Monday, October 17, 2016

A Ladybug Angel Message

I have always loved ladybugs, but even more so since my Mom's passing several years ago. These friendly visitors have an uncanny way of making an appearance just when I need it most. 

This morning I was nudged to send my uncle a copy of my book Spiritual Lessons from Nature.  I wasn't so sure Mom hadn't given me the idea.  I scribbled a note to him regarding my favorite story in the book, Ladybugs on Parade, about Mom.

With the book mailed, I noticed the front yard was in need of weeding. Trumpet vines had overtaken the bushes from all the recent rain.   

Afterwards I got busy arranging potted flowers to add color to the front yard  I had put out a large pot of burgundy mums when I discovered a ladybug on my wrist! Her cheerful presence evoked a tearful, Awww, Mom.  It had been a long time since I last saw a ladybug.  And to my delight, she immediately flew to my other hand and deliberately landed on the tip of my finger. I watched her in wonder, this tiny messenger of love. Then having completed her mission, she quickly flit her colorful red wings and departed on a new adventure. Mission accomplished. 

My heart was so thankful for the ladybug visit. It was just the angel message I needed today!  Our departed loved ones remain very much a part of our journey by bringing joyful touches of love.  

By the way, in Nature-Speak, I learned that Chrysanthemum represents opening the heart, healing and vitality growing.  How perfect is that?

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen