Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A Promise in the Sky: An Angel Message

 A spontaneous day-trip to St. Augustine, in celebration of our 24th anniversary, uncovered a wonderful heavenly touch.   When we arrived at our favorite spot, the incessant cry of a lone sea hawk made me look up at the blue sky.   A bright noon-day sun made it impossible to see through the camera lens. I asked the angels for help, snapping blindly away at the old tree top. And, I got it.  At home, when the photos were uploaded, a beautiful rainbow was in the picture!

When osprey (sea hawk) appears "it is time to assert new efforts.  Check your commitments to others and theirs to you.  Now is time for assertive hunting."

The rainbow would have gone unnoticed except for the persistent call to look up higher and ask for heavenly help in seeing what seems impossible.  Do not be deceived by appearances.  

Angels encourage us to pay attention to the animal messengers that cross our path today.  The outer is a reflection of the inward landscape that will give encouraging insights into our life. Angels are here to love, support, comfort and protect.  The best is yet to be.  Trust that there is more than you can currently comprehend, and keep having faith.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Ref. Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)