Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Angel of the Birds

(Artwork: The Angel of the Birds:

Earlier this week, Elliot and I were on a drive when we happened upon a band of wild turkeys.  They began to parade across the street. causing us to slow down and get an eyeful.  Turkeys on the loose was a good sign of thanksgiving and abundance. A perfect message for Christmas in sharing our abundance of love, peace, and joy with others. 

With all the angel messages from the birds, I love the imagery of the  Bird Angel shown here.  Her tender love radiates in a golden rainbow that these precious little winged ones find irresistible, each one basking in the grace and comfort of Divine Love.

Birds are wonderful messengers of higher dimensions as they can soar free and view the big picture. The angels encourage us to pay attention to the ones that may fly into our life. Those birds that have meaning for us will draw our attention to them, but we must pay attention or we will miss their message.

Significant birds may also appear in our dreams, on TV commercials,  and other media or in comments by those around us.  Our messengers will nest in our thoughts, bringing to mind whatever helpful characteristic they have that can help us at this time. 

A search on the web can reveal the symbolism to you. 

Enjoy your Christmas Eve with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen