Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Peacock

We had a wonderful surprise on Saturday.  On a whim, we took a ride to a friend's house.  In  her neighborhood, we stumbled upon a rare sight.  A peacock from a nearby farm, beyond the woods, was on his way to get a meal.

Elliot spotted him first. And me with no camera!  We watched him drag his long plumage up the driveway of a residence.

Then he stopped by the double garage.  His back was to us.


His wings unfurled in one magnificent motion, creating a sense of awe.

His backside was colorless and plain.  I got out of the car with my cellphone, hoping for a picture.   I waited for him to turn around. He put on quite a show.  Proudly pivoting in all his glory, he slowly made a 360 degree turn to reveal his beautiful fan of blue-green iridescence.

The many "eyes" within his feathering are symbolic of watchfulness. And we were certainly getting an eyeful of him! 

An energy charged the air.  I didn't know how much so until later. I was up until 3 AM working on a creative project! And Elliot wrote 4 songs that evening.

The peacock was so deliberate. I looked up the symbolism in Animal-Speak.  The keynote is resurrection and wise vision (watchfulness)  In Egypt, it was associated with the all seeing eye of Horus.  In Christianity, it was a symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus, immortality. 

It's interesting to observe  that  what we focus on becomes part of our manifestation.  I've been writing in a peacock journal since my birthday in May.  Also,  a peacock note pack stays in the car for quick notes.

I wasn't sure about his message.  Then I remembered the peacock card holder I'd recently put in our kitchen window. It holds one of my favorite verses from  A Course in Miracles:

You have the right to all the universe;
to perfect peace, complete deliverance
from all the effects of sin, and to the
life eternal, joyous, and complete in
every way, as God appointed for His
holy Son.  
                       T,500, T-538

Perhaps that peacock was demonstrating the choice we can make on how we present ourselves in the world.  The ego or the Christ consciousness.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Blessings and love,