Monday, August 29, 2022

Good Humor Ice Cream : An Angel Message

 Maybe you remember the Good Humor Ice Cream truck from childhood?  I recall the happy jingle of sleigh bells on our tar paved street. Barefooted, with a winged Mercury dime in my sweaty little hand, my feet flew through patches of white clover and soft yellow dandelions tufts.  Racing my brothers across the lawn, the Good Humor man waited in his crisp white uniform. The coin changer on his belt a sign he was ready for business.  

 Popsicles were my favorite.  Grape.  He popped open the freezer.  A frosty breath of winter chilled the hot summer day as he reached inside and gave me a double grape Popsicle wrapped in polka-dotted paper.

It was worth the wait. 

It didn't take long before my lips and chin turned purple, stained from the refreshing drips of sugary grape ice.

It's funny how special sounds and images of the past may resuscitate old memories.  

A thrill of childhood came to mind several weeks ago when I learned that Happy Howie's Homemade Ice Cream truck visits our neighborhood every other Sunday.  The large white van plays a merry musical tune--my mother's childhood favorite.  "Playmate come out and play with me."  

Over and over the song plays as the ice cream truck slowly drives up and down the many streets serving scoopfuls of joy to the community.  I fondly think of mom and her love for ice cream.

I'll admit several weeks ago, I got hooked on the chocolate scoop. The chocolate was not too sweet, and not to rich.  It was perfect, like a soft fudge-cicle.  

"Freeze your teeth! And give your tongue a sleigh ride!" was the catchy selling pitch my father-in-law created in his teens.  He was selling ice cream on the boardwalk in New York to help support his family.

Yesterday was ice cream day! 

My focus was like background music, straining to hear... 

Is Happy Howie's here?  Will it come?  

I realized I'd become like Pavlov's dog listening for the bell.  In that moment, an angel thought made me sheepishly laugh.  "Do you listen for inner guidance as vigilantly as you listen for the ice cream truck?"

It was an aha moment. I realized the difference. I'd been caught--red-faced. It was true.  My intense desire for ice cream occupied my thoughts, watching and waiting in joyful anticipation.  I expected it to show up.  My ego emotions were charged to receive.  Yet angel thoughts had to work harder to get my attention and keep it.  My vigilance was tepid at times, lacking joyful anticipation.

I was grateful for the contrasting lesson.  I needed to come up higher in my desire to listen to the angels. To expect the angels to show up and deliver the goodness of God throughout the day.

And, something amusing happened with that amazing thought.  

I caught wind of the merry tune. Playmate come out and play with me. BING! The ice cream truck was across the lane, several streets over. 

The timing was humorous, as only the angels can do. But, I wasn't in such a hurry this time...I waited...and listened...

May our feet be winged like the messenger Mercury, as we run to answer the call of our angels. Thank goodness for the patience of our angels and for their sense of humor.   

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


Monday, August 22, 2022

Be An Angel Day, August 22

What joy to honor the angels today, and celebrate with random acts of loving kindness.   In 1993, angel author Jayne Howard-Feldman established August 22 as National Be An Angel Day.  A special day to reach out and bless others.   Any small act of kindness goes a long way to bringing a touch of heaven to earth.  
It takes a special someone
of a very special kind-
To touch our lives with tenderness,
warmth and love combined.
Your encouragement and comfort
you always seem to lend
It's what makes you so special
and such a true God-send.
So please accept this Angel
so you will always see
Just how special 
you truly are to me. 

Happy Be An Angel Day!

Love and joy,
Rae Karen

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Fill Me Up, Buttercup! An Angel Message

Three evenings in a row truculent T-storms have rolled in, dumping heavy rains.   Psalm 91 always brings peace and comfort during bad weather; a reminder that our angels are always with us, so abide in higher consciousness, the Shadow of the Almighty, and rest underneath His mighty wings. God is ever present.  There is nothing to fear.

As I walked out the door to feed the birds this morning, what a surprise. A wild buttercup plant had grown taller and had two blooms.  It was branching out from a tiny crack in the rocks. Her cheerful presence brought a smile of gratitude.

Yellow is the color of faith, and buttercup teaches:  "With proper self-worth, we can succeed in every environment."  A signal to have faith that there is more going on than we can presently understand.

Buttercup holds an energy to awaken us to a new sense of self-worth. No circumstance can stop us from reaching our destiny, from blooming wherever we are planted.  We  have what it takes to succeed. Latent gifts and talents will unfold to help others.  Buttercup heralds a time of healing and understanding.  Our voice has power, especially when applied to healing.  Our words affect all things, so choose wisely for they will have greater influence now.  Buttercup also brings good news.  Opportunities for new life directions are coming to shine your light.  

When I was a child, buttercups were a favorite, growing wild in the lawn.  Years ago, while living in Virginia Beach, I took my prayer angel to a field of buttercups.  May your day be filled with an abundance of happy buttercups, cheering you on to victory. And, remember your precious angels at work to see you through the storms of life.  Now, more than ever before, we need to partner with the angels. And, rejoice in their holy presence.


 Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Friday, August 19, 2022

Stuck in the Middle: An Angel Message

 I've grown to love these unexpected little touches of nature that bring a spiritual lesson.  

This morning, when I pulled back my office curtains, a baby gecko lizard, less than an inch long, clung to the upper window screen.  

My first inclination was to let him be.  However he entered, he could exit. 

When I saw him there yesterday, I assumed he was on the outside, looking in. Later he had vanished, no longer attached to the screen. 

Early this morning, the little fellow was back the same window, hanging out with my angel ornament; a gift from a friend now on the other side. A closer look revealed, he was indeed stuck in the middle, trapped between the screen and the window pane, in need of guidance. Neither outside nor the inside, the baby gecko was hanging out somewhere in the null-zone, between here and there. 

Curious, I looked up his timely message for guidance.  Turns out, his dilemma was a perfect illustration for a lesson he teaches.   Do what you must in struggles.  

When a gecko appears, opposing energies or strife are already at play within our life.  The gecko signals that we should not be passive.  The situations around us now demand clarity as to how we feel, and how we act.  If we are firm and clear, we can resolve it all.  Otherwise, the stress and conflict will only get worse unless we take action.  

Also, the tail of the gecko breaks off easily as a defense, enabling it to escape from the grasp of a predator.  Eventually, a new tail will grow back.  In other words, sometimes we have to lose our tail to move ahead. We may need to detach entirely from situations or people, if only for a short time.  Sometimes it is necessary to separate us or part of ourselves from others for our own good or the good of others. 

I was happy to help release the gecko.  When the window screen was raised, he bounced into the letter box on my desk. A perfect transport to deliver him back to nature where he belongs. Have a nice life, I told him as he scurried away, thankful for the angel's message to share with you.

Last of all, lizards are about dream-time; a reminder to awaken from a dream of fear and choose to be love. Angels repeatedly tell us fear not. You are never alone.  God has given His angels charge over you, to guide and protect you.  What love messages are winging their way into your life today?

Love and peace,


Rae Karen  

Ref. Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews



Saturday, August 13, 2022

Adam's Apple Snail: An Angel Message

 Angels often give us an eye for detail...tuning our focus to the things of nature that teach a silent lesson for the day.  Hundreds of these messages pass by unseen because we're distracted by thoughts that keep us from fully appreciating what is present in the moment. 

Yesterday at the lake, I almost missed this gigantic "adam's apple" snail shell.  Oddly out of place, it clung to the back side of the swim at your own risk sign.  The largest I've seen, and me with no camera, it seemed like a deliberate angel sign to slow down and watch my words today.  Don't let my emotions get swept away, stay silent and centered, and come up higher.  

This morning at the lake  after feeding the flock of ducks and sandhills, I'd forgotten the snail shell.  An angel thought prompted, take a look. 

There it was, still clinging to the sign post after a torrential downpour last night.  

I smiled, thinking of the large spiral shell on its back.  When a snail is born it has a little piece of hard substance, a little circular spot in the center of its shell.  As the snail matures, the shell naturally adapts by wrapping a soft substance that hardens into another spiral layer of shell for expansion and protection.

The spiral represents life, and how we keep going round and round, repeating the same old pattern, but we are not the same as we were. We are expanding and gaining strength with each successive rotation. We are becoming greater than we could understand. Our consciousness is coming up higher. 

Have a peaceful day with the angels.  And, remember, you are never alone.  You are in the presence of God's angels who await just a simple nod to come rushing in with such love and gratitude for your precious life. God loves you. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Window Treatments: Angel Message

Early one morning last week,  I yanked opened the curtains in my office.  The sudden noise had startled a young deer at the edge of the woods. He disappeared from sight, leaving only a smiling sun ornament hanging at the window aglow with golden rays.   

So as not to repeat the same mistake, I slowly opened the curtains by my desk, and peeked out.  

To my surprise, the same juvenile deer now stood by the playhouse. Staring at me with wide-eyed wonder, he stood motionless.  

Our hearts seemed to meld in a Oneness of Life as I spoke softly sending him words of love.  I love you with the love of Christ.  You are so beautiful.  Thank you for coming.  

His white high-tail gave a quick happy swirl as our eyes continued to embrace in a gaze of Love reflecting Love. Then, he turned and joyfully bounded down the trail toward the woods, leaving me in wonder.

It had been awhile since any deer had come by. Construction work is on hold for now in the woods, so I was happy for a visit.  

The night before, a bad storm shook the house in thundering claps. The safety of the animals and birds came to mind as I laid in the dark. Flashes of lightning bolts darted the sky, flickering through the bedroom window slats. I prayed for their protection.  Then, I imagined tomorrow... the sun would be out tomorrow.  This too would have passed. And, all would be well as we enjoyed our usual morning oatmeal. 

So what a treat awaited me behind the curtains the next morning. Something better than I could have imagined.  Not only golden sunshine, but a gentle deer paid a visit.  I was so thankful for the holy encounter. It had been the answer to prayer.  God is Love.  Perfect love casts out fear.

When a deer appears, it is a luring to new adventure. A time to be gentle with yourself and others.  A new innocence and freshness is about to be awakened or born.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Remember God loves you.  You are never alone, so keep on looking up.  The best is yet to be.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Deer ref. Animal-Speak, T. Andrews)



Sunday, August 7, 2022

Heaven at Our Fingertips: An Angel Message

This morning a graceful white egret flying low on a soft breeze by the lake, caught our attention. Elliot and I were perched on a bench in the shade of an old oak.  Expansive wings glided through the air and we heard a distinct tune.  A soft humming twang like a frog. The egret was carrying a tune.  I didn't know these exquisite birds could sing. But why not, the morning was a portrait of heaven. Sunlit waters, cool breeze, green grass, and a flock of wild muscovys and mallards nibbled a feast of cracked corn.  



Another first, caught my eye.  A sparkling diamond bubble moved slowly in the sunlit waters.  A small turtle head raised up from the middle of the lake. At a distance, no bigger than a quarter, yet somehow it reflected brilliant sunshine as it swam toward shore. 

A holy hush was present.  The lake teeming with the presence of angels. We thanked the angels for their service. And, then to our surprise, another first.  A fish skipped across mid  lake in a series of joyful leaps, like a little dolphin at play. 

The peace and beauty of nature bubbled up with the love of God. Everywhere I go I'm finding heaven is at my fingertips. Nothing but good can ever fill the heart of God.  

Turns out, the Great White Egret emanates a message of great compatibility and heaven sense.  Her "S" shaped neck is a reminder to let Spirit guide.  

Enjoy your day with the angels.  Why not carry a happy tune and look for heaven at your fingertips today.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Photo: Web