Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Spiritual New Year

(Clipart from The Ultimate Angel Book Compiled by Jim Harter)
The start of a new year may be only a matter of changing our calendar, unless we actively pursue bringing about a change in our own consciousness.  After the traditional Happy New Year wishes are exchanged with friends and family, the words alone have little power to bring forth prosperity, peace, and joy in the coming year if we continue to follow the old pattern of thinking.
Since the Angel of Enthusiasm is my angel of choice for 2013, I've noticed that I'm filled with more joy and energy.  I've had a shift in consciousness and it's only been two days, but I'm enjoying the change.  Instead of having an attitude that "I have to do _____This energized angel has whispered, It's far better to affirm: "I get to do____ (especially helpful when faced with chores.)   This thought alone has lifted a load.  And yesterday I found myself buying a bottle of bubbles while out shopping for cards. 
The Greeks spoke of "ecstasy", meaning to be out of yourself, and "enthusiasm," meaning to be in God. Enthusiasm could be interpreted then as letting God be with you wherever you are and whatever you're doing.  It's practicing the remembrance of the Presence in your life.
I read that originally enthusiasm meant inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus; a Latin word meaning "to blow upon/toward."  It can mean to be blown upon by a divine wind (to inspire).
I came across the angel clipart shown above and had to smile.  She is blowing love and inspiration to her charges.  It's so wonderful how God has sent the Angels to stir our minds to think higher thoughts toward ourselves and each other. 
 So today is an opportunity to have a new beginning, fresh with divine inspiration.  I can still my mind and become receptive to the Angel of Enthusiasm.
Enjoy your day.  Let your thoughts can brighten up your world.