Saturday, July 5, 2014

Amazing Grace: A Message from the Angels

We are engaged in a celestial speedup, whether we like it or not, things are shifting and transforming at a rapid rate.  The old is breaking down to prepare for the new.  Old cherished paradigms are being challenged in order that we may seek within and be transformed by a higher consciousness, our true changeless Christ Self.

I have found it very comforting that while in the midst of deep trials to keep my thoughts out of the pit of darkness and to cling to the healing words of the Master as best I can.  "My kingdom is not of this world." The kingdom of heaven is within." 

 The more I can focus on the unseen world within, affirming my five senses are deceivers, the more I can walk in faith and not by sight.  Praying Psalm 91 and letting the grace of His angels enfold me gives me much needed strength and trust.  I am not alone; not now, not ever.  It is impossible to be separated from the Love of God in any situation or place.  I may turn my mind away from God; but He has not forgotten me.

Just last week I went through a rite of passage with my Mom who just turned 96.  Quite suddenly, she lost her ability to speak.  I tried tuning in her words, hoping to alleviate her frustration.  But what I learned through all of this something precious that had been taken for granted.  The Love she is, her spirit is changeless; and no matter how we label things the essence of all is love.  Everything is a call for Love.   It's not so much the words but what's behind them.  Are they loving or fearful?

One morning as I sat on the sofa, processing this sudden major change, I found myself reaching for an angel statue.  It has a harp.  I thought maybe I should stop "harping" and just come from gratitude for everything.  I'd bought this little angel at a local thrift shop several years ago.  She had a tiny battery in the base that was supposed to make her light up, so I thought.  It never did work.

But as I picked her up and pushed on the battery, I heard three musical notes!  I was so surprised. It was a music box! I pushed harder, wanting to hear the song as it seemed an important message from the angels.

Tears came as I recognized the tinny sound of Amazing Grace.  In that moment, I felt such a relief. There is so much more going on than I can understand.

But I gained comfort in knowing that I am not alone.  I am in the Presence of the Divine and the angels.  We are truly all becoming more than we know.  It's an overwhelming and necessary time to let go of the illusion of what isn't and begin to awaken to what is.  Wonderful things are happening, but we need purification to burn off the dross to prepare for a new "crop."

Mom has moved to Assisted Living and her speech has improved, but she is ready for the Lord to call her home.  Everything has its season.  She is learning patience, but her acceptance is inspiring, not once have I heard her complain.

So my friends, whatever you are facing, please remember that God loves you and keep on having faith.  It will see you through to a glorious new birth.  The angels are here to help us through this accelerated time of great spiritual growth.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen