Monday, July 25, 2011

A Change of Heart

Things are not always as they appear... It can be upsetting when our lives suddenly take a turn in a totally opposite direction. What is going on? Plans suddenly go awry, seemingly solid relationships break up like icebergs, and we are alone with only our thoughts for company.

Which way to go? At the crossroads, we are truly at the apex of our power. The results depend on how masterfully we can control our emotions and stay in our "center". Stilling our mind, looking deeper, solutions come by prayerfully asking for a higher vision of what is really going on, versus what is being played out in the material world.

We find the simple truth.

Underneath all the chaos, which is designed to help us grow spiritually, the Love of God is always there. At no time is Divine Love absent. Only in our own thinking can we move away from that truth and feel separate, isolated, and alone to face the tall shadows of fear. It's humbling to know that we can't always fix the problem, but Divine Love can and will... if we open up to the possibility that this is so.

Can it really be as simple as a change of heart?

We can't serve two masters. The choice is ours, and we will see according to our belief.

May we open up our minds to entertain the divine messengers of God's Thoughts, the angels, to guide us in love and wisdom.



Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Clean Sweep!

When you visit the Association for Research & Enlightenment, a beautiful dolphin labyrinth is on the hill in front of the old white hospital building, a life time dream of Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet."

On July 15, 1928, Archangel Michael spoke through the sleeping Cayce for the first time. It was several months before the first holistic hospital was to open.


The readings tell us that "Michael is an archangel that stands before the throne of the Father...Michael is the lord or guard of the change that comes in every soul that seeks the [spiritual] way..."

Looking back, Archangel Michael, was a major influence, in helping me let go of my 20 years of government service to start a new life. When I stepped out on a spiritual path, his guidance led me to the next step, not that I realized it at the time. It wasn't until I began researching the Edgar Cayce readings that I gained a better understanding of the powerful role he plays in moving us to a higher consciousness in thought as well as spirit.

It came to me that walking the labyrinth on that "holy hill" is a powerful way to connect with Archangel Michael. He is a sign of Light in the midst of the darkness of heavy testing we're going through now, both personally and globally. His message is rather than fear the upheavals, we should spiritually prepare ourselves. The best way to do this is by awakening to our thoughts and actions, for we are freely given the choice between light and dark, life or death, love or fear.

We get to experience the outcome of our thinking. If we can accept our tests as gifts bringing spiritual opportunities to take us to a higher level of consciousness, we will graduate more quickly. The closer we get to the Light, the greater the need to stay vigilant for God's Love while in the throes of change.

Tests do come. This morning as Elliot and I were having tea in the living room, a loud crash came from the kitchen, as I mentioned Archangel Michael and the labyrinth. Hurrying up the stairs, the lid to my favorite china teapot was lying on the dining room carpet. Not a good sign, but thankfully it was still intact with the butterfly top. A whole shelf had come down in the kitchen. My teapots and china were in many broken pieces on the floor. The tempest, our cat Angel sheepishly ran down the steps. The decorative beer stein from Germany now broken in two went out with a "swan song" as the music box ht the floor playing, Auf Weidersein! (Goodbye in German)

Angel had never jumped up on this three shelf bookcase mounted on the wall. It held some of my dearest treasures. Cleaning up the mess, I was surprised how peaceful and accepting I was. One teapot, over 100 years old, was just given to me by a dear elderly friend as a remembrance of him. It had come from Japan, a treasured gift, many years ago while he was in the military. My iris Lenox teapot, a gift from Mom, now had no handle. Last night I had been thinking about having a tea party! This had all the makings of Wonderland! It seemed like a lesson in letting go, kissing our materialistic nature goodbye. Waking up! I was thankful for the humor of the music box and also for Archangel Michael helping me to hearken to a higher spiritual calling as I swept up some of my earthly treasures this morning. It was a clean sweep.

The words of "Lord of the Way" are for everyone seeking to be a part of this spiritual renaissance.

Many blessings,


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Summer Acceleration

(Archangel Michael artwork from the web)

Everything seems to be happening in acceleration mode. Yesterday looking out the window I could see "energies" raining down. I knew we were in for a quickening but this is something else. A friend in New York told me that whatever we are processing now is more than likely the same issue that confronted us in '92 during a special eclipse. I've experienced this to be true and in asking a few people they agreed. This time hopefully will be the final Rinso-white clearing and we'll be squeaky clean, translating the final vestiges into light. It's no fun though, as we go through the emotional turmoils that afford us an opportunity to keep our egos on a short chain and stay vigilant for Archangel Michael who is here to help us overcome any obstacles that try to thwart our spiritual growth.

In the Edgar Cayce readings on angels, we learn that our true Self is the Guardian Angel that never left the Throne of Grace and Mercy. This throne is not a physical place but a state of consciousness. The Archangel Michael is the Intercessor for every soul that becomes a seeker on the spiritual path. He, too, stands at the Throne, ready to help so long as we pursue spiritual truths in the material world.

The way to keep attuned to our Guardian Angel (this divine part of our selves) is to practice staying in the presence of the Christ consciousness until it becomes a way of life. In every decision we make, we have free will: To either embrace the Light or stumble fearfully in the darkness. The more we work our spiritual muscle, affirming the truth of who we are, (the divine immortal part) the more accessible we become to higher consciousness where inspiration comes in many ways to help us achieve our life's purpose: To make manifest the love of God and man.

I am so thankful to Edgar Cayce for giving us a better understanding of the Unseen Forces, the Angels who help us quicken our awareness in the material plane. The readings tell us that angels come in many guises and when we open our hearts to the celestial realm, He will give His Angels charge over us in all our ways.

The more we invite the Angels into our lives, the more palpable they become and we begin to truly know that we are not alone.

Many blessings,


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Prayerful Tree Frog

My son and I went out on the deck to study our lesson from The Christ Highway. When I opened up the umbrella, this little "fellah" was already holding the space. We left the umbrella at half mast so as not to disturb his vigil. He stayed "put" for the whole lesson which happened to be: "I bless all the world in the Name of Jesus Christ."

This summer is a time of great transition, seeing a frog is a wonderful acronym for (F)ully(R)rely (O)n (G)od. God is Love and nothing is impossible for those who believe in Him...

Enjoy your day with the Angels!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diamond Backs on the Runway.

(picture of diamond back terrapin from the web)

The airport is not always just a place for arrivals and departures of jet planes, as we learned this week, it can be a road to travel to get to the best place to lay our eggs (creativity).

Elliot and I flew to NY on Thursday evening, June 29th, landing at JFK by sunset. In the past I've found it so helpful to welcome the guardian angels of the city I'm visiting. If you think about the population of that city, knowing that each person living there has a guardian angel, you soon realize that you are on holy ground. So when we got an expected call that Elliot's father had passed over that morning, I began calling on the guardian angels of NYC. We had to be in Long Island the next day at noon for the funeral service.

I remembered also that Angels are God's representatives, His winged thoughts embodying divine love, wisdom and healing. I hadn't been on an airplane in over 10 years, but our flight plans came together smoothly. We even arrived at the airport in time enough to take an earlier flight out. The 45 minute flight to Kennedy was a test of faith. Air turbulence had me recalling that I am in the midst of legions of Angels and so I began silently affirming that God is Love. A peacefulness enfolded me and we had a beautiful vista of the NY skyline as we landed. The terminal was backed up, so for 20 minutes our pilot drove around and around on the tarmac.

How surprised we were the next day to read about the herd of 150 diamond back terrapins "storming" the runways at JFK early that morning, the day of our flight. They were making an annual pilgrimage to the Bay to lay their eggs. The "Angels" helped escort the wayward turtles, rescuing them in trucks and driving them to their destination, while major airlines were rerouted or flights delayed for 30 minutes.

Something about that story hit a chord in my heart.

I thought about the determination of those female terrapins to fulfill their life's purpose. In the midst of chaos, lumbering across the tarmac, in the path of 747s, they kept on doing their best, leaving the rest up to God. Although their trek was precarious, they didn't turn back, but kept moving forward in a steady pace, sticking out their necks to get ahead. Their perseverance paid off. They received a helping hand(s) and were safely delivered to the sandy shores to lay their eggs. Again, I was reminded of the race between the tortoise and the hare...Only this time, the "turtle" won the race again, but so did humanity as airline officials yielded to the quest of nature, slowing down our advanced technology to meet the needs of motherhood, creating a moment of heaven on earth. It was truly a win-win.

The message of the terrapin was an important one. No matter what the externals look like, keep following your intuition and help will get you to where you need to be to develop your creativity.

Wishing you a joyful day with your Angels,