing scurried off as I picked up the coin; detachment is what the lizard teaches, break from the past.

On our way out, a funny thing happened.  I saw a man at a table texting with a tall white parrot sitting across from him. At first I thought it was a toy bird, but when I got closer, he blinked and moved his head. "You're real!" I smiled, seeing he had his own little bowl of water. 

The man asked the parrot, "Do you love me?"  The beautiful bird jumped onto his hand and gave him a sweet peck on the ear.  Then he asked him for a kiss.  I watched in amazement as the bird cocked his head and planted a big smacker right on his lips. 

As we turned to leave, the show was not quite over.  The bird's owner laughingly said, "Now, flick off the nice ladies."  I wasn't sure I'd heard him right.  But as I looked back in amazement I watched the parrot deliberately raise his leg and stick up one big black talon.  It was  a comical sight, way too funny to be insulting.  I'd never been given the "bird" by a bird.  I laughed, telling the parrot, "Now you have to give me a kiss," but he just blinked and we moved on.  
Apparently this man had taught his bird friend a lot of things.  Later, when I looked up parrot on-line, I had to smile.  They are the record keeper for the thoughts you tell yourself.  What thoughts are you parroting to yourself? 

Some suggested uplifting messages from parrot:

Spread your wings. Broaden your horizons.
Travel where your soul takes you.
Let the Spirit lead you; soar on faith.

Early this morning, I woke up and silently heard a message.  "Be still and know that I am God."  I thought about that parrot.  How he'd been trained to respond to a command.  Just like our monkey mind when we follow the ego.  It was also a lesson on non-reaction. If someone gives an insult, you don't have to take it seriously.  Just laugh and move on.

Curious, I looked up the meaning of parrot in Angel Messages, The Oracle of the Birds.  "The parrot, with its deafening squawk, rudely awakens us out of our sleep of complacency and spiritual idleness, and urges us to aim for higher things.  It announces: "Take the long, broad grand highway as far as your perspective is concerned, because life is eternal! You are eternal!"

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,