Friday, October 10, 2014

White Orchids: A Resurrection Gift

Spending three days in the heart of Richmond, in the midst of towering bank buildings and hi-rise hotels, the serenity of nature was a welcomed sight back home again. Looking out at the garden, I caught sight of a new flower! Four beautiful white orchid blossoms! A ripple of excitement moved through me as recently, I'd toyed with the idea of getting one.  This one showing up on its own was a complete surprise almost as if the universe heard my inner desire.

Then I found another gift by the patio...a pot with a new plant.  Three colorful plastic eggs were nestled underneath  its leaves.  Suddenly I felt like a child on an Easter egg hunt. Having returned from my Mom's memorial service, I felt blessed by the hum of resurrection energy....  Mom is off on a new adventure, having hatched from her physical  "egg."  Elliot and I are beginning a different journey that has yet to unfold.

After a little investigation, I learned a thoughtful angel friend had delivered those precious gifts,  leaving me to find them at my own pace.   Her blessings help me to remember to be a messenger of joy as I go about my day.

The orchid's exquisite pristine beauty is far from ordinary, she has a queen-like bloom.  Orchid's energy is helpful if we are in need of working on our self-esteem and decisiveness, or when we feel as if anyone or anything holds authority over us.  It can also give us a position of authority if we are entering into any situation where we need more confidence.

Knowing that the Angels are with us, feeling their presence, gives us great hope and faith, and most of all is big with blessings.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.