Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snowflakes: Key to Enlightenment?

With all the record breaking snowstorms this winter in the U.S., I wondered about the significance of billions of symmetrical pretty white flakes. Especially since Spring has arrived, yet bringing more heavy snow in some areas.  Is nature sending us a message, trying to get our attention as we move further away from her, and focus more on our little world of hand-held technology? 

An angel message came to do a little research on the snowflake.  I learned that snowflakes always are six-sided, (a hexagon).  Some of you might say, so is a stop sign, and I've had enough! 

But could there be a higher purpose?  On the surface, snowflakes appear to be mostly alike; but under the lens of a microscope, down to the molecular level, each one is uniquely different. 

The intricate patterns of the flakes are designed by the path each one takes from formation to the ground.  Narrow spikes are formed while passing through warmer temperatures.  Colder degrees form wider spikes.  (Just like we are shaped by our own experiences.)

It's interesting that a hexagon is also the form of a honey comb; a bee's nest. The number six represents harmony, balance, love, and truth.  Every side of the hexagon is equivalent with its opposite side.  In Feng Shui, the hexagon represents higher wisdom and spirituality.  

So maybe something more is going on than meets the human eye.  2014 is a spiritual/universal 7 year.  Seven is a time when the world will focus within to realize deeper truths.  

For spiritual seekers, this is a great year for gaining a better understanding of the universal laws of abundance.  A time to look within yourself and contact higher levels of consciousness.  Evaluate everything in your life so far,  and separate the wheat from the chaff.

The influence of the 7 year helps to see new opportunities; to recognize more of your potential in life. With all the snow days, many of you have had a break in your daily routine. An opportunity to spend time, going within to listen for inner guidance, and reinvent yourself through new courses of action, if needed.

Some physicists think that all matter is comprised of very small oscillating strings and that our universe is contained in a moving membrane.  If they happen to be right, our universe is a real symphony with lots of little instruments joining in, even a tiny snowflake adds to the harmony.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


(Photo Credit:  Suebee Sheldon)