Monday, September 26, 2016

Angels Believe in You!

Angels often deliver a perfect message at the perfect time, and you know in your heart that it was meant for you in that special moment.  You can't help from smiling as you feel the joy that something significant is happening, something that goes beyond the physical senses.  Unseen loving help is with you, and you are not going it alone.   

Many years ago, when I was wrestling with a deep fear of public speaking, I found the strength and confidence needed when I stumbled upon this little angel statue, ANGELS BELIEVE-- IN YOU.  

My first public angel talk was coming up in a  few weeks, and I was scared. The little angel on display in the lobby of the Association for Research and Enlightenment was strategically placed, outside the bookstore entrance, along with other items for sale. I found myself vectoring over to check out the angel selections after I entered the lobby.   Somehow, I zoomed in on the perfect one:  "ANGELS BELIEVE-- IN YOU."  

Me?!" I murmured, picking the little winged one up. "Angels believe in me!"  I laughed, nervously.
I always say, "I believe in angels," and even rubber stamp, I Believe in Angels on my outgoing mail.  But...really? 

This new angle hit the mark, causing an inner stirring, boosting my spirit with strength and courage that I could do it.  I could step out in faith and speak on their behalf.  The Angels believed I could do it.  So who was I to doubt?

 For added confidence,  I bought the little angel and placed her in plain sight at home so I wouldn't forget if I became anxious as the speaking date drew nearer.  Angels Believe -- in You.  I wasn't doing this alone; there was a fullness of presence, and more peace in knowing that unseen help was guiding the way. It became a steady mantra.

More confirmation came the day of  my maiden voyage  Before my first angel lecture began, I got everything set up on stage.  I looked down at the little ANGELS BELIEVE -- IN YOU statue on the podium, hidden from view except by me. I smiled, waiting for the audience to arrive.  My husband had been setting up the chairs, and to his surprise, discovered a little white angel feather on the auditorium floor. "Angels are here," he laughed.

"I"ll take it!" I laughed, needing all the help I could get, remembering the feathers in Psalm 91. The little feather took its place by the ANGELS BELIEVE-- IN YOU statue. 

 All went well that afternoon, thanks to the help of the angels, and a little willingness on my part.  That day began a three-year volunteer speaking engagement where I shared the good news about the angels, once or twice a month at the A.R.E. as part of the free activities provided for visitors.  

So, if you have any fears that are holding you back from stepping out today, this message is for you, too. Angels Believe-- in You.  And, the back of the angel message is our ticket.  GIVE YOURSELF WINGS TO FLY!

Enjoy flying with the angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen