Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, Angel of Freedom

What a wonderful way to begin 2014 by adopting an angel virtue to guide you through this year.  Angels are God's representatives. His faithful messengers remind us that He is at hand to help and to heal.  Whether we see the angels or not, they are a powerful influence in our lives, especially when we invite them in to celebrate life.  Angels correspond with attitudes. If we want to hold on to an attitude through life's uncertainty, this is a meaningful way to experience the angels.

 On New Year's Day  last year, I  adopted an Angel attitude for the whole year.   I'd read a wonderful book that had 50 virtues to choose from in Angels of Grace, by Anselm Gruen.  Some of the options:  The Angel of Love, The Angel of Gratitude, The Angel of Harmony, The Angel of Transformation, The Angel of Understanding, The Angel of Slowness, The Angel of Endurance, The Angel of Trust. After reviewing the list, The Angel of Enthusiasm was just what I needed.  Her presence had a buoyant influence on my life in 2013.   

Early this morning an "angel" thought reminded to grab the virtue book and set an intention for my angel for 2014.  I had to smile because when I opened it up, wondering which one to choose, it seemed the angels had already picked one.  An angel photo I'd taken, (above) was tucked in The Angel of Freedom page.  This Angel helps us to freely express who we are.

The universal year energy of 2014 helps us in this direction as well.  This year is a number 7 universal year.  2+0+1+4 adds up to a 7 in numerology.  Seven is the number of perfection, completion.   It is a spiritual number, a time when the world will focus within to realize deeper truths.  For spiritual seekers, this will be a great year for a better understanding of the universal laws of abundance.  It is a time to look within yourself and contact higher levels of consciousness, to evaluate everything in your life so far and to reinvent yourself through new courses of action.  The influence of the year will help you to see new opportunities and to recognize more of your potential in life. 

Have a wonderful New Year expressing your Higher Self with the help of the Angels.

Love and blessings,