Monday, December 21, 2009



I love poinsettias. We were gifted with a beautiful one last week. I'm amazed that the leaves of the plant are red and green with flowering yellow blossoms in the center. I give it a little water each day and by keeping it extra moist, it will thrive well into late spring.

In her book, The Blessed Virgin Mary, Her Life and Mission, Corinne Heline writes about the Madonna flower cycle. Each month the Virgin Lady bestows some special blessings upon us. These monthly blessing are fashioned into celestial flower patterns which in their physical manifestation become visible expression's of the living tender grace of the Madonna. "Each month has a spiritual key flower corresponding to those special powers of the seasonal cycle which progressively unbar the doors to a fairy kingdom sleeping within the consciousness of mankind."

The month of December is the season in which red and green are the principle colors used by both nature and humankind. The Poinsettia lifts its smiling face toward the sun as it declares that now is the most holy season of the year, the time of the birth of the Blessed Christ Child is now with us.

It is wonderful to include the devas (nature spirits) into the holiday celebration. They add much beauty and joy to our lives.

Angelic blessings,


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jesus at Twelve

(Jesus At Twelve by Heinrich Hofmann, born March 19, 1824 Darmstadt, Germany)

Several weeks ago I wrote about finding this portrait at the Salvation Army. At the time, I thought it was Joan of Arc and searched the web for confirmation but was unable to locate any information. I decided to let it go and if I needed to know I would be shown. Last weekend my husband, Elliot, son, David, and I stopped by the A.R.E. library. While browsing through the used books for sale, I found an illustrated book, entitled Portrait of Christ for Newlyweds. I was planning to buy it for my son as an omen for his desire to find his helpmeet and get married. I showed him the book and he nodded as he, too, was searching through the selections. While waiting for the librarian to ring up the sale, I leafed through the pages. This picture was so unexpected. It wasn't a young Joan of Arc but Jesus at age twelve! Both Elliot and David were amazed at this synchronicity.

At the same time I found this gem, The Meaning and Value of the Sacraments by Flower Newhouse. I bought them both. Later, I found a passage from her book that made a perfect companion for the portrait of young Jesus that hangs over the dresser in our bedroom.

"Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth
Will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace."

Knowing now the artist name, David referred me to many of Hofmann's paintings in The Second Coming of Christ by Yogananda. A beautiful two volume set, he had loaned me on Thanksgiving. I hadn't read it yet. I went to my room and got Volume One in which I found the whole painting "Christ in the Temple". To learn more about the artist I followed his suggestion and searched the Self-Realization Fellowship and Heinrich Hofmann. The artist commented, "About my conception of Jesus, the boy I cannot talk--I believe that the way I have painted him expresses everything I tried to convey." Also, before he painted any scene from the life of Christ he deeply studied the Gospel. Often he would copy out in his own hand a whole passage from the Bible that inspired him. When asked if he ever used a model for the face of the Savior. His answer was, "when he read about Christ in the Bible there arises quite spontaneously in my mind's eye a picture of his countenance--that is what I try to retain and reproduce."

It was amazing that the answer to my search for the artist and subject had been by my bedside all along, although, it wasn't yet time to be revealed. A wonderful reminder to keep my focus on Christ.

Angelic blessings,


Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Gift Do You Desire?

One of my favorite books, Quiet Talks With The Master, was gifted to me by a friend many years ago. The author, Eva Bell Werber, shares her wonderful communions with the Lord. Here is one that I especially enjoy reading at this time of year.

"My Beloved, you ask gifts for those you love. You see them in the true light, resplendent in prosperity, health-filled, sane, happy, joyous, and then I say unto you, but what of yourself?

What gift do you desire?

And I receive your answer, "Only that I know that Thou dwellest in my heart, Lord, is enough for me."

And yea, how well hast thou spoken, for where there is such deep consciousness of My Indwelling, all the affairs of your life are guided and moulded by that high vibration. You do not need to ask for specific gifts when all that the Father hath is yours. I can give to you so far beyond your asking, that the things you would ask for now would be childish tinsel toy tomorrow. I give to you perfect gifts of pure substance, and with them shall come peace and joy beyond all expectations. All circumstances of their coming shall be glad, smoothly, joyous, and complete. So you do well to say, "Only Thou, Father; and I who hold all Creation in the Palm of My Hand shall bring forth of My Abundance for you."

Many blessings,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I want to share some words of wisdom by an unknown source I found on the web several years ago.

"Maybe God wanted us to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.

Maybe when the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us.

Maybe the best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on the porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.

Maybe it is true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back. Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart; but if it does not, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Don't go for looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile. It takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile.

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, and enough hope to make you happy.

Always put yourself in others' shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too.

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the most of everything that comes their way. Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives. "
Wishing you a joy filled day,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter to a Friend

Several years ago I came across this beautiful letter written by Fra Giovanni in A.D. 1513. The message is just as powerful and true today as it was way back then.

Dear Friend,
I salute you. I am your friend and my love for you goes deep.
There is nothing I can give you which you have not;
but there is much, very much, that while I cannot
give it, you can take. No heaven can come to us
unless our hearts find rest in it today.

Take heaven! No Peace lies in the future which
is not hidden in this present little instant.
Take Peace!

The gloom of the world is but a shadow.
Behind it yet within our reach is Joy.
There is radiance and glory in the darkness,
could we but see; and to see, we have only to
look I beseech you to Look.

Life is so generous a giver, but we, judging its
gifts by their covering, cast them away as ugly
or heavy or hard. Remove the covering and you
will find beneath it a living splendour, woven
of Love, by Wisdom, with Power.

Welcome it, grasp it, and you touch the
Angel's hand that brings it to you. Everything
we call a trial, a sorrow, or a duty; believe
me that Angel's hand is there; the Gift is
there and the wonder of an overshadowing
Presence. Our joys, too, be not content
with them as joys. They, too, conceal divine

Life is so full of Meaning and Purpose, so full
of Beauty--
Beneath its covering--that you will find earth
but cloaks your heaven.

Courage then, to claim it, that is all!

But Courage you have: and the knowledge that
we are pilgrims together wending though
unknown country...

And so, at this time, I greet you: not quite as
the world sends greetings, but with profound
esteem, and with the prayer that for you, now
and forever, the Day breaks
And the shadows fly away."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Angels Are All Around You

Angels are all around you. Maybe you can see them. Maybe if you cannot see them, you can feel or hear them. Some people cannot see, feel or hear them, but that doesn’t mean that they aren't right there beside you. They are there when you are weak. They are there when you are sick. And they are there when you are triumphant. The angels want to help us and they are constantly trying to send us messages.

We have to be in connection with our Higher Self before we can understand that we are receiving messages. It takes a certain sensitivity to be able to see these things. Maybe you heard a song or a friend became an earthly angel and offered advice or a message that opened up a new universe to you. These things all are of the Light. Angels are pure light, and they vibrate at a rate that our human eyes can seldom detect. They are here to help us and more are on Earth at this time to assist us with all of the changes that are presently taking place as we convert our thought system from fear to love.

Our angelic guardians guide and protect us from the darkness and the fear. They can offer us valuable guidance that helps us perceive the truth in what we are experiencing. Only ask for their help in order to receive this guidance. For we are free will beings of Light and the angels cannot interfere with our free will. This is God’s gift to us to allow us to make decisions for ourselves.

The angels want to assist us in the creation of our hopes and our hearts. They are the divine messengers. They are the truth bearers and each of us has a guardian angels. This angel is with you from birth to death. The angels want us to take responsibility for creating heaven here on earth. They want us to understand ourselves in the light of truth.

Angels are friends that will never leave our side. They offer us unconditional love that we are striving to give to others. They will illumine us to the greater truth of spirit and its nature of eternal life. When you begin to look at life as eternal, you will let go of your fear of
death, for death is a beginning not an ending. Death is a doorway to a new experience. Do not grieve for those that you have lost, for they are not as far away as you might perceive them to be.

The angels want us to claim our power and they want us to become the bridge. Angels can teach us about the joy of laughter and of play. They want us to lighten up and have fun. Angels are preparing the way for man’s evolution by delivering these divine messages and revealing themselves on the planet more than ever before. They want us to waken to their presence and to the Light that is there inside of us. They are welcoming us to new experiences of greater depth. The light is strong and it waits for you to welcome it into your heart.

Get connected with your angels and ask them to reveal their presence to you. They love the attention because they are not used to receiving it. They will probably jump at the chance to be noticed. They have the innocence of a child and they play and dance like the wind. They are there to comfort you in your moments of despair and sorrow. You can talk to your angels out loud or you may communicate silently by thought. Trust they do hear you and they do listen. This is why you can never be truly alone, for although you may not see anything, they are with you.

Set the intention that you wish to be in closer connection with the angels and begin to ground that thought into your experience. One way to ground it in is to meditate. By meditating you heighten your vibrations and you clear the veil between the two worlds so that you may perceive the light. The angels encourage this for your own spiritual growth. Even five minutes of meditation can bring an inner change.

They wish you the best and help you to bring about the best in yourself and in your life. They have hopes for humanity and the planet to heal. They usher in the healing that we are in need of, especially for Mother Earth.

Angelic blessings,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Missing Ducks

After meditation this morning, I opened my eyes. From the living room, I could see the pond nice and full from all the heavy rains. The water level had almost bottomed out over the summer. The nor'easter last week changed all that. The pond reminded me of life. How sometimes our energy is low and we feel drained from doing too much, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental.

Then change comes.

Something unexpected happens and we get replenished.

What seemed like a lost cause becomes a well-spring of opportunity overnight. Like this morning, two ducks came splashing into the pond. Their black and white heads bobbed in and out of the water. Now you see them. Now you don't. Inspired, I grabbed my camera and hurried to the pond. I crouched down by the pines and waited for them to emerge.

There was no sign of my fowl feathered friends. I hadn't seen them fly away, and wondered how long could they stay under water? I called to my guardian angel. Still no action, so I respected their privacy and returned home with just a picture of the pond. The ducks are there...under water.

Before long, they surfaced, bobbing up and down, leaving a wake in the water. I was content to admire them from a distance. Soon flapping wings, splashed stirrings things up. It would have made a perfect picture. I wished I hadn't given up so soon as I watched them fly away to enjoy the rest of the day.

In Animal-Speak, duck symbolizes comfort and protection. "Ducks can remind us to drink of the water of life as well as to nurture our own emotional nature. For those with a duck as a totem, it may reflect an inability to feel comfortable with most people in your life. It may reflect a need to find comfort in your own element and with those of like mind and spirit. Ducks can remind us that we're going to have such an opportunity."

Angelic blessings,


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apple Sharing Time

I don't usually watch TV but the other night I saw a commercial for a vegetable chopper. It was simple. Put the fruit in the plastic box. Shut the lid. Presto! Neatly sliced fruit. Yesterday I had an apple in my jacket pocket. I put it there for a snack the day before and forgot about it. Elliot and I were out Christmas shopping and stopped for lunch at Subway. There's a favorite spot near the trees where we like to park and eat. After lunch, I opened the door to pour out the rest of my iced tea. Then I slammed the door shut. Crunch. I pulled the juicy apple out of my coat pocket. Somehow the car door sliced it right down the middle. What had been one was now two perfect halves. Who would have thought a car door could cut an apple like that!" I laughed, thinking of the fruit slicer on TV.

"Looks like the angels want us to share it," Elliot laughed.

Eating our golden delicious apple, we talked about how amazing the apple was cut so perfectly. What were the odds of it being in the right position in my pocket? And my jacket getting caught in the door while I was wearing it.

What happened seemed so deliberate that later I looked up apple in Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews. "Apple is a time for joyful giving; hidden knowledge, happiness and healing. In fact, apple was once considered an ideal Christmas treat. The apple tree is a loving giver, especially when treated with love and respect by humans. It thrives on human contact and teaches the power of sharing."

Angelic blessings,


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Photo by Karen Hauck

Every time I experience synchronicity, I've felt an overwhelming feeling of Grace that came along with it. As Plato wrote, "First a shudder runs through you, and then the old awe steals over you." Synchronicity is the language of the Angels. Several months ago I had one of those amazing angelic moments. It all began in the fall of 2008 when I was having trouble walking. The condition appeared overnight and had stayed with me for several days. I could hobble around but it was quite painful in the groin and hip.

Early one Sunday evening, my husband, Elliot, and I went to a nearby shopping center for dinner. On our way home, I was suddenly inspired to ask him to drive by the Walmart Garden Center so I could see the flowers on display. Elliot drove extra slow so I could look out the car window as we cruised by. Among the mums I thought I saw a tall statue of Mother Mary. She seemed oddly out of place, but curiosity got the best of me and in spite of my hurt leg, I went inside to take a closer look.

A beautiful 45" statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was there on a shelf among the potted flowers. In her presence the Garden Center had all the grace and quietude of a meditation garden. It was odd how this was the only statue outdoors. I looked up at her beautiful serene face. The strangest feeling came over me. She had caught my attention because she was meant for me.

Reluctantly, I looked at the price tag. A bargain at $50. Our budget was tight so we left the store without her. In the parking lot, my intuition was nudging me to just trust and go back and get her. Somehow she was part of my healing. Not being raised Catholic, it was funny how I had a strong connection with her. In high school whenever I had a close call, "Hail Mary, full of grace," were the first words out of my mouth. I didn't know it was the rosary until my Catholic friend told me after she almost ran into another car and I blurted it out.

Elliot agreed that the statue was important. So we decided to trust. At the check-out, we had our first miracle. She was a bargain on sale for $36! Smiling, we headed home with a precious passenger in the back seat.

We brought her into the house and put her in the bedroom. Her lifelike presence was gentle and loving. A sweet fragrance of flowers filled the air, but I told myself it was from a scented candle, not her. I felt a gentle healing occurring within me. In a few days, I could walk again without pain. When my friend Larraine heard about what happened, she wanted to gift us the statue as a belated house warming present.

Coming near the year anniversary of Our Lady's arrival, I placed her in the meditation garden where we could see her from the bedroom slider. She was only there a few weeks when I realized it was time to pass her along to another. I wasn't sure who.

About a month later, my son had a session with a gifted healer friend whom we hadn't seen in over ten years. Toni Ann came to our house for a visit, a reunion of souls. The subject of Mother Mary came up and I shared the story of our statue.

"Maybe you got my statue," she laughed. I couldn't believe it as I listened to her story. How she had called the same store looking for a Mother Mary statue, but when she came to pick it up, the cashier told her it was recently sold to a nice couple.

"Now, I know where she needs to go." I laughed as I hurried to get the statue from the bedroom. Toni Ann wept tears of joy. She had been in a devastating automobile accident years ago that left her physically handicapped. Before leaving the house with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Toni Ann gave me a beautiful blessing. I felt Mother Mary's presence fill my soul. Although the statue was no longer to be with me, the Divine Mother's loving energy was stronger than ever in my heart.

Angelic blessings,


Monday, November 16, 2009

La Princesa Barges Into the Beach

Photo by Karen Hauck

La Princesa was set adrift by the nor'easter last week when the cable snapped on the tug boat towing her to New Jersey. The 570-foot long unstaffed barge settled near the shore at Sandbridge Beach. This morning Elliot and I drove down to witness her return to the sea, but the high tide came and went. So her release is pending the evening high tide.

This incident got me to thinking about life. How sometimes in the storms we're blown off course, stranded, unable to free ourselves of our predicament. It doesn't look like there is a way out. It is good to remember there is divine timing. The tides come and go. We must be patient while waiting for the waves to carry us back into the flow. This is the stuff that builds faith. In the big scheme of things, often these delays are by God design. After all, La Princesa, didn't crash into the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel as feared, but came to rest in a remote part of the beach in Sandbridge.

Angels are all around us. And I believe the many prayers and loving protection of the angels helped her, as well as each of us, get through the storms and on to safer passage.

Angelic blessings,


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blooming in A Storm

(Photo by Karen Hauck)
We're having a Nor'easter here today. With all the heavy rain and winds that began early this morning, I was surprised to see that a canna had bloomed in the storm. Gusting in the wind, she seemed to be waving to me. "See I made it! I'm blooming!" The funny thing was I thought this plant had seen its last bloom for the season. This waterlogged flower garden is one I dedicated to Mary Magdalene. In the summer that patch blooms with daisies, irises, zinnias, and cannas. Last week I almost cut back the cannas but then decided to wait for the first frost. So like this red canna some of us are late bloomers. Against all odds, we bloom in divine time, not ours and bring sunshine in the rain.

Angelic blessings,


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Angels and Music

In the her book Rediscovering the Angels, Christian mystic and author, Flower Newhouse writes that wheneverHandel's Hallelujah Chorus is sung, the angels of the astral and mental worlds join the chorus and their accomplishment is a thousand times more joyous and victorious than the human parts. Handel experienced a rare religious exaltation during the composition of the Messiah. For 24 days he was completely withdrawn from the things of this world so that he "dwelt in the pastures of God." When the Hallelujah Chorus was completed, a servant found him at the table with tears streaming down his cheeks. Afterward, Handel explained, "I did think I did see all heaven before me."

The Hallelujah Chorus has always been a favorite. I recall a fond memory of one special Christmas morning at church. My father-in-law was playing that piece at the beautiful pipe organ. The congregation was invited to come upfront and join in the singing. A blind woman joined the group. I decided to come along, too, in spite of my voice. A cloudy Sunday, as we sang and the tempo heightened, suddenly the sun burst through the clouds and poured through the window, flooding the area where we gathered.

Ever since then I was convinced of the power of that beautiful music. Years ago,I listened to it on my walks, inspired to keep moving to the rich melody that did indeed seem to make the heavens open up. Several years ago, a hurricane hit Virginia Beach. Elliot and I stayed at home to weather the storm. As the winds blew, we turned up the volume full blast on the boom box. The Hallelujah Chorus filled the room, no competition for the storm. Jayne Howard-Feldman, author of Driving Under the Influence of Angels, recommends playing that music while standing with your arms in the air, making a "V" chalice for the heavenly host to pour down their blessings upon you.

Married to a wonderful composer and musician, I know that when music is being played, the room is transformed as these heavenly beings come close to join in the celebration of song. Music is the bridge.

Many blessings,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1 - All Saints Day

All the Saints by Fra Angelica

Today is the Feast of All Saints, celebrating the "communion of the saints", the phrase that states that the living on earth and the so-called dead in heaven are connected spiritually. Not even the grave can separate us. Looking through Sister Wendy's Book of Saints, here are a few of the many that are cited. Thanks to each one for their gift of courage to leave footprints of light for others to follow.

Saint Agatha, Patron Saint of Breast Disorders

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Patron Saint of philosophers, scholars, millers, spinners,clergy, wheelwrights, young girls

Saint Margaret of Antioch, Patron Saint of Childbirth

Saint Nicholas, Patron Saint of Russia, children, sailors, unmarried girls

Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travelers, Motorists

Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Animals, Ecologists

Saint Luke, Patron Saint of doctors, surgeons, painters

Saint John the Apostle, Patron Saint of Theologians, writers

Many blessings,


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blue Flip Flops

The scent of sweet ginger flavors the breeze
Rustling leaves of autumn at my feet
Decorating my blue Flip Flops
On a warm Halloween.
Sitting in a blue chair
under the old apple tree.

Pale pink impatiens sway tall on heavy stems.
Awaiting peace after a summer's growth.

St. Francis prays in the garden.
In this little commune of mossy stones, spiderwort.
Jaded green iris blades point upward.
A garden is a most sacred spot.

A hush of heaven stirs.
The tall ginger plant bows with reverence to the wind.
Angel cat, through the screen door, watches.
Fully sensing the mystery of what is unseen
But not unnoticed.

Angels dance on lacy ferns
Kissing butterflies with heavenly breath.
Life is full.
Ever expanding.
Grow! Grow! Grow!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Traveling Lightly with the Angels

I took this picture on our last trip to New York as we crossed the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Imagine building a bridge like this in only five years? Bridges are wonderful connectors getting us easily to places that otherwise would be difficult passages. The angels act as unseen bridges between this world and the unseen. As we go about our daily activities, the angels are with us. Just invite them in and watch the results. I always call upon Archangel Michael to go forth and make my path straight and clear. When shopping, whenever I remember to ask the angels for help selecting an item, it's amazing what results I get. Make a pest of yourself and invite your angels to be with you wherever you go. Tomorrow Elliot and I are heading for New York. We'll be traveling lightly with the angels. Archangel Raphael oversees all travel. Call on him the next time you're taking a trip anywhere.

Until next week, wishing you joyous gentle journeys with your angelic friends.

Many Blessings,


Friday, October 16, 2009

Hawk as the Messenger

(Photo by Karen Hauck)

Have you ever noticed how you happen to stumble upon something that seems a perfect message for you. It's as though an unseen hand reached out and tapped you on the shoulder. Take a look at this!

One day while searching the web, I came across this posting about the hawk, my animal totem. Unfortunately, I don't remember who was the author.

"I was read a prophecy six years ago, by a 17 year old girl from China who was handed an ancient Chinese Shamanic I-Ching book by a stranger. The elderly woman at the Beijing Airport gave an ancient book of the Dao-da-Ching to this young girl as her and her parents were immigrating to California. She read me the oracular wisdom, from an important question I had asked that day. I had asked about my soul’s journey. We exchanged wisdom in an Instant Message:

"A lonely hawk, between earth and sky, crying for the loss of her group, tries to ask, how many soul mates she has, not so many to this day. The person who receives this reading has much talent, it's like she sings so well that few can understand to fit anywhere. Left out at
the edge of the World, she has the wrist to twist the earth, but does not see the day that she will be happy. To the person who got this message, please view yourself higher, do not mingle or settle like all the others, and do not waste your precious life time."

The Edgar Cayce ( readings state that hawk is the stage of humankind that represents wisdom. In his book, Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews teaches that the hawk is the messenger of the gods akin to Mercury. Hawk soars above, seeing the big picture.

Angelic blessings,


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Become A Contagious Spiritual Firebrand

“It is not enough in this final hour to be lightbearers—each one must become a contagious spiritual firebrand, whose presence immediately catches up the sleeping spirit of every man and woman and thru association, makes that spirit arise, throw off the shadows that have dimmed the radiation of its natural estate, and become also a contribution to the light of the world." (The Bridge to Freedom, Volume 1, Ascended Masters Teaching Foundation, Mount Shasta, CA)

May your enthusiasm catch fire today and blaze a trail for others to follow.

Angelic Blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, October 5, 2009

Angel of the Apple Tree

Every visible thing in this world is put in charge of an angel.
--Saint Augustine

I have always loved the trees. Just seeing them outside my window brings comfort like this wonderful old apple tree on the farm.  My praying angel statue has found her post in the shadow of the fruitful tree.

When we first moved here in early Spring, it wasn't long before the old apple tree blossomed in a beautiful gown of pink fragrant flowers.  What joy to awaken and see the radiant full moon illuminating her pink petals.  There was a mystical feeling as I listened to the crickets singing.  Everything in the garden seemed to be enlivened so much so that I could almost feel its breath upon the earth, declaring Grow! Grow! Grow!  My eyes filled with joyful tears for the beautiful expression of nature.  It was a far cry from our previous home on busy Atlantic Avenue.

One day while weeding underneath the apple tree, a perfect apple fell off the old tree and landed near me. Usually I gathered the apples to feed the deer at the edge of the woods.  But this gesture seemed so deliberate that  I took it as a delightful invitation to share the fruit of my tree friend. Gratefully, I picked it up and washed it off.  Having read about the star symbol inside the apple, I decided to check it out for myself.  I cut the apple horizontally, and there it was: a perfect star imprinted by the hidden seeds.

I sat down by my apple tree friend, and thanked her for the gift before taking my first bite. Trees are very special fact, some of my best friends have been trees.

Angelic blessings,

Rae Karen

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peel Away the False Masks

Angels, what would you have me write today?

"You are not the face you see in the mirror. Be not deceived when looking in a glass darkly. The light in you is eternal. Peel away the false masks that shroud your radiance. Fear not to be yourself. This is your gift to the world this
day. Trust that you are more than you presently know. Rely not on your own power but lean on the everlasting arm of the Divine."

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Praying Mantis

The other night a most curious voyeur was peeping in the living room window. A praying mantis. Upside down on the windowpane, his world was topsy-turvy. Motionless, he stayed there halfway up the glass. Occasionally I've seen them in the bushes or grass, blending in with its environment, but this one was making quite a spectacle of himself.

The next morning he was still there. What tenacity. I grabbed the camera and tried to turn off the flash. His prayer vigil was suddenly interrupted by a bright light. In Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews, I learned that the praying mantis is all about the power of stillness. Through learning to still the outer mind and go within, we can draw upon greater power. That stillness can be simple prayer, meditation, or even sleep. Then when it comes time to act, we can do so with surety and great power.

I thanked the Praying Mantis for the message. "Be still and know that I am God."

Wishing you a peaceful day,


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Awakeners

I'm still reading Talking with Angels, A Document from Hungary, transmitted by Gitta Mallasz. This passage touched my heart today and I wanted to share it with you.


I proclaim to you:
When the ONE LIGHT penetrates into deeper gloom,
then there will be deliverance.
We all serve it with joy and gratitude. With thanks.
You will be transformed from "dreamers"
to "awakeners."
Your goal is to attain the level where anyone
who looks at you...awakens."

(Gitta's comment: I understand that we are to reach such a degree of inner brightness that others quite naturally are awakened, just as we are awakened in the morning by the sun.)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Michaelmas Day!

The universe is full of surprises when we can get out of our own way. We found ourselves at the right place at the right time while on a trip to England. One afternoon, weary from walking the grounds of the Glastonbury Abbey, I tried to beg off making the 500-ft climb to the top of the Tor to see the ruins of St. Michael's church. Much to our surprise, when we entered the tower, a small church service was beginning in honor of St. Michael and All the Angels. It was Michaelmas Day! The next thing we knew we were handed prayer books and began singing in honor of the archangels. The priest sprinkled us with holy water as the wind gusted through the old stone tower. Toward the end of the service, a young man, who looked like King Arthur, joined us with an owl perched on his shoulder. It did seem very much like I was awake in a dream.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for all your service and Happy Michaelmas Day to all.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Footstool, The Loyal Canine

Elliot and I took a shortcut home from our walk in the park. Mother Nature was calling me. The detour took us by a little dog pacing up and down outside the fence of a big house. When he saw us, he ran toward me. I wasn’t sure what he wanted, but decided to lean on the side of love rather than fear. I bent down to pet him and he looked up at me with the most loving amber eyes. This dog was a sweetheart who needed a friend.

Having just read a book on animal communication, I confessed my skills were limited. "I wish I understood you better. Is this your home?" He looked at me as though it were. There were no cars in the driveway, but it appeared he was locked out by mistake. I remembered the house. That’s where I found a pretty writing desk on the curb the previous year. We had asked the owner if it was for the taking and she gifted us with a matching chair. Thinking back, I seemed to recall a little furry ball barking at us then. I was 99 percent sure this was the dog…until I peeked over the fence. Another dog was basking in the sun on the sidewalk. Neither dog barked, but we decided to leave the little dog in care of the angels while I hurried home to the bathroom and to call his folks whom I vaguely recalled were chiropractors.

The receptionist at the office, said the description matched Footstool. Could we let him back in the yard? Quickly we drove over there, hoping he hadn’t run off. Footstool was patiently waiting outside the gate. A man with a pit bull on a leash had just walked by. But Footstool held his ground. He was so excited that we came back. He ran toward the fence, cocking his head leading the way. “You’re going home,” I told him, opening the wooden gate. Happily, he scurried inside and then turned around as if to say, “Whew! There’s no place like home.” I thought about Footstool and what a good example he set. He wasn’t running all over the neighborhood trying to solve his problem. Loyal, he waited outside the gates of home knowing sooner or later, the doors would open wide and he would return to his kingdom.

A few days later, by chance I read a Bible passage in Isaiah where the Lord said the earth is his footstool. I had to smile at the synchronicity.

Angelic blessings,


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your Newborn Purpose

"Your newborn purpose is nursed by angels, cherished by the Holy Spirit and protected by God himself. It needs not your protection; it is yours."
--A Course in Miracles

After finding this lovely quote, a few days passed and I wasn't sure what to write. Then my husband guided me to a book that deeply touched me. Budaliget 1943, Talking with Angels , a publication of angel dialogues transcribed by Gitta Mallaz in Hungary during the late stages of World War II, in 1943 and 1944.

Reading the dialogues were profoundly healing on many levels. I would like to share part of one with you.

"Uncertainty contains the only certainty.
What appears certain is death
The new is always uncertain.

--Can the new be measured?
The tiniest new particle is greater than all the old.
It cannot be weighed. Can you grasp in your heart
what this tiny particle of the new means?
It is able to change everything everywhere.
It takes aways the taste of the old.
The old will become unbearable to you.


Blessed is the soul that welcomes the seed,
and blessed its fruit!

Do you still doubt in your heart?

L. Oh, no!

--Then it is good.

L. If only it would last!

--The seed is indestructible, that is certain."

The Preface of the book, written in 1992, states that Gitta asserted that she is not the author of the text, but the scribe. She considers it her task to make the dialogues known to others. When asked how she feels about the dialogues today, Gitta answers:

"You know, those words are like seeds that were sown by the angels. They lay dormant in the earth for 33 years. They finally broke through the hard crust of the surface for the first time in 1976 with the publication of the French Dialogues in Paris and from there, they spread like wildfire - no, like Lightfire. Now the new, the Springtime of humanity, is here - and these words represent a very real possibility for all."

The angels said:


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Charlotte's Web

As a kid I was scared to death of spiders until I read Charlotte's Web. My heart softened and I could see spiders have a purpose, too. This summer a lovely garden spider took up residence outside the window by my computer. Interesting that she should choose that location as a spider is symbolic of writing. The guardian of ancient languages and alphabets. Her web is near the entrance to the cottage and so we pass "Charlotte" on our comings and goings. I'm amazed at her tenacity. I've watched her double and triple stitch her web after a thunderstorm and high winds. Several weeks ago, something interesting happened. She created a papery looking egg sac on one side of her web. Over the past week, she created another. And this morning I looked out and saw a third one. This gal is prolific.

In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews writes that spider is creativity and weaving of fate. In India it was associated with Maya, the weaver of illusion. The Native Americans view spider as grandmother, the link to the past and the future. "Spider teaches you to maintain a balance between past and future, physical and spiritual, male and female. Spider teaches you that everything you now do is weaving what you will encounter in the future."

These beautiful large garden spiders kill harmful insects. Most of their movement occurs in the dark. So we can take a hint from spider and "weave our creative threads in the dark and then when the sun hits them, they will glisten in intricate beauty."

Angelic blessings to you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Angels Hover Around You

"Around you angels hover lovingly, to keep away all darkened thoughts of sin, and keep the light where it has entered in. Your footprints lighten up the world, for where you walk forgiveness gladly goes with you." A Course in Miracles

What a wonderful comforting thought that no one is really alone. No matter how distracted we become in this 24/7 world, every second, our angels surround us. If we still our minds and open up to receive their radiance, we can experience peace and unconditional love or whatever virtue is missing in that moment. A Course in Miracles teaches that the spirit accepts but the ego analyzes. So whenever I am stuck in the mental realm judging, my ego is at the helm, righteously demanding things turn out my way rather than accepting what is. I've learned that when I give thanks for "what isn't", the dynamics change. There's something to learn from whatever this circumstance brings. It is here for me to grow through. My prayer is, "Let me see this (issue...) differently, Holy Spirit." By opening the door to change, I am freeing myself to really get a look at the situation from a higher perspective. It's so hard to remember that anger really is a call for love. With love in us, we have no need except to extend it.

Angelic blessings to you,


Monday, September 14, 2009

Fully Rely on God (F.R.O.G)

When we came home last evening, the new sunflowers were suffering from the heat. There was an urgency to revive their wilted yellow petals. I grabbed the old green watering can and emptied out yesterday's rain. Tossed in a few spoonfuls of Miracle Bloom crystals and began to fill it. The large opening at the top was covered by the head of the shower wand. Soon frothy blue suds were nearing the top. When I started to pick up the can, something didn't feel quite right.

That's when I noticed a pair of eyes peeking out of the spout.

A little frog was trapped inside seeking refuge from the rising waters. Not wanting to drown him in blue liquid, I called to Elliot who advised, "Just pour him out." I wasn't so sure he could even fit through the spout. But some action was needed. Doing nothing wasn't an option. As soon as I tipped the can, the water flowed, somehow the little frog took a leap to freedom. It happened so quick I didn't see how he did it. I watched him stop by the garden plaque, Live One Day At a Time, and then hurry on his way.

Years ago someone told me F.R.O.G is an acronymn for Fully Rely On God. Sometimes we get outselves into a fix and end up somewhere that isn't in our best interest. God will send help to put us back in the flow and on solid ground.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the little frog. But you can imagine those little eyes peering out this narrow spout. I think he was too afraid to take a leap of faith. Whatever you may be facing today, know that you are not alone. God has sent His angels to watch over you and guide you. Stay in the moment and watch for miracles.

Angelic blessings to you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hare at Stonehenge

Last week while going through my old journals, I came across a dream I had about the story of The Hare and the Cross. It was a well-known tale in my dream, but when I woke up I couldn't remember any of it.

This morning shortly after dawn I watched from my bedroom as the birds and squirrels fed off the sunflower seeds in the meditation garden. Suddenly they all scattered at once. I wondered what scared them off. A larger animal appeared from behind the green wood shed. Hidden by the bushes, I couldn't make out what it was at first. To my delight, it was a brown rabbit. Hungry, she sniffed at the large clay dish filled with bird seed. I didn't know rabbits ate seeds? She was either awful hungry or else just plain curious about all the breakfast fuss with the other animals.

The rabbit didn't feed long. I watched her with a sense of fascination. A rabbit on the path in the meditation garden seemed like a significant sign. I stood still at the bedroom slider, not wanting to scare her as she hopped toward me. Coming close to the bedroom steps, she stopped to eat some green grass. Just like a real Easter bunny. Afterwards, I watched her white cotton tail hop over the hostas and pink impatiens and into the woods.

Before long, she came back again, facing me. Her large brown eyes reflected the morning sunshine. In that moment, there seemed to be a fine thread that connected us. My heart was full of love for her and her journey that involved trust. She was out in the open. No longer under the protection of the apple tree. She seemed to be encouraging me that all is well. To drop worry, fearful thoughts and be free, enjoying the moment to moments that make Life. I thanked her for her message and she disappeared into the woods.

Her visit reminded me of another special morning in September '98 at Stonehenge. A brown hare appeared in the circle grazing by the stone megaliths. Maybe you can see her in this picture. In his book, Animal Speak, Ted Andrews writes that "rabbit (hare) is symbolic of fertility and new life... In Egyptian hieroglyphics it was associated with the concept of being."

I love it when Nature speaks. If anyone knows the story of The Hare and the Cross, I would love to hear it.

May your day be filled with angelic blessings.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Guardian Angel in a Storm

Betty Malz in her book Angels Watching Over Me, shared her experience with this painting entitled Guardian Angel that hung in her grandparents’ home. The message Betty got at an early age was that the large angel was assigned to protect the children, especially since they were picking flowers for someone else, maybe a sick grandmother.

One night during a terrible storm, Betty snuggled close to her grandmother and hid her face so she couldn’t see the lightning and hear the loud thunder. Mom Burns reached for her flashlight, shone the beam on the guardian angel picture, and quoted Psalm 91:11: “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Somehow the painting helped young Betty understand what the Bible verse meant. The children were in danger but they were being “kept in all their ways.”

Twenty-two years, Betty and her six-year-old daughter, Brenda, were home alone, praying for safety as a tornado destroyed dozens of houses around them. Betty pointed to her Grandma's guardian angel picture which now hung in her living room, and she spoke aloud the verse from Psalm 91. Within seconds, their house was hit by the force of the tornado. Winds lifted the roof with a tremendous crack. Betty and her young daughter huddled close in the corner. When they could finally uncover their faces and look around, they saw that only one wall was left standing, while the two of them and Smokey, their small dog, were safe without a scratch. Two miles away from where their house had stood, Betty found some family photos, a light fixture, and the water-soaked guardian angel picture. A treasured reminder of God’s protection through his angels.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Decree for Guardian Angel Assistance

A friend passed along this decree. I've found it helpful
when faced with a problem.

Decree for Assistance from Guardian/Ministering Angels

"Beloved, mighty victorious I AM Presence,
Archangels of the Seven Rays
and their Divine Complements.
Bless my Guardian & Ministering Angels,
(Names of Angels)

For their faithful and untiring service to me.
With their ever presence
I will be free.
May they continue with their loving guidance,
Until my victory.
I now ask MY ANGELS to guide me in

(this situation)

and help to resolve it by DIVINE ORDER.
Under God's law of Grace,

Wishing you a day filled with angelic blessings.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is 999!

"What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?" --A Course in Miracles

In Doreen Virtue's book, Healing with the Angels, she shares the meaning of the numerical sequence 999 as, "Completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal or global life. Also it is a message to lightworkers involved in Earth healing and means, "Get to work because Mother Earth needs you right now."

All endings birth new beginnings. Let today be the rebirth of your holy Christ Self. Let your Light shine brightly making Earth a better place because you are here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Past is Over

I took this photo on an Alaskan cruise. I called to Archangel Michael to make the path clear and straight. Watching the ship's wake, stirring the waterway as it cruised the coastline was like watching the past behind me. It had no power over me anymore. All that was left was a blessing because it brought me to where I am today. Often there is a temptation to dig up the old and review it, rather than to look forward with enthusiasm to where it is I am going. Archangel Michael is the Archangel who is Lord of the Way. Christ is the Way, but Archangel Michael intercedes for every soul who steps out on a spiritual path. He is the warrior whose light triumphs over the darkness. Call on Archangel Michael to quell any fears you may have. He will set you free with his blue lightning sword of God's will and power.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Becoming Co-Workers with the Angelic Host

I found this lesson in the Bridge to Freedom published by AMTF helpful and wanted to share it with you.

"In the early ages, as recorded in the Bible, angels walked and talked with men at all times, and in the days that are to come, this will again be so.

As individuals choose to become co-workers with the angelic host, they will have a tremendous opportunity in drawing those heavenly beings close to them, in the one manner that evokes the presence of an angel, THE RADIATION OF LOVE.

When such an individual is found, vast numbers of the angelic host are always bathing in the aura of such a one’s being.

You have seen a moth rush towards a flame, and so do the angelic host rush towards a harmonious outpouring of energy, whether through me, or through nature, itself.

If you would ask the angels to enter your world, they would bring much of the buoyancy and cosmic contentment that your personality requires. They act on the inner bodies exactly as water does on a thirsty plant.

They are a tremendous healing agent, and a very great peace-giving power to turbulent spirits.

You may have as many of these celestial beings as your feelings will allow to enter into your personal association.

If you invite them, you will feel their presence, and after you have once felt their presence, you will live in a manner that will keep them by your side.


You can test this Law by sending forth, as often as you can during the day, strong vibrations of love and you will feel the currents of the angels return on them, just as if you moved your hands across a harp and struck a note of harmony.

(The Bridge to Freedom, Volume 1, AMTF)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Faith Grows in a Garden

Several years ago I read a book, Feng Shui for Dummies. The author, David Daniel Kennedy, stated that our yard reflects the state of our mind. Could that be true? I wondered, looking out at the tall thick weeds bordering the fence on our rental property. The landlord mowed regularly, but it was no frills maintenance.

The book inspired me to get going. I set aside my fear of poison ivy. With a box of heavy duty Glad bags, I ripped through the weeds in a long afternoon. Once the area was cleared, I invited the angel of the garden to help me. I set an intention to honor the earth and co-create with nature. Much to my surprise, the universe got busy to help. Doors opened.

First, my friend Franny, directed me to a house that was soon to be demolished. All the irises were waiting to be rescued. Rocks were plentiful from a rock garden and bricks to make borders. A landscaper's dream come true.

Elliot and I collected all the bounty and I began to learn to co-create with the angel of the garden. My neighbor gave me extras from her yard. I learned that every flower, tree, and bush has its angel. In a matter of weeks, our garden was beginning to coalesce into a work of art that had nothing to do with my talents. I just found my hands going here and doing this, adding that. Before long, it was amazing, as the meditation garden looked like it had been around a long, long, time.

Working in the garden was healing as I stayed focused in the now, enjoying the time spent outside. I woke up each day excited as to what may unfold. One morning in meditation, I asked the Lord, "What would You have me learn today?" I wrote down the following:

"I speak in the language of flowers, My smile on Earth. There are so many beautiful varieties to express My Love. All born from a tiny seed yet holding the matrix for much beauty. With a little tender loving care, all things grow. Watch what you water. Are they seeds of hope and faith? Or aggressive weeds that soon spoil the beauty of your garden? For what you water will grow and bear fruit. Try to think on the bright side and stay in the moment like a flower standing still waiting on Me to provide the ingredients to blossom. A little sunshine. A cloud burst of rain. A soft breeze to tickle your tendrils. I will gradually unfold your petals, one by one, at the right moment for all to behold thy beauty in Me. Stay watchful of Me and not of the seeming problems. They will dissipate like clouds breaking up on a warm summer's day. Rainbows will appear where there were none. Put all your faith in Me and keep tending the garden of your mind. Think only loving thoughts and soon Love will blossom like never before and you will see that all is good."

By honoring the nature angels and appreciating where I was living at the time, the energy shifted. Little did I know it set a stepping stone for a future move to a farm.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saint Francis

Saint Francis opened my eyes to seeing God in all life. He truly felt that everything that existed from angels to insects to rocks was part of his dear family. He taught God's love through the creatures around him. All were his brothers and sisters. They seemed to recognize this and flocked to him.

We had a lesson in seeing love one Saturday morning while living on Atlantic Avenue. Ants had set up camp in our kitchen. Not wanting to kill them, Elliot put an envelope on the countertop and dripped a dab of honey, hoping to draw the ants onto it. Then he planned to escort them outside later. We went about our chores, letting them be.

An hour later, I went to the kitchen for something. To my surprise the ants had gathered on the envelope, forming a heart as they sipped around the honey! I ran to get Elliot. Sure enough, when we returned, they were still in heart formation. "Love is the answer," he smiled.

My friend Debra was in town. She was coming over later. Elliot wanted her to see the ants, but I wasn't so sure. I kept the door to the kitchen closed. During her visit, she asked, "May I see your kitchen?" (I forgot to mention that Debra is psychic.)

My ego blurted out, "No!" embarrassed by the ant problem. But rather than have her think I was a messy housekeeper, I let her into the kitchen. The ants were still there. Side by side, sharing the nectar of life in a heart shape. The three of us watched in amazement and I realized that I don't know the real meaning of anything. But when I can remember to look at all things with love and gentleness, that's what I'll see.

In his book Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews writes, "Ant is industriousness, order and discipline. Ant teaches us that regardless of circumstances, if the effort is true, the rewards will follow in the most beneficial time and manner. Ant is the promise of success through effort."

I almost forgot to mention, ants also symbolize patience. I was hoping by now I had enough. We thanked the ants for their wonderful message. God truly speaks to us through all life and the message is always love.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Locust Shell

One cool lovely evening after taking a walk, Elliot and I sat in the backyard enjoying the breeze. Suddenly, he warned, "There's a strange bug in the grass by your chair!"

I looked down by my feet at an old familiar sight. A locust shell. As I picked it up, childhood memories flooded my mind. Elliot, born and raised in Brooklyn, was surprised at my reaction. His eyes bugged out as I held it in the palm of my hand, smiling, as if seeing an old friend. "A locust? Here at the beach," I murmured. "It's amazing how the locust pushes its old shell off and leaves it on trees. I remember collecting those empty skeletons off the trees on my Grandmother's farm. Its legs are like claws so they stick easily to trees and things. They were both creepy and fascinating."

There seemed to be a message finding it in our backyard. I had written in my book that I felt hollowed out like a locust shell stuck on an old oak tree. "This is the metaphor in my writing," I proudly showed Elliot. The skeleton was still intact...a perfect replica of the insect,right down to the eyeballs.

"What's it called again?" Elliot asked.

I tried to remember. "Locust...but then it could have been a cicada."

Later I looked it up on the web where it was called both. To my surprise, the site linked to another website where I found this message from Jesus. It was timely as we were going through a transition ourselves, shedding our old shells.

"My child: It's no use being capable if what you achieve is not what I had planned for you. It's no use having a beautiful voice if you sing the wrong song. It's no use writing this, if you don't let my thoughts guide the pen. There is no limit to what I can achieve through you, if you surrender your pride and let me use you in My way. Set aside your daydreams and spend your time aligning your mind to mine, seeking my forgiveness for your willfulness, being open to my guidance.

You will feel like a locust shell, all form and no substance, but as the wind can blow through a locust shell, so the wind of my Spirit can blow through your empty shell, can lift it and set it down in a new place, can make it fruitful beyond your dreams.

Surrender comes hard, but I ask nothing less. Do not let fear of loss prevent you. I will reward you a hundredfold. When your substance has been surrendered, your form becomes filled with my Spirit. You will be tasting the new wine of my Kingdom. I want this for you. Do not be afraid. I am incapable of acting without love, and your surrender will bring you into My love."

God and the angels speak to us in our own language. Mine is nature. So if you're feeling a little hollowed out these days, that's a good sign.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Angel Cat

In July '94, I moved to Atlanta to work on an angel documentary with my brother, Rex. Schatzi, my tuxedo cat stayed in Virginia with two friends renting rooms in my townhouse. When the move became permanent, I sold the house. A good home was needed for my sweet cat since I'd be traveling a lot in Georgia. A friend in Virginia knew a co-worker, Kim, who was looking for a cat for her young daughters. Kim and I had taken a spiritual class together the previous year. They came by the house to meet Schatzi. It was love at first sight. They wanted to take her home that very night. It was all happening so fast. I watched them leave with a big piece of my heart.

Two years later, I moved back to Virginia to marry Elliot. As it turned out, we were living in the same neighborhood as Schatzi, only we didn't know her address. On our daily walks through the neighborhood, I often wondered. Which house? And, was it fair to look her up now? It may confuse her. Often, I pictured her in a bubble of white light and sent her love wherever she was.

A Course in Miracles teaches that we can have a holy relationship with anything we’re in relationship with. Money. Work. Partnerships. So I asked the Holy Spirit for a holy relationship with Schatzi. I had guilt over abandoning her to start a new life in Atlanta.

Once you turn a situation over to the Holy Spirit, results come. Often in the most unusual ways. Months later, Elliot and I were on a walk one sunny Saturday afternoon. We passed a newly painted mailbox with Kim’s name on it. On our street! The long main road into the neighborhood. Many times we've passed by in our comings and goings over the last two years.

No cars were in front of Kim's house, but we stood in the driveway and sent love to Schatzi. The next morning, I returned, alone. No one was home. I sent her light and thanked her for being such a comfort to me all those years. She was the friendly face that greeted me after work. The one who snuggled with me during challenges and heart ache. Welling up, I sent her love and asked her to forgive me for letting her go. I never took the time to grieve over losing her. That's just something I do very well, stuff my feelings and move on like nothing has happened.

On Tuesday morning, the Holy Spirit nudged me to go to the Course in Miracles meeting. An ad was in the neighborhood paper from last month. I called for directions. It wasn't in the development like I thought but at a healing center about twenty minutes away. If I hurried I could make it. The sign on the door was appropriate. Kneaded Touch. In the lobby, I looked for the Miracles meeting. A woman in an outer office at her desk resembled Kim, who adopted Schatzi, only her hair was short. Suddenly she looked up from her paperwork. “Karen! What are YOU doing here!” she gasped. “You're supposed to be in Atlanta!" The weirdest expression came over her. "Schatzi died on Sunday. My girls just asked me how I could reach you."

Her words didn't register at first. Schatzi died.

Then a warm understanding enfolded me me. Was Schatzi waiting for me to say goodbye? I told Kim about sending love to Schatzi over the weekend. She agreed the timing was pretty amazing. Her little girls had held a funeral service and buried her by a pine tree in the yard. I was touched and grateful for the loving care she received. I thanked Kim and went to the Miracles meeting down the hallway. Feeling numb. During the opening meditation, tears suddenly began flowing. Walls that kept me from letting love in were being washing away. I remembered the quote, Tears are a sign of a frozen heart melting. I realized what a wonderful gift Schatzi had given me with her passing. The gift of knowing love never dies. Love extends beyond time and space. Love is eternal. And somehow everything that happened was okay. The facilitator said, "Kim rarely works here anymore. It's divine timing you came this morning." Silently, I thanked the Holy Spirit.

A month later at a Reiki Healing Circle at home, I am asked, “Do you have a cat?" I wonder if perhaps the question is about allergies. But then, he said, "I keep seeing a cat on the stairwell.” A friend told me a comforting thought. Schatzi left the physical to be with me in the etheric.

Just last year, Elliot and I were gifted with a tuxedo cat from the shelter. We named her Angel. One morning I hear a thud in my office. I go to see what Angel's up to? A dictionary fell off the desk. Angel is sitting beside it, looking up at me.

“What are you telling me?” I laugh, playfully looking for a clue. The book is opened to the last page. A blank page. SHOTSY is written in red ink. I don’t recall writing it. The pronunciation is like Schatzi. But it makes me wonder. Do our cat friends return to us?

Later, to my surprise, I find an old photo of me. A toddler sitting in a wooden chicken coop on Grandma's farm, clutching a cute little tuxedo kitten. Again, it makes me wonder? Do our cat friends return to us?

Working on this blog, Angel cat is stretched out on my desk by the computer. As I finish writing, it is early evening. She looks at me with bright green eyes. On a whim, I ask, “Are you Schatzi? Have you forgiven me?” I kiss her pink nose. “I love you.” She looks deep into my eyes as if she understands perfectly. Then lets out a MEOW. It makes me wonder… Is it déjà vu? Or dinner time? In truth, it could be both. Thank God for our wonderful angelic pets.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Like this dandelion we are sometimes forced to bloom in a tight spot where we're planted. If we stay positive and do our best, God will take care of the rest. Nature is a great teacher. It's amazing how a dandelion can thrive between brick mortar on this front step. Born from a tiny spore, it bloomed under the worse possible conditions. No soil.

Most people think dandelion is a weed to get rid of, but it is filled with minerals and vitamins. I often drink dandelion tea to purify my system. It is also a plant of lore that can be used as an oracle. As a child I would have fun with dandelion. I picked a dandelion puff from the yard and made a wish. Then I would blow on it with all my might, how many spores were left on the stem represented the number of children I would have.

In his book Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews shares that "Dandelion teaches us that there is worth and beauty beyond what is visible and apparent. It teaches to look beyond the surface of things."

Isn't it interesting that a plant with so much nourishment is called a weed. Kind of makes you wonder who was labeling all the flora?

Angelic Nudges - The Red Rose

In 1999, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) was having its annual Congress in June. Elliot and I just moved to the beach. When Elliot read about the Congress, he was guided to write a theme song for the gathering called Love One Another. He played it at the opening of Congress. When he finished, a woman sitting nearby wiped her tears. “When I hear that song, I cry.”

Another woman asked, “Is he your husband?”

I nodded proudly, and she gave me a bookmark she made for the Congress. I thanked her and put it on my lap. I told her about the vision I saw when he played it for the first time at home. "High in the heavens in a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds, I saw a joyful red celestial rose dancing around in circles. Her leafy arms swaying to the melody."

“I saw a rose for the Congress, too!” The woman smiled. “Look at the bookmark.”

I looked down to see a rose imprinted on purple paper. We both laughed.

Later that evening Elliot and I returned for the talent show. It was early so we went to the meditation garden. A young woman on a bench by the waterfall was praying. Her blonde pony tail stuck out of her baseball cap. Her head hung down as if in deep pain.

Early evening, the garden was so beautiful, landscaped in such a natural way. We enjoyed the peacefulness and closed our eyes as we sat on a bench under the trees. Opening my eyes, I saw a lone red rose still in bloom across the path. "Look, Elliot. There's the red rose again." I got up to smell its sweet essence and thank it for its beauty.

"Let's send some peace to that young woman," he whispered.

"Do you think she needs an angel?" I surprised him by reaching into my goodie bag and pulling out a small wooden angel box.

“At the last minute, I was nudged by the angels to bring it along.”

"Follow your guidance," he smiled.

I watched, waiting for the right time to present the gift. Meanwhile, Elliot went to smell the rose.

When the teenager stopped meditating, I walked over to her. Surprised, she looked up, a little annoyed at first. "The angels want you to have this," I said, handing her the angel box.

She gave me a quick look of complete understanding and her mood became brighter. "Thank you."

Elliot and I went to get our seats for the talent show. To our surprise, the third contestant was the young woman in the meditation garden. She sang In the Arms of An Angel from the movie, City of Angels. I found my eyes filling with tears. She sang softly and sweetly with great feeling, just like an angel. I could almost see her wings.

Several days later at Congress, I felt a tap on my shoulder in the auditorium. I turned around.

It was the angel singer.

"I wanted to let you know what was going on with me in the garden. You see, I was very close to my grandfather growing up, and miss him very much. I used to feel his presence around me after he died several years ago…but I can't feel him anymore…So when you handed me the box I had been praying about it. And it was as though the veil was very thin."

I was so happy I followed my angel’s guidance. The little angel box came from the dollar store, but the present was priceless.

May we always be willing to help the angels,


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Tree Spirit: An Angel Message

Driving down Holly Road, we passed an unusual sight.  A tree topped off by Hurricane Isabel last fall had gone through quite a surprising transformation.

By the hands of a master wood artisan, the old tree was crafted into a work of art; a wonderful metaphor for weathering life's storms. It may look like we lost a big part of ourselves, but something deep within is birthed. Our spirit. And we find ourselves in the world in a creative and different way. No longer ordinary, but extraordinary because the Master has left His mark on us.

Trees are symbols of grace and great strength. They remain firmly rooted to the earth while reaching toward the sunlight. Shaken by winds and storms, they fulfill their purpose.

I have always loved the trees wherever we have lived. Just seeing them gives me a wonderful feeling of comfort and peace.

I love this poem by Dorien Israel.

Nature is the most powerful presence on earth
Because it is feminine,
it flourishes.
Because it is secure,
it allows all things to evolve and does not interfere.

The feminine overwhelms
the masculine with patience.
She wields more power,
because she can yield more gracefully.
Since she can stay still,
her energy is never wasted.
All her movements
are meaningful.

Be like a low lying field
full of potential and growth;
Open and receptive,
attracting elevating energies.
Be ever constant and conscious to
the changes that are coming.