Sunday, March 19, 2017

Through A Keyhole: An Angel Message

Lately, I've been feeling as if my physical body is being squeezed through a tight keyhole. I'm both here and there. The past is behind as I get a glimpse forward of a new beginning. Transformation is in the works for us all. Our consciousness is being molded to "unlock"a door into a higher dimension. The pressure is intense as we pare off old unresolved patterns that block our entrance. Embracing these challenges in gratitude quickens the process to ascension. 

Here's a helpful passage from the Ascended Masters Teaching Foundation in the late 50's:

"If one could only realize that this "bombardment" is but the return of one's own energy which is "called in" by the Cosmic Law ere one can pass through the portals of freedom, that one would not feel so resentful or rebellious. A realization of this would save you from depression and doubt, and you would know that in that very pressure and stress of circumstances there was a promise that the Hierarchy knew you were ready to "handle" the energy and to have the glory of the ascension--so every moment becomes an opportunity to "balance your account" until the "red ink runs dry." (Printz Private Bulletin, Book 1, p. 278)

There is power in the spoken word. "Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee" is an ancient maxim that can help us bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual. 

"I AM calling the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame to pour Their Sacred Fire Love in and around me."

"I AM calling forth the Master Power of the Cosmic Violet Flame Angels' Love in and around me. I ask to see the fulfillment of my calls."

You can also call on the Holy Spirit's Violet Flame to dissolve all misqualified energy in and around you. Then visualize a living Violet Flame rising up from your feet, shooting high over your head melting away any resentments, fears, unforgiveness, etc. I think of the Violet Flame as the cool sacred healing fire of God's Mercy, Love, and Forgiveness.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen