Monday, December 30, 2019

Rain to Rainbow: An Angel Message

With the angels on-board, sometimes you may find yourself heading out in one direction, then by mistake, you take a wrong turn. Only in hindsight, do you understand that the wrong turn ended up being exactly the right turn in the long run.   There are no accidents or mistakes in the divine plan.      

That's what happened on Sunday afternoon.   Elliot and I were on a leisurely outing to visit our donkey friend at the rural orchid farm.   Taking an unfamiliar route to our destination, at the intersection, we weren't sure which way to turn on Route 11.  Asking the angels for help, we turned left and five miles down the rural two-lane highway, we realized our mistake.  We should have made a right to visit the donkey.

With nowhere to turn around, Elliot smiled and said, "I guess we're going to St. Augustine."

"Really!"  I clapped, thrilled by his spontaneity--usually the trip is overnight, and here we were on our way to my favorite place on earth, with no luggage.   Unexpected joyful tears of gratitude sprang up as I settled down to soak up the panoramic view of nature outside my window.  Towering pine tree forests hug both sides of the road.  Healing energy sustains a serene long stretch of nature, untouched by any sign of commercialism.  This wonderfully slow-paced rural route speaks to a simpler time.  Herds of brown and black cattle graze in green grassy fields;  huge metal grain silos dot the landscape; an old windmill spins round, and there are a sprinkle of houses, here and there.  It's a great stress reliever as you watch the expansive scenery go by.

I couldn't believe it!  I grinned.  We were going to St. Augustine on a whim!  A lone hawk soared overhead, guiding the way.  Doubts came as dark clouds began to form; rain was in the forecast. But we were on an adventure, expecting the best.

The rain held off on the hour's drive, with an occasional break in the clouds, to reveal a blue sky.  I couldn't wait to return to my favorite old city, God's City.

Approaching St. Augustine city limits, the sky suddenly opened up, dumping down heavy rain.  Amid the soft flapping of windshield wipers, I loudly affirmed, (with a touch of false bravado):  We're going to see a rainbow!  

Traffic was moving as the rain pelted Ponce de Leon Boulevard in the Old Historic District. Now that we were almost at the Mission de Numbres, we couldn't let the weather dampen our spirits.  At least, we had an umbrella.

A bend in the road brought a wonder that seemed to good to be true.

Was there really a BIG colorful rainbow arching the road ahead?!

With the cellphone camera, I snapped away,  hoping to dodge the fast wiper blades, and capture the rainbow to share with you.  It was far better than finding any pot of gold.

By the time we arrived at the Mission, the sky was clearing, with only a drizzle.   I stood under an old oak and got this rainbow photo.

Rainbow at  Mission  12/29/19

Before long, the sun came out and we had a beautiful afternoon in prayer and meditation on the grounds by the inlet.  At the end of the day, an angel nudged to return home.  The guidance was good.

The return trip home was smooth, with little traffic through the pines.  Nearing our hometown, a small spiral rainbow appeared in the sky! We laughed, thanking the angels for the guidance-- rainbows in our going out, and in our coming in.  It had been a long time since we'd seen a rainbow.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Feel free to step out of the box, and have an adventure.  The more spontaneous, the greater the blessings can be when you invite the angels to join you.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Honey Bee Messenger: An Angel Message

It's funny how such a tiny thing can make such a big impression.  On Friday, Elliot and I had stopped by our favorite local orange grove, Marshall's, for a bag of  sweet tasting navel oranges.  This tradition almost stopped several years ago when the state of Florida was in jeopardy of losing its orange trees.  Imported bees were part of a rescue mission at Marshall's Grove, as the owner did not want to spray  pesticides to protect the orange trees.  We called for the angels to help and prayers were in the works, too.
Fuzzy photo of fuzzy bee on the top mirror rim. 

This year the orange grove is yielding a really good crop, thanks to the bees, and the angels. 

Driving along the dirt lane, through the orange-laden trees, our spirits were soaring at the wonderful turn-around for the grove.  We had juicy organic oranges again.

Our next stop was Office Max to buy a memory stick for my computer. 

Sitting at a traffic light, my attention was drawn to my side-view mirror.
Something had moved on it. 

My first thought was a tiny lizard was taking a joy ride. But the light changed, and in the flow of traffic, I could now see it was a hitchhiker from the orange grove.   A small fuzzy striped bumblebee. 

I looked out, cheering him, Hold on!  We don't have far to go.

Undaunted by the wind on the International Speedway, he stuck to the white mirror's rim while Elliot did his best to drive slow.

Office Max was over the bridge, less than a mile away. 

I watched that little creature  with a strange feeling that we were one on this wild unexpected ride.  I asked the angels to surround that little orange grove worker bee and keep him safe. 

We were almost there. 

Elliot pulled the car into the lot, navigating the dips, so as not to bounce off the bee rider as we arrived at our destination. 

I gazed out the window in amazement.  That fuzzy little bee, although somewhat dazed had made it, against all odds.  As I took his photo, the manufacturer's message on the mirror caught my attention: 


I've come to see how the outer world is a mirror of what takes place in our inner world.  I was thankful for that inner impulse, that I call an angel nudge, that pointed out the little bee on the passenger mirror.   

Bees are a long time symbol of doing the impossible because their body is too large for  its small wings, but that doesn't stop the bee from defying science.  The fast speed of those little wings is what makes flight possible.

I wondered about returning the bee traveler back to the orange grove, but Elliot said, the angels would guide him to his next assignment.  They could even lead him back home.  I smiled, not sure this was the case, but it was a nice thought.  We let him be, and went into Office Max.

While shopping in the store, I looked about for a little box to transport the honeybee home to our garden. 

But it seems I need not have worried...

For when we returned to our car, a short time later, our fuzzy bee messenger had flown away.

But more bee energy was in the works.   

That evening Elliot pointed out a decorative dish on the nightstand, a gift many years ago.  See the bee on it? 

The best is yet to come!  

So if you're reading this angel blog, take the message of the bee to heart. 

Let yourself be carried away by the wonder of  each moment and taste the sweet things in life that come with an elixir of  joy. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and take notice of those angelic impulses that reflect your inner landscape.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, December 20, 2019

Oldies but Goodies: An Angel Message

Yesterday I knew something was up when I was guided to turn on the radio instead of the CD player, loaded with Christmas music.  The house had been filled with wonderful holiday music all week.  The radio, on the other hand,  has been played only a few times through the years.  

With the remote, I scanned for a talk show I'd recently heard in the car.  

Bouncing through the AM stations, the call numbers flashed, none were a hit.  Then to my surprise, I heard an oldie, coming in loud and clear.  Turns out, a new Oldies radio station, WLBE 790, was broadcasting out of nearby Mt. Dora.  "Well, be!" that was just what was needed.   

I couldn't believe my old favorite, Johnny Angel, was wafting through the dining room at lunchtime.  Suddenly I was a teen again, dreamily singing along.  

It's funny how music is a bridge.  It can stir up memories of that sweet bird of youth that enliven our cells and bring happiness now.

Thanks to that angelic random radio selection, my afternoon was filled with uninterrupted golden Oldies, one hit after another.  The Supremes' hit, Stop in the Name of Love,  made me jump up off the sofa and join in, complete with hand motions, and dance moves that I haven't done in years.  

Scientific studies have shown that when we sing an uplifting or spiritual song, both hemispheres of our brain unite, and ignite parts of our brain that are rarely used. This union produces a healing effect. 

Singing and dancing are healing.  It doesn't matter if you do either well, as long as you put your heart and soul into it.    It's hard to be in a bad mood while you're singing and dancing.  

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord."

Enjoy your day singing with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(photo: Victorian tin)

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Remember to Keep Christ in Christmas: An Angel Message


Recently, I watched one of those romantic Christmas holiday films.  The theme was on the traditional Christmas.  There was a long list of necessities:  1) Trim a tree; 2) Bake cookies;  3) Build a gingerbread house;  4) Make a snowman;  5) Wrap presents, etc. The movie was full of the warm cozy snow scenes in a village of Christmas lights and decorations that make Christmas special, but something was missing.

It wasn't until the next day, I realized what it was.   The birth of the Christ, or the real reason for celebrating Christmas was not mentioned. 
Years ago, I remember heading down the Daytona International Speedway to do some Christmas shopping. So many things needed to be done to get ready, my thoughts were scattered until I spotted a large billboard of the manger with these bolden words: 


There was no time for a photo, but I slowed down long enough to think about the timing of that important holiday message. The Speedway, I sheepishly laughed,--what a perfect place for a billboard reminder to KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS. 

Throughout the seasons of the year, the light shines the brightest during the dark winter months.  It's wonderful to share love and joy with family and friends, but also to set aside some quiet contemplative time to reflect, in gratitude and love, on the true meaning of Christmas, and God's gift of love and joy to the world. 

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, December 16, 2019

Christmas Messages of Light: Angels

Our feisty feline, Hei-Hei, played a role in my finding an unexpected angel message this morning. A big rainbow radiating across the face of Christ Jesus!

 Around 10 a.m., the cat and I were enjoying a fast-moving game of Hide and Seek.  On the run, I flew down the hallway, and hid behind the bedroom door.

That quick raccoon-tailed cat, with those bright shiny eyes, found me right away...

And, the chase was on again.

Making tracks through the dining room, I caught sight of something unusual.

A bright colorful rainbow! 

It was shining on the Christ.  (A photo from a gift shop in California many years ago.)

The sunlight had created the beautiful bow, reflecting off of a sun-catcher hanging in the dining room window.

I stopped to take a look.  The rainbow Christ, the tall simple wood statue of the Virgin Mary, and the evergreen tree on the mantle all spoke of the mystery of Christmas.  I was so thankful to see it.

And, just as quickly as it appeared, the sunlight soon shifted-- the rainbow now only a memory, but the message not to be forgotten.  God's promise to all of His Children.  God is Love.  Let there be Light.

How are the angels speaking to you today? 

(Hei-Hei in the Light early this morning)

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Don't Force Things: An Angel Message

(me on the farm playing in a chicken coop with my kitty)

An angel thought guided me to this old Angels for You blog in 2010.  At that time, I came across this powerful message from Emett Fox in an old Lighthouse for Peace newsletter. Dr. Fox was an outstanding spiritual teacher whose books have helped millions to find inner peace.  

"Never force things. Never bring heavy pressure to bear in a given direction. Never make up your mind that a certain thing must be done, or that it must be done now. All this sort of thing is dangerous, and is likely to land you in trouble instead of improving matters. It is really using will power, and is unscientific and unspiritual. It is looking to the without, whereas spiritual demonstration looks to the within. It is what engineers call centripetal action, and spiritual demonstration is always centrifugal.

What you really want is harmony and true expression at every point in your life. The actual way in which this comes does not matter so long as you get the thing itself. When you encounter a firm resistance anywhere, it usually means that you are on the wrong road and had better retreat and try another. Mental or material pushing will only get you farther down the wrong road, and it gives you a longer distance to retrace.

Claim that God works in you, and that when He works He always succeeds; that He knows the best way and is inspiring you to take it; that He meets no resistance for He works with joy; and that you and your life are part of that."

Isn't that a wonderful reminder to keep our focus on God? We can relax and let God be God, by following His inner promptings, victory is certain. If we all were a little more like angels, earth would be a little more like heaven.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, December 9, 2019

The Living Advent Calendar: An Angel Message

Red-shouldered Hawk on the wire out front today.
For the last several years, I've enjoyed the childlike wonder of opening a German advent calendar each day in December leading up to Christmas.  The sequential numbered doors, hidden in snowy winter scenes with angels and children, were fun to discover.  This year Hei-Hei chewed off one of the doors, so I decided to skip the physical advent calendar and let the angels deliver the hidden door for each day.
It's been fun to watch what may cross my path in the countdown to Christmas Eve.

Today, while sitting on the porch, I had no sooner ended a prayer when to my surprise I caught sight of an unusual visitor.  I wasn't thinking about the living advent calendar door, my mind was elsewhere when I happened to look up. 

Outside the porch window, a red shouldered hawk was on the tall wood power pole across the street!  The sun's rays cast a glow on his golden chest as he pecked away at a prize.

Red-tailed or Red-shouldered hawks have been one of my long-time  messengers.  And, so the timing of his unexpected appearance brought peace, so much so I decided to let him be, and not take a picture. Whenever one shows up it is a sign to pay attention, a message is coming your way. 

Soon the red hawk spread his wide wings, and flew away. I thanked him for the message, to see things from a higher perspective.  A hawk is a heavenly messenger akin to Mercury.  Life is sending you a signal to get ready for an opportunity that will be coming your way.

With renewed energy, I got busy tidying up the porch.  When I happened to look out again, to my surprise, that hawk had returned to the pole to eat lunch.  Opportunities had come his way. 

Hei-Hei, our tabby, crouched down on the windowsill, and watched him like a hawk while I sat on the love seat beside the cat, with binoculars glued on the Red-shouldered bird.

Soon it flew away again, but Hei-Hei stayed at his post, vigilant at the window.

I knew something was up.

This time, the 3rd visitation,  the hawk messenger had come even closer.  He now perched on a cable wire in front of our house, affording a wonderful photo op that became advent calendar door number 9 for Day 9.

So if you're reading this angel blog the hawk message is for you, too.  Get ready! Pay attention! A heavenly message is coming your way to help you fulfill your life's purpose.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, December 6, 2019

The Best Gift of Christmas: An Angel Message

Early one morning, feeling the call of the Christmas Spirit, the holiday decorations were hauled down from the attic, and my son and I got busy trimming the tree.  It wasn't long before Hei-Hei decided to help out. 

Hei-Hei, the Tree Trimmer

Crystal-like, orbed angels, too big for the tree, were hung in the living room window, on each side of the fireplace.  To our surprise, when the sun warmed up, the angels were beaming a joyful blessing.  A colorful splash of rainbows sparkled, dancing around the room!   

At noon, the angelic light show got even better.  

A colorful rainbow had landed on the tall Angel statue.  Its choice of location, unique.  An iris for an iris, I laughed. (Iris was once a word used to describe a rainbow.)  The large rainbow rested on the angel's left eye for quite a while.  Then faded away, leaving a powerful message of gratitude. 

 To keep thine eye so filled with light as to only reflect God's Love.

Later that day, Elliot and I stopped by a second-hand shop in town. Browsing through the Christmas decorations, my eye caught sight of this antique serving tray. It reminded me of an old-fashioned Christmas, a simpler time. I almost didn't buy it, but there was an inner feeling not to let it go.  I wasn't sure why.

At home, a closer look revealed how this Santa Claus was prepared to deliver the true Spirit of Christmas.  I saw how his big burlap backpack was overflowing with an abundance of little red hearts as he towered far above the forest of snow laced evergreen trees. Filled with a joyful Spirit, this  white bearded Santa, reached out with his arms opened wide to embrace all.  He was ready to deliver the best Christmas gift of all, to all. The gift of  LOVE.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, December 5, 2019

A Giant Snail Shell: An Angel Message

I've learned that you don't have to look hard for angel messages.  If we're supposed to see or find something helpful, it will naturally happen, as long as we keep an open mind, and a feeling of expectancy, having invited our loving angels to be with us.

 Last Sunday, I spotted something brown in the grass as Elliot and I were returning to the car, after enjoying a picnic lunch by the windy waters at Lake Helen.

At first, I thought it was only a plain brown leaf, but it had an unusual shine.  So I reached down to take a closer look.

WOW.  What a find!   A giant empty snail shell had been buried in the grassy dirt.

It was the biggest one I'd ever seen.  Holding the brown shiny spiral in my hand,  it was unlike the small white shells nestled in the sandy soil in our front yard. This big golden amber shell clearly stood out, of a different nature.  So much so, I wondered about the message.

Am I moving too slow in a really BIG way!? 

Later, I learned something from this little excavation.

A snail is born with a little piece of hard substance, it's that little circular spot in the center of its shell.  As the snail grows, the shell naturally adapts to the proper size, by wrapping a soft substance that hardens into a another layer of shell for protection.

The spiral pattern is a universal symbol.  Life goes round and round, in a repeating spiral, but hopefully we are expanding our consciousness and growing more and more in spirit in each go-round.  The lessons may appear to be the same old same old, as we wind around and around, but we are changing, we are not the same, we are getting stronger and better with each successive rotation. We are coming up higher.

Since Snail carries its shell on its back like a mobile trailer, wherever it goes, it finds itself at home.  Thankful to the angels, I brought this prized snail shell home.  It rests in a decorative planter in the meditation garden to remind me to enjoy the journey.

What angel signs are coming into focus in your life? 

Whatever they are, take it at your own pace.  Snail reminds us that it's not how fast or slow we move, eventually we all arrive at our destination.  Home.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

4444, O Thank Heaven for Angel Signs... Angel Message

Sitting at a stop light yesterday, I saw a lady walk by wearing  a shirt with angel wings on her back.  "That would make a good blog," Elliot said. Moving quickly, she was almost out of range as I fumbled for my phone camera.  At home, when I uploaded the photo, and magnified it on the screen, I could clearly see the bigger picture.  Angels wings, the number 4444, and the  7 ELEVEN sign that I know reads, O thank heaven for 7/ll.   I had a good laugh, putting the symbols together.

On-line, I learned about the symbolism of Angel number 4444:

"You have a very strong and clear connection
 with the angelic realm and are asked to use it
to your advantage, and for the benefit of others."

Another interpretation of  4444:  "A message of
faith to have confidence that you are on the right
spiritual path in your life."

And, just now finishing the blog, an angel thought reminded me that Elliot and I were at a STOP LIGHT, another nudge to practice patience when under the effects of H.A.L.T.  (Hungry, Angry, Lonely Tired).  Stop! Halt! Choose to ask your angels to help you maintain harmony and peace. Everything is either Love, or a call for love.

What fun when we listen to our angels and begin to see the world through a more expansive and uplifting lens.  Enjoy your day with the Angels and embrace your strong connection with the heavenly realm.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen