Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Weaving A Timely Message: An Angel Message

Early this morning, when I opened the back door, Gus was already waiting on the patio.   His orange striped furry coat brightened an otherwise dull gray day.  Something else orange caught my eye.  A little spider dangled on a fine silk thread at the doorway.  Carefully side-stepping her to deliver my favorite stray feline a bowl of chow, I silently noted the deliberate messenger. 

Spiders are all about creativity and whenever one appears in my face, I'm grateful for the heads-up.  I know from experience it is important to guard my every word, thought and deed.  For just as a spider spins her creative web, so do I spin the days of my life. 

Love is the glue that holds all together.  There is no power greater than love.  It is the remedy for all strife.  Everything is love or a call for love.  The more we choose to love, the brighter our world will become.  Not always easy, but it is a choice that we have free will to make. And, we have heavenly help to give us strength and encouragement to teach only love.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Watch for the loving messengers that come to help you.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen