Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Monrovia Star: An Angel Message

The glow of a big white Moravian star caught my eye at Lowe's. The last one on the decorations shelf, I grabbed the box, and joyfully moved to the checkout feeling the Christmas spirit. 

After all, the Bethlehem Star had led the Magi to the babe in the manger and my own feet guided me to this big beautiful star as a reminder to keep following the Light no matter what.

The holiday glow faded a bit back at home.  Assembly was required to build the magnificent star;  26 large plastic rays needed to be snapped into a large grid orb.  What was needed most was patience to follow the directions step by step to create the symmetrical Star of Wonder. 

At first, some of the star's rays snapped easily into the grid.  Then, others were more resistant. And, then there were those rebel rays that popped out of place as new rays were inserted!

 Rays were snapping and popping. 

Elliot and I sat on the sofa, side by side, intently doing our light work, with the pile of rays waiting to be launched.  Humor set in as we fumbled with the unwieldy nova. My husband has the patience of Job, but I must say at one point, I popped, ready to return the Star for a refund. 

Perseverance paid off.  We stuck to it, one ray at a time, and asked the angels for help.  It worked!  Within an hour the beautiful Moravian star was shining in the dining room window, and I had learned another lesson in light.   

"A Light from on high
will dawn upon [us]... 
to shine upon and give light to those who sit in 
darkness and in the shadow
of death, to direct and
 guide our feet... into the
way of peace."
                                                                       Luke 1:78-79
                                                                                                  AMP Bible

Enjoy your journey with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen