Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas!


"There were...shepherds abiding in the field,
keeping watch over their flock by night.
And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them,
and the glory of the Lord shone round about them,
and they were sore afraid.
And the angel said unto them, "Fear not, for
behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy,
which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of
David, a savior, which is Christ the Lord."
                                                 Luke 2:8-11

Merry Christmas!

 (Artwork:  The Angels Appearing to the Shepherds by Thomas Cole)

Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Value of a Penny: An Angel Message

 Yesterday a quick trip to the store involved a timely angelic reminder.  At the check-out, the cash register acted up with the previous customer.  Frustrated, the pony-tailed clerk claimed she was ready to kill the machine. It needed a reboot, and would take awhile, she apologized. 
That was okay with me. I had time to look over all the candy selections on display at the counter.  My temptation was cut short though.  To my surprise, our items were suddenly scooped up and carried to self-checkout. My attention (as only angels can do) was drawn down to the helpful sales girl's feet as she scanned the cat treats and toys for Hei-Hei's stocking.   A dusty old penny, barely visible was sticking out from underneath the scanning machine.   
When the items were bagged, I told her about the lost penny.  She picked it up, and handed it to me.  "You found it," she said, not thinking it was worth much. 
"I want you to have it." I told her.  "A penny is a sign that the angels are near."  
Her mood lifted. It has been a stressful day, she confessed. With a grateful smile, she tucked the coin in her pocket; a keepsake. No longer, a dull worthless penny, but a shining symbol of angelic help ever- present. 
So that penny you happen to find on the ground is not by chance.  Over the years, I've noticed a penny will turn up just when I need a little spiritual boost the most.  To find a penny is a sign from the angels that everything is in divine order so trust the process. All is well.  
I'm always grateful for the loving reminder that we are never alone, but always in the presence of unseen celestial help, guiding and protecting us along the way.  The more you welcome and embrace their presence, the more pronounced their loving expression of love, peace, joy, and harmony will be. 
Years ago, a friend shared this uplifting poem on the value of a penny, and the presence of our guardian angel.


I found a penny today
Just laying on the ground,
But it's not just a penny
This little coin I found.
That's what my Grandma told me,
She said, Angels toss them down.
Oh, how I loved that story.
She said, when an Angel misses you
They toss a penny down,
Sometimes just to cheer you up
To make a smile out of your frown
So don't pass by that penny
When you are feeling blue;
It may be a penny from heaven
That your guardian angel tossed to you.


Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Remembering Departed Loved Ones: An Angel Message


Holidays can be especially sad, longing for cherished memories with loved ones. Many years ago, I read a book by White Eagle that helped me gain a brighter perspective on remembering departed loved ones at Christmas:

"In the world of spirit Christmas time is a most grand and powerful ceremony or festival, of which man only gets a glimmering reflection. Here the presence of the Cosmic Christ is actually seen and felt. Try to picture a temple, apparently built out of light, in the centre of which can be seen a Christmas tree shining with light—a symbol of the Man of Light, or the perfect light symbol; also of the Giver of Light, the Creator. This scene is for the children, and oh! How they love their Christmas festival! Yes, spirit children are very like the earth children—they laugh, sing, and dance, and are easily made happy. They hear the voices of the angels. They enjoy themselves with their appointed mother guardians and with other children who to them are like brothers and sisters.

Those of you who have lost loved ones, husbands, wives or children, should realize that they have only left behind the dust of the earth. They themselves are alive in this wonderful world of eternal life, about which we are trying to speak. In love there is no separation. So at your Christmas try not to think with regret about those whom you have lost; rather let your hearts go out in joy to them in their new-found life of freedom and happiness. They can all gather round you. Yes, we are giving you their message of love. You must not think of us as being very sanctimonious and proper in the spirit world. Indeed, the beloved Lord himself has a keen sense of humour. There is greater fun in the spirit world than on earth. Therefore, may the peace of the spirit of Christ bless your Christmas, and bring to you that deep and lasting happiness which comes in the silence of the night, and in peaceful days.

Before you sleep, try to remember that if your hearts aspire, purely and simply, to join the company of heaven you too may be fetched by angels—by your own angelic teacher and guide—and so witness and even participate in this Christmas celebration. So on earth, whatever you are doing, remain alert; and in your heart keep the simple trust of a little child.

We bring all love from the brotherhood invisible. No matter how far you travel, wherever you go, whatever you do, the friends of your spirit will be close beside you, and the happiness and joy which you feel in your hearts will be increased by their loving presence. Never shut us away at Christmas, we like to come in, we like to come into your heart and into your home."

May you feel the presence of God's loving angels in your heart and find peace during this holy season.


Rae Karen



 *White Eagle Website:

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Archangel Gabriel - The Winter Solstice

Today we welcome the Winter Solstice and Archangel Gabriel. He is the governor of the winter season and his name means God is my strength. Archangel Gabriel is the heavenly Annunciator who brings glad tidings of new life. He was the angel who announced to Mary the role she would play in birthing the Christ child. According to scripture, he also appeared to Zechariah, announcing God's plan for his barren wife Elizabeth to conceive a baby. Their precious child, John, would become the forerunner of Christ Jesus, The Light of the world. 

Archangel Gabriel helps to stir a greater appreciation for the divinity within each of us as the angel of Love and Hope.

The winter solstice is a time to kindle our inner Light in spite of the outer darkness. By spending quiet time in contemplation and meditation, we can awaken to our true divinity.

During this time of year, the entire angelic hierarchy draws close to the earth, bathing the world in rays of divine love. This outpouring brings an expansion of consciousness beyond the physical world for those who still their minds and attune to it.

Thank you, Archangel Gabriel.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Archangel Gabriel Artwork by Nanette Crist Johnson)

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Happy Allahambra: An Angel Message

 A lowly donkey carried Mary, and her unborn babe to the little town of Bethlehem.  In a manger, the world received the greatest gift, the baby Jesus, the Light of the World. 

 Today Elliot and I paid a visit to our favorite Jerusalem donkey at the orchid farm.  To our delight, his territory had greatly expanded and he stood in a green pasture, with plenty of grass to eat. Allahambra's ears perked at the sign of carrots, a favorite treat.

He could hardly finish chewing one carrot stick, when he eagerly looked up for more with his mouth full.

Have you ever seen a more loving face?  

Turns out, he has a fan club.  We had hardly said our goodbyes, when another couple approached with a bag of carrots, calling out his name.  

Donkey brings a message to be wise, but humble in a new opportunity.  People are noticing you, so you do not need to promote yourself. 

And, so he was.

May your holidays be filled with joy, peace, family, and good friends.  And, remember to invite your angels to join you in your festivities during this holy season.

Rae Karen

(Ref. Animal-Speak, Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)

Friday, December 10, 2021

An Orchid Graces the World - An Angel Message

Earlier this week, on my way to my next-door-neighbor's house, it must have been an angel who pointed out this hidden beauty.   A purple orchid peeked out from under the branches of a tree. With a cheerful greeting,  I counted five swollen pods, pregnant with a promise of more exquisite orchids in the future. A purple orchid symbolizes royalty, and admiration and are traditionally given as a sign of respect.         

On line, I found a quote from Confucius, an orchid admirer:

"The orchids grow in the woods and they let out their fragrance even if there is no one around to appreciate it.  Likewise, men of noble character will not let poverty deter their will to be guided by high principles and morals."  --Confucius

The elegant translation of the quote:  "Orchids grow where others cannot, enduring hardships of hunger and thirst and is loosely tied to the things that support it.  And, even with all the difficulty of its life, the orchids grace the world with beautiful color and rare fragrance.  This is like the life of a true gentlemen who sets himself to learn self-discipline, and whose character shines no matter where he is or what he experiences." 

 I was thankful for the orchid's uplifting angel message. It applies to each of us as we bloom where we are planted.  And, the cheerful purple orchid's burst of energy got me stirring in the garden, weeding and pruning, after a long dry spell.

 Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Love of Animals at Christmas Time: An Angel Message

This month I've decided to let nature show me what's behind the advent calendar door each day leading up to Christmas Eve. 
Today this gentle pair of wild turkeys stopped by the yard to scratch around.  They have been making themselves scarce since Thanksgiving, so it was a happy sight in the advent calendar door.  

Turkeys symbolize a gift of thanksgiving, abundance, and the great give-away.  A reminder that no matter what's happening-- our challenges, or those whom we love, have come as a gift to strengthen our faith and to grow in spirit. They come to pass, not to stay, and leave us in a higher state of consciousness if we let it.   It's always a thrill to see wild turkeys close to the house-- a time to reflect on the goodness already here and all the blessings to be grateful for, as well as those we can be for others.

Christ's  birth is closely associated with the animal kingdom.  Mary journeyed to Bethlehem on the back of a donkey.  The baby Jesus was born in a manger.  The wise men journeyed on camels to bring gifts to the Bethlehem babe.  Dogs watched over the shepherds' flocks by night when the angels brought glad tidings of great joy. 

Our furry family members, with their warm unconditional love, add to the celebration of Christmas.  It is interesting to note that Saint Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of Animals) is credited with creating the first nativity scene in 1223, a live one.  

Listed below are some of the different animals included as part of the Christmas stories told through the years. 

Bees - hummed a Christmas carol.

Beetle - became a glow worm and its light guided travelers.

Cat - appeared, but disdained to join the kneeling beasts and only mumbled in recognition. Amused at its independence, Mother Mary blessed it, saying that it would always live at man's hearth, but never be man's servant.

Camels -  represented religious traditions.

Cow - donated her fresh hay to Mary for the Baby's bed and warmed the Child with her breath.
Doves - cooed Jesus to sleep.

Nightingale - had never sung before that night, but the choir of angels roused it and the bird caroled with them.

Owl - did not rouse itself to join its fellow animals and was condemned to perpetual penance, hiding by day and by night, crying "Who will guide me to the new born? Who? Who?"

Robin - fanned the fire in the cave of Bethlehem and kept it burning throughout the night. Its red breast singed by the flames became its mark of generosity.

Rooster - crowed all night.

Sheep - gave Mary the wool to weave a soft blanket.

Stork - plucked its own feathers to soften the infant's bed and so remained the patron of babies ever after.

Let us remember the animal and plant kingdom in our prayers of gratitude today.  You may want to have the nature angels reveal an advent door for you each day.  If so pay special attention to any unusual encounters. What were you thinking/doing when it appeared?  Enjoy the inner wisdom that comes with the gift.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen
(animal symbols from web)

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Entanglement Phenomenon! An Angel Message

With our Christmas tree trimmed and the lights plugged in, I was reminded of the infinite power of light.  In quantum physics the scientific term entanglement explains how at one level all light particles seem to be in touch with all others. Experiments to measure this entanglement phenomenon revealed that light photons (what seem to be particles of light) in one location are immediately entangled with all other light particles. 

The amazing thing is it doesn't seem to matter if the photons are coming from the earthly glow of a campfire, or from a distant galaxy. 
From light's perspective,  all light particles seem to be touching one another instantaneously in what scientists call  an "entanglement" phenomenon. In reality, there is no distance between Point (A) and Point (B).  

In his book, How You Can Talk with God, Paramahansa Yogananda describes our physical form as made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of electrons, and electrons are made of life force or "lifetrons"--countless billions of specks of energy. With your spiritual eye, you can see the body as a mass of scintillating specks of light--the energy that is emanating from your 27 thousand billion cells. Yogananda points out that only through delusion do we see the body as solid flesh. In reality, it is not matter, but energy.

So a single strand of brightly glowing Christmas tree lights is a good metaphor for this entanglement phenomenon.  Although the bulbs appear to be of various colors, separate and individual,  they are all connected to the same source of power. Our true substance is spiritual (light) not material (form), shining forever in the Mind of God.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

photo: web