Friday, June 30, 2023

Bunny Hop: Angel Message


 Shortly after our morning meditation, we witnessed a precious sight.  A baby bunny appeared.  It boldly hopped along the sidewalk up toward the house as if on a mission. He kept coming forward... and then, there he was up close.  A sweet picture of wide-eyed innocence.

 We held our breath not to scare him away.   Those long ears and big round eyes peeked in the sunroom where we sat watching  him from the sofa.  Hei-Hei, our cat, was asleep in the chair and missed a rare opportunity.  

Soon the little bunny turned to leave.  His fluffy tail looked like a white powder puff as he hopped down the step.  Then he did something unexpected.  He stopped long enough to yank a tall weed out of the rocky flowerbed and nibble on the long green stem.  I chuckled, thanking him for his help.  The timing was amusing as I had intended to weed the edges of the flower beds the day before, but never got around to it.  

When animals appear up close and personal, they bring an angel message.  What did this unusual encounter mean?  Yes, rabbit is new life, fertility, but there was something more.  Timing, everything happens when it is supposed to...and, also rabbit is about overcoming fear. A message to try something new and get out of your comfort zone.  Begin a new rhythm to your life, one hop at a time. 

And, just now, I'm reminded 2023 is the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit, a year of hope.   A time we'll have the ability to turn unfortunate events around despite their upbringing.  A time to focus on the unseen things of God.  God is Love.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Welcome Archangel Uriel, Ruler of the Summer Solstice

Welcome Archangel Uriel, ruler of the summer season. His name means "Light of God" and he brings an understanding of the Divine to humanity. The most radiant of angels, he has been called the "Flame of God."

The new Summer energies activate a powerful time within us to reach our spiritual goals.  They can:

--awaken great spiritual inspiration as our intuition become heightened.

--create an opportunity to connect with other light-minded souls.

--provide an opening to work harmoniously with the nature kingdom.

--release energies that create opportunities for confidence, strength, and hope.

--present an ideal time to renew the mind, and attune to the highest consciousness by merging the male and female polarities within to create a new birth.

Archangel Uriel can help to shed light as to why things are as they are. He enables us to trust in the Divine plan, so when things appear to be going wrong, we will understand everything will ultimately work out for the highest good and greatest joy. Archangel Uriel brings a gift of discernment by helping us find our inner light.  With his flame of knowledge, he can assist in cutting away any obstacles that are blocking our path to victory.

If nature is your teacher, you will surely learn. 
At our favorite lake, the yellow water lilies are doing something new and different. These hardy flowers are coming up higher, reaching beyond the comfort of their green floating pads. High above the waterline, they joyously wave their yellow petals opened wide to embrace the sunshine of a new day. Yellow is the color of faith...and  we can celebrate summer by coming up higher in ours. We too can bloom where we are planted, with faith.
Love and joy,

Rae Karen
(Ref. Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews)

Friday, June 16, 2023

A Thud in the Night: An Angel Message

 A thud in the night broke my sleep.  Too tired to get out of bed, I hoped our cat was the culprit, or else a picture had fallen off the living room wall. Whatever, it could wait until morning.  Then a T-storm rolled in. A repeat of the night before.  Psalm 91 and prayers of protection went out for all.  Heavy rains pounded the roof, but again I found peace in the chaos by turning my thoughts to God.

This morning I smiled at a welcomed sight.  Our wood plaque, "The best is yet to come" was lying face up at the feet of a tall cherub statue near the front door.  Hei-Hei had knocked it off the counter.  The ominous thud in the night had been a bringer of Good News.  We all need an uplifting reminder during these dark times. The best is yet to come.  Do not give up.     

At dawn, Hei-Hei was out on the back porch, waiting to deliver part two of the angel message. 

The frisky cat had captivated the attention of a little treefrog who came in from the storm. While I was busy making oatmeal, Elliot chased after the bouncing frog, circling the porch, before finally ushering it out the back door. Safe and sound. 

A frog is always a happy messenger.  A powerful acronym, (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od.  F.R.O.G. it!  The little treefrog stayed put and I got a photo to share with you. 

I'm so grateful for today's angel forecast.  Fully rely on God.  The best is yet to come.  Do not be deceived by appearances.

And, in hindsight, yesterday I'd grabbed a handout at our public library.  How to Take-it and Make-it, an Origami Frog.   Thankfully the instructions to connect with our angels are easier than folding a paper frog out of a green square.  And, our angels go with us everywhere and make our day a blessing when we remember their loving presence.  


Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Overcoming Fear, Little by Little: An Angel Message

Last night a thunderstorm woke me from a restful sleep.  Lightning flashes, heavy rains, high wind.  Thoughts and prayers turned to the birds and animals, all life, with gratitude to His angels for protection.  I recited Psalm 91 in my head, and soon a long-forgotten hymn wafted in, a memory from childhood.  "Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, calling to you and to me... Come home...come home... ye who are weary come home."  The soothing melody calmed my anxious nerves.  And, I envisioned waking up the next morning to the dawn of a new day, enjoying a bowl of oatmeal in the sun-room.  Thankful, the storm had passed...

And, what a wonder early this morning, Elliot and I talked about how the high winds had toppled over a large urn with a tall artificial tree, making a mess, strewing pebbles all over the porch floor.  In contrast, the hanging baskets of  dainty white geraniums and lacy vinca outside our bedroom window were still suspended on the garden pole without a single blossom ruffled.    

My throat was dry and I began making a clucking noise.  Hei-Hei sprang up on the bed as if he recognized the language.  "It's a turkey cluck!  I realized, as the cat gave me the strangest look. Getting out of bed, Elliot spotted the return of the turkeys! Only this time he counted twelve.  The family was safe and sound. To celebrate their safe passage through the storm, I hurried out the back door with a cup of cracked corn and tossed it on the grass before they arrived.  

It worked.  

Hei-Hei- sprawled out on the porch, watching the happy brood of 12  peck away at the corn.  God is good.  Not only were we safely delivered through the storm, but prayers were answered for the wild turkeys and our sandhill crane family.    

One more thing...

During the storm I thought about the tiniest lizard I'd ever seen. How would he fare, alone in the heavy rain and wind.  I'd seen him early that evening while watering the geraniums in their clay pots. A sudden rustle of leaves caught my attention.  A newborn lizard scurried up a geranium stem.  Near the top, he hung on tight as if the full red blossom were his umbrella.  Such a cute little creature, no bigger than my finger nail, I grabbed my camera.

The baby lizard stayed still as my eyes drank in how precious was this tiny little creation.   In that moment, I realized how much I'd changed.  Over the years, my dreadful fear of lizards had turned to love, and I marveled at how this tiny creature had suddenly appeared, out of nowhere to teach me that little things are big things to me. 

Lizards represent dream-time, a letting go of old fears to embrace a new beginning.  And, later this morning, as I walked by the pots of red geraniums on the wrought iron bench, I called out to the little fellow. I think Elliot thought I'd lost it.  But the baby lizard was there.  He peeked out from a geranium, safe and sound, ready to begin a new day.

I'm so grateful to believe in angels and receive the protection and blessings of their heavenly vision to see all things through a lens of divine love.  Faith grows in a garden.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Turkey Trot: Angel Message

An angel tapped me on my shoulder and my day got off with a happy boost.  What joy to watch a family of wild turkeys trot down the driveway...hens, chicks and papa...gobbling on the run.  Nine in all.  Whenever a turkey appears, it's a sign to be grateful for all the good already present now, and be willingly to share with others. 

Turkeys are fast movers and can fly up to 55 mph and run up to 25 mph.  They can see in color and their daytime vision is three times better than a human.  An adult turkey has approximately 1,500 feathers and up to a mile away, you can hear a gobble.   The wild turkey was Ben Franklin's preference for the national bird because of its proud demeanor and protective instincts.  


I never imagined we'd live so close to nature that a parade of wild turkeys would come down the driveway and peek in the porch door.  But that's what can happen when guided by angels.  

 June is National Turkey Lover's Month.  A time for us all to be thankful for the many blessings we have.  And one of the biggest gifts, not to be taken for granted, is the joy and comfort of knowing we are never alone.  God's angels are with us.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Sunday, June 4, 2023

Geranium Dream: An Angel Message

Last night's falling rain made for a deep sleep.   In an unlikely dream my good friend in New York and I were chatting at my kitchen table.   Joni, known for her culinary skills, compassionate ear, and positive advice is always ready to offer guidance.  A clay pot on the table held a blooming geranium.  To my surprise, Joni reached over and pinched off a green leaf and began to nibble on it during our conversation.

 "You may not want to eat the geraniums," I gently told her.  The plant looked dry with a few curly brown leaves.

I woke up, wondering about the symbolism of the dream.  When I opened the blinds, the first thing I saw were geraniums!  Did those newly potted pink geraniums hanging in baskets outside the bedroom window prompt the dream?

Curious, I discovered a geranium represents new happiness and vitality.  It signals a time to take advantage of new opportunities.  

And, even more surprising, Geranium means crane's bill.  In southern Africa, a variety is called stork's bill.  The stork is a symbol of bridging the spiritual and physical realms.  New birth.  Creativity. 

The geranium energy stirs the heart chakra into greater healing, and a renewed sense of joy in life. We  could all use a heavy dose of joy these days. 

But, there was more...  

In hindsight, synchronicity (the language of angels) was at play yesterday in preparation for revealing the bigger picture today.  While taking photos of the geraniums on the front walk, the sandhill crane family happened to stroll by.  As you can see, Junior is almost as tall as his parents now.   And I understood two of my favorite things were associated by name, and captured in a photo of that happy moment. I'm grateful to the angels for bringing opportunities for new vitality and a greater sense of joy.

And, yes, you can eat geraniums.  The leaves are edible in spring and summer, when soft and tender, and so are the flowers.  But, I'm happy to let mine be a blooming feast for the eyes. 

Enjoy your day with your guardian angel and watch for messages.   Remember you are never alone, and the best is yet to be.  New happiness and vitality are coming your way.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Ref. Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews

Thursday, June 1, 2023

God2Go: Angel Message

Thoughts are things.  Maybe my colorful peacock over-blouse influenced a spontaneous drive to see the peacocks last weekend. Forgotten, I'd dug it out of the closet at the last minute. 

Upon arrival at the rehab, an abundance of peacocks were strutting about in full bloom.  No need to seek and find.  The molting season was now a faded memory, and these exquisite birds were happily dressed in new regalia, circling about us teeming with joy.  

And, for a moment, I seemed like a child in wonderland.  I never dreamed I would have the honor of communing with peacocks. 

Angels speak in many ways. And, when this beauty struck a deliberate pose by the GOD2GO plate, we were grateful for the joyful reminder. 

I looked up and an exotic peacock roosted on an old oak. His lustrous tail feathers draped over a sunlit branch, I watched the feathery eyed plumage sway in the breeze. I got the message.  Sometimes we have to climb a tree to see the bigger picture. 

Or, like this little one...patiently rest by the wayside, in the presence of angels. 

In the meantime, be patient and watchful... don't doubt that the best is yet to be.  "God goes with you wherever you go."

Love and peace,

Rae Karen