Monday, July 31, 2017

Angel Footwear: An Angel Message

One day I found a foam insert shaped like a pair of "angel wings" on my closet floor.  In a playful mood, I laughed, in hopes that I'd finally gotten my wings! But no such luck.  The empty shoe box was proof  my "wings" were an "insert" from a new pair of comfortable shoes I'd bought for a trip. Although, I love the symbolism of inserting "wings" into my every step each day.  To walk lightly...with the angels.

There was another time in great need that I unexpectedly discovered angel "footwear".  My brother had asked me to attend a spiritual Expo in San Francisco.  That would have been fun, but he asked me to take his place as a guest speaker on Angels at the event.   I knew it was a test of faith to overcome my fear of public speaking.  Several weeks before the trip, I went on a shopping spree for a new outfit, complete with shoes. The angels quickly guided me to all I needed.  At home when I tried on my new ensemble, I noticed the word "Angel" imprinted on the outer soles of the new pair of beige low-heels!  I actually had to look twice!

But you can't make these things up.  

It was just the spiritual lift I needed. I was not alone, the angels would support me as I stood before a large audience trying not to shake too much in my "angel" shoes. 

It's good to remember that when we step out, the angels are with us.  We can walk by faith.

"For He shall give his angels charge over you to
 guide and protect you in all your ways, they shall
 lift you up  lest you dash your foot upon a stone."   
                            --Psalm 91

Enjoy your day with the Angels,

Love and joyful blessings!

Rae Karen