Friday, November 13, 2015

A Lesson in Letting Go: Acorn Angel Message

 Nature is a great teacher.  On Tuesday, at the Old House Cafe, my girlfriend and I were enjoying the warm autumn day. Our table by the pond was underneath the canopy of a grand towering oak near the fish pond. I  begin to talk about an old issue from the past. 


An acorn struck our table from above, interrupting the conversation.  The timing seemed like a  signal to drop the past, and let it go! 

  "I sure hope an acorn doesn't whack me on the head."  I laughed.

"It wouldn't hurt, would it?"  My friend asked, playfully picking up a small twig of two acorn caps. She demonstrated by gently dropping it on top of her head.     

 "Well-- these caps are empty," I said, studying it. "But, if a hard nut fell from high up--30 feet or so--gravity being what it is--you might feel it!"  I laughed.

Enjoying nature late into the afternoon,  PING!  A loud bonk rapped my noggin! "Ouch!"  my ears rang, like a cartoon character with her head vibrating inside the Liberty Bell. 

"Did that hit you?" my friend asked, surprised that it had actually happened.

"Yes!" I laughed, rubbing my crown.   Anger turned to joy as I looked up at the giant oak.  "Thank you for the gift," I chuckled. Fall is a time of letting go.

"You called that one," my friend smiled. "See how powerful you are!"   

She was right.  I'd learned a "hard" lesson on the power of what you decree...   That goes for all of us.


Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen