Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Face of Christ: An Angel Message

Earlier this week while digging through my nightstand drawer in search of something, I found this old optical illusion card of the face of Christ tucked inside a hand embroidered tissue holder.  A friend had given it to me many years ago, and it made quite a lasting impression.  I’m sure many of you have seen it before.

Fascinating how when you first look at the image inside the circle, it appears to have no intrinsic value or hold a higher truth. It seems like a waste of time to spend a moment looking at it.  

But when you:
Relax your mind
Concentrate on the four dots between the “heart shaped eyes” for about 30 secs.
Then close your eyes
Tilt your head back
Keep your eyes closed
You will see a circle of light
Continue to look at the circle

What do you see?
The face of Christ appears in your mind’s eye.  

Such is our perception at times.  Things may appear to the five senses to be a big mess that will never amount to anything good...but, if you pause and take a closer look within, you find the face of Christ shining through, transforming your mind, and bringing you peace.

Whatever you're going through right now, please remember that you are not alone.  God loves you, and will see you through to better days.  Take it one day at a time, in faith, and give thanks for the blessings already received.  

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Have I Told You Lately? An Angel Message

 Yesterday lots of cows and cowbirds had paired up in the pasture.  All were enjoying a morning meal together...the cows grazing on the damp green grass, and the watchful birds gobbling up the insect pests stirred up by the cows roaming the field.  When I zoomed in close, it seemed as if the little white bird was whispering in the big black cow's ear, "Have I told you lately that God loves you?" 

Have a peaceful day with the Angels.

Love and many blessings,

Rae Karen


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

From Vinegar to Honey: An Angel Message

 Last evening's heavy rains brought out several dark soil stains leading up to the front door.  This morning, an idea came to loosen the dirt with an application of cleaning vinegar.  I surprised myself by getting busy before eating breakfast. The unusual timing brought an unexpected gift.    

 Honeybees were buzzing the bright buttercup blooms, having a sip of nectar. I didn't know bees were so active early in the morning.  But I welcomed the sign. 


 Buttercups, over the years, have come to symbolize faith, and the bee represents doing the impossible. Things may seem impossible by sight, but not by faith-- whatever the appearance of things might be, we are always joined to the invisible, but very real presence of Christ within. His life is ours and He will uphold us.  So the angels encourage us to keep counting on Him--with God all things are possible.

Nature makes learning a joy, and I'm going to try to be more attentive when a nudge comes to do this or that...  Timing is everything.  A short time later, I discovered the bees had fulfilled their mission and were off on a new adventure.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Monday, September 7, 2020

A Rainbow Blessing

Today Elliot and I decided to be spontaneous and break out of our normal morning routine.  So, long breakfast, we were out the door on a walk before the sun had a chance to heat up.   Elliot spotted this giant pig cloud, facing east,  over the cow pasture--its face lit up by the sun. 


But there was more to come.  Turns out, the sudden change in our schedule brought a blessing.  A beautiful rainbow! 

Here the colorful rainbow appears to make a slam dunk into the basketball hoop!

Haven't seen a rainbow in the longest time, but there it was, and it hadn't rained.  My angel card for today is Blessing.  "By focusing on the blessings that your spirit had brought to you or someone else, you are better able to learn from the difficulties in your life rather than seeking only to survive them.  "Lift your eyes from the mundane and fearful toward the evolved and enlightened."

Happy Labor Day!

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Wild Boar, or Two: An Angel Message

 Almost a week had gone by with no sign of our 200-lb. broad-backed 'neighbor'.  Elliot and I were beginning to think that wild boar had moved on to greener pastures.  Then, a few days ago, my heart leapt at a happy sight.  It was early morning, and a peacefulness blanketed the air. Sunlight was shining through the treetops.   I happened to look up from my morning reading in time to see him.  Prancing by the sun-room, his straggly black tail wagging, as always.  That wild pig was so close to the window, I could see his shiny black coat glistening with morning dew.  I was happy to know 'Sal' was still around.  

His visit got me to wondering...maybe I've been house-bound too long.  How else could a wild boar stir a touch of joyful anticipation in my life?   How often does one see a wild boar? especially in their front yard?  The idea seemed to fulfill a deeper desire--that out of the mundane something wild and new can suddenly forge a path into our lives.

Sal seems content with his lot in life, making the best of it, moving swiftly on purpose in his comings and goings, to and from the woods. A rogue, free to be, and intelligent enough to maneuver safely without causing an uproar.  Yet with courage to step out of the safety of the woods for a purposeful  adventure.  Turns out, boar people don't like waiting around for things to happen in their lives.  When a wild boar appears, it can  be a signal to be honest in all we do, and have the courage to face the problems in our life that seem dreadful or uncomfortable.  (Stop procrastinating, especially on projects.)  Boar represents abundance/courage/power, and on the flip side, stubbornness/conflict/disorder.

With all the wild boar energy, I shouldn't have been so surprised to find a one-of-a-kind hand-carved boar  like Sal at the farmer's market today.  It came from Africa...

My angel messenger card for today was Introspection, and featured a connection with nature.   Earth is a reality of choice.  Each day, each moment we are presented with choices.  The planet, like ourselves, is primarily water, and water is symbolic of transforming the spirit, searching for God within.  Nature comes to tell us that it has an important gift for you that will encourage your spiritual awakening.   

What angel messages have been coming your way recently?  Expect a gift that will encourage your spiritual awakening.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Visiting Cardinal Brings Love and Comfort: An Angel Message

Yesterday's trip to the grocery store turned out to have a hidden healing gift.  Before heading to the check-out, I grabbed a September Pocket CROSSWORD Puzzle book.  Later, at home, stretched out on the sofa, ready to work the first one, what a surprise to see this comforting ad on the inside cover.  "Forever in My Heart".  It was one of those special moments when an angel (my sweet mother) seemed to tap me on the shoulder. 

Elephants have always been a favorite of mine.  I met Nancy at the D.C. Zoo, and then when we lived in Virginia, the four elephants at the Norfolk Zoo were on our list to visit on Sunday afternoons. Elephants are known for their excellent memory. 

But like the ad says, "Even the never forgetful elephant needs a gentle reminder sometimes. And that's what this colorful cardinal has come to do.  Perched high on the elephant's trunk for a bird's-eye view, it sings praise for a much missed loved one."

Last spring, with many red cardinals visiting the feeder, I learned something new. Not only do they represent a need  to add more color to your life, and that everything you do is important.   But that if a red cardinal appears, an angel is near, a departed loved one. 

So the full page ad: "Your spirit lives forever in my heart," featuring this rare couple lifted my heart with these words:  "The cheerful cardinal shares a "hello" from Heaven and lets you know your loved one is safe and  happy."
Even though
we are apart
Your spirit lives
forever in my

Try to remember today, that you are never alone.  God has sent his angels to watch over you.  You'll be surprised when messages wing their way into your life. Love is eternal.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, August 28, 2020

The Cicada and the Palm: An Angel Message

Amazing how sometimes you can "pick up"  on some fleeting detail that catches your eye, and immediately know what it represents, without knowing how, and yet you just know that you know.   It happened yesterday at lunch while discussing an old book I'd been guided to reread. Gospel Messages from the Antarctic by George Paterson.  

But when something is meant to be, you've probably noticed, that somehow it wends its way across your path.  That's how, over twenty years ago,  I discovered George Paterson's book based on a thrilling expedition to Antarctica. I was eating a sandwich in my car at a fast food place with my Mom.   I can still see the book flattened in the middle of a busy four-lane road. The motion of cars and trucks stirring its pages, giving it new life.   

I was trying to curb the urge to chase after signs, so I looked, but did not leap... until my Mom pointed it out.  "Maybe that book is a sign for you."  I laughed because it was out of character for her to talk like that.   Waiting for a break in  traffic, I ran out in the road, and grabbed the faded blue book.  All the pages were intact, but it had taken quite a beating.  Gospel Messages from the Antarctic didn't seem like a hit to me. 

At the time, my life was a challenging journey so I winced when I read the spiritual stories in the book were based on another book, "The Worst Journey in the World".  It had been written by one of the men who went with Capt. Scott in 1911 to the freezing Antarctic Continent.  

So back to yesterday's lunch, while telling Elliot about rereading Gospel Messages from the Antarctic, and hoping to find a way to create an e-book for boys and girls, my thoughts were interrupted by a sudden appearance of a wide-winged insect flying by the sun-room window. I tracked it to the palm tree.   It seemed too good to be true to see a cicada in her new form. They are heard more than seen...and sound like sleigh bells ringing in the treetops, to chill the summer heat. 

This one had broken out of her hard shell, and to my surprise, landed on a long palm leaf swaying in the breeze. She clung to the frond, and I got a glimpse of her free spirit, swinging back and forth.  Elliot couldn't see the winged creature,  so after lunch, I went to take a look, not fully trusting my intuition.  

To my delight, a  transparent lacy winged cicada was happily swinging on the long green frond, enjoying the ride. The wind kept stirring the branch, so I gently held it still to take a photo for you.    

Her newly formed presence seemed significant so I looked on-line.  Cicada often represents personal change, renewal, rebirth and transformation.  Unlike the butterfly or moth, or other insects, that undergo complete metamorphosis, the cicada has no pupal state.  They transform from one fully-functioning state to another, in a small amount of time.  Below you can see the old hard skeletal shell hooked on a tree so the new creature can slowly wiggle out of a  narrow slit in the top of the hard headed shell, and emerge with wings.   

Her choice to land on the palm tree delivered another important lesson from nature.  

The stately palm, unlike other trees that branch out in many directions, only grows straight up. The trunk is elastic, and keeps the tree flexible.  During storms, the palm bends down low so as not to break in the wind.     

While humanity is going through a perilous expedition in uncharted territory, the good news is if we keep our focus on the indwelling Christ, we, too, will break out of our old shell and awaken to a new creature in Christ.  

Here are some things from Gospel Messages from the Antarctic, we can do to see with the eyes of  our heart so we may see Him.

1.  Humble our hearts before God and tell Him that we need His light to guide us 'home'.

2.  Resolve that so far as we know how to do it we will "run...the race...looking unto Jesus."

3. Ask God to open the eyes of our heart so that we may really see "the heavenly vision" for ourselves.

4.   Ask him to show us more and more what that vision means, and to give us grace to be obedient to it, whatever it may cost.    

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and remember God loves You.  

Love and peace,

Rae Karen 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Power of One: An Angel Message

On our way out to take a walk this morning, an angel thought nudged, go take a look at little Gracie, our resident juniper bonsai on the back porch.  

Sure enough, a new story had sprung up in the miniature garden box.  

A big single umbrella capped mushroom had blossomed. The biggest one so far, and the only one present.    A closer look revealed how it was bent on leaning forward, stretching toward the light.  The tiny spider's spiral web was still intact on the bonsai's green bough.  By the way, I named her Faith, and she, too had expanded her web with wispy wings that extended her territory.  

What I took away from this endearing scenario was how important it is not to underestimate the power of one to make a change in the world. One juniper bonsai, one single mushroom, one tiny spider, one willing person, all creating a message of light together.  After all, one plus God is a majority, and that's the only thing that counts in the end.

Love and many blessings,

Rae Karen 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Catching Fish: An Angel Message

Lately it seems like something will catch my eye, only to discover later that there is need to go deeper. A clue to find, like an advent door on a decorative Christmas calendar.  Several weeks ago, this vintage snow orb music box was one of those things.  The monuments in Washington, D.C. were featured together in miniature: The Capitol Building, White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.  When you shake the globe, glitter falls like snow. And, the music plays the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

When I came home from the Farmers' Market, without thinking much about it, I set the patriotic orb  on the coffee table by the angel statue holding a star.  They were a good pair.   Our country needs our prayers right now for peace, harmony, and forgiveness.   

While working on the blog, an angel thought came to look up the symbolism of the actual placement of these historic monuments.  On-line, I caught a fish. An article on how they might have been strategically placed to form an image of a fish, cradled between the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers.

Reminds me of another surprising fish that showed up on our driveway in January.  A Fish symbol outlined by light. 

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Three Wise Monkeys: An Angel Message

You never know what may cross your path, and catch your eye.  An angel nudge.  Years ago, my friend Edra showed me her key-ring with the three wise monkeys on it.   She laughed, saying it was a good reminder to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil wherever she went.  I never forgot that.  So whenever three monkeys appear, I think fondly of my friend, now shining bright on the other side.

This morning the hand-carved wooden monkey trio at the farmers' market brought a smile.  It felt like Edra had reached through the veil, and, like an angel, had tapped me on the shoulder. 

At home some research revealed the origin of the Three Wise Monkeys. A 2000 year-old symbol named sanzaru. In Japan "san" means 3 and "saru" means monkey.   In Japan, monkey is supposed to ward off evils.

Each proverbial principled monkey has a name:

MIZARU-  Sees no evil.  

KIKAZARU - Hears no evil

IWAZARU -  Speaks no evil

Also, Mahatma Gandhi had one exception to his lifestyle of non-possession.  It was a small statue of the Three Wise Monkeys.

The  sanzaru  have found a home on my desk by Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Communications.  A message to be prudent with what I say, wise with what I listen to, and skillful with what I look at.  Always keep our spirit pure.  Avoid listening to anything that may cause us to act badly.  Avoid speaking without reason, and do not see evil actions as natural.  Three guidelines that will lead to  peace and happiness.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Friday, August 21, 2020

Mushrooming with Grace: An Angel Message

Earlier this week severe thunderstorms moved through central Florida bringing sudden destruction to several homes in DeLand.  Thankfully, there were no fatalities.

Thunderclaps and lightning bolts shook the house in our area, rattling my nerves as I prayed Psalm 91, and called on the angels for help. 

The next day Grace, our little bonsai on the back porch caught my attention.  The winds had tattered the spider web that had clung to her long branch. Otherwise, the bonsai garden had passed safely through the storm.

 Yesterday in the late afternoon, to my delight, the dainty spiral web was intact again, rehung from the juniper's green bough! And, the tiny spider was in plain view, resting in her renewed creativity. Her powerful lesson was on keeping the faith.  To never give up, no matter what. To get back up, and do your best.  Be like that persistent little web weaver, and keep on keeping on.    

This morning, yet another wonderful surprise was waiting under Grace, the bonsai.  Two new mushroom umbrellas had blossomed!  Don't you think one looks as though a feather is growing on its cap?  Feathers are a welcomed sign of angelic help. A comforting message that we are never alone.  God's grace is sufficient for us all.

I'm so thankful for these inspiring messages from nature that speak a truth in a universal language of Love. I welcome any nature experiences you may wish to share. We all grow as we weave our stories together in an ever-expanding spiral web of enlightenment that heals the heart. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen  

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Winging Their Way to Victory - White Ibis


This morning, the angels of nature presented a beautiful gift at sunrise.  A large flock of  two dozen or more white ibis, suddenly appeared in the sky, flying east in "V" formation.   It happened so fast there was no time for a picture, but this image gives a touch of the glory of that special moment. 

The golden sunlight, reflecting off their wide opened wings, spread a touch of wonder to a celestial blue sky.

 Mostly the ibis that cross our path are grounded, pecking for food in the pasture or at the lake.  So this rare V-flight formation was a beautiful symbol of what is to come.  A "V" formation signals new opportunities on the horizon, and their directional arrow < was pointing east, toward the sunrise.   The finale of their exhibition was a long stream of white wings, flying in single file, following the "V" sign, like an airplane ad banner across the blue sky.  Victory!

What joy to catch a glimpse of their awesome flight as we looked out the window watching them soar above the treetops.  A message, perhaps, to keep our own thoughts on higher consciousness to stay on course, and head for the horizon of a "new day". 

In her book, Angel Messages, Claire Nahmad, writes about the ibis:

"If the ibis draws close to you, a spiritual call is sounding your name.  You have been chosen to enter into a new and elevated spiritual understanding."

 A wonderful, inspirational message for us all at this hour.  Thank you, Angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen 

(photo- wikimedia) 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Spiritual Vitamins: An Angel Message

I couldn't believe it.   As you recall, a perfect tiny spiral web hung from Grace, the bonsai juniper, on Tueday.  Well, late Wednesday morning, on my way out the porch door with my watering can, I spotted something new and enlivening.  Five dainty little Japanese umbrellas had appeared over night!

In that precious moment, the little garden had quite a transformation of new life, for the fragile mushrooms had opened up in unison, giving the garden an oriental touch.  I could see the five had sprouted out of a little green mound of moss, an oasis in a box of tiny pebbles.

Five is a number of expansion, stepping outside of the 4-sided box, just like the wooden planter they grew in. 

To celebrate their presence, I found three tiny garden gnomes, tucked away as a future gift for our granddaughter.  The colorful trio suddenly had a new home in the miniature garden box.

I'm so thankful for these loving touches that come from the Angels of Nature to offer joy and hope and faith. We can't make them happen, but they are like spiritual vitamins.  Out of nothing, something can suddenly appear that nourishes the heart and soul and re-energizes the body.

Remember, God loves you.  So keep having faith that goes beyond any logic, and trust in His Word.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Tiny Surprise from a Bonsai : An Angel Message

What angel messages from nature are catching your attention today?

With a big affinity for little things, nature presented an unexpected gift yesterday.  The baby brown anole in yesterday's blog prompted action to clean up the porch.  The low humidity and cooler temp. made it an ideal time to pick up my broom and get busy.  As you know, one thing often leads to another, and before long, I was on the move, rearranging potted plants and furniture. Little did I know this would set the stage for an afternoon surprise.  On my way out, our little bonsai tree in her new spot by the back door caught my attention in a BIG way. 

To my surprise a tiny circle web,  no bigger than a dime, was suspended from the middle of the  green bough of the bonsai juniper tree named Grace! I'd never seen such a little web, and was thankful for the lovely reminder of oneness.  Bonsai is a symbol of simplicity, harmony, and age.  The juniper represents the ability to overcome life's challenges. Something we're all working on right now, with grace and help from within and the heavenly host.

Staring at the perfect tiny spiral, intricately spun round and round by a masterful little weaver, I wondered about the angel nature message. 

What first came to mind had to do with size.  It matters not how big or how small our creation is.  The most important thing is to be constructive, and to create with love. The circle of life unites all with a single golden thread of light within each of us. 

 Spider energy brings a message to create...create...create.  When spider appears it's time to weave something new, with love. Trust feeling rather than seeing.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Love Will Make a Way: An Angel Message

Yesterday morning, while at my desk, I looked out the window, wondering what nature angel messenger may show up today.  There was no sign of wildlife anywhere, smiling I told myself, you don't have to have a blog everyday.  

What happened next caught me by surprise.  

At that moment, my eyes shifted,  and, there, inside the screened-in porch, a baby brown anole was looking my way, resting on the top of our Marian statue! It could have been my imagination, but he seemed satisfied that he had finally caught my attention.  The baby anole stayed on the Queen of the Angels for most of the morning, and in the afternoon he disappeared.     

Early this morning, taking a walk down the country road, a larger brown anole crossed our path.  He was hanging out on metal gated fence, looking out at the green pasture.

Before long, he sent out his love light, hoping to find a mate.

Returning home, I spotted a lonesome leaf in the shape of a heart.  It seemed oddly out of place on the driveway near the passenger side of our car. Playfully, I took it for a nature valentine from the angels.  Love was in the air.   A quick look at the surrounding trees confirmed the unusual leaf  hadn't come from any of their branches. 

"It must have blow in,"  Elliot said, as I picked it up.  "And, it looks like a heart."

The winds had delivered the heart leaf.  What a lovely thought.  

Love can blow into our lives when least expected, uniting hearts in the most unlikely ways. So if you are feeling alone just now, and discouraged that you may not meet your soul-mate, take heart that when two people are destined to be together, nothing can keep them apart.  Love will always make a way.

Love, joy, and peace,

Rae Karen