Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cicada Shell: An Angel Message

Yesterday on a weekly visit to a sacred place where we like to sit on a park bench in nature and pray,  Elliot suggested afterwards that we move out of the heat to the shade of a sheltering old oak.  I was ready to return to the cool air-conditioned car.  Wearing white pants, I wasn't anxious to sit on the ground.  Reluctantly, I moved from the sun drenched bench to take a seat on a piece of white plastic he'd spread out in the shade of the beautiful old tree.

To my surprise, I caught sight of an old friend by my feet...a cicada shell. Just like the prehistoric looking hard shells I'd collected as a child on my grandparents' farm.  It had been years since I last saw one.  Holding the perfectly formed shell,  I pointed out the narrow slit at the top where the cicada had emerged.  It took great effort to wiggle her way out, but that was how her wings gained strength to fly away in the open air.

An empty gold colored insect shell may not mean much to another, but, then, that's how angel messages take hold.  Time collapsed as I took to heart the message in the medium of a childhood reminder... 
Cicada shell I found.

I smiled, thankful for the mystery of life, and the joy that we, too, will one day empty our shells and find great freedom in upward flight.  In the meantime, savor all of the wonder around you.  Sitting still, I could hear the chorus of cicadas singing like sleigh bells, cooling me off, on a hot summer day.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen