Monday, June 22, 2015

Playing the Hand You're Dealt: An Angel Message

(Wikimedia Photo: Graeme Main/MOD)

I asked the Holy Spirit what I needed to know about dealing with a problem. A hand of cards appeared in my mind's eye with a thought to play the hand you're dealt. These words evoked a quick review of the mysteries of the life of Jesus.  When the chips were down, God trumped the setback with a victory every step of the way. Angels played an important role in guiding and protecting. I began to look back and remember the many ways God had come through for me during past challenges. I felt lighter. Whatever the problem, God is already here/there/everywhere.  A very reassuring truth that He got there first and holds the winning Hand.

I believe Jesus was the messenger to teach us the way to Christ consciousness, the Christ pattern to live our life. From a spiritual standpoint, we come into this life with certain lessons to learn.  Our circumstances, our talents and strengths, as well as our limitations, are optimal for learning our core lessons.  When we don't learn from our experiences, don't worry, we always get another chance to repeat the lesson until we do. By facing them and doing whatever it takes then we can graduate to grander experiences...

The cards I was shown were fanned in a hand showing only the outer side. So I had to smile when I found this photo on the web...a royal flush of Hearts!  A reminder to play our hand with lots of love. And, with God in the game, we can't fail to win if we listen and follow His lead.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen