Thursday, December 31, 2020

A Masked Visitor: An Angel Message

When I sat down to put on my socks this morning, what a surprise to see this masked visitor from the window.  Hungry, he scoured the ground for sunflower seeds that had spilled out of the bird feeder.  Since raccoons are nocturnal, his appearance in the sunlight made him a good year-end messenger.

In Animal-Speak, raccoon's appearance signifies: "that transformation comes from putting on a proper mask.  Masking is going on for good or for bad.  Disguising intentions may be necessary."

The raccoon seemed like an appropriate animal guide to appear on the last day of 2020.

Wishing you a Happy 2021, with the Angels.  The best is yet to come.

 Love and peace,


Rae Karen



Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Hidden Potential: An Angel Message

Christmas cactus were featured at the orchid warehouse last week, all holding a promise of blooming.  My sweet step-father Bob had such a green thumb; his front yard was hedged with beautiful fragrant rose bushes.   Once he gave me a Christmas cactus, but it never did bloom.  The idea that a cactus could bloom was remotely possible to my mindset.  

Fondly remembering Bob, I looked over the many potted Christmas cactus for sale.  I picked the one with the most red tipped ends, in hopes of increasing any success.  

I was not disappointed.  The next day the first tight little bud produced a single red flower.  I thought that was it.  But it was only the beginning...

To my surprise, an expansive shoot of red petals popped open from the first flower.  When the show was over the center looked like a long tapered white candle of light! Soon, the other little buds began bursting with their own light show.  

The light of Christmas brings hope.  Hope that even in the most difficult and desolate conditions, like the dormant Christmas cactus, we, too, have hidden potential.  A light within waiting to blossom and shine out in the world.    

Remember God loves you.  I'm so thankful for the reminder to not judge by outer appearances...what is hidden will be revealed.

Love and joy,

Rae Karen

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas filled with Grace


 Heavy winds gusted here last night bringing rain.  The tall palms swayed low, the temperature dropped, and winter was suddenly upon us, closing the door on a warm summer Christmas Eve. 

This morning was met with a brilliant sunrise and bright blue sky in spite of the dreary forecast.  Although Christmas may look very different this year for most of us, absent from the warm closeness of friends and family, the Christmas spirit is ever-present. The JOY of Christmas is in the heart. With God's amazing grace, we can reflect on the year and find the hidden blessings in each offset. God is Love.

Wishing you all peace, joy, love and grace.

 Merry Christmas!

Rae Karen


Monday, December 21, 2020

The 2020 Winter Solstice Today: An Angel Message


Today we welcome the Winter Solstice. Archangel Gabriel is the governor of the winter season.  His name means "God is my strength".  Archangel Gabriel is the heavenly Annunciator who brings glad tidings of new life. He was the angel who announced to Mary the role she would play in birthing the Christ child. According to scripture, he also appeared to elderly Zechariah announcing God's plan for his barren wife Elizabeth to conceive a baby. Their precious child, John, was the forerunner, preparing the way for Christ Jesus, the Light of the World. 

Archangel Gabriel helps to stir a greater appreciation for the divinity within each of us as the angel of Love and Hope.
The winter solstice is a time to kindle our inner Light in spite of the outer darkness. By spending quiet time in contemplation and meditation, we can awaken to our true divinity.

December 21st is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  This winter solstice of 2020 comes with a brilliant light.  Tonight a "Christmas Star" conjunction can be seen in the southwestern sky. Two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, will have their finest conjunction in hundreds of years.  The two will be so close as to appear as one brilliant Christmas Star.

During this holy time of year, the entire angelic hierarchy draws close to the earth, basking the world in rays of divine love. This celestial outpouring brings an expansion of consciousness beyond the physical world for those who will still their minds and attune to it.

Happy Winter Solstice to all as we welcome Archangel Gabriel.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen



(Archangel Gabriel Artwork by Nanette Crist Johnson)


Thursday, December 17, 2020

On the Outside Looking In: An Angel Message

Instead of opening an advent calendar door, it's been interesting to watch what animals may pop up to celebrate the coming of Christmas.  Yesterday was a squirrelly day.  It began early in the morning when a young gray squirrel struck a pose outside the window.  Clinging to the tall tree trunk, instead of being right-side-up, he was unpredictably spontaneous.  Upside-down, stretched to the max, he looked at me with a nut in his mouth.  

Lately, a family of playful young squirrels has been busy, scampering about the yard, burying their acorns.  Sometimes it's hard to tell if they are looking to dig up the old, or plant the new.   Squirrels have a keen sense of smell and can eventually find their cache if they forget where they hid them. 

Later, something amusing happened, a unique hide-and-seek game.  

A little squirrel bravely came up to the sun-room slider.  On the narrow rocky ledge, he stood on his haunches, determined to look inside the house.  His little paw was raised against the glass as he curiously peered inside.  Wide-eyed, he stared up at the Christmas tree, wondering how did THAT grow in there.  An added touch is a bushy life-like squirrel ornament on a branch, a gift from a friend in Christmases past.

It's not everyday a squirrel peeps in your window, so I took the hint and looked up the symbolism.  Squirrel teaches about the need for balance between work and play.  It's important to prepare for the future, but don't get lost in the preparations and miss out on the spontaneity of  today.  Now is the time to find ways to gather and to gift. 

His playful curiosity brought a helpful reminder; it was time to fill up the empty bird feeder.  


Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Inspiration in the Wings: An Angel Message


Yesterday the spirit of Christmas filled the air. After a drive to the post office to send out some holiday cheer, an angel prompt guided,  Go shop for stocking stuffers for friends.  

Rolling my cart down the aisle at Tuesday Morning, a surprise was waiting in the wings.  A pair of writer cherubs caught my attention on a top shelf at the back of the store.  It was just what I needed.  Feather quills in hand, journals open--listening and waiting for inspiration.  

 The store manager happened to come out of the backroom, and saw me admiring the two.  

Which angel do you like? I asked her.  

She studied the celestial pair for a moment, and pointed to the cherub in my hand. (The angel with her finger by her mouth, pondering what to write next.) "They're like book-ends." She smiled.   

Undecided, I looked back at the other cherub high on the shelf, her little face filled with divine inspiration.  It was hard to decide. 

"You know, they're 60% off, the manager smiled, checking the discount list.   

At that affordable price, I could get both!  Smiling, I thanked her for being my angel.  

She went on to say, yesterday a woman had come into the store looking for angels, but there were none to be found.  So these two were meant for you.

Now with my writing cherubs on the desk, I'm grateful for the inspiration to keep writing.   Be willing to open up and listen.  

We all experience these angelic touches that sneak up on us and fill our souls with delight. A loving reminder that there is more going on in the wings, so keep the faith, do our best, and share the love. Even though we do not see angels, there is no doubt that these loving messengers from God are here with us along the way, guiding, protecting, inspiring and loving us through it all.  We all need encouragement, and with a little willingness, we can help to build each other up during these challenging days.  The best is yet to come.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen



Monday, December 14, 2020

Last but not least: An Angel Message

The last shall be first...

Remember the slow-growing brown amaryllis bulb that seemed like a dud?  All three plants had been planted at the same time in early November.  But this one (a striped variety) appeared to be cold and aloof to any loving care to help it grow up and bloom.

A lesson was unfolding about the wisdom of divine timing, and the power of faith when there is no evidence to keep on going.  The slow-growing floral apostle, dwarfed day-by-day, could have lost hope if comparing its success to those around her.  A lowly stub, alone, in the shadows of a rich red profusion of trumpeting velvety flowers in the pots on either side of it could be challenging. It could be easy to lose hope. Why not give up, it's not going to happen to me. I don't have what it takes... 

 Rather than quit, the faithful bulb teacher quietly worked within herself, doing her best one day at a time.  A work in progress, steadily her stalk grew stronger, rising up. 

Then, something amazing happened.  A rapid robust acceleration brought her to new heights, high above the other beautiful trumpeters.

There in that expansive view, she had room to stretch out and bloom.  Triumphant, orange-and-white starry petals opened wide, crowning the festive Amaryllis flower-box with a gift of Christmas JOY!    

I'm thankful for the lessons from the amaryllis this season.  The angelic reminder not to give up, no matter what.  For everything there is a season, so keep on having faith and doing the inner work, the best is yet to come.  We are all flowers in the Master's Garden.

In the Victorian Age, an amaryllis indicated success after a struggle. It is a flower that represents a job well done.  :-D

Love, joy, and peace,

Rae Karen

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Guest Who Came By for Breakfast? Angel Message

 This morning a foggy mist blanketed the winter sky.   Elliot and I skipped our usual routine and had a bowl of warm oatmeal before meditating.  Creatures of habit, we were enjoying breakfast when I happened to look up.  

This young deer was grazing in the grass outside the sun-room.   Not wanting to disturb the tranquility of the morning meal, no attempt was made for a photo.  The gentle deer stayed so long, gracing the lawn with its beauty, that it seemed like a sign to get my camera.  If it were meant to be, he'd still be there when I returned.  

But he was gone, leaving the blessing of his visit.   

After breakfast, during our meditation, an angel prompted, open your eyes.   I was glad I listened. 

 Isn't he beautiful?

With the camera at hand, a couple of photos were easily taken from the window to share the angel message with you. 

When a deer appears, it is a time to be gentle with yourself and others.  A new innocence and freshness is about to be awakened or born.  There is going to be a gentle, enticing lure of new adventure.  Some questions to ask yourself:  Are you trying to force things?  Are others?  Are you being too critical and uncaring of yourself?  When deer show up there is an opportunity to express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you.  (Animal-Speak, T. Andrews)

Thursday, December 10, 2020

An Angel Lesson from the Amaryllis

The angels brought a lesson on not becoming discouraged when things seem to be at a standstill.  The three amaryllis bulbs planted in early November appeared to be duds.  But it turned out, that below the surface, beautiful flowers were developing in an amazing way.  Meanwhile the unsightly onion-like bulbs planted in fertile soil, were faithfully watered, but day after day, the stubby brown tip of the bulbs stuck up from the dirt, with no apparent change in sight.  It would be easy to get discouraged.

Finally, when a tiny green shoot peeked out of one bulb--it was so insignificant, the whole effort seemed doomed.  Yet at that stage, if one were to look deeper, under the soil, you would see how the intelligent bulb is secretly making preparations for victory.  It is building an extensive and strong root system to support the upcoming sudden rapid growth of the tall sturdy stem, with its large red trumpeting flowers.  

Once the groundwork is ready, everything speeds up. The stalks grow tall with a joyful explosion of rich velvety red blossoms that appear in a matter of days.  Turns out, the ugliest bulb in the pot put on quite a show.  Its two strong green stalks were anchored to support eight wonderful big red blossoms.   While the slowest growing, shortest plant has yet to bloom, it now towers above the other two.   

Appearances are deceiving--that's why we can't rely on them.  

Prayer is like that at times.  Sometimes our prayers may seem as if nothing is happening.   Praying each day, with no outward sign of progress, we might feel like giving up.  Take heart, and remember the lesson of the amaryllis.  When our thoughts are rooted in God, don't think for a minute that nothing significant is in the works.  Although hidden, BIG changes are steadily taking place within.  Our understanding and perspective are silently being transformed.  Inner spiritual growth is actively at work for our highest good, for the renewal of our mind.  The end result is our blossoming realization that what God gives is truly ours, a gift of eternal love and life through Christ.

The Christmas flower is appropriately named for Mary, (the lily) the fairest flower in God's garden, who pondered many things in her heart as God performed a mighty work within her.   

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law."  (Psalm 17:7) 

Enjoy your day with the Angels. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Heavenly Snowmen: An Angel Message

 The chill in the air is a welcomed relief, adding a touch of winter to the holiday season.   At a neighborhood garage sale, this cheerful wintry home-made sign brought a smile.


           fall from



 Isn't that a wonderful thought...

A sky full of  white fluffy snowflakes tumble down from heaven, waiting for someone to bring them to life.

 Many warm memories of childhood winters were spent in the snow--building snowmen, sledding down the steep neighborhood hill, or having a friendly snowball fight with friends or my two younger brothers. Afterwards, our rosy cheeks tingled from the cold as we kicked off our clunky rubber boots on the mat by the front door.  Then warmed up with a cup of cocoa Mom had ready to serve on the stove.  

I've always loved the snow, and miss it here in Florida.  Recently something interesting resurfaced about snowflakes in a book, Snowflake Bentley, Man of Science, Man of God. Published in the late 1970's, it's the life story of William A. Bentley, who lived from 1865-1931, in Vermont and spent his life studying snowflakes. Here's what he had to say:

 "To be perfectly symmetrical, snowflakes must be outside the range of influence of other snowflakes.  When two snowflakes strive equally to occupy the same place at the same time, neither can have it, and both will be imperfect.  Snowflakes do not bloom into full beauty at once.  They grow, beginning with a tiny nucleus, and developing around this nucleus a geometrical pattern of amazing regularity. He found that they grow in changing habits. The finest snowflakes were not the largest."

 No two snowflakes were ever alike.  "Each snowflake is as different from its fellow as we human beings are from our fellows,"  Bentley told his mother one evening.  "But the comparison changes there.  For each snowflake, if allowed freedom to develop alone, is perfect according to its individual plan. It is one of nature's miracles."  

 "Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?" Job 38:22

Wishing you peace, joy, and love,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Out in the Night: An Angel Message


On Monday night, as the sky began to darken, my inner child had a bright idea.  Take a drive to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  So out into the night, Elliot and I hopped in the car for an adventure in wonderland.  It brought back forgotten memories of childhood when the family would pack into the car after dinner to see the glow of Christmas decorations.   

It was the majestic golden deer, with large antlers, that I'd seen standing tall in the sunlight that day that inspired our outing.  I wanted to see him sparkling in light near the entrance to the community.    


Deer also had crossed my path earlier that day.   On a spur of the moment trip to the store for red tree bows, I discovered the last deer ornament, a remnant from a Sunday sale.  


Deer always hold a special place in my heart...

I fondly recall the many white-tailed deer that came at night to eat the apples on the old tree when we lived on the farm in Virginia.  A deer sighting stirs my heart.  After all, don't the reindeer guide Santa's sleigh to bring Christmas gifts.  

The holiday sights in the neighborhood were festive, but more was to come.  As we turned for home, driving down the long narrow road, what to my wondering eyes should appear...  

Not one, but two small brown deer, they pranced in the headlights to bring holiday cheer.  

In tandem, they crossed the road before us, dashing through our yard.  Such a magical moment, we paused, but there was more to come.

 An angel thought whispered, Wait, there is one more.   

And, what joy when mother deer soon appeared out of the night, and followed her young fawns safely back to the forest.     

Only twice have I seen deer on the property, so the visit seemed significant.  So I revisited the symbolism of deer.

"If you encounter a deer, it wants to advise you to approach your life with precision but without pursuing rigid goals.  Turn over the guidance of your life exclusively to your higher self and follow its impulses with a great deal of dynamic energy.  There are certain times for certain steps in your life...* "

When a deer appears, it also may symbolize the lure to adventures.    I was happy the Christmas deer had called us out in the night.

Enjoy the day with your Angels. 

Peace and joy,

Rae Karen





Ref:  *Animal Messengers Regula Meyer

**Animal-Speak, Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews