Thursday, May 19, 2022

Damselfly: The Power of Light


While taking a break from watering the flowers, I sat down on a bench to soak up the morning sunshine. To my delight, a lovely blue damselfly flitted by, capturing my attention. Twisting and turning her diaphanous wings like a glider, she touched down on Our Lady of Light. May is the month dedicated primarily to the Beloved Mother Mary. Her beauty and fragrance are like the grace and scent of roses in the garden.  She is both the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon. 

The damselfly patiently waited for me to return with my camera.  A symbolic picture as Dragonfly signifies the Power of Light. A dragonfly has one set of wings, while a damselfly has two.  The bright colors of these ethereal creatures take time to develop, and as such reflect that with maturity our own true colors come forth.  This is the lesson she teaches.

Her quick flight maneuvers imitate how light itself moves and is directed. 

If a dragonfly comes your way, it may indicate you need some fresh air in regard to something emotional.  You may need a new perspective or make a change.   It could also indicate that you are neglecting your emotions?  Are you being too rational about everything?  Are you not keeping the color of emotions alive.  

I'm grateful for the angel messages delivered by nature.  A reminder to look to the Light.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews)

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Box Turtle to Go?

 Sometimes we may suddenly find ourselves in a strange, new environment.  Unfamiliar with the local terrain, we struggle to maintain our balance, and keep on running our race, against all odds, as best as we can.

Nature taught this lesson yesterday in a surprising way.  An angel call to feed the ducks got us out of the house and over to the lake before 8:30.  A beautiful sunny day, a man was fishing on the banks in the sparkling waters.  Our favorite sandhill crane family strolled by as I spread a bag of cracked corn around the old cypress tree, although the ducks were absent.   

Afterwards, I sat on the bench, soaking up the warm sun's rays.   

The fisherman called to Elliot.  He pointed to a small brown turtle in the grass. He had found it in the water, tangled in a mass weeds.  "A box turtle doesn't belong here," he shook his head.  "It's not a water turtle."   

Hearing about the rescue, I came to take a look.  He was smaller than others I've seen.  His faded brown shell looked ancient, showered in yellow rays like sunbeams.  

"You're the turtle's guardian angel this morning," Elliot smiled.  

The motionless boxed turtle gazed up at the kind man, in unspoken gratitude.  

"You're welcome, little buddy."  The fisherman said.  "If I knew where your home was, I'd take you there."  He said good-bye, and returned to his truck.

It was a good sign. He was out of his shell, facing the sun.  His domed-back had nicks and scrapes from wear and tear.  His journey had not been an easy one.   

The turtle had won the race with the hare.  I wondered, was it our turn to help the little fellow get to a safer place?  Letting it be, I sat on the hillside, leaning against an old tree, wondering what to do.  On a higher level of consciousness, I remember all of God's creations are always in their rightful place.  There is only harmony in God's Love.  

A peacefulness enfolded me. 

But the little fellow appeared so vulnerable, hunched down in the grass at the water's edge. My motherly instinct was to put him in a box and head for home. He could roam free in the pasture. But since I can be overly "hands-on,"  I listened for angel guidance. 

When I checked on him again, there was no progress. He was in the same spot. I offered him an out. 

 If you want to go home with us, come forward.  He stared at me, but didn't move.  Earlier when I spoke healing words to him, his mouth opened wide.  The most action I'd seen.   It brought a smile of amusement as if he spoke in a silent language of the heart, -- or else it was a big yawn, bored by my chatter.

Letting him rest by the water,  I returned to the tree, unsure what to do. It was a heavenly day.  The cool breeze, sun-lit rippled lake, all kissed by the sun on a heavenly day.  Why worry?  

I watched the territorial sandhill crane family stroll down by the shore.  Before long,  they craned their long necks and curiously stared down at the grass. When their red heads, began moving up and down, pecking at something, I sprang into action.

Shooing them away, Elliot jangled the car keys. They stopped pecking, but held their ground, staring at us with orange glowing eyes.  I told them to stop such mean behavior. They could share the lake.  Elliot bent down and grabbed the turtle before there was any real damage.     

The box turtle had gone within to protect himself.  Head, arms, legs. Everything tucked inside his hard thick shell, like a rock.    We were out of there!  

It turned out, a shallow flower grate box in the trunk made a good transport. Timothy was now heading home, miles away from where he'd been, in record time.     

At home, when we popped open the trunk, the box turtle was perky, out of his shell, ready to go.   


When placed on the grass by the pasture, he hid his face under the shade of a tall leafy weed.    His domed-shell rested in the warm sun.

 Have a nice life, we said, happy to be of help, we let him decide which way to go.   


A half-hour later, Timothy, the box turtle, had moved on, to finish his race.  

Sandhill cranes represent spiritual guardianship for you, or you will be that for another.  Their aggressiveness stirred us to action. So in the end,  "All things work together for good, except in the ego's judgment."

Turtles represent motherhood, longevity, and awakening to opportunities. A symbol of a turtle was once considered an invitation for blessings of both heaven and earth. When turtle shows up in your life, it usually means to pay attention or you will miss opportunities.*

Sometimes we may need to do more than send prayers and well wishes.   Sometimes we are presented with an opportunity to be an angel and physically help someone run their own race. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Photo:  Cherub riding turtle statue in garden. 

*Turtle ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Lesson from an Old Pine Tree: An Angel Message

Nature is always speaking.  Several months ago, I rearranged the sectional sofa in the sun-room,  changing the view. The old pine tower was no longer a focal point since the vertical blinds didn't open as wide as they should. Little did I know this would help to soften an upcoming blow.   

A few weeks ago, a wind storm blew through the neighborhood, with no sign of damage.   I didn't think much of it, until a week later when I looked out the sun-room window.  Something was different.  The sky strangely vast and empty. Then, it slowly hit me. Our favorite bird perch was gone.

My heart ached. With nearby construction underway, it seemed like the job of a work crew.

The gangling old pine had taught me a powerful lesson on snap judgments.  When we first moved here in 2020, I  remorsefully remember calling her an eye-sore, wondering why she was still standing, spoiling the view? 

Patience-and-perseverance was the answer.  An opportunity to teach that all things work together for good, except in my ego's opinion.  A change of perception had me choose to be grateful I could see her at all.   

During lock-down, with no human visitors, the unsightly tower slowly transformed into a thing of beauty. A focal point of joy.    We eagerly were on the look-out for the bird messenger of the day. Who would come to soak up the sun's warm rays on the old pine's welcoming high perch?  Red-tailed hawk, white doves, crows, wood stork, red-headed woodpecker, or  turkey buzzards. One day, a brave little squirrel scaled the tree to crown it with his bushy tail flickering in the sunlight.  Squirrels represent balance in our giving and receiving, and in work and play. 

Oh, I missed my tree friend. Sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone.  Somberly, I walked down the drive, and crossed the street.  I stood at the fence, sending her love thoughts.  I thanked the old weathered pine for her communion and service.  To my surprise, the pine stood erect in the midst of the woods, below the tree-line.  Erect like a telephone pole, and still communicating, although no longer in the limelight.   

A jagged break high in her trunk was a sign mother nature had done the pruning.  The old pine had served a community with her hospitality and had helped me to come up higher and see the bigger view. To look with the eyes of love on all God's creations.

Wanting to honor her, I learned pine trees are about balance and softness; emotional protection and healing.  Pine trees are very personable and very communicative.   You must be careful what you say around a pine tree or you will hear it softly whisper it to other trees.  Pine has an archetypal energy, and message about eliminating our feelings of guilt and balancing over-emotionalism.  The pine spirit is kind and sensitive. It loves contact with humans.  It soothes emotions and serves as a reminder that to make the best decisions, do so from as clear a perspective as possible.  The pine teaches to express our creative energies without feelings of guilt, and without allowing others to overly influence or manipulate.*

 It was true.  This emotional loss of a dear tree friend. The old pine had been kind, and, hopefully she enjoyed our daily interaction from the sun-room window as we wondered about her next winged guest.

How would the birds communicate now?  One morning I was roused from sleep by Woody with his constant drumming on a distant tree. A woodpecker signals you now have the foundation to move in any direction.  And, like this Great White Egret that once sprang to the sky from the old high perch, our spirit is always ready to soar to newfound heights.  This bird is a message of great compatibility and heaven sense.

In closing, I randomly opened a book this morning to a perfect passage:

 "As the Great Spirit has made all things, is not that All Pervading Mind and wisdom in all things?  If then we love the trees, the rocks, and all things as the Infinite made them, shall they not in response to our love give us each of their peculiar thought and wisdom?  Shall we not draw nearer to God through a love for these expressions of God in the rocks and trees, birds and animals."

                                             --Prentice Mulford, Thoughts are Things 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

(*Pine ref:  Nature Speak, Ted Andrews)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A Promise in the Sky: An Angel Message

Sometimes an angel message will appear in the sky, when least expected, and, in rare form.  A few weeks ago, I happened to look up from feeding the ducks in time to catch an encouraging sign.  Off in the distance, a JOYFUL winged-messenger sailed easterly in a blue sky.  It was too far away to tell, but it sure resembled THE GOOD YEAR Blimp.

A first!  Why was the GOOD YEAR BLIMP flying by the little lake in our town?   Its sudden appearance, and encouraging promise, seemed too good to be true, so much so I doubted my own vision. 

But later, when the photo was magnified, I had proof. My intuition was right. There it was. GOOD YEAR, emboldened in bright yellow, the color of faith.

And, like my ducky friend, shown here, sometimes we can get ourselves tied into knots trying to figure out the world with our limited five senses.   Yet the answers are within each of us, when we get still, go inward, and listen for guidance, we find peace.  The Angels encourage us to keep on having faith.   Do our best to be a light in the world, moment by moment. The best is yet to be.

Remember to give thanks to your loving Guardian Angels today.  Expect the happy things of God to come your way.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, May 9, 2022

Bubble of Happiness: An Angel Message

"Today I place a bubble of happiness around me."

With everything going on in the world, we may feel somewhat flattened and helpless. The best advice the angels give is to live one moment at a time in gratitude.  Every negative has a positive, we may not understand it at the time, that's where faith comes into play.  Happiness is a choice, an inside job. Prayers and meditation help us to grow stronger in our spirit.

Bubbles bring so much joy and expand our consciousness beyond the ordinary.    Although these  sparkling orbs floating mid-air are fleeting, for an instant, they stir our souls with childlike wonder.  They leave a lasting impression of miracle manifestation. Like an iridescent bubble, each of our lives are uniquely beautiful.  Each one is different in how it refracts light.  

Since I found a fun bubbles screen saver for my laptop, colorful joyfully bubbles bounce across the monitor when the computer idles too long. I love this angelic reminder to allow for some fun to bubble up during the day.

The Angel of Expansiveness brings an opportunity to rise above all we think we know and gain a higher perspective of ourselves and the world.  The best is yet to be.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen