Friday, November 30, 2012

Buddy, The Horse Healer: An Angel Message

While ordering lunch at the Artist Cafe in Lake Helen, I looked up from the menu.  To my surprise, a big brown horse had his head in the takeout window!  The old television show about a talking horse called Mr. Ed, flashed back as I wondered what this horse  had ordered. 

I looked away and when I turned back, he was gone, making me question my sight.   When our server appeared, I asked her if there had been a real horse at the take-out window.  She laughed. "Oh, that's Buddy. He loves peppermints."

I smiled.  A horse at a restaurant!  I loved the humor.  Out of the ordinary comes the extraordinary.  After all, Lake Helen is horse country, but this was a first. 

I've always been fearful of  horses.  They're so big.  And, the thought of putting my hand near a horse's mouth.... 

But, I've been trying to capture the innocence and joy of the inner child.  I decided to go outside and look for Buddy. 

His dark brown eyes looked at me with gentle understanding as I nervously reached up and opened my hand. Slurp, he gummed my fingers.  As I talked to him, he continued to lick my hand.  Maybe the turkey burger flavor kept him at it. 

I found my heart soften as I surrendered, and just let him love me.  He leaned his head up against my shirt and tried to nibble on it, too. "You're so handsome, Buddy," I told him.

Regina, the cafe manager, had taken a ride to town on her horse. "Buddy picks up the pace when the Cafe comes into sight, and heads straight for the carryout window."  I confessed to Regina that this was the first time I'd come close to a horse.  She laughed. "He doesn't seem to know the difference.  He loves you!"

I walked away with a big grin.  Thankful I'd chosen love over fear, I now had a new Buddy.

Later, I learned the message of horse: "Horse brings with it new journeys.  It will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power."

What a perfect fit.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Rae Karen

P.S. I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tree of Life

This week I've been reading Joel Goldsmith's books and I'm gaining more understanding about the nature of God.  He shares a meaningful metaphor about The Tree of Life as a means of embracing the idea of Oneness.  Each one of us is a branch on the tree being nourished by the trunk anchored to the earth.  To sustain our  individuality, we must stay attached to the tree.  Often we might feel as though we can do something on our own, laden with fruit, we sever our connection feeling confident in our lower self.  But all too soon we find that our branch has withered, separated from the source, and is now lifeless.

The key to transformation is to keep our consciousness connected to the invisible Tree, knowing I can do all things with Christ.

I recommend The Infinite Way or any of Joel Goldsmith's books for those who are seeking on the spiritual path. His practical applications for going within are helpful to living a more peaceful, loving and joyful life.




Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Archangel Metatron

This morning I was guided to select an angel card for guidance.  The Archangel Metatron was the one.  He is the Recorder of the Book of Life and scribe for all our deeds.  Metatron is the only angel within the heavenly spheres who was once human.  He was known as Enoch. 

He acts as the bridge between the Divine and mankind.  He can counsel us to find the proper measure for every action we take in our lives.  This means to help us find the appropriate balance between what we give out and what we keep for ourselves.  This helps to maintain healthy well defined boundaries and keep a clear sense of self, in order to succeed in fulfilling our potential in this realm.

This Archangel can help us find the proper measure in love, work, and play.  He will also witness the good we do that often goes unrecognized by others.  He can help us when we have put effort and hard work into making something work like a relationship, a diet, or whatever goal we desire.  He can also help us give up an addictive or damaging habit.

In meditation, we may invite him to assist us when 'enough is enough', or when we need to do more for ourselves or for others.

Thank you, Archangel Metatron for all that you do to keep us in balance.




Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I couldn't find Angel yesterday afternooon. I had a good laugh when she popped up in the empty turkey box in the laundry room and posed long enough for me to take her picture.  

Wishing you a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking with Eyes of Love

At the Course in Miracles meeting this week the group teaching centered on Love, and how Love is the answer to every problem.  Begin to look on all things lovingly...

This morning I tried to put this into practice although I'll admit it wasn't my first thought.  A stray raccoon tailed cat has been coming around bullying a weaker gray tabby in need of food.  When he scared off the little one, I went outside and removed the food bowl.  I didn't like this cat and wanted him to leave the property.  I came inside feeling out of sorts.  Then a sudden impulse of an angelic nature made me go to the large picture window in the dining room and look out. 

The bully was walking by and looked up at the window sensing my presence.  I looked out at him remembering the Course.  I began sending thoughts of loving kindness and the most wonderful thing happened.  He stopped and stared up at me, his amber eyes growing wider.  Then he sat down and just stared some more.  This happened for maybe a minute, but I knew there was something greater going on between us.  Our eyes were locked in a gaze of love.  We were having a divine encounter, dropping our judgments and just recognizing the love of God we share.  I  felt my heart soften and my vision shift into a special place that is hard to describe, a sweet place of peace and serenity.

Then I went about my business...and so did he.

What started out as a problem became a gift of love and I was grateful for the lesson.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Monday, November 19, 2012

A Time of Harvest

This morning I woke up to the dynamic twittering sound of birds in the big camphor tree.   A feast was in the works out back. A hundred or more feathered friends had gathered on its wide thick  branches, gobbling up the plentiful black berries the old tree had yielded.  The dynamic energy of their activity was enlivening. So much so it got me to thinking about the abundance of nature this time of year.  The harvest.  A time of receiving and a time of letting go. Sharing.

Later as I was sweeping off the patio laden with leftover berries, I smiled thinking about the lessons in nature.  Our neighbor's tall oak has been showering his tin roof in a steady rhythm of acorns that sound like a shoot-out in an old time western. Knowing the harmonious source of this barrrage makes me joyful.   Each little acorn holds the potential of becoming a big oak tree, and each tree holds the potential of a forest. Some will fall on good soil and others on surfaces less than ideal for fruitage.  It makes me think about the personal agendas I create that often block the flow of God's creativity.  The blessings are overflowing, but have no room to grow because of all my stuff that's in the way, blocking the soil for success.

This week of Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation. The harvest is plentiful, but we must make room in our hearts and minds to receive the bounty. 

It is a time to reflect on our spiritual nature and in gratitude give thanks for all our infinite blessings.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Pelican Post

I thought I saw a bird perched on a post in the rough sea at Daytona Beach on Sunday.  When I zoomed in, I was amused to find this pelican who seemed to be obeying the sign beneath her.  WARNING:  NO WATER ACTIVITY WITHIN 50 FEET EITHER SIDE OF POST. 
The symbolism of the pelican in Animal-Speak is about renewed buoyancy and unselfishness. Despite their size they are very light and buoyant.  They can float like a schooner.  Often the brown pelican is observed flying solo and then suddenly plummeting into the water.  It then pops up to the surface.  Symbolically it hints at being able to be buoyant and to rest on top in spite of the heaviness of life circumstances.  The lesson the pelican teaches is that no matter how difficult life becomes, no matter how deep you plunge, you can pop to the surface.  The pelican holds the knowledge of how to rise above life's trials.
Pelicans use their long bill and pouch to scoop up fish and not to store them as depicted in cartoons.  The question we need to ask about our own personal activities is: Are you not using or digesting what you have?  Are you trying to store what shouldn't be stored?
Angel messages come in many different ways.  I enjoy a good lesson from nature whenever they appear, it is always timely and on target, presented in a loving manner.  I just need to follow through on the nudge.
Enjoy your day with the Angels and try to pay attention to those little nudges.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Daytona Beach Sunrise

I was beginning to wonder if we would see the sunrise this morning.  The thick cloud cover hid the sun for the longest time.  Then a break in the clouds revealed half of the sun like an eye awakening from sleep.

 For a while it looked like a battle between the sun and the clouds.

                                                          But then the sun's rays burst forth.


And the  morning grew brighter

                A new day was dawning.

May the Light of the Creator fill your days.




Rainbow on 11/11

Early yesterday evening while driving to Daytona Beach it was a wonderful omen to see this rainbow shining through the clouds.  It was odd as there had been no rain, just a little sprinkle as I stopped to take this photo.  The Angels are reminding everyone to have faith that more is going on than meets the eye.  Don't let the dark clouds of doubt and fear chase away your joy, what is hidden will be revealed.