Friday, September 30, 2011

Joy in the Morning

The gift of feeling joy is part of our true nature. It's like the sunrise heralding in a brand new day. It's always darkest before the dawn, but joy does come in the morning. The Light brings a new awareness, things hidden are revealed, and you find that you are the light, rising like the sun to a higher consciousness. The Light of God is shrouded in each of us, waiting to shine out into the world. So all the darkness (our stuff) begins to clear away when we go within and listen, feeling the radiance of Divine Love gently burning off our dross.

May your day be filled with the joy of knowing that God never changed His mind about you. You are made perfect, whole in His image and likeness. So whatever the ego is telling you, don't believe it. Shine your Light and watch the whole vista be transformed as if by magic. Spirit is truth, immortal, supreme, unlike matter, that's perishable and mortal. You are spirit.

When I stop my ego chatter and still my mind, I find myself bathed in joy that touches the loftiest height of human and spiritual joy. Life itself is joy. As the Psalmist sings, "In thy presence is fullness of joy."

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and remember your true Identity as a holy child of God.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Light, Please

(Va Beach sunrise)

I don't know about you, but this week has been filled with wonderful opportunities (disguised as problems) to let in more Light. Thank goodness, I got a heads up on what's happening in an email: When old patterns repeat themselves, rather than doing nothing, except wishing them away or getting into that why me? funk, to just stop and gives thanks to the Light. It's shining on the shadows so they can be can translated into light. It's our unhealed stuff that needs to be addressed. Like the old satellite with its heavy tonnage plummeting back to earth yesterday, our old junk has been orbiting us for ages, now it's back in our face. No more procrastination,time to meet the problem head on.

Problems need to be met first in the spiritual realm, so prayer and meditation bring inspiration and peace. And we find ourselves rising up in a state of higher consciousness where the truth shines brightly as it always has and always will be. God is Love and so are we.

So let there be Light. The Light of God never fails.



Monday, September 12, 2011

Correct Vision

God is Love and God is All in all. So God's Love surrounds us always even when we forget to remember that the Love of God enfolds us. On our way home from a spiritual meeting, I was delighted to see this car stop at the traffic light. At first I thought the license plate was Godzilla. My husband, Elliot, had written a song, I Was Afraid To Love You, for the Godzilla music video in the 80's. But we were delighted to see that the license plate was GDIZLV. God is Love.

I'm understanding more that each person I meet is a teacher for me and if I pay attention I am shown how they hold a piece to my puzzle. So whether I like it or not, I am always at the right place at the right time with the right people. A perfect equation for my soul's growth. I can learn by paying attention to the lessons that I may be repeating. The whole idea is to get my thoughts above the issue and meet the condition in the spiritual realm, seeing the big picture as God sees it. From that vantage point, inspiration comes and I find myself experiencing a greater freedom. For in truth, there is nothing going on outside of me. I am drifting in a sea of my own thoughts coloring my world. Today I intend to shift my perception and to see with the eyes of Love.

Wishing you a joyful day with the angels.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Angel Messages on the Road

("Not of this world, JESUS," sign in the rear window of pickup truck.)

(ARCH AGL License Plate beside the pickup.)

Angels messages were in the flow of traffic.  Two vehicles (above) had stopped at a redlight in front of us.  What timing as my adult son was in need of a new car since his had been totalled in a hit and run.  Archangel Michael is the angel of Change and Protection for every seeker on the spiritual path. I was thankful for my son's protection in the accident.

The blue car with the Archangel plates reminded me of Michael as his color his blue. Then I saw the pickup truck with "Jesus...Not of this world," on the rear window.

 In the scriptures, Jesus invites us to: "Come unto me all ye who are tired and heavy burden and I shall give you rest. " Coming to Jesus, is all about yielding to a place of Christ consciousness within us, within our consciousness. There is a rest in Christ, a peacefulness. Christ told us, "My kingdom is not of this world. The kingdom of heaven is within." In the midst of a crisis, the thought of this kingdom can still the complaints and grievances and bring peace. Jesus more than anyone else born of the flesh understood the nothingness of matter and the material world. He was One with the mighty Truth of an all-inclusive God, good, One Mind.

Every seeming problem comes with an answer. God is Love. When I choose to still my mind, and listen, insights will come, problems dissolve.

How wonderful to know that we are always in the company of His Angels. I can hardly wait to see all the good that is going to come from this.

Many blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, September 2, 2011

Angels in the Library

"The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him. And delivers them."
Psalm 34.7

Elliot and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Regent University Library. We collected our books and sat down to read at the individual desks, back to back, by the window. When we finished our research, I was surprised to see this poster on the wall behind us. Elliot pointed out the small print underneath. "You've been called to Regent to study exactly what you are studying right now...STUDY HARD! (From your friends at the Regent University Library)

I'm realizing more and more the answer to any situation is just a matter of getting Karen out of the way and letting the Holy Spirit direct my actions. There is only One Mind that is the true Mind of All that is in all. This Mind guides and directs. We never are certain as to how this help, this Divine leading may come. But getting our lower self out of the way and listening to the still quiet Voice can show us. The ideas we need will come to guide us to a right solution. It can come in any form. It may come as insight, illumination, leading or needed information. However it may come, it guides us in the direction we need to go. These spiritual ideas from the One Mind motivate us to reach out in a certain direction, to act in a wise way to reach our goal. It is God's angelic messengers who bring sudden insight, illumining our thoughts to a higher perspective of the seeming problem.

Angelic blessings,


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 7th Angel

Last week was tumultuous,  a 5.8 earthquake shook up our material world and Hurricane Irene stirred things up over the weekend. We all needed the help of the angels and so when I saw this license plate ANGELL7 parked at a shopping center, I went home and looked up the meaning of the seventh angel in the Book of Revelations.

"And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever." Revelations 11:15, KJV

I love Christ's words: "The kingdom of heaven is within." During these stressful times, the key is to still our mind and go within. I practiced this earlier today, and heard the comforting words, "Be still and know that I AM God."

It is easier to let go when I remember God is Love. An awakening is happening for humanity. As the mists of mortal mind clear, we will remember our true identity as Spirit, created in God's image and likeness.

Angelic blessings,

Rae Karen