Monday, May 31, 2021

Transformed by the Light: An Angel Message


As you know, angel messages may sneak up on you in unexpected, happy ways. It happened early this morning.  When I looked out the sun-room window, the glorious light of a new day was dawning.

In gratitude, I watched beams of golden light reach through the leafy tree tops, laden with Spanish moss, and transform everything touched by its radiance. 

The rays revealed a large circular spider web suspended from the branches of a tree. 

What had been hidden was now in plain sight.

Suddenly the ordinary became extraordinary!

 As I gazed at the radiant symbol of the Circle of Life, it got even better.  The sunlight transformed the silken web into a tapestry of rainbow threads woven in the harmony of unity and Oneness. 

A rainbow is a sign of God's promise.  As you can see in the Circle of Life, a few threads need mending, but overall strength and unity in God prevails.

Today we honor the soldiers who bravely fought for our cherished freedoms, to keep us united as One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  

In God we trust.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Sunday, May 30, 2021

A High Wire Act: An Angel Message

In the early morning, it's not unusual to see a graceful dove or a little songbird perched on the cable cord that stretches across the road. 

But... this morning's visitor brought a touch of dry humor.  

LOL! This odd duck was clearly out of water.  What was he up to?  Far from his element, he tried his best to perform a balancing act as he moved along the high wire.  But, those large webbed feet, with no claws, were not equipped to get a grip on such a daring feat.  

I'll admit it seemed like the angels of humor were bringing a message on-high through nature. 

As you may recall in the last blog, ducks bring emotional comfort.   Stay in your own element, a place where you feel comfortable and can easily handle whatever may come up.  Try not to make a spectacle of yourself.  

I'm so thankful for the lessons that come when God speaks through nature.  It adds a whole new dimension to life, making you wonder in awe of it all.  God is Love.  You are never alone.  He has given His angels charge to watch over you.  Trust that more is happening than you can presently realize.  Go within and be still.  Answers will come.  Pay attention to the birds and animals that may cross your path. What are they doing when you notice them?  The more you open up to nature, the louder she will speak. 

And, just so you know, the awkward duck spread its wings, and took to the endless sky as soon as I thanked him for delivering the uplifting message.  :-D

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Eyes Judge Not: An Angel Message

A little red Miracles sticker on our kitchen window helps me begin each day with a good attitude. While making oatmeal, I read: 




                                                          --A Course in Miracles

No turning on the news, but going within, and being still, expecting good things to come because God is good. It makes a world of difference as to how I greet each new day. We don't always get what we want, we get what we vibrate. Joy and happiness are our spiritual birthright, and cannot be taken away unless we willingly give them up by yielding to the ego's demands to be right.   

Yesterday nature taught me a fun lesson on not judging by appearances.  It happened when I spotted a lonesome duck swimming toward the shore from the far end of the sunlit lake.   The sight of him paddling alone in the big wide lake tugged on my heart.  

Lately, a duck has been hanging out alone under the picnic table. Was this the same one out for a morning swim? His loneliness was perhaps a reflection of my own cares about a loved one who longs for a mate to share his life. 

A good distance away, I watched him  paddle forward in the sunlit waters.  His steady motion made a wake among the yellow lotus blossoms that had resurfaced, making a comeback.  

To my surprise, in that moment, the scene shifted.  I was given a glimpse of the big picture!  

Those yellow blobs rippling out in the middle of the lake were not yellow lotus flowers!  

A happy fleet of yellow ducklings were paddling in tandem.   Alone! I laughed at myself.  It was the largest brood I've yet to see.    

I walked down to the water's edge to admire the fuzzy flock.  Safely tucked away in the shelter of tall reeds, Mama seemed pleased when I asked for a family photo.   Nope, I'm not alone... See, I've got a dozen! 

Ducks bring a message to seek out emotional comfort and protection.  Stay in a comfortable environment to soothe emotions.  Difficulties will be easily handled. 

I was thankful for the loving reminder.  It may appear that we are alone, but in truth we are always in the presence of angels who are charged to watch over us.  It may seem like things are at a standstill, but something wonderful is happening below the surface, deep within, bringing new life.  Trust that there is more than you can presently understand, and expect a joyful new birth in your experience.  Everything has its season.  Who can judge by appearance? 

Expect the happy things of God to come to you today.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Ref. Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A Flexible Guest for Breakfast: An Angel Message

 This morning brought a joyous touch of grace when this beautiful doe came to partake of a breakfast of birdseed.  When I spotted her from the window, she looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes.   I softly assured her that she was a most welcomed guest.  A silent prayer went up for her sustenance to be met today, and for all Life.  When a deer appears, it is a sign of gently being lured on a new adventure.  This one has a forest to explore.  Fawn extends an invitation to step out slowly into new endeavors with wide-eyed innocence.  New wonders are about to appear.  Maintain a fresh outlook.

These are times of flexibility...  

Deer feeding on birdseed... 


Wild daisies blossoming in the bowl of an old tree.  The possibilities are endless.

The angel message that came to me is to stay flexible.  Flexibility is the key to meet the need of each hour, and an opportunity to express gratitude for all that we have in each moment.  We are truly never alone.  The angels are with us as we abide in the Shadow of the Almighty.  God is Love, and is ever present. Wonderful things are happening...

Love and peace,


Rae Karen


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Spread Your Wings, Dance and Sing: An Angel Message

 Stretch, the fast-growing sandhill crane colt, put on a show at the lake.  It was amusing as he became animated after I called on the angels to help get a playful photo.   

Here his message is to "Stretch" your wings, and get ready to take flight. The sky is the limit.

Actually, he was drying out after a splashy bath, singing in the lake. 

Singing brings joy to the heart and lightens the worse of moods.  Why not have fun and sing today?  You may not feel like it at first, but your spirit will kick in and before you know it you'll be happy you gave it a try.   Be like Stretch and sing your own song with gusto.  

And, last but not least, enjoy the dance of life. Step out and let the wind blow through your feathers and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Look to spend time outdoors in nature.

Have a joyful day, and remember you are never alone.  You are always in the presence of the angels. Welcome these celestial visitants and watch for wonderful things to happen throughout the day.  

"For He shall give his angels charge over you..."  Psalm 91:11

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

It's Never Too Late: An Angel Message

Time is speeding up... days seem to meld together, but in my evening's reflection of events, what happened that morning seems like ages ago. Much like looking through the far lens of a pair of binoculars.   

And, when I look back on life, it's hard to believe how many decades of solar years I've spent orbiting the sun. Every now and then, I get a joyful glimpse of my true identity in the mirror, if only a gleam in my eye, reminding me that I'm spirit-formed, as are you. 

The angel messages lately have been about rebirth and resurrection energy. The power of not judging anything by appearances, and seeing beyond the limited physical form into the joyful immortal. 

 A powerful lesson came last week without much thought, it just happened.  

An old pottery planter full of straggly plants had been recently moved here from our old house.  Brown tips instead of buds were signs they had seen better days.  These plants had been volunteers that had never bloomed.

The old planter was an eyesore in need of new life.   To my surprise, a little tug and the entire potted clump easily lifted out and effortlessly transported to the pasture fence for replanting.  But that didn't happen as planned.

Life got busy with no time to buy new flowers.  Then, last week, in the afternoon sun, the sadly forgotten clump caught my eye, a reminder my hope for replanting had laid fallow.   

Feeling guilty for my neglect,  I returned them to the old pot.    

I asked for forgiveness as I watered their thirsty sun-drenched leaves.  What was I thinking?  I wouldn't like to be tossed aside, and forgotten...  All life is to be respected. 

Several days passed with no time to buy bright red geraniums or replant the old stalks.

Then, on my birthday, while sitting on the patio, enjoying the early morning sunshine, Elliot pointed out the round stone planter across the way.   Something was blooming on those leafy stalks. 

A closer look, revealed a special birthday surprise.  New life had popped out to celebrate life! It had been there all the while, waiting for the right time to bloom.

Seven beautiful Irises all bloomed in perfect union and harmony.  My eyes misted with gratitude from such a tender sight.

God seemed very close in that humbling moment.  

Through the years, Irises have been a sign from God that I'm in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.  Like breadcrumbs on the path, iris leads the way home.  

And, to think I almost snipped off those brown tips, mistaking them as dud blooms.

What do I really know? 

Iris signals that new birth is at hand.  This flower is sacred to all who worship and revere the Virgin Mother.   And, they blossomed on Mother's Day, reminding me of my dear Mom.  

Iris brings a message to maintain hope.  At one time "iris" was the common word for "rainbow". 

After the storms, a new peace comes.

The last several weeks have been filled with challenges.  Many opportunities to pass every test. And, good has come from each one, if not only to build spiritual strength in Oneness.

I'm most thankful to the Holy Spirit and the angels for helping me to find peace in the midst of  turmoil.  Peace is always present, if I can just still my mind and get centered. God is ever present, always in all ways. 

"Lean not on your own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all your heart."  (Prov. 3:5)

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful day with your angels. God is Love.


Rae Karen

Thursday, May 6, 2021

May Flowers Bring Love to the Heart: An Angel Message

This morning while out for a walk, an impromptu angel nudge led me down a new path. I was glad I listened.  Around the bend, in the shade of a southern magnolia tree, a lotus-like flower presented itself.  Near the walkway, an exquisite magnolia bloom lay fully open on the ground, serving an abundant dish from nature the size of a pie plate! 

The sweet scented heavenly messenger prompted my curiosity. At home, I found out the symbolism of magnolia.  The keynote is recovery of what has been lost, and faith and ideals tested.  The magnolia tree is an evergreen and its large leaves and aromatic flowers easily tolerate fumes and grimes of cities, and is free of insect pests.  This reinforces the magnolia's message. "If we hold true to our ideals and have faith, the pests that seem to be pressuring us will soon disappear."  A message we all can take to heart at this time regarding the recovery of what was lost.

The magnolia tree also has an energy that helps to strengthen and activate the heart chakra.  It aligns the individual with his or her higher intellect.  "Magnolia reminds us to be true to our ideals and our heart, no matter the pressure upon us."    


Another fascinating flower messenger came in an email newsletter, a monkey face orchid!  It read:

Do you see a monkey face?  Look more closely, can you find the enlightened SELF, seated in the "lotus position"?  Atop the head is a golden crown.  Information flows in and out of the crown, and it is surrounded by a beautiful aura.  Amazingly, once you've connected with the enlightened SELF, you cannot go back to seeing only the monkey.

Wishing you a day full of happy blossoms. God is Love.  Your guardian angel is with you always.


Love and peace,

Rae Karen 

Ref:  Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews

Monday, May 3, 2021

A Concrete Angel Message

If you enjoy nature, you've probably noticed some unusual circumstances that pop up as tailor- made lessons for you.  Last week a lost earthworm was stretched out on the concrete terrace step, far from any sign of good soil.  Easy bait for any bird, I spotted him from the sunroom. 

At first,  I let it be, not wanting to interfere with nature. But since his predicament was under my nose, it seemed like one of those deliberate angel messages.  

Later, when I looked out again, he had made no progress in navigating the stony hard surface, far from his natural environment.  

With compassion for a fellow gardener, I was guided to lend a helping hand.  I grabbed a tissue and  gently transplanted him to a nearby clay pot of red pentas.   He wiggled and squirmed, but in the long run, I think he was happy to be back on purpose in good soil where he can continue his work and grow.

Shortly after the rescue, five little sparrows came twittering and flitting, pecking away at my prize red geraniums! At least I was thankful they didn't go for the pentas.   One little bird landed on the tall angel statue that tenderly holds a bird. I got the message.  The birds get fed in many ways.  Let it be.

The timing was interesting, having spared the lost worm, hungry little sparrows were having a picnic on the full blossomed geraniums. Oh well, it was a good lesson on letting go, non-attachment. Soon the little flock flew away.  To my surprise, the geraniums were mostly intact, and so was my disposition.  :-D


Later, I looked up the symbolism of an earthworm. It represents security and retreat.  Well, that was a fit.

A nature reference* explained that earthworms enter our consciousness when we return to the earth.  "Perhaps in recent times you've had many emotions to work through.  Perhaps your consciousness is longing for security, for a return to the earth.  The earthworm invites us to relax and let go.  It is probably time to give yourself, your body, and your digestive system a rest.  Perhaps you would do well to retreat into silence, away from life's many impressions, expectations, and inspirations.  "Do not demand too much of yourself and let your soul fly a little."  

Another source** advised earthworms are symbolic of working old ground.  When one appears it is time to work over all we have been experiencing, examining and digesting what has occurred in our life.  Then we can determine what must be cast off, what is no longer beneficial or suitable for us, a necessary process to let in some fresh air and open to new growth.  Earthworms often appear in times of turmoil, and we often find ourselves wanting to be alone.  Earthworm reminds us to work over the old thoroughly before moving on to the new. 

A good message for all of us  now.

What angel messages are coming to you today?  I'm always amazed by how timely and appropriate each message is.  

Your guardian angel is always with  you, what a wonderful journey it becomes when we invite that heavenly companion to be with us as we go about our day.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

*Animal Messengers, Regula Meyer

**Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sandhill Crane Family: Angel Message

 When sandhill cranes appear there is usually some hidden protection around us.  Sandhills are high flyers and they often announce their presence with loud calls.  This is why they are often considered noble guardians, calling out loudly to forewarn.  It is time to focus on protection.

The sandhill family at the lake is growing, and Stretch, the little colt, is no longer so little, as you can see. 

A few weeks ago, a man and his wife were walking their leashed collie along the gravel road by the lake.  A peaceful calm evening suddenly had a rumble in the force. 

The sandhill family, wading at the water's edge, were foraging for dinner among the tall reeds when papa crane let out a loud warning. 

I tried my best to hold the peace. Prayers went up for protection for all.  

The papa crane watched, on the shore,  a safe distance from the road, and the mama and wading colt.

Little Stretch sensing trouble took action.   We tried to spot him in the watery reeds.   The next thing we knew,  he had launched out like a duck to water!  It was amazing to see how fast he could swim, aiming to find refuge on the far side of the lake. 

I pointed out the colt's fuzzy tall golden head bobbing up and down in the lake to the lady who had come closer to the water.  Oh! he's gotten so big! she said.  Her husband stood back, watching with their low-key dog. 

"I didn't know sandhills can swim!" I told her,  having compassion for the frightened colt paddling like mad. "The dog must have scared him." I hoped she would take a hint, and they strolled on down the road and disappeared around the corner.   

Danger had passed. The colt's parents stood lakeside, patiently watching their offspring swim far from the safety of the shore.  He didn't look back. His goal was to get to the far side. 

Beaks pointed skyward, they let out a cry to him, but he kept on going. I've never seen adult sandhills swim before. How would they reunite? Stretch has yet to earn his wings.

What happened next was very moving and tender.  

Both parents spread their sheltering wings and flew out to the middle of the lake to join their seafaring son in the cool sunset waters.  Together the happy threesome swam safely back to shore, not far from their original nest. The story had a happy ending.

We all need to be patient and helpful with our loved ones now more than ever. Sometimes we need to be a temporary guardian for another.   These are perilous times of uncharted waters, but with the help of the angelic realm, and the Holy Spirit all will be well.


God is Love.  Angels guide, protect, and comfort you. You are never alone.  So keep having faith that more is going on than you can presently understand.  One day at a time, in gratitude, is the best way to pass every test.

Joyful blessings,


Rae Karen