Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas!


"There were...shepherds abiding in the field,
keeping watch over their flock by night.
And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them,
and the glory of the Lord shone round about them,
and they were sore afraid.
And the angel said unto them, "Fear not, for
behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy,
which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of
David, a savior, which is Christ the Lord."
                                                 Luke 2:8-11

Merry Christmas!

 (Artwork:  The Angels Appearing to the Shepherds by Thomas Cole)

Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Value of a Penny: An Angel Message

 Yesterday a quick trip to the store involved a timely angelic reminder.  At the check-out, the cash register acted up with the previous customer.  Frustrated, the pony-tailed clerk claimed she was ready to kill the machine. It needed a reboot, and would take awhile, she apologized. 
That was okay with me. I had time to look over all the candy selections on display at the counter.  My temptation was cut short though.  To my surprise, our items were suddenly scooped up and carried to self-checkout. My attention (as only angels can do) was drawn down to the helpful sales girl's feet as she scanned the cat treats and toys for Hei-Hei's stocking.   A dusty old penny, barely visible was sticking out from underneath the scanning machine.   
When the items were bagged, I told her about the lost penny.  She picked it up, and handed it to me.  "You found it," she said, not thinking it was worth much. 
"I want you to have it." I told her.  "A penny is a sign that the angels are near."  
Her mood lifted. It has been a stressful day, she confessed. With a grateful smile, she tucked the coin in her pocket; a keepsake. No longer, a dull worthless penny, but a shining symbol of angelic help ever- present. 
So that penny you happen to find on the ground is not by chance.  Over the years, I've noticed a penny will turn up just when I need a little spiritual boost the most.  To find a penny is a sign from the angels that everything is in divine order so trust the process. All is well.  
I'm always grateful for the loving reminder that we are never alone, but always in the presence of unseen celestial help, guiding and protecting us along the way.  The more you welcome and embrace their presence, the more pronounced their loving expression of love, peace, joy, and harmony will be. 
Years ago, a friend shared this uplifting poem on the value of a penny, and the presence of our guardian angel.


I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground,
But it's not just a penny
This little coin I found.
That's what my Grandma told me,
She said, Angels toss them down.
Oh, how I loved that story.
She said, when an Angel misses you
They toss a penny down,
Sometimes just to cheer you up
To make a smile out of your frown
So don't pass by that penny
When you are feeling blue;
It may be a penny from heaven
That your guardian angel tossed to you.


Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Remembering Departed Loved Ones: An Angel Message


Holidays can be especially sad, longing for cherished memories with loved ones. Many years ago, I read a book by White Eagle that helped me gain a brighter perspective on remembering departed loved ones at Christmas:

"In the world of spirit Christmas time is a most grand and powerful ceremony or festival, of which man only gets a glimmering reflection. Here the presence of the Cosmic Christ is actually seen and felt. Try to picture a temple, apparently built out of light, in the centre of which can be seen a Christmas tree shining with light—a symbol of the Man of Light, or the perfect light symbol; also of the Giver of Light, the Creator. This scene is for the children, and oh! How they love their Christmas festival! Yes, spirit children are very like the earth children—they laugh, sing, and dance, and are easily made happy. They hear the voices of the angels. They enjoy themselves with their appointed mother guardians and with other children who to them are like brothers and sisters.

Those of you who have lost loved ones, husbands, wives or children, should realize that they have only left behind the dust of the earth. They themselves are alive in this wonderful world of eternal life, about which we are trying to speak. In love there is no separation. So at your Christmas try not to think with regret about those whom you have lost; rather let your hearts go out in joy to them in their new-found life of freedom and happiness. They can all gather round you. Yes, we are giving you their message of love. You must not think of us as being very sanctimonious and proper in the spirit world. Indeed, the beloved Lord himself has a keen sense of humour. There is greater fun in the spirit world than on earth. Therefore, may the peace of the spirit of Christ bless your Christmas, and bring to you that deep and lasting happiness which comes in the silence of the night, and in peaceful days.

Before you sleep, try to remember that if your hearts aspire, purely and simply, to join the company of heaven you too may be fetched by angels—by your own angelic teacher and guide—and so witness and even participate in this Christmas celebration. So on earth, whatever you are doing, remain alert; and in your heart keep the simple trust of a little child.

We bring all love from the brotherhood invisible. No matter how far you travel, wherever you go, whatever you do, the friends of your spirit will be close beside you, and the happiness and joy which you feel in your hearts will be increased by their loving presence. Never shut us away at Christmas, we like to come in, we like to come into your heart and into your home."

May you feel the presence of God's loving angels in your heart and find peace during this holy season.


Rae Karen



 *White Eagle Website:

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Happy Allahambra: An Angel Message

 A lowly donkey carried Mary, and her unborn babe to the little town of Bethlehem.  In a manger, the world received the greatest gift, the baby Jesus, the Light of the World. 

 Today Elliot and I paid a visit to our favorite Jerusalem donkey at the orchid farm.  To our delight, his territory had greatly expanded and he stood in a green pasture, with plenty of grass to eat. Allahambra's ears perked at the sign of carrots, a favorite treat.

He could hardly finish chewing one carrot stick, when he eagerly looked up for more with his mouth full.

Have you ever seen a more loving face?  

Turns out, he has a fan club.  We had hardly said our goodbyes, when another couple approached with a bag of carrots, calling out his name.  

Donkey brings a message to be wise, but humble in a new opportunity.  People are noticing you, so you do not need to promote yourself. 

And, so he was.

May your holidays be filled with joy, peace, family, and good friends.  And, remember to invite your angels to join you in your festivities during this holy season.

Rae Karen

(Ref. Animal-Speak, Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)

Friday, December 10, 2021

An Orchid Graces the World - An Angel Message

Earlier this week, on my way to my next-door-neighbor's house, it must have been an angel who pointed out this hidden beauty.   A purple orchid peeked out from under the branches of a tree. With a cheerful greeting,  I counted five swollen pods, pregnant with a promise of more exquisite orchids in the future. A purple orchid symbolizes royalty, and admiration and are traditionally given as a sign of respect.         

On line, I found a quote from Confucius, an orchid admirer:

"The orchids grow in the woods and they let out their fragrance even if there is no one around to appreciate it.  Likewise, men of noble character will not let poverty deter their will to be guided by high principles and morals."  --Confucius

The elegant translation of the quote:  "Orchids grow where others cannot, enduring hardships of hunger and thirst and is loosely tied to the things that support it.  And, even with all the difficulty of its life, the orchids grace the world with beautiful color and rare fragrance.  This is like the life of a true gentlemen who sets himself to learn self-discipline, and whose character shines no matter where he is or what he experiences." 

 I was thankful for the orchid's uplifting angel message. It applies to each of us as we bloom where we are planted.  And, the cheerful purple orchid's burst of energy got me stirring in the garden, weeding and pruning, after a long dry spell.

 Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Love of Animals at Christmas Time: An Angel Message

This month I've decided to let nature show me what's behind the advent calendar door each day leading up to Christmas Eve. 
Today this gentle pair of wild turkeys stopped by the yard to scratch around.  They have been making themselves scarce since Thanksgiving, so it was a happy sight in the advent calendar door.  

Turkeys symbolize a gift of thanksgiving, abundance, and the great give-away.  A reminder that no matter what's happening-- our challenges, or those whom we love, have come as a gift to strengthen our faith and to grow in spirit. They come to pass, not to stay, and leave us in a higher state of consciousness if we let it.   It's always a thrill to see wild turkeys close to the house-- a time to reflect on the goodness already here and all the blessings to be grateful for, as well as those we can be for others.

Christ's  birth is closely associated with the animal kingdom.  Mary journeyed to Bethlehem on the back of a donkey.  The baby Jesus was born in a manger.  The wise men journeyed on camels to bring gifts to the Bethlehem babe.  Dogs watched over the shepherds' flocks by night when the angels brought glad tidings of great joy. 

Our furry family members, with their warm unconditional love, add to the celebration of Christmas.  It is interesting to note that Saint Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of Animals) is credited with creating the first nativity scene in 1223, a live one.  

Listed below are some of the different animals included as part of the Christmas stories told through the years. 

Bees - hummed a Christmas carol.

Beetle - became a glow worm and its light guided travelers.

Cat - appeared, but disdained to join the kneeling beasts and only mumbled in recognition. Amused at its independence, Mother Mary blessed it, saying that it would always live at man's hearth, but never be man's servant.

Camels -  represented religious traditions.

Cow - donated her fresh hay to Mary for the Baby's bed and warmed the Child with her breath.
Doves - cooed Jesus to sleep.

Nightingale - had never sung before that night, but the choir of angels roused it and the bird caroled with them.

Owl - did not rouse itself to join its fellow animals and was condemned to perpetual penance, hiding by day and by night, crying "Who will guide me to the new born? Who? Who?"

Robin - fanned the fire in the cave of Bethlehem and kept it burning throughout the night. Its red breast singed by the flames became its mark of generosity.

Rooster - crowed all night.

Sheep - gave Mary the wool to weave a soft blanket.

Stork - plucked its own feathers to soften the infant's bed and so remained the patron of babies ever after.

Let us remember the animal and plant kingdom in our prayers of gratitude today.  You may want to have the nature angels reveal an advent door for you each day.  If so pay special attention to any unusual encounters. What were you thinking/doing when it appeared?  Enjoy the inner wisdom that comes with the gift.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen
(animal symbols from web)

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Archangel Gabriel at Sunrise

This morning instead of following the daily routine, I found myself seated at my desk in the den writing in my journal. When finished I happened to look up just in time to see a golden sun rising through the trees. A heartwarming vision to begin a new day.  But more was to come.  When I got up from the desk and turned to go to the kitchen, what a surprise! Another magnificent view... Archangel Gabriel aglow in dawn's light, framed in a "window" of radiant sunshine. 

I'm so thankful for his loving angel communication.  Gabriel's name means 'God is my Strength'.  He announces the mystery of incarnation to all souls before they are born and instructs us as to what our talents and tasks in this world will be. 

The governor of the winter season, Archangel Gabriel lights the way to truth within our hearts so we can see what path to follow for our greatest joy and highest good.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, November 29, 2021

Angels Appear Like Beauitful Rainbows

  This wonderful description of angels by Emanuel Swedenborg was brought to my attention just now.
"They appeared to me very beautiful rainbows, as on former occasions, but still more beautiful, with a light of the purest white, in the centre of which was an obscure earthly something; but the most lucid snow-white appearance was beautifully varied by another lucidity, and was thus discriminated as also by little yellowish points like small stars, besides other beautiful variations, and if I right recollect, with flowers of different colors round about, and entering into the most lucid part. This was exhibited before the left eye.  On the right were exceedingly beautiful representations, distinguished by the blue and its various related colors, because the right eye represents affections, and they derive colors not from a white lucidity, but from that which is flamy."
                                                                            EMANUEL SWEDENBORG
                                                                            LARGER DIARY
                                                                            October 21, 1748

I first became aware of Emanuel Swedenborg's connection with the angels in a book about Johnny Appleseed, who was inspired by the works of this Swedish scientist, theologian, and mystic.

I love the description of angels appearing as rainbows.  A sign of God's promise. We can never be separated from the Love of God and His Creation.  It is both comforting and reassuring to know that we, too, are spiritual beings whose true identity can never change. 
May you feel the peace of the heavenly realm today.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen
 (artwork from the web)

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Peacocks - Show Your Best Side: An Angel Message

This afternoon the angels delivered a happy message on showing your best side.  A drive to visit the peacocks energized the gray day. The family was last sighted several weeks ago, and knowing "watchfulness" is the meaning of these exquisite birds, I kept an eye out, hoping to see one.  I almost missed Papa. His drab back-side faced our way as we drove by.  But then a closer look revealed, he was catching his own beautiful reflection in the glass door or entertaining a resident seated in the rehab lobby. 

Slowing the car down, we gave him a whistle.  That did it.  He pivoted around to reveal his glorious best side.

In all his splendor, he stood on the porch, shimmying in a happy dance of life.

Peacocks are not only beautiful, but amazing energizers. Their long train of tail feathers suddenly pops open like the rush of a royal umbrella in a shower of dynamic creativity. The peacock brings a joyful message to be watchful for simple miracles in the abundant world teeming around you. Thanks to the peacock, I'm reminded to show my best side, and watch for positive results.  

 Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving: An Angel Message


If mother nature hadn't called, I would have missed the morning sunlight shining through the window blinds. What joy to see the face of Christ spotlighted on the bedroom wall, a first!  And, a loving angel reminder for me to be thankful for the gift of the living Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, November 15, 2021

Above the Clouds of Illusion: An Angel Message

You may  have noticed  how an old song or book will come to mind like an angel message, reinforcing something you've been thinking about.  It happened last week with the cloud's illusion song first sung by Judy Collins in the 1960's called Both Sides Now. Joni Mitchell wrote the thought-provoking song that describes how clouds, love, and friends can seem different when viewed at different stages in life.  What was exciting and new as a child is no longer magical as an adult.  But both sides are part of an illusion, and in the end we don't really know the true meaning of anything. 
Bows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
...So many things I would have done. 
But clouds got in my way.
It's clouds illusions I recall...I really don't know clouds at all.
For the past several weeks, clouds have been a recurring theme, and a lesson was in the wings.
The angels were using a cloud metaphor to show me how human problems are like clouds. They hide the sunlight of Truth that is always shining in an atmosphere of Divine Love.  Earthly thoughts of fear, anger, guilt, envy, and so forth are clouds of confusion, that bring on a feeling of discord and hopelessness.  
When faced with a problem, I can choose to be lifted above any clouds of confusion. But first I must calm down and still any anxious/fearful thoughts. It is uplifting to remember the truth about who God says I am.  And to understand that nothing can ever separate me from the Love of God.  These thoughts bring waves of unseen spiritual help. They enfold me in a loving healing energy of grace and reveal a    lightness of being.  God's angels are right here, wherever I am. Now. With the power of the Holy Spirit, I can relax and take a breath, ready to receive higher inspiration.  An answer will come, if I stay above the clouds of illusion, where the sun is always shining. So expect it.  
And most of all remember the problem is a blessing in disguise. It helps us to grow stronger in faith and in our spirit.  
Today, I came across these numbered points jotted down during a lecture many years ago.  With the growing confusion and chaos in our world, it seemed like a timely message to share.

1.  God's Love is unconditional. It fills all space.  There is no spot where God's Love is not.

2.  It applies to everything, being universal, it is equally available to all.

3.  Nothing can hold you back from your Source (e.g., bad economy, political parties, weather conditions, disease, etc.) except your consciousness.

4.  The spiritual attributes of God are eternal love, harmony, wisdom, light, truth, spirit, life.  They are available 24/7, eternally.

5.  Focus on these truths and pray for an answer to the problem.  Expect one.  Listen and obey.  Ask "May the mind in Christ Jesus be in me."  Be sure to follow-through on any guidance. You will know because you will feel a peace not of the world.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and remember you are never alone. God has given His angels charge over you to guide you in all of your ways. 
God never changed His mind about you.  You are Love.   
"In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; 
I will not fear what flesh can do unto me."
--Psalm 56 

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

  (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New Vision at Blue Springs: Angel Message

With a cold front in Florida, and the promise of a sunlit day, angelic inspiration struck and we were off on an early morning visit to see the big beautiful manatees. When the temperature drops in the St. John's River, the pod swims into the warm blue springs to rest and relax. It's not unusual to find hundreds of these gentle creatures marinating in the natural heated aqua waters. 

It was just the remedy I needed, a change of pace.  The cool air.  The gentle giants.  The calming lull of rippled waters created a living picture of ancient beauty and grace as I watched the palm trees dance in the moving springs. In the cool fresh air, I stared out at the shimmering palette of rich blue and green colors at play and was reminded of the Master artist.  It was a special memory in the making.   As sunlight splashed on the peaceful springs, the large gray form of a manatee would take shape! Sometimes large gray nostrils peeked up out of the depths to take a breath and submerge again.

I learned that these gentle watery mammals see well. A special membrane helps to clean their eyes.  Manatees are a reminder for us to do likewise.  To step back and clear our own vision from time to time.  Are we looking at things too closely? Or not closely enough?  Do you trust your own feelings? Is it time to seek gentler and warmer environments within your own life?  Trust your heart.  Examine your trust in others and follow your own sense of what's right.

As the sun rose higher, the manatees were easier to find.  Here's a mama and her baby.

A fallen tree made a natural bridge for catching some rays.  Room for one more?  A lone turtle gazing up at the sun was soon joined by a mate. Turtles are a  symbol of Mother Earth and it lives in the Mother's harmony.  The shell suggests a hemisphere, and the structure upon the shell, a mountain.  Its movements are slow and calm. When you encounter a turtle, it is time for a turnaround in your life.  It could be a sign to loosen your protective shell and come out of hiding.  


Another special messenger was drying out, spreading her black and white wings in the sun. The cormorant is an ancient bird named in the Bible. An aquatic bird, it speaks to the world of watery emotions.  Is there a prayer deep within that you are repressing?  If a cormorant is seen drying its feathers it is an invitation to open yourself up to yourself, look into your deepest being that place where the divine enters.  Pray for answers, guidance, courage, and strength.

It was a joyful spontaneous outing and a wonderful blessing to connect with the angels in nature.  May your day be filled with peace, and expect the happy things of God to come to you.  The best is yet to be.

"For he has given his angels charge over you..."   (Psalm 91)

Love and happiness,


Rae Karen



Wednesday, November 3, 2021

What Goes Around, Comes Around: An Angel Message

When things seem out of control in your life, the angels suggest doing something good for someone else. Your trust in God will be strengthened as you surrender the solution to what is beyond your present capability and focus on helping another.  The goal is always peace.  Then, watch and see how creative Divine Mind will be to bring an answer to what seemed like a hopeless situation.

If we can trust that this "initiation" or "trial" has come as a gift and not a punishment because we are now ready to pass the test, we can grow spiritually from it. Gratitude will replace fear and any blocks to giving and receiving Love will be lifted.

These karmic patterns are often repeated until we finally learn the troublesome lesson. If we practice avoidance, a new cast of characters may enter our life to help us recognize the issue is within us!  By accepting responsibility, we can ask our angels for help in seeing it differently.  Love and forgiveness heal all.

 It is not you that shape God, 
it is God that shapes you. 
 If then you are the work of God, 
await the Hand of the Artist who 
does all things in due season. 
 Offer Him your heart, soft and tractable, 
and keep the form in which the Artist has 
fashioned you. Let your clay be moist, 
lest you grow hard and lose the imprint 
of His fingers.
                   --Saint Irenaeus

The good news is that we are never alone.  No matter how dark the circumstance, God is already there, waiting on welcome. Light is there. Love is there.   His angels are charged to watch over and help us avoid any stumbling blocks on our path. When we listen to the angel messages (pure intuitive thoughts from the Divine), a way will open up to loosen and free us from the chains that seem to bind.  The angels constantly encourage, keep thoughts on high, above the turbulence of human error. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Be Like A Lily: An Angel Message

When admiring the beauty of a flower, it's hard to imagine something so beautiful could come from a tiny hard seed or an ugly onion-like tuber.  The mystery of becoming is hidden, but the innate potential is alive. 
If you've ever worked with plants, you know that you have no control over the results.  You can only do your best to provide the necessary TLC ingredients: water, sunshine, fertilizer.  But ultimately an invisible energy that I call Divine Love gently unfolds the petals.

Sometimes we humans have a strong need to control,  judging and forcing issues in an attempt to get our way. But do we really know what's best?  There's an old lesson--never force an issue; but learn the art of allowing, know that an Infinite Divine Intelligence is orchestrating the entire universe.

Christ told his followers not to worry.  "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.  They neither toil nor spin, but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these." 
The message is that God provides far better than we can imagine when we let Him.  It's important to do the preparation work, to till the ground, etc. but then step back and let Him lead. Angel messages, thoughts of pure intuition from the Divine, will guide as to what steps we may need to take next.

The lily is a flower of new birth.  Something wonderful is dawning within each of us, an awakening to a new vision.  The Angels encourage us to be like a lily, surrender and let it happen in joyful anticipation of our holy purpose.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, October 25, 2021

A Leg-Up: An Angel Message

A sandhill crane represents a sacred guard.  Secret and noble guardianship surrounds you. It's time to participate in the dance of life.* 

It's not unusual to find sandhill cranes in Florida, but this morning, Stretch, our favorite crane, delivered one of those unmistakable angel messages. 

As we parked at the lake, that proud seven-month-old colt stood on top of the picnic table claiming dominion.  His parents were close by, preening.  I laughed, and walked down to the lake.  Schools of happy little minnows stirred in the clear waters. Nature has restored the water depth to above seven feet.   Seven is a number of perfection.  

 To my surprise, on the way back to the car, Stretch struck an unusual pose.  He raised one leg in a yoga stance, and stood effortlessly, gazing at his surroundings. 

He was still holding that pose as we drove away.  Out of curiosity, I wondered what the message could be?  A little research on-line revealed that standing on one leg or a one-leg stance exercise helps in maintaining a person's balance or equilibrium.  

Another definition for his attention-getting behavior could have been "a leg up."  That's when we get a boost from someone that enables us to reach something beyond our grasp.   A leg up, a boost.  Since last spring Stretch got "a leg up" from his loving parents.  Amazing, how quickly he has grown up. 

 With everything happening in the world today there are many who could use a boost, or a leg-up.  The angels encourage us to look for ways to share while maintaining a balance.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen


(*Ref. Sandhill Crane, Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Out On A Limb: An Angel Message

 Angels messengers are deliberate and are meant to catch our attention. More times than not, the unusual behavior of the bird or animal holds a key to some adjustment needed in our life. The past few weeks were spent glued to the laptop trying to finish a long-term writing project.  So this baby squirrel resting on our palm tree really hit home.  Time to take a break.     

Squirrels represent a need to balance work and play -- giving and receiving.  

Instead of scampering off when I came out of the house with the camera, he stayed put and posed on high, to make sure I got the picture.

In Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews writes:  "Squirrel advises prepare for the future, but do not get lost in preparations. Find ways to gather and to gift."

Enjoy your day with the Angels,

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Sunday, October 17, 2021

An Unexpected Thanksgiving Blessing: An Angel Message


Angels often bring to our attention something we may otherwise have missed. That's what happened at lunch time today. While enjoying a spaghetti meal in the sun-room, I spotted the tail feathers of a large brownish bird on the grass.  I got up to take a closer look. From the sun-room window, what a surprise. A first, a wild lone turkey rested on the green grass in the little garden sanctuary.

Wild turkeys strut about here on occasion, but they are skittish, and don't stick around for long.  The trusting presence of this blue-headed fellow touched my heart.   He felt safe enough to relax in the shade of the trees. 

 His unusual pose brought to mind all the things to truly be thankful for, and to rest in the comfort of the many things often taken for granted. (Sight, hearing, breath, etc.) 

A cheerful heart is good medicine and a thankful heart brings happiness.  Angels encourage us to begin today to look at everything with new and grateful eyes. The word "thank" comes from "think." So, watch your thoughts.  Some people make their life difficult because they only see the negative side.  And, the more they see, the more negative confirmation, as thoughts are things, and never return void. 

In his book, Angels of Grace, Anselm Gruen, the German monk writes, "The Angel of Gratitude would like to open your eyes to the fact that an Angel of God has accompanied you all through your life. A Guardian Angel  has protected you from misfortunes. Your guardian angel has transformed even your injuries into precious treasures.

...The Angel of Gratitude gives you new eyes to become aware of creation and enjoy the beauty around you...the flowers, birds, animals, forests, the mountains, oceans and lakes. You will begin to realize that a loving God touches you in creation and wants to show that He extravagantly cares for you."  

Why not make a gratitude list. 

Today is abundant with blessings to share. 

Thank you, God, for the gift of our loving guardian angels.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen


(Ref. Angels of Grace, Anselm Gruen, 1998)

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Out-of-the-Blue Angel Messengers

 For months, the lifeless old tree, clad in her spindly dry vines, has remained vacant across the lane.  I noticed ever since we moved our sofa to avoid an attack of scratchy claws of a favorite cat, the birds were a no- show.  The high, dry perch, no longer a focal point in the sun-room, required extra effort to check for any bird mail posted.  A good demonstration that where our attention goes, the energy flows.

Then, yesterday morning, out-of-the-blue, a timely angel message helped capture a glorious view.  The first bird mail to post in months.

A special delivery on-high.  Not one, but two young red-shouldered hawks brought new life to the old treetop. Facing east, the happy pair warmed their feathery breasts in the beauty of a new sunlit day.  

"Hawk indicates spirit vision and guardianship surround you.  Be patient and observe.  You will see the opportunities.  Signs are clear." 

Then, later at the lake, out-of-the-blue, a key-hole portal appeared in a thick white cumulus cloud cover.   An angel message:  Things may be clouded with confusion at the moment, but God will make a way where there appears to be none, so be patient. 

This morning at breakfast, a beautiful blue-headed turkey messenger peeked through the pasture fence.  Its mate trotted by too fast for a photo.  But, I got the message!  Be thankful that blessings are being DOUBLED for our troubles.  Keep having faith. The best is yet to be.

So my friends, don't ever give up.  Angels are with you, guiding and comforting.  All is well.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker: An Angel Message

During my educational years, (both elementary and high school) our family lived on Rickenbacher Avenue. I didn't think much about the street name until I read a fascinating story about Eddie Rickenbacker in an Angel book by Billy Graham.  During World War II, the pilot experienced divine help when he and his crew were saved at sea after their B-17 ran out of fuel and landed in the Pacific Ocean.

Rev. Graham writes: "For weeks nothing was heard of him. The newspapers reported his disappearance, and across the country thousands of people prayed. Mayor LaGuardia asked the whole city of New York to pray for him. 
Then he returned. 
The Sunday papers headlined the news, and in an article, Captain Rickenbacker himself told what had happened: "And this part I would hesitate to tell," he wrote, "except that there were six witnesses who saw it with me. A gull came out of nowhere, and lighted on my head-- I reached up my hand very gently--I killed him and then we divided him equally among us. We ate every bit, even the little bones. Nothing ever tasted so good."
Years later, Billy Graham asked Captain Rickenbacker to tell him the story personally because it was through this experience that Eddie came to know Christ. He said, "I have no explanation except that God sent one of His angels to rescue us."
Years later, I learned the appearance of a gull "unusually indicates lessons or abilities in proper behavior, courtesy, and communication.  It may reflect you need the lessons, or that you may become the teacher of such.  It may also reflect new learning in the subtleties of communication."
Thanks to the angels, I got an education on trusting that God can make a way where there is none.  And, Capt. Rickenbacker's miracle gull brought home to roost the good news that prayer works. Angel communications are real.  Make no bones about it.

Do not fear:
I am with you;
do not be
I am your God.
I will
strengthen you,
I will help you,
I will uphold
you with
My victorious
right hand.
   --Isaiah 41:10

Have a blessed day.  And, remember, you are never alone. God loves you and has sent His angels to watch over you.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Gull ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews;
 Angels, Billy Graham)

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Living Intuitively: An Angel Message

A timely angel message on listening and following inner advice came into play yesterday. On a fun and impromptu outing to see wild peacocks at the local rehab center, our fine-feathered friends were a no-show.  Not a single peacock on the premises.  Then I recalled the molting season in full swing; a time when the males shed their showy fantail  feathers and go into hiding.  In the springtime, they will once again step out in their royal regalia to shiver and shake to attract a mate. 

A little disappointed to miss out on the peacock energy, an angel thought came to  mind, Drive through the adjacent retirement community. 

 Following the inner advice, Elliot and I craned our necks driving along the road bordering the woods, and around to the back of the building where we hit a dead-end, and a high stone wall railing on the hillside.

Turning around, so as not to waste a trip, we sent angel blessings and healing to all the residents living in the the community inviting their guardian angels to watch over them. 

Then driving up the hill toward the main road, something moved in the woods. 

What joy to find a peahen mama and her chicks! They blended in so well with nature I almost missed them.   

The brown feathered peacock family was so unexpected, my first thought had been wild turkeys.


The little white chick with a tiara on her head came strutting forward as I spoke to her.


Papa poked his head out of the bushes as if to say,  This far and no farther....

Peacocks are a wonderful sign of resurrection.  When they appear, it signals protection comes now through our intuitive perceptions.  Rebirth and resurrection will happen. 

The feathery eyes of the peacock's fan reminds one to be watchful.  "You must live in the now and be wide awake to your opportunities."  To live intuitively is to live 4th-dimensionally.  In the absolute, man is outside of time and space.  His good is from everlasting to everlasting.

What angels messages are coming to you today? 

 Expect the happy things of God to come your way, and watch for the miracles. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Expect the Happy Things of God: An Angel Message

Before getting up this morning, I did some soul searching, shedding a few healing tears over the major sudden shocks that I experienced during the past several years.  It seems like everything that happened before this was just a warm up.  At times my body seems stuck in a keyhole between the 3rd and the 4th dimension.  Neither here nor there...  All the sudden shocks of the past are locked up.  My spirit is free, but my body is a work in progress. 

I am reminded of how horses sleep in a standing-up position, with their legs locked so they won't fall down. At times a protective stance keeps me vigilantly braced for the next shock wave.  While also forcing me to live gratefully in the "now."   

And, we've all faced severe shocks on our planet.   But the good news is sorrow never leaves us where it finds us.  These shocks can be used to boost our consciousness higher.  To leave earthly desires, and soar upward in the spiritual truth of our Identity.

So with these thoughts in mind, something very tender and amazing happened after I got out of bed.  An unexpected rain had quenched the earth.  Droplets hitting the roof.  

 If it hadn't been for Hei-Hei, the beautiful rainbow that graced the dawn sky would have gone unnoticed.  Our playful cat likes to pounce out on the porch first thing, but had been patient this morning.  

When I happened to look up at the sky, what joy to find a beautiful rainbow... 

And, then this little tree frog climbed up the porch beam, and clung near the metal top outside the door.   WOW! A rainbow and a green treefrog were promising messages to begin a new day. 

A magnified look at the one-inch frog revealed more detail.  It had an unusual white racing stripe down the side of its green body.  The iridescent racing stripe started near its mouth.  Our words are our wand. A time for acceleration...   Speak words of good, true, eternal, light, love, patience, faith ...  

I got it.

Because of its size, a phrase, "Don't budge an inch", came to mind, not sure if it was valid or not. An on-line search confirmed its meaning: "will not move, change, or shift in any way at all."  It came from Shakespeare.  Another reminder to not budge an inch, but stay in the consciousness of the eternal now, in gratitude for all the good God has already done.

I am so thankful for the angel messages to share from nature.  At these times of shifting sands, it is well to remember to (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od.  "F.R.O.G. It!"

If you're reading this angel blog, the angels want you to know that you are dearly loved.  Do not be deceived by appearances.  Trust in God and listen for His guidance.  The best is yet to be.  Angels are watching over you always.  Expect the happy things of God to come to you today. You are a child of the Most High.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Celebration of Michaelmas Day - September 29th

September 29th, Michaelmas Day, is in honor of Archangel Michael and the mighty Archangels.  Archangel Michael is considered the greatest of all angels in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions. He is known as Holder of the Keys of Heaven, Chief of the Archangels, and Angelic Prince of Israel. He is Commander-in-Chief of the Heavenly armies, and fights for justice.  St. Michael has been honored from the earliest times in many countries.  
The Emperor Constantine, grateful for victories gained over his enemies, which he attributed to Archangel Michael, built a magnificent church near Constantinople in honor of the Archangel that he called Michaelion.  It became a place of pilgrimage, and many sick and infirm were cured in it by the intercession of the Archangel.  Constantine's successors erected 15 churches in Constantinople itself to St. Michael.
In Rome churches were built and dedicated to St. Michael dating back to 494.
In France, he appeared on Mont St. Michel where there still exists a famous sanctuary consecrated to the Archangel.
In Egypt, the Christians dedicated their food-giving river, the Nile, to St. Michael, and on the 12th of every month they held a celebration in his honor.
St. Michael has appeared at different times to those who needed help and invoked his aid.  He assisted St. Joan of Arc in the extraordinary mission given her by God of aiding the French King to restore peace and prosperity to his kingdom and expel his enemies.  

Lord Michael is associated with the element of fire, which symbolizes the burning away of negativity. Michael is the warrior whose light is triumphant over darkness. Often he is depicted with a sword of Light to cut away whatever is obstructing our life's purpose. He can help us face those aspects of ourselves that we have ignored or pretended didn't exist. He is the bringer of patience and happiness.

The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, when asked, "What is the relationship between Michael, the lord of the Way, and the Christ Way?"

The Source replied:
"Michael is the archangel that stands before the Throne of the Father. The Christ is the Son, the Way to the Father, and one that came into the earth as a man, the Son of man, that man might have the access to the Father; hence the Way. Michael is the lord or the guard of the change that comes in every soul that seeks the Way..."

When my spiritual journey began in my late thirties, Archangel Michael helped me face my shadow. Within a short time, my life completely changed direction in an amazing way.  
Synchronicity is the language of angels.  During a trip to England, while walking the grounds of the Glastonbury Abbey, an angel thought, encouraged to go climb the 500-ft. Tor, and visit the ruins of St. Michael's church. Winded, when Elliot and I arrived on top of the Tor, we entered the tower. To our surprise, a small church group had gathered in honor of St. Michael. The timing was perfect as we were included in the celebration of Michaelmas Day, singing hymns to the Archangels! 
Thank you, glorious Archangel Michael for all that you do.  It's a great day to celebrate and give thanks to Archangel Michael and all the Archangels, and angels who tirelessly serve humankind by quickening our spiritual awareness and helping us to be true to our divine purpose.

Peace and love,

Rae Karen