Friday, August 28, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Roses

My first talk on Angels at the Edgar Cayce Forum was coming up on August 26th. Somewhat nervous about using a microphone for the first time, I remembered an affirmation a friend gave me earlier that week. "Put me with the right people at the right time in the right place saying the right thing in the most favorable way." I kept affirming this whenever my stomach suddenly turned to cold jello.

In meditation, a few days before the talk, guidance came to get a rose for each person attending the Forum. A gift from their guardian angel for coming to the celebration. Roses were a lovely thought, but we were on a budget. How many dozens would I need? My ego dismissed the idea, but I did ask the angels for a confirmation and soon forgot all about it. That afternoon, I was reading a book and came to a passage on pink roses. The timing was interesting, but I still wasn't convinced. Although I was reminded of the many extra large vases Mom gave me on our last visit.

The next morning in meditation, a faint rose essence filled the air. For some reason, I didn't make the connection to the Forum. Although the sweet fragrance was a blessing.

The day of my talk, my husband, Elliot and I were driving home from lunch at the Anchor Inn. "Are you getting anything about my talk tonight?" I asked him, hoping he might mention the roses.

"No, not really."

I shared about my meditation and the roses for the audience.

"Roses are pretty expensive."

"I can find them for $9.99 a dozen. That's what I'm seeing."

"Bloom had roses that were fairly cheap awhile ago. We are getting our angelic signals. "Let's stop by" he said. "If they're $9.99 and in stock, you'll know."

I ran inside the grocery store while he waited in the car. Sure enough the roses were $9.99. As Kathy, the sales girl, went to check for more bouquets, a small teddy bear with a potted flower was on display. "Here to Encourage You," were the words on his balloon. I smile that the Angels are guiding us.

We leave the store with a bucketful of pink and red long stemmed roses. Having followed my guidance, the energy around the upcoming talk has shifted. I'm feeling peaceful. The angels of the roses are with me. At the Forum, beautiful roses surround the podium. During the break, a young woman eagerly approached me. "I have a message for you. My friend got the same guidance about flowers. To bring flowers for everyone she knew who was coming tonight."

Throughout the evening, the atmosphere in the room was one of celebration and excitement. The joyful presence of angels among us, within us, and around us. At the end of the program, a happy audience left with a rose as a reminder of their guardian angel who is always with them. We are never alone.

The next morning while moving a stack of books out of the living room, I find an old pamphlet I got from the freebie box at the A.R.E. library three or four years ago. A colorful floral presentation of slogans by Al-Anon for their 1990 International Convention. I turn to the first page. To my surprise, the words THE FORUM... are bolded, standing out in the second paragraph. A red rose bud is pictured on the page. I am amazed at the synchronicity and so grateful for the guidance of angels. Later that morning on the internet, a flash ad popped up, "Everything's Coming Up Roses."

That's so true, when we listen and follow the guidance of our guardian angels.

P.S. On Saturday, my 86-year-old friend, Hawk, sent an angel card. Enclosed was a check that just so happened to cover the cost of the roses. :-D

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