Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garbage In, Garbage Out

I took this picture at Redwing Park not far from home. It reminded me of talking trash. When my husband was a kid he swore like a pirate down the block far from his mother's tender ears. I was surprised when he told me about his childhood as today he is a very spiritual person with gentle speech and manners. In fact several years ago he learned how negative words, especially curse words, set up a 24- hour negative vortex around the offender.

In the Bridge to Freedom it is written, "Therefore, be careful how you speak, because every time you speak a word, energy rushes forth from your mouth and creates a thoughtform. It behooves us then to be careful how we use our energy because according to the manner of sending it forth, do we receive happiness or otherwise in its return."

We can call upon Archangel Raphael to consecrate our tongue and mouth to help us speak words of encouragement and upliftment to ourselves and to others. Words are energy and each has a frequency. As best as we can it is good to stay in harmony and speak in a manner of higher consciousness. This keeps our attunement open to the angelic realm where we can receive guidance, comfort and protection.

The Zohar, The Book of Splendor, discusses a vast system of angels which form a communication network through which positive and negative influences travel. This network acts as an interface between the physical world and the Upper Worlds. Everything in the physical world is governed by angels, including every blade of grass, every creature in the sea, and mankind. Everything positive that occurs in our lives is a direct result of positive angels. All blockages, turmoil, difficulties are the result of the influence of negative angels. Our own behavior determines which influences are aroused in our world. (Zohar, Vol 1, p.199)

Words have power to create or destroy and by our choice we can either create heaven or hell, that's the gift of free will the Creator has given to us. May your world be brighter because you are in it. May you bring a touch of heaven to all your relationships.

Angelic blessings,