Friday, March 29, 2013

Christ and The Angel in the Garden

Christ in the Garden
Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1674)
A question that often arises during an angel talk:  If we have Christ, why do we need the assistance of angels?  According to scripture, angels played an important role throughout the life of Jesus.  During this holy week, I'm reminded of how an angel ministered to Jesus during his darkest hour, giving him strength and courage to fulfill his divine purpose.

 I found this comforting painting today.  It gives one an inner strength that adds to the conviction that we are never truly alone. God knows our every need.  The artist's depiction of the full moon peering through a threatening stormy cloud adds more light to the favorite spot where Jesus had come to pray in the still, quiet garden called Gethsemane.  Although his disciples were with him and he'd asked them to pray, they had fallen asleep, leaving him alone with his fears.  Then an angel's presence appeared before him; a heavenly messenger, offering comfort and strength.  There is no condition where God's Love is absent, if we let it in. 

We each face our own trials as we follow the footsteps of the Master. God is no respecter of persons, the promise of a resurrection and rebirth is available to everyone as we utter the same prayer as Christ Jesus:  "Father, not as I will, but as Thou wilt!"

What joy to know the truth!  "My redeemer liveth!"

Thanks be to Christ for being the Way.




Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Easter Treat - The Full Moon of Spring 2013

Since the advent of the Spring Solstice, the sky has been full of wondrous sights.  Archangel Raphael, the Overseer of Spring, brings healing and universal resurrection energies for the benefit of all who are open to receiving the blessings.   The full moon this holy week is spectacular.  I caught a glimpse of it up close as shown above on Tuesday evening while visiting the beach.  It reached its peak early Wednesday morning.

                                (Early Tuesday evening)

There is something comforting and humbling when beholding the beauty and fantastic energy of a full moon.  The reflected light from the sun is at its absolute peak and the whole moon is revealed.  This is when the highest energy occurs, the moon has reached its zenith.  This is a time of culmination.  A time to release what has been in the works since the new moon began.  It's a time to let go and step into the new in a major way.

Wednesday evening around 9 p.m. it had a beautiful orange glow like a pumpkin in a blackened sky. 

Things are shifting rapidly and as we look out on the wondrous sights, the angels remind us of the importance of being still and going to the kingdom within. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Rae Karen 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Beautiful Rainbow Cloud

Thursday afternoon on our way to a spiritual meeting, I saw the most beautiful sight in the sky over the high school in town.  A large white cloud had spiral wisps of iridescent rainbow colors swirling out from it.  So amazed, I gasped, "Elliot,  pull over!"  He panicked, thinking something was wrong with the car.  Then I pointed out the rainbow cloud.  Before it faded, I captured a few pictures with my cellphone, but I can't transfer them to the computer.

The sky was as if we'd caught a glimpse of heaven.  Colors like I'd not seen before...and the adjacent long flat low lying clouds had a celestial touch as well.  Elliot marvelled at the face of Mother Mary appearing in that cloud.  It was such a wonderful omen and a sacred moment. The message of hope and faith.  No matter how big the cloud may be in our life right now, the rainbow of God's Love is shining through.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. 



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fully Rely On God (F.R.O.G.) Angel

Inspiration wafts in like the rustling of angel wings. Elliot and I had parked our lawn chairs underneath the canopy of the old camphor tree in our backyard.  Sitting out in nature, an idea came to me to make a patio in that spot. The camphor tree had wonderful healing energy.  So we began to collect the 12 inch stepping stones from the garden path to make a border for our new patio just for the fun of it.   

With several rows of stepping stones sandwiched together, the project was becoming too laborious to think about. Hauling bags of sand to level the additional stones needed to complete it.   Doubts crept in about my new bright idea. My ego whined, Do you want to spend all that time making a patio?  Can't you just sit in the chair now and relax?  Mosquitoes will be coming.  The weather will turn hot and humid.  Her chatter was endless, but effective and I slowly returned the stepping tiles to their respective place on the garden path. 

At dusk that evening, the lure of the old tree called us to sit underneath her branches in the cool of the night.  Again, I envisioned a finished patio. At that moment, a big barred owl appeared on a limb.  It looked like a large cat with wings. His appearance gave the yard a mystical charge as we made eye contact. I know that owl is a symbol for wisdom. Owl sees what others cannot. I wondered if he was the reason, inspiration struck the next morning.  

Instead of making the patio with garden tiles, we could use them for the border and fill the center of the patio with egg size pebbles.  Elliot agreed.  

We hurried off to Lowes to buy multiple bags of egg stones. Voila! Within a few hours, we were resting on our new patio underneath the boughs of the camphor tree.  

But more was to come.  Inspiration struck on Sunday.  Look for two chaise lounges to add to the comfort. Our first stop was a hit.  A furniture outlet had a shipment of those chairs from a hotel liquidation sale. At the store we met another couple shopping for chairs.  They offered to deliver ours to our home.  The angels were working overtime.  The angelic couple  followed us home in their van.

In gratitude for their kindness, the angels whispered to give her my best red geranium plant. But then another thought added to that one. Give her your cherub and frog statue. (pictured here). 

Frog and Angel Statue from Garden at VA Beach
 I told her the acronym for FROG:  (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od.  Her eyes softened.  "Please pray for me," she said, confiding that she had a health challenge.  It turned out that the couple are ministers and had just moved to the area. The new geranium was perfect as she had to leave all her plants behind when she moved. 

I was thankful I listened to guidance.

Elliot and I are enjoying our new patio.  I had to smile when my angel card that evening was The Angel of Relaxation! BING!

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

 (Photo:  Our 2 year old patio)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Author! Author!

Today is my sweet  husband's birthday.  Elliot Chiprut has just published a wonderful book, Practical Wisdom from Kabbalah and Edgar Cayce.  One of my favorite excerpts is  about an angel.

Angel On The Bus

              Many years ago, I was working in a photographer’s studio. One day, while my car was in the repair shop, I needed to take the bus to work. The weather forecast for that day called for rain, so I took my umbrella. While waiting for the bus, I sat down on a nearby bench. At the far side of the bench sat an elderly man dressed in old, wrinkled, dirty clothes. He needed a shave and a bath. I sat on the bench and ignored him. Soon it started raining and I opened my umbrella. The elderly man on the other end was getting wet.   I heard an inner voice say, “Go sit next to him and share your umbrella.”

Reluctant at first, I then moved next to him to help keep him dry. To my surprise, we had a nice chat and he thanked me as the bus came. When we boarded the bus, he went toward the back and I sat near the front. There weren’t many people on the bus. When I turned around to look at him, to my amazement, he was gone! There had been no stops along the way. I wondered then if he had been an angel?  Cayce had this to say about angels, “Oft does man entertain angels unawares.” (3011-3)

The book is available at:

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Monday, March 11, 2013

A Local "Spirit"

Over 500,000 bikers barrelled into central Florida in celebration of annual Biker Week. DeLand was no exception. New York Avenue was closed for Harley parking. Elliot and I had walked downtown to check out the action. 

With thousands of bikes lined up on main street, I wondered if we'd find a place for lunch. The angels guided us to the last table at the Greek restaurant, Santorini's.

Turns out this canine biker aficionado also enjoys Mediterranean cuisine.  His eyes were so human- like, Elliot commented to the owner, "I bet this dog can talk." 

She grinned."You'd be surprised the things this dog can do!   I take him around to nursing homes, schools, and hospitals.  He's had some amazing healings." 

I was curious as to his name. 

"Spirit", she smiled.

 I couldn't resist patting his fluffy white coif before we continued on our merry way, thankful for the encounter with Spirit.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Friday, March 8, 2013

Experiencing the Angels...

                               (Guardian Angel Artwork from Wikimedia Commons)


I didn't always believe in the presence of Angels.  Through many experiences, I began to understand that they are real messengers of God's Love.

I've found it to be true that the more I become aware of the Angelic Host, the more I call out to them, the more I love them, the more I accept their reality, the closer they draw to me.  Life takes on a new divine lens,  with eyes that see, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, adding more depth and appreciation for the everyday miracles that abound.

The Angels wait on welcome, not on time.  There is never a moment, or a place, or a condition where the Love of God is ever absent. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Angel Message from the Blue Jay

(Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

It's fun to watch the birds in the yard busily gather fabric, paper, and twigs to build a nest.  Yesterday morning I saw a colorful blue jay fly by with a long white strip in its beak.  The cold weather was no deterrent, she was on purpose, exercising her choice as far as what to use to create a safe and comfortable place to lay her eggs. 

Her sighting seemed so deliberate that I looked up the message of the jay in Claire Nahmad's book,  Angel Messages, The Oracle of the Birds.

"The jay comes to you when you need to manifest something in your life, or perhaps when what is manifest needs to be restructured or even deconstructed.  Its message may be simply that you need more structure to your life, your time, your project, your relationship.  It's harsh scream commands:

'Build your dream! Embody your ideal! Anchor your vision!'"

I thanked the blue jay for the reminder that thoughts are things, and that I am always creating my world, based on the thoughts I think. As human beings, the more our consciousness gravitates Godward, the more expansive we become.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.




Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Wonderful CS Lecture on the Angels

I want to share a wonderful lecture on angels I recently heard on youtube.  The speaker has a very powerful but gentle delivery that includes many testimonies about how her life changed when she began to listen to angel messages.  It is one of the best talks on angels I've heard.  Click on the link below and get ready for a transformation.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



P.S. You may have to move the cursor on youtube back to the beginning of  the video.  I noticed it doesn't alway begin with the opening title page.


Friday, March 1, 2013

The Turtle Angel

Photo by William Warby  from Wikimedia
Yesterday while sitting by the lake, with time to spare before going to a meeting,  I was surprised when a mother pulled up on the boat ramp in her pickup truck.  Curiously, I watched her young daughter try to carry a large plastic storage bin down to the water. It was almost as large as she was.  Mom helped out, and her little brother tagged along behind them to the lake.  When they tipped the clear box on its side, I could see a really big turtle, waiting to gain his freedom.   I never saw one move so fast.  In a matter of seconds, he was happily swimming back home again.

When the family returned to the truck, I commented on the speed of the turtle.  The mom smiled. "We live way over there," she pointed down the road. When they came home, he was waiting in the carport. Quickly they rounded him up in the storage bin and brought him here.

 "He knew which house to go to,"  I said, recognizing a turtle angel when I see one.  (Even a turtle sometimes needs help getting home.)

"He sure did!" She grinned. They all piled into the truck and took off, happy to be of service.

The turtle is a perfect symbol of patience and endurance which has been a major theme this week.  It's comforting to know that unseen help can suddenly show up to deliver us to our destination.  We just need to follow our inner-guidance.

The synchronicity with the angels is really picking up.   Later, entering a store on a whim, imagine my surprise to hear voices singing, "I believe in angels" on the sound system. "What?" The timing made me light-headed.  "I believe.  I believe." I laughed, thankful for the loving reminder.  It's so true that what we focus on, we attract.

Enjoy your day with the Angels and open your heart to receive their love and light.  You'll be glad that you invited them into your life.