Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The "Eyes" Have It: An Angel Message

There's an unseen order to our day when we let go and listen to our guardian angel.  Without much planning, we find ourselves in a spontaneous flow of God's love. Our angel will gently guide the way to experiences that touch the heart, and open our eyes to a world seen through a lens of divine love. 

You see, God loves you so much He assigned a special angel just for you. Around the clock, 24/7, our guardian angel stays by our side on the journey called life. This special angel knows you better than you know yourself. With the help of our celestial companion, we will be able to fulfill our life's purpose and share our gifts. Gifts we didn't even know we had.

All of this leads up to a spontaneous event inspired by my guardian angel.   Last week, the ducks at the lake one morning were only half in number, and so a half bag of cracked corn was leftover.  But that was just the half of it --because on our next errand, an angel thought popped up.  Go visit the peacocks at rehab. 

I was glad I listened.  

Peacocks are all about keeping a watchful eye on what we say and do.  Thoughts are things.  Our words have energy.

Pulling into the rehab, I thought I saw one peacock on the fence beyond the parking lot. I got out to investigate. It was a beautiful royal blue peacock perched on the white patio fence. 

I called out, tossing a handful of cracked corn on the sunlit green grass bordered by tall oaks. 

What happened next caught me by surprise.  

Peacocks galore! Peacocks of all colors and sizes. They popped out of nowhere, springing over the fence--from all directions to greet me. 

What a rush. I laughed, counting 11.  I've only seen a handful there before.  Their powerful energy was amazing.

And, what joy to see a mama peahen with her little baby chicks circle round me.  

As you'll see in the film clip below, the peacocks are in molting season.  

During the summer, they shed  their feathers and go into hiding while a crop of new feathers is growing. Instinctively, these watchful birds know that it is nature's way of letting go of the past to prepare for a new season.  By springtime, the striking males will once again pivot and shiver in their glorious new raiment, ready to go courting in time for mating season.

Humans go through seasons of molting and shedding, a purification of sorts-- letting go of what no longer serves our purpose. A refreshing charge of spiritual energy can boost our spirit and awaken our understanding.  We are not just our bodies, we are glorious radiant spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God.  We have a goodly heritage.

So be patient with yourself during these down times of letting go.  Speak words of favor.  And, keep on trusting...

Your guardian angel is right beside you, whispering, Have faith.  The best is yet to be.

The loud noise in the video is the cicadas singing.


Love and peace,

Rae Karen