Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Hawk at Sunrise: An Angel Message


When the blinds were opened early this morning, what a surprise to see a red shouldered hawk perched atop the old tree limb.  His reddish feathers had a rosy glow as he faced the Light in a peaceful calm.

Lately, hawks have been few and far between, so I was thankful for this early morning riser, and his  guidance to keep thoughts on high today.  Whatever you do, don't come down and get entangled in the drama.   Stay calm, and face the light of a new day.  All is well.  

I looked up the symbolism of hawk  in  the Animal-Speak Pocket Guide.  The hawk represents "spirit vision and guardianship surround you.  Be patient and observe.  You will see the opportunities.  Signs are clear." 

Love and peace,


Rae Karen


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Turkey Vulture - An Angel Message of Rebirth

 Yesterday afternoon, passing by the lake on an ice-cream run, I couldn't help but notice an enormous pair of brown feathery wings draped on the towering water measurement rod.  Turkey vultures are one of the most misunderstood species, but I've noticed how they appear whenever an extra dose of unseen motherly help is needed.  They represent Purification--Death and Rebirth--and New Vision.  It's a time of endings and beginnings, and to trust the process is for your highest good. It is also a time of renewed health.

Turkey vulture is a bird of grace--it's scientific name, cathartes aura, means golden purifier.  The flock gathers on communal roosts at night, and at dawn in the early morning light, they open their wings wide to dry the dew.  This stance looks like they are honoring the rising sun.   

Although homely when just standing, they soar the vast skies with grace, riding on air thermals for hours without flapping their wings. They don't have to expend a lot of energy to defy gravity.  They simply use what is available.

These birds have keen eyesight and a powerful sense of smell.  As such it will help to discern if something doesn't quite smell right in your life.  Although the vulture has no real voice, it can force air out of its beak to hiss.  To some, this teaches the lesson of acting rather than talking--performing rather than just talking about doing it.  

The turkey vulture brings a promise that the suffering of the immediate is temporary and serves a higher purpose that is at work, even if not understood at this time.  It reflects that no matter how difficult the life conditions, rescue is imminent in your life regardless of how deep the troubled waters may appear.  

The sky was full of rain clouds as I got out of the car and approached her.  As you can see, the turkey vulture turned around to face me, making sure her best side was captured on the tall water meter pole. After the photo op, she spread her wide wings and took to the skies...soaring effortlessly and free.

But ask the beasts, and they shall teach thee: 
and the birds of the air, and they shall tell thee.  
Speak to the earth, and it shall answer thee; 
and the fishes of the sea shall tell.  
                       (Job. 12:7)
I was thankful for the message.  This too shall pass...
Keep soaring on thoughts winged with God's Love to gracefully sustain you on high, knowing all is well, even if not fully understood in the moment. Angels are here with each of us to comfort, protect, and guide. No one is ever truly alone...and what a joyful blessing to cherish and retain.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

National Apple Day: An Angel Message

By chance, I learned that today is National Apple Day. It brought to mind a special teacher that helped me gain wisdom during a challenging time. 
Many years ago, while living in a cottage on a farm, an old apple tree outside my bedroom window became a teacher of mine. Shortly after moving in, I was awakened in the middle of the night. My senses were heightened at the abundance of nature surrounding our little home.  I could sense the grass growing, the trees budding, and the flowers blooming.  As I lay still in the ecstasy of springtime,  I saw the moon aglow.  It seemed to rise like an orange halo atop the blossoming old apple tree.  The tree's sweet essence wafted through the night air. 

In time, that old apple tree and I became good friends. I would see her from my bed first thing in the morning. Gazing out the bedroom slider, my thoughts could stretch beyond the golden field and green pasture, carrying me like a leaf riding the wind.  
I watched the old apple tree transform that first spring.  When her lovely apple blossom gown faded, out popped strands of green "pearls" in her shiny new leaves.  By the end of the season, she had spread out a fruitful feast for squirrels, birds, and other creatures to enjoy. She was a cheerful giver.
Then, in the fall, she loosened her leafy coat, and stood bare.  Her gray weathered trunk and twisted empty limbs held no trace of her beauty. Once soft and lacy in flowering pink like a blushing bride, carrying a fragrant bouquet, now she was resting in a dream of spring.
Then, one winter's morning, as I gazed at her from my bed, I was startled to find something new and different. The old tree's twiggy branches had naturally formed a profile of a lady's smiling face, as if fashioned by the old apple tree herself!
This childlike discovery filled me with wonder, as if finding a hidden object in a children's picture book.  The smiling face looked to the east,--to the sunrise-- a place of illumination, and new beginnings.  That long winter I became rather fond of the Apple Tree Lady's optimistic image.
But, with the return of spring, I bid her a fond farewell as she disappeared in a tapestry of new green leaves.  The weight of the apples, and squirrels that scampered on her limbs would surely break up her twiggy profile.
But, I was wrong.
Following a plentiful harvest, the wind tossed her leaves until, again, she stood in her nakedness.  One winter's morning, I opened my eyes.  Glancing upward, I saw her.  The Apple Tree Lady was still there!
I knew she was teaching me many lessons:  How life brings changes and things once seen can disappear for a season, but although no longer visible, they remain with us to return again bringing a  gift of wisdom in the divine order of all life. 
Our bond continued, but the following autumn, I really didn't expect to see her face again.  
But, once more, I was wrong.
 It was as if the old tree and I shared a secret joy, like finding a long, lost friend. 

"See me! I made it! was her message.  There are many hidden mysteries yet to be revealed. Do not be deceived by the many changes that shroud your view. Things are not always as they appear. You, too, have an inward Spirit that is untouched by life's circumstances."

One day while weeding beneath her laden boughs, a large apple landed beside me.  I smiled, accepting the invitation to share.  Thanking my tree friend, I took a bite, officially sealing our bond.  

Today, in celebration of National Apple Day, I cut an apple cross-wise, in the middle between the stem and the bottom of the apple (not the normal way).  
The inside view brought a wondrous smile.  It was still true...in the center of the apple, the seeds are in the shape of a star,-- a sign of hidden knowledge.  

I'm forever thankful to my apple tree friend for her gentle, playful, giving spirit.  "If nature is your teacher, you will truly learn." 
Love and peace,
Rae Karen 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Keeping A Watchful Eye: An Angel Message

 The last two days, this cormorant has been watching over the lake when I passed by to the post office.  Usually these long necked divers are serious fisher birds, and haven't been hanging around here much this summer.  Cormorants swallow pebbles to achieve their goal.  The extra weight helps them to plunge down deep and wait for an unsuspecting fish. Sometimes they are called underwater falcon.

When a bird or animal appears on our path, a large part of the personal message has to do with what  was it doing when you first spotted it?  Usually, a first intuitive impression brings out the lesson. 

With the watchful eye of the cormorant, perched on  the  "7" water gauge, (the number of completion and perfection), it came to me as a reminder to watch my thoughts today.  At times when we are the most tired, depressed or worried, the ego will set a trap to get us to take the bait, and lose our peace in the drama. We may be able to hold our peace 99% of the time, but that one percent that is still a work in progress, is the target of the ego--our Achilles heel. 

The "7" Cormorant was on guard, keeping vigil, over the lake, and so today I will silently ask the Holy Spirit to help me see peace instead of whatever is trying to swallow me up.  

The cormorant message is about new beginnings.  Don't hold on to bad energy (disappointment, resentment, regret)   Let them go.  All is well.  All is well.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, October 19, 2020

An Enlightened Treefrog: Angel Message

 Okay, this is one of those unusual nature messages that you can't make happen, and so when it does, the lesson is always about staying mindful of the presentation, and learn from it, in gratitude.

On Sunday morning after meditation, something caught my attention out the window.  From a distance, it looked as though a super slug had fastened itself to the lantern post in the front yard. But, then it changed direction, and out popped four little legs.  It wasn't a slug, but a cute little treefrog!

The sight of it clinging to the lamp post brought a grateful smile.    Frog is an acronym for: (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od. 

 Saturday night's heavy rains must have drawn the little fellow out to dry in the light of a new day.  The unusual pose he struck--with those tiny suction cup fingers clinging to the triple lantern post, seemed like a message.  Stay focused on the Light, and don't let go no matter what!  The triple lantern brightly glows 24/7, and is powered by the community where we live.

What happened next caught me by total surprise.  

The lesson on Light was not over yet.   From the window, Elliot pointed to a hole on the weathered lamp post.  It was a small hole on the pole beneath the tree frog.  He's going into that hole!  Elliot shouted, watching at the window.  The idea was so absurd, I didn't even bother to look. 

"There's no way he can fit!"  I laughed.

Elliot then shouted, watching the performance.  "He did it!  He squeezed into that small hole!"

Like a doubting Thomas, I looked out the sun-room window.  

The treefrog was not there! 

 Somehow he was flexible enough to maneuver his pudgy body into that small opening. It did seem like a miracle.  

We laughed at the demonstration, and the powerful angel message to seek refuge in the Light during these tumultuous times of spiritual acceleration.  The little frog fully relied on God, and lived in the Light.  He was at home in the Light.

So whatever problem you may be facing today, take to heart the lesson of the little treefrog. Fear not. Fully rely on God, -- stay flexible, and, against all odds, Divine Love will make a way for you to find refuge in the Light.   Angels are here on this journey to comfort and guide.  Nothing is impossible with God.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Tortoise and the Pink Periwinkles: An Angel Message


Something amusing happened yesterday that I want to share with you.  When Elliot and I got home in the afternoon, as we pulled into the driveway, what a surprise.  A large tortoise was making tracks by the garage.  It's been ages since a turtle/tortoise sighting here, and his timing was good. "Slow and steady wins the race."  

In the short time it took to get out of the car, our hard shelled messenger had disappeared.  Then… the wild pink periwinkle flowers began shaking back and forth behind a low bush by the garage door.   


A head peeked out from under the green leafy bush.  LOL. The tortoise came out in the sunlight to take a bow.   Apparently, he wanted to be in the angel blog. :-D

I thanked him for the encouraging message to keep on moving in a slow and steady manner. Don't quit no matter what!  Just like a tortoise carries his home with him, so do we carry the house (consciousness) of God with us wherever we go.  We live and move and have our being in Him.    Nothing can ever separate us from the Love of God.

Happily, I moved the garden hose so the tortoise could make a smooth exit and be on his way to victory.  His arrival was just the tonic needed to break the mesmerism of any fear or doubt.

Later, for fun, I looked up the symbolism of periwinkles.  In German, it is known as the Flower of Immortality, and the color pink is divine love.

Remember you are never alone. God will never leave you comfortless.  He has given His angels charge to watch over you. Rejoice.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Friday, October 16, 2020

The Inchworm Song: An Angel Message

Sometimes an angel message may come as a song.  That's what happened earlier this month.  A long forgotten childhood melody played in my mind while sitting on the sofa looking out at the woods.   A sweet refrain, I wanted to know the title.  After humming a few bars, the words, "Inchworm... inchworm..." were a helpful clue.  The mystery song was then easily found on youtube.   

The Inchworm Song, was sung by Danny Kaye in the 1952 movie, Hans Christian Anderson.  Funny, I don't recall the movie, but the song's angel message was a timely one.  The little inchworm is so involved in measuring the marigolds that it completely misses out on the beauty of each individual flower.   

The song brought a sheepish grin because lately I've become more analytical at times, making comparisons, and falling short in counting my blessings right here and now, day by day, and there are many. 

Then a short time later, the lesson came again in a playful way to make sure I got it.   

On a morning walk to the mailbox,  suddenly before my eyes, a tiny little green creature dropped down from the blue sky on a fine silk thread.  I laughed at the synchronicity.  The tiny inchworm hunched its back, and then stretched out again, expanding its trajectory while swinging on a soft breeze.  Curious, I looked up at the sky.  It didn't appear to be anchored to anything material above it.   No trees...power lines...

Inch by inch, the tiny inchworm dropped down, enjoying the ride, while fully supported by an invisible force from above.   Not wanting to disturb its important mission, I held the camera LCD screen up close as proof it had actually happened.  I wanted to capture the moment as the little creature swung like a pendulum back and forth before me.   

When the photos were uploaded, the little inchworm appeared to be larger, and farther away than it  originally was--close enough for me to touch it.  

But here I go again--measuring like the inchworm in the song, instead of appreciating the wonder and timing of that comforting, loving, and inspiring angel moment.  

 Enjoy the Inchworm Song

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ruminating Again? An Angel Message


Sometimes you may find your thinking stuck in a loop, replaying a conversation in your mind, wondering if you could have responded better by saying this or that... Or it could be an idea that you keep rehashing trying to figure out all the different ways it could work out.  Like a gerbil on a wheel, the mind keeps spinning--ruminating on it.  

Cows are good at rumination.  That's how they are made.  A cow has four stomach compartments and can store food, so it can naturally return later to chew on it again (chewing the cud).  This is what happens, figuratively speaking, when we keep going back and chewing on, or wrestling with an unhealed issue. It can be about a person (or yourself), focusing on what they did wrong, rather than the all the things they have and do right a large percentage of the time.

 Constructive thinking is helpful, but when it becomes extreme, it can be hard to listen for answers because our thoughts are spinning around in rumination. This blocks the flow of pure intuition (angel messages) that pass from God to us 24/7.  

Psalm 46:10 offers a solution.  "Be still, and know that I am God."  When we take a moment to turn our whole heart to God, we gain a loving sense of the Infinite.  Divine Mind is always peaceful and has the inspiration we need in each moment.  A little willingness to allow the divine to guide us will help to interrupt the cycle of rumination. And, with God, we can trust that the answers will benefit not only us, but others in our dilemma as well.  As a result, we will find ourselves thinking more clearly with a new perspective and most of all, peace of Mind.  

Peace and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen


Friday, October 9, 2020

Upon Quiet Reflection: An Angel Message

 Elliot and I were out and about before 8:00 a.m. eager to go to the annual town/community garage sale today.  Turns out, the best item was free, a gift from nature.  As we rounded the familiar bend in the road, the lake was unusually amazing.  The still quiet waters were like a spotless shiny mirror, reflecting with great clarity blue sky and green trees.  The peaceful scene was irresistible, and so we stopped to reflect on the wonder of a new day, along with a pair of sandhill cranes enjoying the serenity of the lake.  We thanked the angels.  Bargains could wait...this was the real reason for getting out so early.  Shopping would have to wait...

When this graceful image was uploaded, I could see the sandhill had posed with a "leg up". His stance appears to be on the fringe of a keyhole portal...heaven and earth merging in oneness-- the outer reflects the inner, and the inner the outer.  Peace is reflected in peace.  Gazing at the serene photo, I got an angel clue.  The key to finding and keeping my peace is to still my mind and stay watchful for any disturbing thoughts that try to stir the calm waters. Crane is about creativity.   

Today I give my mind a rest and find peace in gratitude for each moment.  "Watch with me, angels..."


Love and peace,


Rae Karen