Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Feast of Mary Magdalene - July 22

Mariham, Mariham, the Happy...Speak in boldness,
because thou art she whose heart straineth toward the kingdom of the heavens more than all thy brothers. 
             ~Jesus to Mary Magdalene, Pistis Sophia, third century

I've often wondered about the symbolism of the Magdalene depicted with a skull and open book in her paintings.  Is it symbolic to go beyond the hardheaded skull of so called concrete thinking in order to open The Book of Life?

The human brain is not the key to eternity. The answer lies beyond the physical into the realm of Infinite Mind that cannot be confined to gray matter housed in a finite skull.  Interesting that Golgotha, the crucifixion hill was shaped like a skull. 

Man is spiritual, not matter...material.

The unborn chick pent up in a tight hard shell must peck its way out of the dark. And when it does, the view is like nothing it has seen before, an expanded awareness takes hold as it evolves to become what God created.   

So, it is with us. We are being birthed into a higher consciousness that always has and always will be the Truth, regardless of what little thoughts our brains conjure up.  Our identity is spiritual, not physical. Each adversity can become an impetus to peck a harder and faster to break free.

Angels hover near in thought bringing God's pure messages of Divine Love.  In stillness, we can feel their peaceful, loving presence, as shown in the painting of Mary Magdalene in the desert. How reassuring to know that when we feel most vulnerable, alone, exiled from the world that provisions are already in place.  God's angels abide with us.  They are only a thought away, ready to comfort, protect and guide.  

Happy Feast of Mary Magdalene!  Mary's path guides us to leave all for Christ, and to stand on our own two feet, to claim dominion and listen and follow our inner voice. 

Like Mary, in great despair that first Easter morning, she stooped down to look for her savior's body but found it not in an empty tomb.  Weeping, she stood up and turned around to face a gardener.   It isn't until he calls her by name that Mary recognizes her beloved Rabboni, the risen Christ! What unfathomable joy!  Her darkest hour has suddenly become the brightest dawn of a brand new life.  Victory over death.

At the height of summer, The Feast of Magdalene's Day is a great time to spend in the "garden"  reflecting on how our darkest hours have and will unfold into a joyful resurrection, the dawn of a new day unfolding a higher view of Life.  Rejoice.  All is well.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Artwork: Wikimedia Commons:  Piola, Magdalene in the Desert
Mary Magdalene with the egg, Richard Stodart)