Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Angelic Messengers on High

(Clipart from The Ultimate Angel Book Compiled by Jim Harter)
 Angels are pure thoughts from God, winged with
Truth and Love, no matter what their
individualism may be.

Angels can truly travel the speed of thought.  When we think of an angel, our awareness shifts upward to a higher consciousness where the angels abide, messengers of God's Love.  A simple remembrance of their holy presence can transform the atmosphere wherever we are...sitting at a traffic light... standing in line at the store... waiting for the computer to load.
It's a beautiful experience to pause and reflect right where you are at any given moment and to allow your heart to feel the Presence of the Divine.  Take a breath and relax. Where your feet are, there is God.   Feet represent dominion and discipleship. The Christ Presence goes with you wherever you go and your remembrance of this powerful truth brings heaven to earth.
Enjoy your day with the Angels and celebrate the joyful gift of dominion as you go on your way.  Divine Love is your constant companion.




Monday, January 28, 2013

Entertaining Angels Within

It can in no sense be said that heaven
is outside of anyone; it
is within...
and a man also, so far,
as he receives heaven,
is a recipient, a heaven,
and an angel.

The only thing that can block the flow of divine communication in my life is me. 

What voice am I listening to? 

The Holy Spirit's voice always leads away from fear and opens the door to love and freedom.  The Angels hover round shielding us from every negative ego thought, but we must pay attention to what thoughts we entertain.  Everything we say or do or think is either strengthening the ego or extending the Divine love out into our world.

Thoughts are never neutral.  Each one has a power for light or darkness. The key is to stay focused and bar the door to anything less than love. 
Brighten your day with the Angels and remember that God loves you now. 
Rae Karen

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Manatees Festival of Joy

Yesterday we found ourselves at the Manatees Festival in a "joyous sea of humanity, as well as manatees. The Angel of Enthusiasm must have nudged Elliot to head for Blue Springs, a favorite place to enjoy the quietude of nature. Bus loads of spectators gathered to enjoy the festivities in honor of this gentle creature.
Today while writing the blog, I remembered a little book my friend Sananjaleen had written many years ago. I wondered what she had to say in The Dolphin Ones about the Manatees. I found it on the last page:

"Go touch the Manatees--their hearts and minds. Go pledge your love to these great beings, for they still must wait, and love in recognition from their kin, from those who share their light, would be as joyous words from Home."

Enjoy the spontaneity of the Angels. You'll be glad when you do.



Saturday, January 26, 2013

Angel of Challenge - The Flower Messengers

Bromelia in my garden this morning

Before getting out of bed this morning, I rolled over and reached for an Angel Messenger card. The room was fairly dark, so I could barely make out the word. I turned on the lamp.  Challenge.  Today is the full moon so I knew it was a heads up. 

The angelic message:

"The true challenge in your life involves your willingness to confront your own inner demons and to allow your deeply felt dreams and aspirations from your spirit to surface in your life.  This is called initiation."

...You face the challenge of failing to believe that the change underway in your psyche is of the Universe's doing and not due only to physical or emotional causes.  You have not failed, but you are being sought to acknowledge the power of the sacred in your life and on the Earth.  You are being asked to trust the Universe because you are awakening to dreams, visions, and spiritual understanding that will serve you well in this life."

I was thankful to the angels for this powerful message that applies to so many right now.  We haven't done anything wrong.  We have not failed.  We are a work in progress. 

After reading the message, I turned to the front of the book on working with flowers for guidance.  I was amused to learn that I was to choose a flower that feels good to me today.

I was surprised by the synchronicity.   I knew the perfect one. This beautiful  pink bromelia unexpectedly bloomed yesterday. The only one.   A few weeks ago I'd transplanted it to a new location with other bromelias.  When I went to dig it up, I had a sinking feeling that logically this wasn't a good idea.  With the temperatures dropping low at night, who transplants a robust flower in winter?  But the urge was so strong that I followed it.

The angel teaching I learned from this flower is that no matter how foolish inner guidance may seem, trust the instinct and do it.  Your efforts will blossom, especially when received in a place of like minded ones.  The leaves of the bromelia are sharp, protecting the blossom, from unwanted visitors, so that it may grow.  I love the soft pink color symbolic of divine love.  A reminder that love is always present, but sometimes not so visible in present in form.

You may want to work with a flower messenger.  If you do, be sure to offer gratitude for their growing and offering you the opportunity to walk your path more clearly.  The flower you work with must be alive. If you are going to pick one to bring inside, always ask it first to withdraw its energy back to the Earth and its essence.  "Then close your eyes and take a deep breath. Steady your breathing with several regular breaths. Then open your eyes and look into the flower you are holding. The angelic message for you is just in this moment, this day. It is relevant to you because of your willingness to accept the teaching of the Universe, of your own angelic teachers and masters."

Enjoy your day with the Angels and all the love they radiate your way.  Life truly is a miracle.



P.S. Angel Messenger Cards are available by Meredith L. Young-Sowers. Stillpoint Publishing. ISBN 0-913299-95-2. The beautiful flowers in the 42 card deck are photographed by Carol Duke.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Angels in the Now

An angel friend sent this to me; a perfect expression of the Angel of Enthusiasm.  Make the most of every moment and look for the joy.  It's there.  Gratitude breaks through depression and the brightness of a new day refreshes the soul.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gabriel's Horn

The Angels of Synchronicity continued on a musical note after I'd written the blog yesterday.  Imagine my surprise when our Miracles group came upon the passage, The Forgotten Song during our random readings: 

"Listen,--perhaps you catch a hint of an ancient state not quite forgotten; dim, perhaps, and yet not altogether unfamiliar, like a song whose name is long forgotten, and the circumstances in which you heard completely unremembered.  Not the whole song has stayed with you, but just a little wisp of melody, attached not to a person or a place or anything particular.  But you remember, from just this little part, how lovely was the song, how wonderful the setting where you heard it, and how you loved those who were there and listened with you.

The notes are nothing.  Yet you have kept them with you, not for themselves, but as a soft reminder of what would make you weep if you remembered how dear it was to you.  You could remember, yet you are afraid, believing you would lose the world you learned since then.  And yet you know that nothing in the world you learned is half so dear as this.  Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song you knew so long ago, and held more dear than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since."   (A Course in Miracles, T416)

This particular passage resonates on a deep level with my soul, creating a stirring that goes beyond words.  The memory of such a song is faint but Archange Gabriel is blowing his horn, waking us to the realization of our True Identity, a holy Child of God. 

I shouldn't have been surprised when I came across this precious little night lamp when I made a quick stop at a store last night after running an errand.

The presence of the Angels are very real.  We may not see them, but that doesn't mean that their Love is absent from us on any occasion.  With the gift of free will, we are at choice when and where and how often we embrace the comforting consciousness of these holy messengers.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  I'm so thankful for all the Love they provide.




Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sing A New Song

Something kind of funny happened this morning when I'd decided to write the blog about music and was interrupted by a phone call.  On my way back to the desk, I selected an angel card, it was, of course, Harmony, picturing three angels singing together.

It was also timely as  I'd learned a new musical descriptor earlier that was a perfect key.  "Ripieno" which means filling up or filling up with harmony. 

 In order for this to happen, we must become empty and still, present in the moment.  In emptiness we are now open to being filled with harmony and light.  What came to mind was a need to stop singing the same old tune.  This can be scary, especially if we have a need to be in control. As we become clear in our own true song, others can more readily join in with theirs. A natural harmonic resonance is set up.

On another note, excuse the pun, music is a wonderful way to make a connection to the celestial realm.  Nothing can change a gloomy day into a brighter one like playing music can.  Sometimes we are too busy to stop and listen and enjoy this universal language of melody that shifts our spirits to higher ground.

Enjoy your day in harmony with the Angels.




Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Angels of Color

The past several days I've felt a need to add more color to my life.  Paint the living  room or brighten up the atmosphere with joyful yellows and happy accessories.  We'll see what the angels have in store.  That's why I was drawn to this photo I took of a Virginia Beach sunrise many years ago.  This was the morning when I saw my first humpback whale.  What a thrill!  A good reminder that out of the blue, what was hidden suddenly surfaces with new life in the form of fresh inspirational ideas.
My angel friend, Genevah Seivertson,  is no longer on the earth plane, but she shared over 40 years experience working with the celestial realm.  In her  powerful manuscript, Angel Teachings, she devotes a chapter to Angels of Color.   I especially like their message.
The ANGELS OF COLOR SAY TO YOU: “We would like you
to make your prayers, PRAYERS OF COLOR. Send out on the wings of prayer the beautiful
blue, the green, the gold, the orange, the white, the lavender, the red of strength and courage.

“THINK color. RELISH the feeling of color in your body, mind and Spirit. For instance,
if you awaken in the morning feeling weary because you have done extra work during the night
and haven’t asked for enough protection, think RED all through you. Feel that you have put a
robe of this color on you, beautiful red silk, soft, enfolding you in its strength, vitality and energy.
“When someone you love is weak and exhausted, fold them in shades of red in your
prayer time. Ask our help and more can be accomplished through you.
 “Add more color to the whole world, beginning with your own home. Envelope every
area of your dwelling with color, giving us permission to use the shades we think are best.
Enlarge your prayers of color to go out to your locality, state, country, nation, continent, the seas,
the sky and the rest of the Universe.
“Begin again, this time with your own body and going out to all individuals made by
Creative Source. Make your beginning small enough to allow your bath water to become color.
Use a beautiful RED if you’re tired; a lovely BLUE if your need is for healing. Ask for our help
in choosing your colors for these ordinary parts of your life and let them go out to the Universe.
“If you want to get rid of negative thinking, for instance, let the color be WHITE. IF
Do you have need to combine the Love and Wisdom of The Almighty in your world?
Use ROSY-GOLD. Each day ask that everything you do and think be guided by color for the
GIVE THANKS and know that all is well.”
If you  would like a free copy of her wonderful manuscript via email, please send a request to raekhauck@yahoo.com
Enjoy your day in the beauty of color and know that you are both blessed and a blessing.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Angels Watching Over You...

Life is often like a game of chess...planning strategies...based on an upcoming move...waiting and pondering different  options that may open up.  All the while, unseen angelic help stand at the door of our consciousness, waiting for an opportunity to enter our mind and help us make wise choices that will result in our highest good as well as those around us. 
Whatever you're facing today, your loving guardian angel is waiting and watching to help you make your next move, if you ask.
Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Transformation - A Gift of Change

This unusual bird appeared as soon as we pulled in the parking lot to enjoy lunch.  In amazement, we watched as he slowly emerged from the tall grasses by the pond.   I was so thankful that  he was patient, striking several poses, before spreading his wings and taking off. 

We tried to figure out his lineage...an older sand hill crane?  a wise stork?  a white heron?  None seemed quite like a fit.  His head like that of a turkey and his long beak like a stork, his snowy white feathers, a heron?

Sometimes angels appear in the form of birds...so later I got to thinking that maybe he was a rare combination of all those traits.  The abundance and thanksgiving of a turkey; creativity and new birth of  a stork; and the strong spiritual reliance of a white heron.  This train of thought led me to the idea of what we may appear to be as we become more like our true spiritual being.  We, too, will become a new creature in Christ, with wings to open wide, carrying us on gentle winds to marvelous new realms. Freedom.

Enjoy your day with the Angels and watch for their inspiring messages.




Monday, January 14, 2013

Well Worth the Wait...: An Angel Message

Knowing my love of nature, a dear friend sent this absolutely amazing email yesterday.   Wow! It was in synch with the blog Wonderful Things Are Happening. "God is the producer; that's why it is so magnificent! Keep in mind it only blooms every 40 years and for only 3 days."

The largest flower in the world was blooming in Blanco, Veracruz , Mexico. Amorphallus titanium (Aracea) is 6 5/8 feet high and weighs 165 1/3 lbs. It has the peculiarity of blooming only during three days every 40 years, a rare sight  few get to see.

"Do you suppose God gave us a flower that represents the 40 years in the desert."

The Zohar states that every flower has an angel watching over it whispering, Grow! Grow! Grow! This beautiful creation was well worth the wait.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Angels and Sparkling Lights

A friend gave me this  battery operated Angel lamp.  The sparkles and the water inside the robe change with the color rays shining through it and reflecting on the silver wings.  My inner child loves to watch the Angel transform into beautiful rays of lavender, green, blue, yellow, pink, red,  and crystalline.  I find it has a calming influence, like watching fish swim in a tank.  The Angels work with seven different color rays, each representing a particular virtue.  I will be writing more about this later in the week.

Angels often appear in an image that we'll recognize as an angel, e.g., human-like, with wings and a halo, and a long robe because that is our concept of what an angel is supposed to look like.  Otherwise we would not make the connection that this is an angel.

Some people with a gift of vision comment that they see angels in images that are less human in form and light filled. Sparkling lights made up of  billions of light specks in a vague outline with an intelligence, like a wise ancient being, who is available as a companion.

It is wonderful to know that the angels always interact with us in a way that we can understand.  We don't have to see, we don't have to hear, we only need to stay open to being shown in whatever way is appropriate for us.  The intention and the open heart assists the fulfillment the most.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting Fresh...

"...starting fresh, as from a second birth, Man in the sunshine of the world's new spring shall walk transparent like some holy thing."  
                                                        --Thomas Moore

Enjoy your new day with the Angels.



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

I found this entry in an old journal while cleaning out closets to begin the New Year.  I started to throw it away, but something told me to keep it.   Later, when I sat down to revisit last year, I was happy that I did.  Some messages never become outdated and this was a good one for me on just how much how our thoughts can influence our experiences.   
January 1, 2012

Earlier in December, Elliot and I had just moved to Florida.  To begin 2012 living in DeLand was like a dream come true.  However, the New Year's celebration that began long before midnight was a little more exuberant than we were accustomed to on the farm.  Now living two blocks from the University in a neighborhood was a bit of a culture shock that night.  A steady stream of fireworks with sonic booms and rounds of gun shots lasted into the wee hours of the morn.

Our college student neighbors were partying a few doors down.  Smoke stung my eyes from the festivities as I lay awake in my bed.  My thoughts began to spiral, had we made a mistake moving here?  The house is beautiful but the neighborhood less than ideal.  I became resentful of all the racket and rowdiness.

Then I caught myself in midstream of my own negative barrage. 

I had a choice as to how I saw the stream of events.

 I began to apply the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy.  God is only harmonious.  God is Love.  There is no time, no place, where God's goodness is not. 

I needed to get above my mortal mind thinking that was bearing false testimony based on the five senses.

Lying awake, I began to see the Oneness of God in everything.  The Light. I remembered that angels are encamped around us.  Soon, I fell asleep.  It didn't last long.  A sonic boom bounced me awake;  my heart thumping out of my chest. 

I got up to see what was happening.  From the large picture window in the dining room, I looked down the street, shrouded in smoke, from young boys shooting off bottle rockets. 

Another loud boom, and a beautiful lotus filled the night sky.

Above it, I could see the stars; something I thought I'd not see, living in town.  The Big Dipper hung in perfection like pouring out blessings onto the Earth.

I watched the smoke from the beautiful lotus display form into three distinctive clouds, following each other, heading by my window, high up in the sky.  In amazement, I saw the first cloud transform into the shape of an angel.  Gabriel came to mind.

 In gratitude and awe, I returned to bed, thankful for the reminder to think only God's Thoughts. To take my mind up higher to the Truth.  "We live and move and breathe in an atmosphere of Divine love."

(Note:  The smoke from the streets never touched the clouds; my lower thoughts had no effect on Truth.)

Enjoy your day with the Angels.




Friday, January 4, 2013

Inspirational Angel Cards

I did a search on the Angel of Enthusiasm and found this site. The cards are available on-line at Original Angel Cards Book  for those who may be having trouble picking an Angel for 2013.  The little angel cards are a source of inspiration that can also be inserted in greeting cards. We use ours at A Course in Miracles meetings so that everyone selects an angel at random as a companion to their Sayings From A Course in Miracles cards.

I was happy to read the definition for the Angel of Enthusiasm (pictured above) in the Original Angels Card Book:

Be present with zestful alertness!
Loosen your constraints and let
 your passion for life uplift others
 and generate new opportunities.

May this year set you free from everything that holds you back from experiencing life more fully. The angels are watching and waiting for an invitation to guide and inspire you upward on your journey.  Their message is filled with a Light of understanding and a Love never ending.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.




Thursday, January 3, 2013

Divine Afflatus: An Angel Message

The Angel of Enthusiasm is continuing to amuse me.  It's funny how sometimes you can look at something without really seeing it. Yesterday I'd no sooner written the blog on the original definition for the word enthusiasm, which means "as being filled by a divine afflatus (which is "to blow upon or toward") when my attention was directed to the bookcase.  A little cherub filled with divine afflatus was blowing a kiss my way.  I laughed at the synchronicity of her humbly kneeling on a heart of love.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


 Rae Karen