Friday, January 31, 2014

An Angel Message: Move It!

                                Balboa - The Old Camphor Tree in our Backyard

On Tuesday when we had a warmer sunny day, I decided to sit on the patio in my favorite lawn chair.  Often I get my best gardening ideas while just being still and enjoying the simple things in nature around me.  As I was sitting, my attention was drawn to the little playhouse we call Sunshine Cottage.  It's a great place to store my supplies and tools.  An idea came to move it further back under the orange tree.  That seemed like a lot of work, emptying it out and raking the new area.  So I disregarded the urge, thinking it best to save my energy. The longer I sat the stronger the message came to MOVE IT.  Just move the cottage.

Oh well, the angelic nudge was so strong that I found myself following through. The new space gave way to a fairy ring creating a chain of bricks around the bromeliads and wild lantana already growing in front of the playhouse.

Theo (our grey tabby that adopted us) enjoyed watching me. Afterwards, I moved an old metal lawn chair by the cottage. Under the branches of the orange tree, I could feel the hum of nature.  I found my behavior rather odd.  I'd deliberately chosen to sit on that hard chair rather than my usual place at the patio in the comfort of the cushy chair.  Theo must have thought it was a good idea because he curled up under my chair to rest.

I was enjoying the simplicity of the garden, giving thanks to the nature spirits and the Angel of the Garden for all their help in creating this sacred peaceful place to come and rest.  To gather one's thoughts in a bundle and gently lay them aside, opening up to a loving presence in the now, in harmony with the tranquility of the garden.

Suddenly the peacefulness was disturbed. A wind rushed through a tree by the patio and delivered a bushy twig on one of the patio chairs. Moments later, it was followed by a loud crash.  An 8 ft. heavy limb had cracked off the old camphor tree we call Balboa.  It landed across the arms of my favorite chair!

In that moment as I watched from the safety of where I'd been led to rest, I was so thankful to know that my actions had been guided by the angels.  And that I had followed the nudge!  I looked up at the sunlight shining through the high branches of the orange tree. Thank you, God, I whispered, that my steps are ordered by you, whether I realize it or not.  I didn't react, just quietly observed in gratitude; and to think that these trees had been heavily pruned last month.

This morning when I looked out the window through the grey mist, I thought I saw something unusual.  I got out my camera to be sure.  It looked like a red flower had bloomed on Balboa.  A closer look revealed new life springing up.

Nature is teaching another lesson; that often we go through times of pruning, cutting away what no longer serves us, but  new vibrant life is ready to manifest out of the blue.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Thursday, January 30, 2014

1:11 The "Key" to Manifestation

                                (Our car plate)

Sunday we dropped my 95 year old Mother off after lunch.  I had plans to work in the garden.  On the way home, Elliot and I stopped at Ace Hardware to buy mulch.  My energy has been low lately and working in the yard perks me up.  The Ace Hardware man loaded six bags of mulch into the trunk. When Elliot put the key in the ignition,the engine turned over and died.  A key icon flashed on the dash board.  A symbol we were not familiar with.  The auto manual said the mobilizer wasn't recognizing the key.  It would need to be reprogrammed at the dealership. I thought for sure my key would work, but when we tried it, the same key icon flashed, and the car stalled in the parking space again.

The angelic clerk in the store came out to help.  He gave us some instructions for turning the key.  It started right up, long enough for me to notice the clock was 1:11.  You're our angel, I told the young man.  He frowned, "But it's not holding."  Sure enough the car died.

I know angels often speak to us in number sequences.  This was one I was familiar with!  Doreen Virtue had written in her angel books that 111 is like the bright flash of a flash bulb.  It means the universe has taken a snap shot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. So watch what you're thinking.

I knew it was important to stay positive!  Ace Hardware is located  across the street from our church. While sitting in the car as Elliot was on the phone with Honda, my attention was drawn to one of the stone tablets on the church. The words stood out more so than usual:

 "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

In that moment, I had a flash of insight. The key to a positive outcome was to stay in the now and let the truth be what it is.  God is Love and we could never be separated from His Love.

The dealership service center was closed on Sunday.  But we had an idea to go home and get the valet key.  Hopefully, it didn't have the same chip.  So we enjoyed a brisk walk home, thankful for the clear skies and temperate weather.  It turned out that key wasn't the answer.  So, Angel Love spent the night facing traffic on busy Woodland Avenue.  Before going to sleep, I asked the angels to watch over her and if anyone needed a reminder of the angels, they notice the Angel Love license plate.

 We planned to have her towed with Triple A the next day.   Whenever a worry thought popped up that something major was wrong with the electrical system, I would affirm: Divine Mind knows how to fix this car.

The timing of all of this was interesting.  There were other factors that figured in.  We had to rent a car to take Mom to an early doctor's appointment on Monday. Afterwards, we were guided to call Triple A around 11:00.   The right tow truck driver appeared at the right time with the right solution. He took the keys and jumped in.

 VRRROOM! It started right up and kept on running!  I told him what had happened yesterday.  He looked at me with a gleam in his eye: That was yesterday.  This is today!  (A kindly reminder)

Being a doubting Thomas, we suggested he try the other keys.  The engine conked out after starting it with the 3rd key.  He thought the battery was low, so after a jump start, he suggested driving it to a local auto store.  They would check it out for free.  He was right! We bought a new battery and the installation was free, saving us an expensive trip to the dealership.  The keys worked fine.

That's the way the angels work if we listen in and follow their prompts without reacting.  Getting angry, fearful, or reacting negatively can cloud the screen and we can't pick up their signals on the best way to go.
I'm so thankful to know that we are always in the loving presence of the angels, God's messengers of His pure intuition.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Guardian Angel Friendship

(Artwork from Wikimedia Commons)

It is good news to know that we have an eternal  friend; human friendships often lead to disappointment, falling short of the divine.   But our Guardian Angel is always with us, whispering "I am your friend."  How often do we seek advice from outsiders before going within and listening to the wisdom in our own heart. Our Guardian Angel knows us inside and out.  Why not trust and give thanks for the love of God poured through these celestial messengers on high.

2014 marks a New Year, a clean page, a new beginning, IF we can let the past go of 2013 in gratitude for all the good it brought and not revisit old hurts and resentments.  The errors and failures of the old year are bathed in the Flame of Forgiveness and Grace in order that the soul may begin the new year free from the chains created by its own actions.  Now there is a greater opportunity for progress and spiritual unfoldment if we stay in the present. 

This New Year represents an opportunity for each soul to ride upon the celestial tide into the heart of heavenly Christ consciousness.  The challenge is to try to live in the New Year as if there had never been an old,  except for the good that came from experience.  

 With the fresh  energy of the "7" Universal Year, it is a spiritual year in which we can receive an even greater dispensation from the celestial realm. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels,



Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spider in the Mirror: An Angel Message

Last night on our way out to dinner, it was still daylight when Elliot backed the car down the driveway.  I popped open the visor to put on some lipstick. The light came on and I saw another reflecting in the glass.  A medium size spider in the far corner seemed to be fixated on the mirror. Startled,  I quickly closed the lid, knowing she would get out the same way she got in. Realizing that nature delivers messages in your face, I sheepishly took this one to heart.   What was this spider doing gazing at her reflection, shut away from the world. Clearly that was no place to express creativity which a spider is known for.  Create.  Create. Create. is the spider's symbolism.

 I sunk down in the seat knowing my creativity has been at an all time low.    

Then, on our way to the restaurant, I noticed the church marquis on the corner. WHO AM I?  

The lesson was accumulating.  

I thought about the spider in the mirror. I wondered,  Am I just the face I see in the looking glass?

 This week's Bible lesson quoted Psalm 90:  "...we spend our years as a tale that is told."  Spider teaches that we weave the world around us by our thoughts, words, and deeds.  We are the "writers" of our own destiny.  

Everything that we do now is weaving what we will experience.   There are no neutral thoughts. Spider teaches us how to maintain a balance between the material and the spiritual; feminine and masculine; past and future.

This morning I checked on the spider, to my delight she had moved on, having delivered the message.  

Today my card is the Angel of Vision.  A little angel with an eye chart like this:


Synchronicity was at play.  Yesterday I started the lessons from A Course in Miracles.  The first set of lessons are all about "seeing."  Something I've been working on for the past several months.

So the spider was a reminder of my True identity.  I am made in the image and likeness of God.  I am not material.  I am spiritual.  Therefore, I can only reflect the attributes of God.  A reflection can never be separated from its Creator.  And reflection has not one shred of materiality in it.

To think like God is to share
His certainty of what you are,
and to create like Him is to share
the perfect Love He shares with you.
    (A Course in Miracles)

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Watch for the ways angel messages are being delivered to you.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Divine Timing - An Unexpected Bloom or Two

                                Bromeliad in bloom this morning!

This morning I had a wonderful surprise when I looked out the window. Two bromeliads had bloomed in bright pink.  I couldn't believe my eyes at first and so took the camera to get a closer look.  It was a double surprise, with the freeze last week it didn't seem likely... But I had intended that the garden be protected from the frost by the Angels and also I tucked the plants under blankets for a good night's rest.

As I admired these beauties I was learning the lesson of divine timing, and how it is not limited by the laws of the material plane.

The esoteric message of the bromeliad is to open up to our deeper nature, the self that is part of a grander whole. Pink is the color of Divine Love. This flower can teach us that we are surrounded by all the support (love) we need.  They show us the innate potential inside us, our resourcefulness and capacity to change, adapt and grow. They help us to challenge many of the flawed views we hold about life and ourselves. 

 Bromeliad encourages us to learn to cultivate and build upon the potential that is within us as opposed to working on the list of faults that limit us. The blossom grows from deep within the core.   The moral?  Be yourself and you will bloom at the perfect time.

I was so thankful to the Angels of Nature for this timely message.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Friday, January 10, 2014

Time to Wake Up

When I found our sweet cat, Angel, last evening, I was surprised to see her asleep by the globe.  She looked so cute covering her eyes with her paw, and she didn't even stir when I took her photo (without the flash).  Usually she curls up on a fuzzy blanket, not on a hard wicker table.  Watching her sleep I got the message: It's time for humanity to awaken to our divinity, to rise and shine.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Treasured Days

Photo by Karen 

Angel messages can appear to us in different ways. They can pop up when least expected.  For instance, a promotional calendar had come in the mail during the holidays. It got mixed in with some magazines on the bookcase.  This morning after meditation I opened my eyes. The words TREASURED DAYS stood out on the 2014 calendar cover that was hanging off the shelf so deliberate.  I'd look at it when it arrived without really seeing it.  TREASURED DAYS.  I felt a rush of regret that I sometimes forget that these are the treasured days.  I was thankful for the angelic reminder that was especially timely. To appreciate each day for the present it unfolds this year.  God is everywhere.  Divine Love is all encompassing, perfect and complete.  It is all around us and within us if we will open the eyes of our heart and appreciate the gift that it truly is.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Angel Love on the Road

Our new "vanity plate" caught the attention of a young girl about nine who was trying out her new bike.   While waiting in the car, I'd seen several people pass by giving her safety tips.  She listened intently wearing her helmet, prepared for the ride.  When we backed out of a friend's driveway, she waited and watched. As soon as she saw ANGEL LOVE, her eyes lit up. Her smile got brighter as she nodded and gave us a big thumbs up.  Synchronicity was at play as Elliot had just said, she looks like a little angel.

In Psalm 91:11, it is comforting to read that God has given His angels charge over us to guide us in all of our ways."   We are grateful for their service and devoted love as we travel down the road of Life.

Love and blessings,