Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Angel Message: Chill

                                (Snow Angel - Wikimedia Commons)

The angels want us to know that when things heat up, don't react.  The problem is never the problem, it is our attitude toward the problem that is the problem.  When we can meet a situation with any measure of acceptance, no matter how small, it's a healing step forward.  By not resisting, but allowing, our reactive energy that would have ignited the issue, dissipates to the degree that we can just let things be as they are.  Now, the angels know that it is not easy for us to move into a state of acceptance.  It goes beyond our comfort zone or our need to be right, but by calling on them for assistance, grace comes to take the place where error would have us be. We find a lifting and a lightening of our "load."   These tests are here to help us transform our lower nature.  They become a blessing when we can rise above the 3-D conscious of the problem and see the bigger picture at play. Then we can attune to their divine wisdom and take the next step in faith.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Angel Message: Happy Things are on the Way

                                                    Angel weather vane, Wikimedia Commons

Your sweet Guardian Angel knows the things you have need of, the people you need to meet, and the places you need to go.  When I quiet my mind, often the words that come are:  "Be still and know that I am God." I've come to understand that "to be still" means to quiet the chatter of my ego mind as it tries to outline the course for the day.  In the stillness, as I open up to receive inspiration, it does come, often in the most unexpected ways.  There seems to be a flow to the day that is effortless; a welcome change from the dictates of the demanding ego.  I connect with the right people at the right time in the right place.

Recently the angels led me to read about a great way to begin the day.  Set an intention for joyful expectations.  Start each day by telling yourself,  "Happy things are on the way."   We are entitled to miracles; expressions of love from ourselves to others, and others to us.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pray for Peace: Reba's Inspired Song

Yesterday afternoon while surfing the net for a photo of someone, I found stumbled upon this beautiful video on youtube.  Maybe you've already heard Reba sing her simple but profound song inspired by God.  The collage of photos submitted by folks from around the world as they went to their peaceful "place" to pray is touching.  I imagine the power of each of us to change the world as we sing the song together in Oneness.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Click below for the link.

Pray for Peace

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sand hill Cranes - An Angel Message on Creativity

An angel message appeared on my path after a rough sleepless night as my ego bombarded me with fearful thinking..  My mom had a set-back and had fractured her ankle in a fall. Not up to seeing a podiatrist to be fitted for a boot, she wanted to postpone the appointment,  I didn't push her.  Mom had told the nurse at assisted living that she was going to be passing on that day. Since late June, it has appeared that she may be nearing her time. More than ready; she's upset that she is still here.

So during the night my ego filled my mind with guilt for not forcing Mom to see a foot doctor. I began to worry rather than have faith.  I affirmed the truth as best I could, telling myself that Mom is not her body but a spiritual being. Her inner wisdom knows what she needs. God is Love. Rather than focus on any discomfort Mom may be feeling, I asked the angels to enfold her in God's Love as well as all those who have ever loved her in this physical realm. Soon, I feel back to a peaceful sleep.

When I called Assisted Living, the next morning the change in her was amazing.  She was perky and anxious to keep her foot appointment tomorrow.  I learned when negative thoughts get a foothold in your mind, kick them out and shut the door; or even better yet; don't let it in at all!  A constant form of wakeful prayer as you go about your day makes all the difference.

After hanging up with Mom, a Sand hill crane family of three strolled down our street, passing by our house early this morning. A car honked and  I ran for my camera.  A funny thing happened--they walked right by this warning post of a stop sign ahead. The arrow pointing up, was a message for me to stop negative thinking and look up!

In Animal-Speak, author Ted Andrews writes: "If the crane has shown up in your life as a totem, it could very well reflect that you are about to recover what had almost become extinct within you."

The crane is a bird of the waters (they were heading for the reservoir.) as such they can often teach you how to express your own feminine energies. They represent longevity and creation through focus. The red color in the head area of the Sand hill crane signifies an awakening to new mental faculties--which I'd done turning my thoughts on upward wings..

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, July 18, 2014

An Angel Message: Faith and Joy

The other day I was feeling tired when I went to hang up my shirt without turning it inside out. That's how I  noticed the label.  I'd worn it several times before, even washed it once,  but never saw the tag.  The words faith and joy seemed to jump out at me, and I smiled noticing that the company is based in Los Angeles (City of Angels).   Angel messages can appear in many different ways; even a shirt label can be a message to cheer up and keep having faith  that all things are working together for good.  Archangel Uriel is in charge of divine timing during this season of the year.  His Light can help us gain greater understanding and clarity.

Enjoy your day with the Angels and pay close attention as to how the angels are speaking to you.

Love and blessings,


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Step Up - A Message from the Angels

While staying at a hotel in Daytona Beach, the bold message on the balcony slider was a good reminder.  STEP UP - For Door Threshold.

I love it!  We must step up to enter the door Christ has left open for us.  And what glorious vistas that door opens up in our world.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. And watch for the personal messages they send to encourage you to be your best.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Iris - An Angel Message of Faith and Trust

It must have been the Angel of Spontaneity who prompted a trip to the oceanfront last week.  We woke up with the idea to head to the beach.
Elliot called our favorite get-away and luckily a room with a view was available.  Timing is everything, and so we packed our bags for the two-day excursion and stopped to have lunch in Daytona Beach at another favorite spot, the Indian restaurant.

Sometimes you can't go back.  You have fond memories of how things should be, just as they were, but when you arrive the picture is totally different.  That's what happened to us.  The restaurant had changed ownership and was now under a new name.  The lunch was delicious, but our friends no longer worked there.

We went to the hotel and sat at the poolside waiting for the office to reopen after lunch break.  Quickly it became apparent that this was not the peaceful place of choice.  The pool area was being painted; nothing like the waft of latex on an ocean breeze; and the noise coming from a construction worker next door with a power drill putting up railings sent us off on a search for a new place.  We were  thankful for the timing as we had not paid for the room and could cancel.

I began to have doubts.  Maybe this wasn't such a good time to be away.  Mom was in her new place at Assisted Living, and my son was visiting, so he checked on her...but still... I thought since things weren't working out as planned, it may be a sign to turn around and go home.  Elliot knew how much I needed a rest so he kept driving farther north.  Soon he located a beautiful hotel and conference center and it was the best place we've ever stayed.

After an evening thunderstorm, the sun came out while it was still raining.I wondered if there would be a rainbow.  Before long, one appeared in the sky, a beautiful half circle over the ocean...sorry my camera didn't capture it.   But what a promise of all the wonderful things in store.  Nostradamus predicted that 2015 will be the Golden Age of the Iris. Iris once was the official name of the rainbow, named for the Goddess of the Rainbow.

So when storms come into our lives, whether emotional or physical, know that the best is yet to be.  Hang on to the Truth and you'll be glad that you did.

Love and blessings,


P.S. This photo taken after a storm at sunset turned the sky all pink.  Perfect love casts out fear.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Because... A Message from the Angels

                                          (Artwork from the Web)

Sometimes the angels comfort us with a song long forgotten, but easily remembered after a few musical notes.  I'm so thankful when this happens, as I couldn't plan it if I tried, and it is like a tonic to my heart reaching into the hardened crevices as only the angels can do.  One night last week, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about how sudden the change had been with my mother.  I was still in shock.  I tried to remember that Mom is in a body, but not her body.  She is Spirit, God's perfect Idea, changeless, eternal.  I fell back asleep.  Joel Goldsmith's monthly spiritual newsletter had arrived that day. It helped me to tune into the truth that it is our invisible, invincible Spirit that sees us through whatever challenges we may face.  Our Spirit endures forever, no matter what.  I found more peace and strength from his words.

When I woke up again, I heard a harpsichord melody playing in my mind.  I realized after a few notes it was the Beatles' song Because.  Having forgotten the words, I listened  on youtube.  The beautiful harmony and healing lyrics brought tears to my eyes.

Love is old.
Love is new.
Love is all.
Love is you.

We are all part of that chorus harmonizing in Love.
You can listen to Because here.  Love is you.

Celebrate your life with the angels today.

Love and blessings,


Monday, July 7, 2014

Get Moving!: An Angel Message

These are crazy, shifting times -- sometimes we may be trying too hard to make things happen by foolishly compromising and falling short. Wanting to make a change, is it really for the better.  Only time will tell. The ego will prompt any change is a good one, just get moving!  Deep down, if your heart is 100 percent into it, that's a green light.

All things work together for good, eventually.  Remember old fears surface to be healed.  The enormous energy it takes to suppress an emotion can be released.  You feel lighter and more energetic.

Get moving now! came to mind when our next door bachelor neighbor torched the stack of hardwood trees he felled in his backyard.  From our  den window, a circle of flames shot up, so overpowering it could have held back Pharaoh's army.  And my neighbor was standing wide-eyed, holding a limp garden hose, looking bewildered.  The tall hardwoods standing were a sad sight.  Their leafy canopy was beginning to singe from the heat of the fire. I called out to the angels for help, and soon the fire was under control, but my nervous system was drained.  Fire is one of my biggest fears.  My mother's baby sister died in a fire.

Then our new neighbors, on the other side, moved in with truck loads full of overflow items that couldn't fit into the house. Their backyard looked like a scene in Sanford & Son. The family had downsized from a home with a garage.  Even a rental shed couldn't hold all their belongings.

That did it.  It was time to move.  The search began.  We found a place in a rural setting and signed a lease.

After packing up, I began to have doubts.  This new home was more modern, but lacked the old world  charm of our 1927 bungalow within walking distance to the college and downtown. And the beautiful meditation garden I'd worked so hard to create with nature over the years was tugging on my heart. Whenever I thought about the upcoming move, I'd get teary eyed.   I found myself secretly not wanting to move in spite of our troublesome neighbors.  Then, I began to see that the world is my reflection.  I could choose to see the Christ in everyone, to go beyond appearances and judgment.

 Anyway, the week of the move, we stopped by to look at the new location once more. Somehow the house had become smaller. And, it turned out, to be in a flight pattern for landings at the nearby airport for small aircraft.  The early morning sky was puttering with lawnmower engines, breaking up the serenity of country living. 

We knew then it was not the right move.  I unpacked all the moving boxes and re-energized our old bungalow, happy to be at home again.  Maybe I'm learning to accept the what is factor and enjoy life in the moment.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen