Friday, March 30, 2018

The Biggest Leap of All: An Angel Message

Now that my sight is fully restored, what joy to see colors sparkle and gleam in the sunshine.  This morning brown clay flowerpots are filled with red petunias in celebration of spring.  Snowy white petunias intermingle with the red velvety petals, as they share a new home.  A large terracotta Aztec  pot is also residence for a tribe of ruby red geraniums. 

I know geraniums don’t like to get their leaves wet; like proper coiffed ladies, the last thing they want is to mist up their look.  Unlike most flowers that enjoy a gentle garden spray to cool off on a hot summer's day, geraniums want the soil soaked, not them.  Flowers are like people, they have their personal quirks, and let us know their reactions.

Now, I have a gardening dilemma:  To love, and let all be as it is,  or to intervene, believing that I am in control? 

Do I really understand the inner workings of nature?  

A rather large brood of nymph lubber grasshoppers is stirring my conscience.

 Yesterday they were enjoying a feast on my white irises.  Then, when politely asked to leave, they obliged by moving to the tall lilies, a plant of forgiveness.   This morning, these uninvited guests are having brunch on the purple closed blooms of my dear spiderworts.

I can see the lesson is perfect.  I have drawn this to me as I had written and pictured an adult lubber grasshopper in Spiritual Lessons from Nature.  The star featured lubber had struck an unusual pose on an ornamental astrolabe.  Purposefully, he seemed to aim the arrow for the stars. Florida lubbers are slow moving and can't take the leaps that other grasshoppers can. 

Remember, of course,
the song of the grasshopper, as well as the ant or bee—
but know in Whom ye have believed.  For He,
the Giver of all good and perfect gifts,
has given these—the handiwork of His creation—
as a pattern or example or lesson, that ye—too—may learn.
--Edgar Cayce reading 1965-1

The bejeweled 3-inch grasshopper that year seemed to be a celestial messenger having arrived after a rare lunar and solar event.  Do I really know the meaning of anything?

Now doubt creeps in.  That was six years ago, with only a rare sighting or two.  This spring the picture has changed.  A multitude of little black grasshoppers, with orange racing stripes, are speeding through our meditation garden munching their way into adulthood.  

Grasshoppers represent a giant leap forward.  They never jump backwards.  And with all the major shifts and earth changes in the world today, we as humans are being transformed.  It is Easter week, a time to rejoice, a time to love.  If all things work together for good except in my ego’s judgment, what does this soiree symbolize in the garden?  A chance to choose peace? 

I want to learn the lesson, but don’t I need to know what it is first?

I stopped writing and took time out for breakfast, a bowl of warm oatmeal with fresh blueberries, cinnamon and honey in the garden at the umbrella table. Instead of the rainy forecast, the morning is cool, sunny with a soft breeze.  A picture perfect day.  

Later while watering the flowers, I gently sprayed the little grasshoppers as they clustered together on a long lily leaf, asking them to please leave.  They scampered off, but soon something unusual caught my eye.  

A pale baby treefrog, no bigger than a quarter, clung to a wide dampened green lily frond.  He stared up at me with unblinking eyes as he rested on the leaf in the sunlight.  I spoke softly to the little fellow, surprised he was out in the open, but perhaps he was thirsty. 

As we looked each other in the eye, I suddenly realized I had my answer. The acronym for FROG:  (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od.  

Thanks for the reminder, I smiled.  

Before I could get a picture, he leaped out of sight.  But the message gave me peace.  Let go and let God.  

Isn't that the biggest leap of all?

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen  

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lessons from a Garden Hose: An Angel Message

Watering the meditation garden early this morning, the long black 75-ft. garden hose followed my lead.  Wending its way behind me, down the stepping stone path, it slid like a snake, among the colorful wildflowers. Tall purple spiderworts, low-lying clusters of dainty pink shamrocks, rose colored vincas, and bright yellow daisies.  On a mission, I was enjoying the quiet hum of nature when suddenly the water stopped without a single drop to share.  Giving the hose an impetuous yank, it became apparent that a little crimp had pinched off the flow.  Practicing patience, but with an ever so slight sigh, I retraced my steps back to the cause.  A crease had squeezed the long hose in opposite directions, clogging the harmony.  The water was abundant, but blocked.

In that moment, I could see how the same dynamics play out in our relationships at times.  Everything is flowing beautifully, showering our lives with joy and love, but then out of the blue it stops.  A crimp or a tight loop is the culprit.  There are many causes for these annoying interruptions, but mostly they are looped from hurt feelings, bruised egos, or even a sense of self-righteousness that close the gap, replaying over again and again in our memory.

As I examined the knot in the old black garden hose, the remedy was an easy hands-on fix.  Untangle the snarl, and let it flow.  Continue the joy of gardening, with gratitude, in the cool sunshine.

A funny thing happened later when I was hosing off the twiggy concrete patio.  Elliot returned from an errand.  Pulling up in the driveway, he noticed the black garden hose.  It had formed a large loop that resembled the Christ fish.  Look what you made! He smiled.

And so it was.  I had not intended this to be a blog, but beginning a new writing lesson, the instructions were to let the words flow without a filter.   The morning hose lesson is what came forth.  So many little ways we feel the touch of God working subtly in our lives.  The wonderful Gardener who gave us new life.  I must learn to let Him control the flow without any interference from me.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Physics of the Quest: An Angel Message

These two inspiring angel cards popped up today.  Love and Creativity go hand in hand.
What if we could really understand that every encounter is designed for our highest good.  The people we meet, the circumstances we face, all serve one purpose, to love and to heal, as the universe is always conspiring on our behalf.  Some call this the physics of the quest.  Each person, animal, event is an important piece of our own personal puzzle, but more often than not, we are unaware that this is so.  Love passes by largely unnoticed.

And what detail, this infinite divine intelligence, Love creates, in weaving moments of our lives strand by strand, often mending holes in our hearts.  Such an encounter recently happened. What a surprise to find this lovable fur ball mewing outside our patio fence, eyeing a bowlful of dry nuggets for our favorite stray, Gus.  At first glance, this rare visitor reminded me of our cat, Angel, who had graduated from earth last fall.  The sudden appearance of a similar feline seemed like a dream come true.  Elliot and I had been waiting for another cat, but the right one hadn't come along.  In many ways, this seemed like an angel delivery.

But a deeper mystery was playing out.  Manard, wise beyond his twelves years, had recently moved in a few doors down.  His human mama had graduated from earth school. Her grandson, away at college, hoped to keep the beloved pet in the family.  His new charge, Ken, a wonderful humanitarian, ex-son-in-law and devoted father, who worked from home, accepted the responsibility.

Our new feline friend spent most of his days wandering through the vacant lot next door to visit our yard where he would hang out in the sunshine, resting on the patio by a bowl of nuggets.  The weather was so beautiful that I'd spend most of the time reading and working at the umbrella table with Manard beside me.  It's funny, but I knew he was giving me a chance to heal from the sudden passing of Angel.    And, also I had a feeling that it was a win-win as I brought comforting maternal energy that helped him deal with grief  from the loss of his dear Mama.  While love is never complicated, life itself can be rolled up in a ball of yarn that creates a continuous thread of everlasting loving moments.

Before Manard, we hardly knew our neighbor other than an occasional hello.  Now, often Ken would appear at the garden fence, peeking through the lattice to check in on his new family member.  This would open up universal discussions on spirituality, science, metaphysics, and writing.  I laughed remembering the sit-com, Home Improvement, where the wise unseen neighbor would appear at the fence, with great advice for Tim Allen, the tool show star.

Change was in the air.  We learned that Manard was ready to make his own transition soon.  I was so thankful for the understanding that there is no death.  But this unexpected encounter made me dig deeper.  Through afternoons with Manard, I learned that each moment is a gift.  I could enjoy just being in the now.  Thankful for everything.  What a miracle --this little cat would choose to come and stay by me.   Visits with Ken through the fence revealed that he, too, was being healed as he revisited his mother's passing many years ago.  Those haunting questions of guilt.  Did we do the right thing?  Could we have done more?

I shared my own story about my mother's passing in 2014.   I could see how loving divine Mind is to
bring hearts together to share and to heal.  And the best part, we all knew Manard would leave when his work was finished.  And he did, but not until he made sure we understood that love waits on welcome, not on time.  He passed on Ken's birthday, March 21st, and we had a celebration of life that evening as we gathered on our porch in gratitude for Manard's gift.  Amazing what a little eight pound ball of fur can do to change the world.  

Yesterday morning, on a whim, I looked through the lattice fence where I first saw him.  Thank you, Manard.  I said, imagining those beautiful eyes looking at me on the other side.  My attention was suddenly drawn to the ground. To my surprise, an old garden plaque had fallen down, and had been  buried by the fence.  Digging it out, I turned the sign over. Smiling, I read the words, Bless This Garden.  And He did.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy Spring Solstice! Welcome Archangel Raphael


Creation is the keynote of this beautiful resurrection season. Like a seed pushing out of the earth, spring is a time for our creative powers to be expressed for a brand new beginning. Thoughts are things.  It seems no sooner do we have a thought, then it manifests. It's fun and a little scary at the same time. More than ever, we cannot afford the luxury of a single negative thought.

Today marks the Spring Solstice and Archangel Raphael is the governor of the season.  The name Raphael means  'Divine Healer' or 'God Heals'. This powerful Archangel is responsible for healing the earth and its people. He can help us seek the gift of healing and shows us ways to heal ourselves in nature and through universal divine energy.

The winter season, under the leadership of  Archangel Gabriel  brought feminine energy to the earth through the water element.  Now the fire element, the masculine energy is most active.  The keynote is resurrection, witnessed in nature, as dormant life reaches from darkness upward into the healing light of new beginnings.

Raphael means "God has Healed." He is the Angel of brightness, beauty, healing and life. The sun, or the returning sun, sometimes symbolize him. He instructs the art of healing, especially through the elements of Nature, and thus the caduceus is often his symbol. In the healing, he helps us to link our heart and our mind. The Book of Tobias in the Old Testament tells how Raphael healed Tobias' father of blindness with an ointment made from a large fish.

Call on Archangel Raphael to bring radiant healing to dissolve any blockages that may be holding you back from a wonderful new beginning. Then watch what you say and think. Speak only positive life-affirming words over your life. Get ready to bloom!

Happy Spring Solstice!

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

  (Artwork: The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Shower of White Irises: An Angel Message

It is only with the heart 
that one can see rightly; 
what is essential is invisible to the

Yesterday morning before a much needed rain, what a pleasant surprise to find all of the African white irises had bloomed at once!  Not only the irises in the meditation garden, but the tall green stalks in the front yard had opened wide in a smile to life.

A quick glance up and down the street, brought a smile to my own face as I saw that all of the white African irises were in bloom.  It was one of those rare moments when you feel something special is happening, as if seeing a snow fall for the first time.  A hush of peace filled the air.  In the seven years here on the block, this celebration was a first for me. I felt an angel zsst...

Irises are a special messenger flower. They deliver a hopeful message of a new birth at hand. Their appearance always indicate a sense of peace is being restored.  Keep on trusting.   Your faith will be rewarded.

Enjoy the day with your Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

P.S. I'm in the market for a new camera, but with these phone photos you can get a glimpse of their beauty.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Carpe Diem: An Angel Message

Carpe diem translated means seize the day.  This delightful  postcard recently arrived from Germany and brings a wonderful message to begin each day with enthusiasm.  Today is big with blessings, a celebration of life.  A day to rejoice and be free, to let your spirit soar, spread your wings and turn toward the sunrise.  Make no plans but allow the day to unfold gently like the fragrant petals of a budding rose.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Angels of Happiness

The city of happiness is in the state of mind.    
               --Christine Moore

An angel thought came this morning to brighten the day.  A reminder that every so called negative has a positive if I take the time to look for it. A quick review of past challenges proved this to be true.  Good is all pervasive just as light is ever present, darkness is a mere shadow.  The sun never sets; it is always shining somewhere.

So I'm beginning to understand more that happiness is an inside job.  It is a joyful spirit within each moment waiting to shine out in the world.  Our sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln once said, "A man is just about as happy as he decides to be."

So today I will look for happiness both inside and out. 

In the book Angel Intelligence, author Rav. Yehuda Berg teaches that we can summon the Angels of Happiness by saying the Aramaic word: "Hidu." When you say Hidu, you draw down gleaming energy from a touchable realm of angels.

Hidu! Hidu! Wishing you happy days with your Angels.

Joyful blessings, 

Rae Karen

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Then There Were Five: An Angel Message

Sitting on the sofa last night, I thought I saw something different about the beautiful purple orchid plant on the mantle.  I got up to take a look.  A fifth little bud had bloomed backwards by the ascension statue of Christ. That's how I saw its reflection in the mirror.   You may remember this was a stubby lifeless plant now that it had bloomed once.  But without much thought,  I had brought it inside during a cold snap a few months ago. 

It was a big lesson in letting go. I had tucked it away on top of a file cabinet in the laundry room and forgotten all about it.  Until it stretched and bloomed beyond its pot reaching out for a photo of a whale breaching.  These two symbols seemed to partner up with a "back flip" message. Judge not by appearances, you haven't seen anything yet!
 So the surprises continue with the Angels. Expect the unexpected.   As this little rare bud also had escaped my attention, but peeked out just when I needed to see it.   A wonderful message to let go and have faith.  Everything blooms on time.  All things are possible with God.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Drumming a New Song: An Angel Message

This BIG beautiful pileated woodpecker sang out at lunch time yesterday, heralding an unusual call. I wasn't sure what bird song until  his expansive wings flew over the fence and he landed on the old orange tree.  I stopped eating lunch to run for my phone. 

He was busy doing the woodpecker drill, hammering the old tree trunk. I thanked him for being messenger and he soon flew away in the sunshine.

 But the show was not over.  A half dozen smaller red headed woodpeckers glided over the garden and joined us for lunch at the birdfeeder.  One by one they dropped down from the trees to grab a seed or two.

Woodpeckers were significant and so I did some research. One of the signals of the pileated woodpecker is to follow your own unique rhythm.  Be wary of others trying to nudge you into a rhythm that is not comfortable for you.  It's time to trust your own instincts even if you do not quite understand them.  Do what works in the manner best for you as the foundation is there.  Take your thoughts and give them action.  It is safe for you to do so.

Take flight and keep praying for guidance.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Reference: Animal-Wise Ted Andrews)

Friday, March 2, 2018

Singing is a Remedy: An Angel Message

The chirping birds this morning brought to mind the healing power of singing.  Scientific studies have shown that when we sing an uplifting, spiritual song, both hemispheres of our brain unite and ignite portions of our mind that are rarely used. This union produces a healing effect. Some examples cited were singing the Lord's Prayer, or opening the Bible to a psalm and making up your own melody to the words.  

One restless night, I put this technique to a test.  In the dark, I silently began to sing favorite old hymns and Christmas carols that came to mind. It worked.  Soon, a sweet healing energy washed over me, and I enjoyed a peaceful night's sleep.  The next morning a friend called to share that she, too, had a healing by singing the Lord's Prayer during the night.

Singing is a healing balm.  It doesn't matter if you sing well or not.  Singing as we go about our day is cheerful medicine.  It's hard to be in a bad mood if you're singing.  Also listening to uplifting, melodious music is a mood changer.  Music is a bridge to the soul. It transcends all the material barriers in this world.

So, if you're having trouble sleeping, instead of counting sheep, you may want to try singing a lullaby to yourself.   

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen