Monday, August 29, 2011

Angel or Agnes: An Angel Message

Clipart Angel on the FORUM Handout

We never know just when or how angels will increase our awareness of their loving presence.  Often we see what we expect to see until we really look closely and focus on the picture at hand. This little angel writing in the sand has a story worth sharing.

Many years ago I was a monthly volunteer lecturer at the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach.  My favorite and only topic was angels, and what the Edgar Cayce readings had to say about them.

Later on, when I had an opportunity to speak at the A.R.E. evening Forum on Angels, I was guided to skip the usual flyers and only handout a list of recommended reading material.  The little angel scribe pictured here was the header on that paper.

Weeks later, I received a wonderful letter from a woman who had come to the A.R.E. Angel Forum.

"Something marvelous happened after the A.R.E Angel Forum.  When I got home I read the two flyers from the Forum. One listed books to read on angels.  I read through them and noticed John Randolph Price's book on the list. The yellow sheet of paper listed dates of future forum. After I read them, I put them by my computer. During my sleep I was widely awakened at 4:49 a.m. Thurs 8/27/09 and could not sleep anymore. Later, I looked up that angel number in a book.

449 - Your life purpose involves sharing your knowledge of the angels with others. The angelic realm is helping you with this, as well as additional aspects of your mission.

I thought, it was true. I did have many wonderful experiences of the loving angels. Then, I did not think much of it.

In the morning of 8/28/09, Friday, I woke up about six and immediately rose from bed and leaned forward to get the two flyers from The Forum. (No time to wonder why.) When I unfolded the flyer, immediately I spotted something I had missed. My mouth wide open and my whole being vibrated! On top of the list of books, there was a picture of an angel who was writing Agnes, a name I had chosen for myself when I was young. I used this name to correspond and exchange stamps with many.

How in the world whosoever typed out this list picked an angel writing the name Agnes was beyond me! Anybody who looked at the picture would have assumed the angel was writing the word angel. But, no, it was Agnes!

 Nobody in the USA knows I am Agnes.

And, here I was widely awakened the night before and being asked to share my knowledge of the angels which I did not think much of it, and then the second morning found the angel writing my name!"

Surprised, I stopped reading Agnes' letter to grab the handout from my briefcase.  I was sure she had been mistaken.  The angel was writing angel, not Agnes!

But Agnes was right! And, I had learned a valuable lesson on seeing what I expect to see. 

I continued reading her encouraging letter.

 "Tuesday 9/1/09 morning I sat and talked to God, angels and guides and asked if it was for the good of all to share this angel story, and I got I should. Part of me did not want to reveal my English name. I like my Chinese name and prefer people to call me by that name. I had not told anybody, not even my classmates in Hong Kong, that I used an English name Agnes. I also understood this experience was supposed to be shared even though it was very personal.

"When I started the car to go to church, it was 11:11 a.m. angel time! After the healing prayer circle was over...I stepped inside the car, turned the key, and it was 1:11 p.m. angel time! I just smiled. I never looked at the clock at church for it was way behind me and my cell phone which was turned off before I left for church was in my handbag. I had no way of knowing what time it was. We usually end our circle later than that. Anyway, seeing two angel times made my day. I am all smiles for the angels are confirming I am doing the right thing and they are with me. Thank you, God. Thank you, angels and guides and all the ascended masters."

Thankful for Agnes' letter, I smiled and inserted it in the envelope, reflecting back that at the last minute, I'd been guided to change my usual handout and use this clipart Agnes angel for the Forum. Another perfect lesson that everything is always in divine order for those who have eyes to see.

Thank you, Angels for guiding Agnes to be an angel messenger. May we all follow the whispers of our angels and make the world a brighter place.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Clipart on my Angel Forum Handout)

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