Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Guardian Angels Where You Travel

During these times of uncertainty, you may find it comforting to follow this guidance from the angels.   I've mentioned before an experiment I tried years ago after reading a booklet about the power of guardian angels.  The advice was to welcome all of the Guardian Angels of the city that you are visiting, as well as the overseeing Angelic Guardian of that city.    Since every person has at least one guardian angel, think of all the good that can come to all from acknowledging their loving presence in the mass population.  
I am with you always.
I decided to give it a try.  The results were so amazing that Elliot and I ended up moving to the small town in central Florida where we had vacationed that winter.   Now for the past six years, each morning I welcome the Guardian Angels of everyone in our home town, as well as the Angelic Guardian overseeing DeLand. 

This will give you an idea how it works when on a trip.  Before our arrival on a weekend outing several years ago, I invited all of the guardian angels of Winter Park and the Angel Guardian of Winter Park to be with us on our upcoming trip.  I thanked them in advance for making our visit joyful and smooth, connecting us with the right people at the right places at the right time. 

For starters, we checked into our hotel room early, and began our sightseeing adventure with a surprise. Getting out of the car downtown, in the parking lot, I heard a familiar bird call greet us.  A sea hawk whistled from a nearby tree!  Hawks have been one way the angels communicate with me.  What joy to watch him fly by low enough for me to see a fish clasped in his talons. A message to keep our eyes on the big picture.  God always provides. 

The next morning, walking along the beautiful tree-lined avenue in the historic district,  my new air cushioned sandals were starting to form a blister. Hobbling along, I looked for a pair of cheap flip-flops to buy, but none were to be found. 

An encouraging angel message came in a humorous way.  A directory posted outside an office building  had a listing of businesses. The order of the listing was amusing when combined together in reverse.  Guardian Angel Associates.  Upstairs.  Shoooz.   The Collection.  (You can't make these things up, you'll see when you invite the angels.)

Looking at the directory,  Elliot and I had a good laugh, knowing the guardian angels were telling us to keep looking up for sole comfort. 
Business Directory Outside Building 
Thankful for the message, further down the street, we spotted a Shoez sign.  I was ready to buy another good pair of sandals, but none fit.  Desperate, I asked the salesman for a band aid.  He smiled, and returned with a pair of scissors and a spongy stick-on patch so I could  fashion my own remedy.   It worked. Thanking him, and the angels, I comfortably walked in my own shoes to our destination.    

I've always loved stained glass and the Morse Museum has a wonderful Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Exhibit that we looked forward to seeing.  A friendly woman at the admissions counter asked me about my angel locket.  I opened the top, and she was delighted to see three tiny silver angels spill into my hand. Each one as detailed and different. They are:  Angel of Protection, Angel of Promise, and Angel of Peace. 

"That's a lot of protection," she smiled.

"The angels' message is:  Fear not.  The angels offer protection as well as blessings and comfort," I told her, suggesting that she may want to invite the angels into the museum each day. I think she was surprised to have a visitor speak so freely about the presence of angels in everyday life.   

She laughed, "Well, you're here."   

I happened to look up, across the room a beautiful stone relief of two angels was on display. 

"They are already here." Elliot smiled.

Inside the museum we found a hidden gem. Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) created a chapel interior for the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company exhibit in Chicago's World Fair.  As we sat on one of the benches made of wood in this quiet sanctuary, a holy hush of comfort made it easy to lose yourself and find peace on earth. 

 It was a wonderful afternoon, and we returned the next day to visit the beautiful exhibit once more. To our surprise, we were gifted free admission by our new angel friend.

So, as you can see, under the loving guidance of the angels, the trip was unfolding each day, urging us to be spontaneous. Each morning I welcomed all of the Guardian Angels of Winter Park as well as the Angelic Guardian of the City.

 One morning we skipped breakfast, and opted for an early lunch at a French cafe.  We happened to find a perfect parking space on the busy street. In front of the restaurant!  We thanked the angels.  The cafe owner wore an angel pin and so we struck up a conversation about the angels. I showed her my angel locket that had been a gift from a dear friend. "So that's how you got your parking space." She smiled.  "The angels."

Another highlight was an 80's musical comedy called Suds. It's about Guardian Angels who help a troubled girl who works as an attendant at the laundry mat.  Suds had over 40 songs from the 60's.  

Everywhere we went, someone mentioned the angels.  One waitress shared that she shouts out to the angels for help while riding her motorcycle.  

We were so thankful to the guardian angels and the Guardian of Winter Park for such heavenly hospitality on our mini-vacation.  Now wherever we go, I welcome the Guardian Angels of that city as well as the Angelic Guardian overseeing the city.  It works wonders.

You may want to extend an invitation on your next trip.  Or even better begin today in your hometown.  Welcome ALL of the Guardian Angels and the Angelic Guardian overseeing your city, and watch what happens.

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(photos from web, except locket)