Thursday, December 29, 2022

Rat-a-Tat, An Early Wake-up Call: Angel Message

Nature has a rhythm...and early this morning she began to stir.  The loud call of a family of sandhill cranes echoed in the stillness, and our restless cat gently pawed me to get out of  bed.  I knew something was up when the loud drum of a woodpecker pounded in my ears.  I couldn't see him, but he made his presence known. 

Later, I spotted the little drummer from the sun room window.  A juvenile pileated woodpecker was at the top of the oaken power post out front. Long sharp claws dug into the dead wood to anchor his stance as he drummed out a message. Rat-a-tat. Rat-a-tat.

Woodpeckers are a rare sight here, but thanks to the angels, he patiently waited for me to return with my camera.  At the tip top of the jagged old post, he struck a pose in the sunshine.  A picture of youth.  Facing east, he greeted the warmth of the sun.  A wild fuzzy tuft of bright red hair dipped in golden rays, with the light of hope in his shiny eyes, he faced a new day in a tender moment of gratitude and quiet reflection.

A pileated woodpecker delivers a message that a new rhythm is at play within our life.  A signal to take your thoughts and give them action, regardless of the opinion of others.  It's safe to follow your own rhythm. 

Keep looking up.  The best is yet to be.

Love, peace, and joy,

Rae Karen

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Squawk! What are you parroting to yourself?

Life can be full of surprising angel messages. One memory comes to mind.  Years ago, an annual Art Festival in town blocked off  Main Street.  Walking to a local restaurant to meet a friend for lunch, I began to worry my friend Joanna wouldn't find a parking place. I decided to change my negative thinking and to give thanks that the angels would guide her to the perfect parking spot. 

When I got to the packed restaurant, Joanna was already seated at a choice patio table near the manatee waterfalls.   I smiled, recognizing things are always in divine order when I get out of the way.  Turns out, she got the last space in a nearby lot.  

As I joined her, a worried woman seated behind me at another table, confided that she was meeting a blind date, a man she met on line.  She worried, about where he could park.  

I told her not to worry. Angels would guide him.  She smiled, and took my hand, grateful that we both spoke the same language.  Before long her date appeared, and they went somewhere less noisy.

Dining in the fresh air, I saw a shiny penny by the waterfalls.  A welcomed sign from the angels that everything is in divine order.  A small lizard sunning on the railing scurried away as I picked up the coin. Lizard teaches detachment, a need to let go of old fears.  Turns out, the lizard was a heads-up that a lesson on such was in the works.     

After a delicious lunch, as we were leaving the crowded patio, an odd couple caught my eye.  A man was busy texting, ignoring his dining companion.  A large white parrot sat still on a place mat directly across from the man. At first glance, I thought the bird was a stuffed toy.  Then it tilted its feathery head and blinked at me.      

"You're REAL!"   I blurted out, amazed such a beautiful parrot was out to lunch in a local restaurant.
The man put down his phone, anxious to put on a show. 

Do you love me?  The parrot hopped on his hand, and tenderly pecked the master's ear. 

Give me a kiss!   The obedient avian planted a gentle peck on his master's lips. 

We laughed, and thanked them for the show. 
Walking away from their table,  I couldn't believe the last command.  Now, flick off the nice ladies!  The man laughed.

Had I heard him right?! I turned around in time to see the final act.      

Standing on the table, the big white parrot reared back, and lifted one leg. A big talon was aimed in our direction.   
A split-second of humor broke the mesmerism when it hit me!  I'd been given the bird by a bird.   That was a first.

"Now, you have to give me a kiss," I laughed. But my words were powerless.  Two shiny black eyes blinked, and stared blankly.  

Apparently, this man had taught his bird many things. If there are no random acts, what did this strange encounter with a parrot mirror in my life?

I learned that parrots are the record keeper for the thoughts you tell yourself.  

What thoughts are you parroting to yourself? 

A quick self-inventory revealed, often not so positive.

Early the next morning, not fully awake, a still small inner voice came to mind.  "Be still and know that I am God."  That was a command worth following.  I relaxed.

I thought about how the innocent parrot had been trained to act on the master's command.  Was I like that parrot at times? Obedient to my ego's negative, fearful, guilt-ridden commands rather than relying on the truth of what God says about me.    

More reinforcement was in the works.  A short time later, a free chart God Has A Positive Answer turned up at a gift shop, Somewhere in Time.   A helpful guide to defeat negative ego commands.

You say:    It's impossible.
God says:  All things are possible.  (Luke 18:27)

You say:    I can't forgive myself.
God says:  I Forgive you. (I John 1:9 & Roman 8:1)

You say:    I feel all alone.
God says:  I will never leave you or forsake you.  (Hebrews 13:5)

You say:    Nobody really loves me.
God says:  I love you.  (John 3:1-6 & John 3:34)

You say:    I can't go on.
God says:  My grace is sufficient.  (II Corinthians 12:9)

You say:    I can't figure things out.
God says:  I will direct your steps.  (Proverbs 3.5-6)

You say:    It's not worth it.
God says:  It will be worth it.  (Roman 8:28)

You say:    I'm too tired.
God says:  I will give you rest.   (Matthew 11:28-30)

You say:    I'm not smart enough.
God says:  I give you wisdom.  (I Corinthians 1:30)

You say:     I can't manage.
God says:  I will supply all your needs.  (Philippians 4:19)

You say:     I'm afraid.
God says:   I have not given you a spirit of fear.  (II Timothy 1:7)

The parrot also brought home a lesson on non-reaction. If someone insults you, you don't have to take it seriously.  Just laugh it off and move on.

"The parrot, with its deafening squawk, rudely awakens us out of our sleep of complacency and spiritual idleness, and urges us to aim for higher things.  It announces: "Take the long, broad grand highway as far as your perspective is concerned, because life is eternal! You are eternal!" (Angel Messages, The Oracle of the Birds. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, December 23, 2022

Rays of Hope: An Angel Message

Angel messages wing their way to us in many wonderful signs and images. A "light" filled message of  hope caught my eye early this morning.  I was sitting on the sofa in the sun room.  The vertical blinds were left closed behind me to respect our neighbors' privacy.  They had just returned to celebrate Christmas.  

To my surprise, a radiant beam of golden sunlight had made its way through a narrow crack in the blinds! The round Silent Night music box on the coffee table was the focal point of a magnificent light show. Even more amazing was the exact positioning and timing of the rays. It had Mary's back as she knelt by the Christ child. 

But there was more to see. My eyes traveled to Mom's favorite chair. 

 A silhouette of the kneeling blessed Virgin was the highlight. 

What were the chances? I wondered, thankful for such an encouraging message during these dark times.  A reminder that when it is the darkest, the light shines the brightest.  And, just like the light delivered rays of hope through a narrow crack, it was all in divine perfection.  Love will find a way. With God, all things are possible.

As you go through your day, remember you are never alone.  Your Guardian Angel is always with you.  Keep looking toward the Light, and shine in your divine radiance as a holy child of God.

"All is calm, all is bright."  

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Thursday, December 22, 2022

Snowflake Bentley and Let It Snow

The snowstorm forecast for most of the States this Christmas was on my mind at bedtime. Before going to sleep, I dug up an old book, Snowflake Bentley, Man of Science, Man of God.  Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) earned the name "Snowflake".  His lifelong calling to record the beauty and precision of snowflakes provides us with a lasting legacy of 5,800 striking photographs of snowflakes. Nature adorns herself in jewels of frost, and Tiffany's, and other artisans, have patterned jewelry and art from Snowflake's exquisite collection.

A musician and farmer, multi-talented, he wrote scientific papers for the Weather Bureau, and traveled the world, to lecture and share his beautiful photos with others.

He learned that no two snowflakes were ever alike.  "Each snowflake is as different from its fellow as we human beings are from our fellows."  Bentley told his mother one evening.  

"But the comparison changes there.  For each snowflake, if allowed freedom to develop alone, is perfect according to its individual plan. It is one of nature's miracles."  

He also discovered that to be perfectly symmetrical, snowflakes must be outside the range of influence of other snowflakes.  When two snowflakes strive equally to occupy the same place at the same time, neither can have it, and both will be imperfect.  A lesson we can all take to heart.

It turns out, snowflakes do not bloom into full beauty at once.  They grow, beginning with a tiny nucleus, and developing around this nucleus a geometrical pattern of amazing regularity. He found that they grow in changing habits. "The finest snowflakes were not the largest."  Another lesson on being patient with own blossoming, and remember that bigger isn't always the best.

As you know, one thing leads to another. After reading about Snowflake Bentley, the next morning I remembered a symmetrical rhinestone snowflake ornament packed away. 

Synchronicity was at play.  The snowflake search uncovered an old blue folder in the closet.  And, I'd found a special angel in the snow; a snapshot of mom long before I was born.  

What a wonder to look out on the world after a snowstorm.  Although the snow soon fades away, we get a glimpse of the wondrous earthly beauty in one of the smallest of God's creation, knowing it will be back again some day.     
Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Welcome Archangel Gabriel, Guardian of Winter!

Welcome Archangel Gabriel, the governor of the winter season.  Gabriel means God is my Strength.   December 21st marks the Winter Solstice; a good time to spend in nature to connect with the light.   Today the celestial hierarchy begin to infuse the earth with radiant angelic power.  It reaches its peak on midnight of Christmas Eve, and remains, outpouring upon the Earth, for 13 days through January 6, the time of Epiphany. 
Gabriel is the heavenly Annunciation angel who brings glad tidings of new life. He  announced to Mary her miraculous role in birthing the Christ child. According to scripture, Gabriel also appeared to Zechariah, announcing God's plan for his barren wife Elizabeth to conceive a baby in her late years. Their child would be John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ Jesus, The Light of the World. 

He is the Patron Saint of Small Children.  Gabriel oversees and nourishes the child within each of us. With love and tenderness, Gabriel guides us to release our wounded inner child. He protects what is natural and pure within us.  He helps us nurture our strengths, and understand the truth in situations where there is conflict between what we know to be right, and what is being represented as truth.  Gabriel helps us to see what is real for us in our circumstances.  His wisdom offers hope, and lights the path to truth.

The winter season is a time pregnant with possibilities, like a seed planted deep in the soil.  A sacred time to withdraw from outer activities and to birth the light within our own darkness.  By paying close attention to our dreams, we can gain insight to bring more light to our circumstances. 
Happy Winter Solstice!

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Fra Filippo Lippi, A Divided Annunciation)

Ref. The Angel Oracle, Ambika Wauters

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Holy Cow! An Angel Message

Okay, maybe I was getting a little carried away that day. But it wasn't just my imagination when I bumped into a LARGE cow painting, dripping with color on the shelf.  Rolling my cart down the aisle, something made me stop and take a real good look at her.   Our eyes locked in a knowing gaze, as if we were meant to be.

Those big soulful eyes and bulging nostrils stirred up an amusing childhood memory of another encounter with a cow on my grandparent's farm. Only a toddler, I had wandered down by the pasture fence.  A big cow came close, staring intently at me. Her shiny dark eyes locked with mine in a stern motherly gaze.  And, I became too afraid to make a move.  I let out a loud holler, and Mom came running. "What's wrong?" She asked, seeing me safely on the outside of the fence, staring at the cow. 
 "He's YOOK-in at me!"
In looking back, perhaps the cow was watching over me, making sure I didn't wander off.
Longingly I gazed at the color-filled cow art, drinking in her unusual hues. 
Although one-of-a-kind,  I couldn't justify bringing the cow home. Empty hearted, I left her on the shelf.  Out in the parking lot, my soul whispered, Holy Cow!  Aren't you looking to add more color to your life?"  

It was true, I had been feeling rather dull...
And, that special cow flowed with fresh colors from a creative artist's palette.
You won't find another one like it.    
Just the remedy needed, I ran back to round up Bessie at the cash register. 
That BIG BRIGHT COW, gazing above my desk, lifted my m-o-o-o-d.  To loosen up and let the creativity juices flow by adding more color to my life.
Later, just for fun, I found the symbolism of cows on-line.  
"Cows have large eyes that see all.  The stare may be hypnotic and will tear down one's walls to find the soul."  
Wow...That was my experience. 
Also, cows ultimately show us how to honor others, and to nurture ourselves.

Why not consider adding more color to your life today?  Watch for the joyful things of God to come your way.  Your Guardian Angel is always with you, guiding, comforting, and protecting you along the way.  Your Guardian Angel knows you better than you know yourself.  The best is yet to be. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, December 19, 2022

SUPER what?! Angel Signs


Yesterday on our drive to Christmas shop downtown, a BIG BOLD logo on a semi-trailer caught my eye. SUPER EGO! I laughed, double-checking the words as the truck sped by heading in the opposite direction on I-44.  SUPER EGO.  And, me with no camera.  

I've read that E.G.O. is sometimes known as an acronym for Everybody's Got One, or Edging God Out.   I wondered about the boldness of the angel message in that amusing moment.  SUPER EGO.   Hmmm....  

I forgot about it until this morning I got a nudge to look for a SUPER EGO truck photo on-line. 

Guidance was good.  And,  I was thankful for the bold reminder to keep my ego in check during the holidays.  Don't let the ego edge God out of the spirit of love, peace, and joy at Christmas. 

 Years ago in the rush to buy gifts, this billboard on the Daytona International Speedway slowed me down long enough to remember the real meaning of Christmas. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Sunday, December 18, 2022

This Too Shall Pass: An Angel Message


At the edge of the slippery falls, this little mallard seems bent on prayer.  A torrent of rushing water surges through his wet rubbery feet.  But he stands firmly grounded.  An angel thought came to me when I saw this amusing photo. "This too shall pass."

Change is the only constant. 
Everything in life is both coming and going like the tides at the sea, rushing  through time.   
"This too shall pass," is a wonderful reminder not to get swept away in the rapids of human drama.
Our feet represent dominion, so we can stay centered within, and fully rely on God.  Be like the duck, and don't go over the falls, but let your rising emotions roll off your back like water off a duck's back.  And, like this steadfast little mallard, you can choose to stand still and come up higher in prayer. 
As you go about your day, remember you are never alone.  Your Guardian Angel is with you always, ready to love, comfort, and guide your steps.  The best is yet to be. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

 Photo from web

Friday, December 16, 2022

An Elf Leaped Off the Shelf: An Angel Message

Angels often communicate in playful, fun ways. They know how to brighten our day.   This morning was no exception. While sorting through the many loose Christmas CDs, I was focused, making sure each one went back into its proper plastic case. 

Suddenly, I heard a joyful, jingle of a little bell. 

I turned around.  

Our cute holiday elf had somehow made a surprising leap off the CD storage rack.  The old, tarnished  bell on its stocking cap hadn't stopped it from making a joyful noise.    

How did that happen!? I laughed, propping the elf back up.   

Soon, more make-shift music filled the air when the manatee wood chimes above me began wildly clanging a Caribbean melody.   

Somehow I'd managed to bump my head on its long wooden pulley by the stereo. Since that never happened before, I laughed again, wondering, what was up?

In that special moment, it felt as though the angels of music were trying their best to lift my spirits. The wood-chimes had been a keepsake from a special Christmas Day at Blue Springs, home of the manatees many years ago. 

It turns out that loving musical whack on the head, inspired a trip to visit the manatees at Blue Springs. A nice break to take a walk in nature on a winter afternoon.

 With all the bells and chimes, more angels were getting their wings. May you feel the joy of music fill your holiday season. It's guaranteed to brighten your mood and spread cheer. 

 And, remember you are never alone.  You're always in the good company of your loving Guardian Angel. 

Love, peace, and joy, 


Rae Karen

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Setting an Angel Free: An Angel Message

Many years ago, an elderly friend, at Mom's retirement center, gifted me with a special tree ornament.  A handmade lacy little angel. I can still remember Helene's sweet smile. Each stitch is made with love. 

Before the angel could serve her purpose, the loosely sewn threads tying her down on red felt had to be gently snipped.  When the card was turned over, it was easy to see which threads to cut.

It may sound strange, but I felt uplifted to have helped free an angel.  No longer materially bound, she could soar.

In that moment, I realized the loosening of the angel was perhaps a heavenly metaphor on how we may choose to live our lives.  When we lovingly cut the ties that selfishly bind our loved ones and hold them back, they too can fly free and serve their purpose.   
May all of our knots be love knots, and may we not get so tangled up in the material world that we forget our true spiritual identity as a child of God.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, December 12, 2022

Plugging In: An Angel Message

 Angels often speak to us in pictures using symbols to communicate a loving message.  It happened early this morning as I sat on the sofa enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree.  That's when I noticed the bulky electrical cord I had conveniently draped over the angel's wing rather than stoop down later to plug in and out. 

In that playful moment, I got the joyful angel message:  

Stay plugged into your Guardian Angel, and lighten up.  

Many years ago, this LARGE angel had a story to tell. Only one-of-a-kind, dressed in Christmas red and green, she stood alone on a shelf at Lowe's during the holidays. A zsst went through me. A joyful spark.   I was in a dark season. My vision was growing dimmer.  

But this special angel,  BIG and BRIGHT, stood out like a beacon. I could see her!  I could clearly see her arms opened wide to embrace me.  

The timing was perfect as I was in need of a faith booster; a reminder that I am never truly alone no matter what.  My guardian angel always waits with open arms to love, comfort, protect, and to guide. And, so does yours.

May you feel the peace, comfort, and joy of your Guardian Angel with you today as you plug in to God's Love.  You are never alone, no matter what you may be going through, you are blessed and dearly loved by your Guardian Angel.  The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Saturday, December 10, 2022

And, A Squirrel Squawking in an Old Tree: An Angel Message

I guess you could say the advent calendar door yesterday came from an unlikely source, a squirrel! When nature raises a raucous, I try to pay attention. Angels often communicate messages this way.  Yesterday was no exception.  

As I got out of the car, a loud weird noise came from the old tree by the driveway. It sounded somewhat like a squirrel's protective chatter.  Curious, I took a look. 

 High on a branch, a feisty little squirrel stared down at me, blathering in a long angry streak, he shook his bushy gray tail at me. There's nothing like a reprimand from an upset squirrel. Squirrels are about balance; balance in work and in play; in giving and receiving. 

 Amused by his irate antics, I wondered, why all the loud chatter? 

Listening to his incessant call, I recognized he began to make sounds like a chicken,  puck-puck-puc-kee.   He repeatedly shouted. 

 Then it hit me.  

The squirrel's upbraiding, brought a sheepish smile.  I'd been deliberately chickening out by avoiding something important that was mine to do that day.  Fear was holding me back from giving, from sharing love.   

I decided to just do it, and quit being chicken-hearted, which I did, and all went well. And, I didn't hear another peep out of the squirrel.

What messages are you receiving from the angels?  It's the season to reach out and love one another.  Is there someone you need to call today?

Love and peace,


Rae Karen 


squirrel photo: wikimedia

Friday, December 9, 2022

Dutch Shoes, Christmas Elves, and a Heavenly Kiss

Christmas holidays bring out the child in me.  Years ago, a glimpse of Christmas past was at the heart of finding these wooden Dutch shoes at a neighborhood yard sale.  Just my size.  Childhood memories of colorful fields of tulips in Holland, windmills, and a love of cheese made it a done deal.  

Anxious to restore the natural wood, I grabbed the lemon oil and wiped the shoes hoping for a rich patina. Soon dark streaks stained the wood, hardly the look I wanted. Rather than do a little research upfront, I'd jumped in, thinking I knew best.  Oh well, it was too late. 
Hoping for the best, I left them on the patio to dry in the sunshine. The outcome was salvageable.  Although weathered, the large wood shoes turned out to be great boats for my childhood elves to take a ride by the Christmas tree.  Swept up in holiday decorations, I found mom's old Santa Claus stocking  in a box.  Our first Christmas without her, I missed her fun-filled spirit.  For fun, I ran my hand down inside the sock, wishing for a little remnant, something from the past from her. To my surprise, at the tip of the toe, there was a little piece of paper. 
Maybe a message Mom left from the other side, I childishly wished.  When I opened my hand, my heart melted.  A little Hershey's Kiss banner from a chocolate foiled Kiss.  Mom had a sweet tooth. The chocolate was long gone, but in that moment it seemed like a kiss from my mother in heaven.   Thanks, Mom.  I smiled.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Entanglement Phenomenon! An Angel Message

Every year when the Christmas tree is trimmed and the lights plugged in, I reflect on the infinite power of light.  In quantum physics the scientific term entanglement explains how at one level all light particles seem to be in touch with all others. Experiments to measure this entanglement phenomenon revealed that light photons in one location are immediately entangled with ALL other light particles. What's amazing is that it doesn't seem to matter if the photons are coming from the earthly glow of a campfire or from a distant galaxy of billions of stars.  From light's perspective,  ALL light particles seem to be touching one another instantaneously in what scientists call  an "entanglement" phenomenon. In reality, there is no distance between Point (A) and Point (B).  

Years ago, I learned about the entanglement phenomenon. The timing was amusing as I'd just untangled the snarled strands of light bulbs for the tree. Although my issue had been the untanglement phenomenon that occurs every year when the lights aren't packed away properly, the entanglement phenomenon was a message to lighten up.  I was thankful for a brighter perception as I admired the glow from all those bulbs of different colors.  Each one seemed individual and separate but in reality were united by Light from the same Source of power.
O Christmas Tree  (English version by Ruth Heller)
 O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
O tree of green, unchanging.
Your boughs, so green in summer time,
Do brave the snow of winter time.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
O tree of green unchanging.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
You set my heart a singing.
Like little stars, your candles bright
Send to the world a wondrous light.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
You set my heart a singing.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
You come from God, eternal.
A symbol of the Lord of Love
Whom God to man sent from above.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
You come from God eternal. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

tree photo: web

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Purrfect Advent Calendar Door: An Angel Message


December is a wonderful time to open an advent calendar door and count-down each day until Christmas.  Although I don't have an advent calendar this year, this morning began as if I did.  When I opened the bedroom blinds, a sweet picture caught me by surprise and warmed my heart.  

A stray orange tabby was asleep, hunkered down between a large rock and the palm tree.  Thick warm fur was puffed up for maximum warmth and gave the illusion of a fat contented cat.  But the bright white streak on his pink nose was a sure sign it was Comet.  Rarely seen, like a comet, this wild cat streaks across the lawn and hides in the bushes or steals a quick sip at the birdbath. 

Wonder what it is about me and orange feral tabbies?  They just show up and live on the fringes bringing a glimpse of joy here and there.  

 Before moving in 2020,  another feral orange tabby adopted our yard as home. Gus became extended family, and it was hard to leave him behind. He always stayed in my prayers each night.  And, loving hands reached out to nurture him.   In all our years together, he kept me company in the garden, but at a distance.  Like clockwork, Gus patiently waited each morning for a bowl of crunchies at the  back door. Now he has a new family and still lives in the garden among the ferns. God provides.

During this time of Love and good-will, let us remember our furry friends and send love and gratitude as we celebrate the Christmas season.

Here's Gus sleeping on the butterfly bench at our other house.


Enjoy your day with your Guardian Angel.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Angelic Atmosphere: An Angel Message


Yesterday, 11/28,  around 11:00 a.m. while carrying some items out to the garage, I got one of those angel taps to look up at the sky.

A cloud resembled a profile of an angel with large flowing wings, over the pasture next door.

When I turned around to face the sun, the blue sky was radiant, glowing with feathery rainbow clouds. Rainbow clouds so bright my eyes couldn't look directly at their spectacular beauty.  I ran for my camera; the battery was dead, and quickly replaced it, hoping the celestial phenomena would be waiting.  And it was.

With the camera aimed upward, I snapped away, unable to look at the glaring sun.  In that wonderful moment, it seemed like a glimpse of the bigger picture. A preview of what is yet to be. The atmosphere seemed filled with heavenly help.  A reminder that more is going on than meets our human understanding. A heavenly sign to keep having faith, the best is yet to be.


Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Thursday, November 17, 2022

We Deliver For You: An Angel Message

Did you ever wonder how you attract things into your awareness?  You buy a red Volkswagen-Bug, and suddenly you see them everywhere?
Years ago, in a government course, Investment in Excellence, I learned the key.  It's the work of a small part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.)  The RAS works as a filter, allowing those things into your consciousness that mold your reality as you believe it to be, the special interests you currently entertain.

The R.A.S. directs your attention and brings things into your visual range according to your desires.

In 2017, when I took up a fun hobby of exchanging postcards around the world, mail trucks began to pop up wherever I went.  An uncanny postcard would catch my attention in a movie, and a trail of mail memorabilia crossed my path.  My RAS was fully charged to deliver my desires as postcards became a real focus. 
On a spontaneous outing in town, yard sale signs led to a detour in search of postcards at an annual church yard sale. No postcards were there, but something better came my way, unexpectedly.   A wintry postal scene,  matted and framed, filled a longing for snowy winter weather, I miss out on in southern living.    
 I imagined standing in the stillness of quiet drifting snowflakes, gazing at those distant white-capped mountains, and felt such a peace in that moment.  The mail boxes, with a red flag up, and tongues hanging, hungry for mail reflected a touch of humor to a new postal passion.   
Four years later, both sending and receiving postcards from around the world still fuels my desire. This year a rare sight appeared at the local gas station on World Postcard Day.  A roundup of US Mail trucks waiting in tandem to fuel up to deliver. 
Whenever I see, "We deliver for you", my thought turns to God's angels; a loving and gentle reminder from our celestial messengers,We Deliver For You.  Don't lose faith.  The best is yet to be.  
I'm so thankful for God's  angels who are constantly and selflessly ready to deliver and bless. Our thoughts are energy, (fuel) and where our attention goes, the energy flows, so why not think on the bright side.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday Morning Glory: An Angel Message

This morning hungry birds were waiting by the lake, hoping for a breakfast of cracked corn.  The water- logged grass squished under my feet as I greeted the happy flock.  Muscovy ducks,  Papa and Mama sandhill crane, and mallards.  What joy to find the missing family of six juvenile ducks all present and accounted for since the storm.  

As you can see, the ducky's bright orange beak, with its blue tip, added color to the day.  Ducks are symbolic of emotional healing.  To let our heavy emotions roll off our back, like water on a duck's back...just head for the water, and keep paddling along in peace.

The swollen lake mirrored the sky in the morning sunlight. Native Americans saw a lake as a smile of Great Spirit.  In the Zohar, water is a code word for light.  The lake is abundant with fresh clean water, a renewal of Spirit, a baptism of sorts.

From a distance, I watched a large crane swoop down from the sky, a bird of creation, and creativity. He stood high on the power-line, looking at the sunlit lake. A reminder that all real power comes from above. 

As we sat by the lake, I was cloud-watching, when I looked up higher, a rainbow had appeared. A wonderful sign of God's promise.

I'm thankful for the angels that guide us in all of our ways.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the birds.  They get me out of the house, and feed my heart a dose of nature's beauty and peace to begin each day.  A chance to be spontaneous and expectant of the joyful things of God.

Have a peaceful day, and remember you have a guardian angel by your side.  The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Friday, November 11, 2022

After Nicole: An Angel Message

Before 6:00 a.m. this morning, Elliot took the trash can down the driveway for pick up. The sky was so beautiful, he invited me to step outside and take a look.  I slipped on my shoes and together we stood in the moonlight gazing up at the stars.  The balmy sky revealed a full moon shining over the still pasture.  Above the treetops, a rainbow circled the moon, enhancing her radiant glow.  I watched a veil of wispy clouds swiftly sail across her face, and fade away.  To her left, a tiny star shone bright in the night as if keeping the moon company. Playfully, I wondered if the moon had a guardian angel.   

 I was thankful for the glorious view of the bigger picture.  A welcomed contrast from the stormy, wind-filled skies of Nicole's fury yesterday.  Now, a stillness filled the morning air, as if washed with angels--something sacred and holy was happening before daybreak on 11/11.  

Thank you for your prayers and spiritual support during our second major storm.  Please remember the people living on the East coast beaches in your prayers.  They took a big hit. 

Yesterday morning we found comfort in reading the Nov. 10th message in God Calling for the day. The timing was perfect, and I share it with you to offer encouragement and strength during these times of trouble: 

"REMEMBER that life's difficulties and troubles are not intended to arrest your progress, but to increase your speed.  You must call new forces, new powers into action.  

Whatever it is must be surmounted, overcome.  Remember this.  

It is as a race. Nothing must daunt you.  Do not let a difficulty conquer you. You must conquer it. 

My strength will be there awaiting you. Bring all your thought, all your power, into action.  Nothing is too small to be faced and overcome.  To push small difficulties aside is to be preparing for big troubles. Rise to conquer.  It is the path of victory I would have you tread. There can be no failure with me."

Later this morning, while putting things in order after Nicole, I grabbed the large, heavy Psalm 91 statue tucked away in the garage to move it outdoors again. 

To my surprise, a small gecko poked his head out from under the angel's wing.  Instead of scurrying away like in the past, he rode her wing to freedom. Fearlessly delivered by an angel, he was set free in the sunshine. I realized it was an angel message for me.  Over the last month, the wayward gecko wasn't willing to cooperate whenever a helping hand was offered to set him free.  

Today was effortlessly different.  

The symbolism brought a much needed smile. Psalm 91 helped me find peace in the storm. The angels given charge over us in Psalm 91 are real guardians. It is a powerful psalm of protection and guidance. 

 I recalled a lizard represents letting go of old fear, and also a symbol of dream-time.  With the help of our guardian angel, we, too, may find peace and freedom from fear, and find God's Love in the light of a new day. 

Love and peace,


 Rae  Karen


God Calling, A.J. Russell


Sunday, November 6, 2022

Chance to Change: An Angel Message

It's not everyday an albino squirrel crosses your path.  My son forwarded this picture (sent by his dad) of a white squirrel hanging out in a tree in a Pennsylvania neighborhood.  It seemed like one of those deliberate angel messages.

An on-line search revealed, albino squirrels have been a symbol of peace since the early 14th century.  The rare sighting of a white squirrel symbolizes good luck, and the end of troubled times.  A sign that you have found an aspect of yourself worth exploring.  

It can also be a message from your guardian angel.  A symbol of change and good luck and financial abundance. 

 Although a little topsy-turvey, this precious upside-down albino squirrel clings to the tree. His pose is a deliberate "heads-up".  Sometimes it just takes a small shift in the way we approach a challenge that results in a wonderful and much needed change.


The best is yet to be.  

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Be Not Anxious for Tomorrow: An Angel Message

Sometimes your guardian angel will present a mental image in your mind for encouragement. Something you may have recently seen or noticed a long time ago.  It  happened, out of the blue, one night when this image came to mind during a major physical challenge.  "Be not anxious for tomorrow" were the words I most needed to seal in my heart at that fearful hour.  Many years ago, I stumbled across the comforting image in a Bible study book tucked away in Mom's spare bedroom.  It gave me great hope then, and made a lasting impression, more than I realized.

God's love is ever-present, always, but fear keeps the door locked and we tremble with anxiety in doubt.  If only I can remember during a challenge or trial my very soul insists that I am now ready to come up higher, to grow stronger in my spirit. To pass the test.  With a little willingness, if I can yield to the Holy Spirit and release my fear, I find my perception shifts, and peace prevails against all odds.  Solutions appear in unfoldment, and the issue comes to pass. 

Never doubt that divine love has forgotten you. Be of good cheer.  Your ascension is on the horizon.  Trust that there is more than you presently can understand and rest in His Love. 

For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Psalm 91:11-12      

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen