Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Concrete Messengers: An Angel Message

Sometimes in the midst of life's activities, a glaring, in-your-face angel message pops up on your path. A hard-to-miss messenger that you may quickly acknowledge as you step over it while hurrying to complete your agenda. 

That's okay.  Angels are patient.  They wait in the wings, certain that sooner or later you will come around and understand the full message.  Who knows?  Maybe that's what divine timing is all about.  A loving message to be more patient with yourself, and to let things grow and blossom at your own pace.  

Looking back, I can see that now.  Something special happened on moving day at our new house.  

The wide-terraced steps leading up to the front door had been swept clean except for a small leafy twig on the path.  In trying to quickly brush it out of the way, I was in for a big surprise.  

It held its ground, firmly rooted.  I bent down to get a closer look.  Instead of a footloose, fancy-free green leafy twig, I was eye to eye with a friendly little patch of shamrocks.  Tiny cheerful yellow blossoms were in bloom.   Shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day were a wonderful welcoming gift, and seemed too good to be true.  Hunkered down, against all odds, they were doing it!  Thriving in a small hole about the size of a quarter.      

Admiring such faithful perseverance, I joyfully called out to the movers hauling furniture up the walk.  "Watch out for those little shamrocks.  They're growing out of the cement!" 

One of the movers passing by took a look, saying, "That's a good sign."

"There's your next angel blog." Elliot smiled, carrying a box.  

That afternoon with the move complete, the timing had been perfect.  President Trump called for a national state of emergency.  We were grateful for all of the angelic workers that had delivered us safely to our new home in time to hunker down.  

During our time sheltering-in, bigger and brighter things paraded outside our window:  red tailed hawks, wild turkeys, rabbits, long-legged, red-headed sandhill cranes and their cute chicks.

The little shamrocks were occasionally noticed, but mostly overlooked.  

Until yesterday.   While watering the red geraniums pots, my attention was drawn to that steadfast patch of bright green shamrocks sticking up on the front walk. 

Stooping down, I took a closer look.  One little yellow bud was about to bloom.  I smiled, remembering that yellow is the color of faith. 

It seemed important to look up the symbolism of a shamrock. In the Language of Flowers, a shamrock is the symbol for lightheartedness.  And, Saint Patrick compared the three leaves on the plant to the Holy Trinity:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

Last night before going to bed, I found myself standing in the dark, looking out the living room window, something I rarely do.  

The soft glow of the triple globe lantern in the yard cast a light on the front walk.    My heart was at peace as I gratefully looked out at that little shamrock cluster, huddled together, growing stronger  day by day in a sea of concrete.   

In that reflective moment, I found myself as one with the spirit of all life, and especially those dainty little flowers standing tall in the night shadows.  Like them, I hoped to break through hard times while in a tight fix, comforted by the presence of a cluster of family and friends on the journey.  To keep having faith and trusting God.

As I was expressing thankfulness for their powerful lesson written in concrete, a sudden movement on the sidewalk brought a tearful smile.   I watched a lone little frog hop down the front walk, taking one bold leap at a time. 

 I could hardly believe the timing.  

With an overflowing heart full of gratitude to God and the angels, I went to bed, fondly recalling that F.R.O.G is an acronym to (F)ully (R)ely (On) (G)od.   

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  What nature messages are winging their way into your life?  When you become expectant, the angel messages will increase in volume, bringing a welcomed touch of lightheartedness to your day.    

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Abiding in the Shadow: An Angel Message

Last evening, while out on the patio, enjoying the beautiful sunset, my attention was drawn to an encouraging reminder of unseen celestial help offered to each of us.

Standing tall by the back door, in the evening sunlight, the prayer angel had cast a perfect shadow on the wall.   A reminder to me that when we abide in the Shadow of the Almighty, angels watch over us.  While taking the photo to share with you, I noticed another uplifting message of transformation.  The BELIEVE garden butterfly beside her.

Have a joyful day with the Angels.

Rae Karen


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Angel of Encouragement: An Angel Message

Last night I unpacked a large basket in our bedroom, the last remnant from our recent move. This special purple iris notepad had been quite a find at a thrift shop years ago.  At the time, I couldn't believe it had two of my favorites--our black-and-white cat, Angel, and purple irises!  I loved it.  Even more amazing, we once owned a blue-and-white striped sofa like the one shown. 

The unusual tailor-made find had been one of those memorable angel blessings.  Little did I know years later it would be used for the Flower Angel Messenger cards, a gift from a dear angel friend.

With the iris cardholder on the night stand last night, I happily remembered our cat Angel and the nine wonderful years we shared together. 

This morning, I woke up around 6:00 a.m. and found myself turning on the lamp, to randomly select a flower angel card.

To my delight, it was the Angel of Encouragement, -- with the white iris as the flower messenger.

It has been years since I picked a card, so imagine my surprise at how perfect the selection.  Iris!

And, encouragement is just what is needed most at this hour on our planet.

Here's some of the guidance offered:

"The guidance coming to you through this image is for you to persevere in your efforts to grow spiritually and to transform fear into love.  The white perfection of this flower image tells you that all change is possible when seen in the light of divine perfection.  The center path of gold leading into the depths of the flower is symbolic of your life path of awakening and taking you into the heart of the Universe."

Thankful for the encouragement, I got up feeling refreshed.

While sitting in the sun-room, I caught sight of the first hummingbird I've seen here.  Her emerald throat glistened in the morning sunlight as she sipped the nectar from a bright red hibiscus, the only bloom still on the bush.  As I grabbed my phone, she flitted away and I remembered with a grateful smile, hummingbird is all about joy. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels. How blessed we are to have their loving presence accompany us on our journey.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, April 27, 2020

Giant Grasshopper: An Angel Message

The sunset was especially beautiful last night, but it was this little creature looking in the sun room window who stole the show.

I thanked him for the visit, recalling that a grasshopper always hops upwards or  forward, never backwards.  Life becomes difficult when we refuse to move forward.

 This morning, to our surprise, when I opened the vertical blinds, the grasshopper was still there in the same place.  Having spent the night, he stayed most of the morning content to be at the window looking in.  I took his photo for the blog and when I began writing about him, I looked up at the sun-room window, but he was gone.  I smiled--now that I was sharing the good news about leaps of happiness he could move on.

His patient and steadfast vigil made me research the symbolism of grasshopper today.  The heading brought a smile.  LEAPS OF HAPPINESS.

Turns out that the grasshopper's strong legs help it make a giant leap 20 to 30 times their length.  "A signal that if we want to manifest our hopes and dreams, we must get off our haunches, and take a leap of faith. Now is the time to take a chance, to jump in.   This is sometimes difficult, but the appearance of grasshopper promises success even if we do not recognize or know in what way things will work out.  Grasshopper brings a promise they will--and often suddenly.  These creatures have an instinct for finding places exposed to the sun, a knack for being in the warmth of the light.  Now is the time to trust our inner voice for what is right or sunny for us." 

What loving angel messages are coming your way today?  What do you see outside your window?  A message may come in many ways, the mail, internet, TV, songs, --you name it, but it will come if you expect it.  Why not expect the happy things of God to come your way today?

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Ref. The Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews)

Friday, April 24, 2020

Iris Surprise: An Angel Message

Since beginning my spiritual path, many years ago, purple irises have been a sign from God and the angels that I am on the right path.  At our new place, shortly after moving in, I discovered a stack of forgotten artwork tucked away underneath an awning behind the garage.  Rain was in the forecast so I moved the paintings into the garage for safekeeping.

The synchronicity of finding this beautiful iris pastoral painting seemed significant. Over the weeks,  I tried to ignore the angel nudge to hang it inside the house.  The heavy wooden frame was broken, the glass inlay missing, but still...

 Whenever I looked at the orange autumn trees, the cluster of blooming purple irises eagerly peeking out on the hillside, the call of the distant mountain, I found peace.

Last Sunday, I took the nudging to heart.   No matter the condition of the artwork, the message was still clear, it still had purpose.  I wanted it for my little den where I could sit at the desk and take a journey to that sacred, quiet spot in nature. 

While out in the garage, I asked my husband for help.  He shook his head.  Maybe superglue could fix the wood frame? I said.

 He picked up the large picture, two sides fell apart. 

Elliot, a handy carpenter, with the help of the angels, got out a hammer and began pounding the frame.  I hoped the wood wouldn't split.   All went well because within a matter of minutes the idyllic picture was restored to wholeness.  A little touch of whiteout covered up a slight gash in the white matting.

Together we hung the irises in the den over the love-seat.  That's when I noticed the artist had penned her masterpiece.  For some reason it seemed important to learn the title.  A quick search on-line revealed why!   Iris Sunrise!  by Jill S. McGannon.

Wow.  I hadn't expected the irises to be show-cased in such a powerful way.  What I had mistaken for a sunset was the dawn of a new beginning in the autumn of life.  And, just like that broken down forgotten painting, it, too, faces a new day, reminding me to do the same.  

I'm so thankful for the iris message at this time of  global transformation, its reassuring to know that resurrection energy is at hand, and a glorious new sunrise will soon dawn.

Iris was once the common word for rainbow...

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Rabbit Noticed My Condition: An Angel Message

Last evening, as the sun was setting low in the field, Elliot went to the garage carrying some cardboard boxes.  That's when he saw something wonderful. 

Two cute little rabbits were grazing in the pasture.  One timidly ran off when Elliot appeared, but the other one stayed.

With phone in hand, I hurried, hoping to see my first rabbit in our new neighborhood.

From the porch, my eyes scanned the pasture, but there was no sign of a rabbit. Its brown fur blended in with his surroundings.

 It wasn't until the evening sunlight shifted ever so slightly, making those two big ears glow that I saw him resting in the field

 Calling out a friendly welcome, the little rabbit looked my way and was content to just be, nibbling on the grass by the fence.  

I didn't want to come too close, and ruin the wonder of the moment, the joy of the invisible suddenly becoming visible. Although my camera couldn't go the distance, that memory is a lasting one so near to Easter. 

His gentle, innocence reminded me of a comforting poem I saved years ago. 

A Rabbit Noticed My Condition

I was sad one day and went for a walk;
I sat in a field.
A rabbit noticed my condition and came near.
It often does not take more than that to help at times--
to just be close to creatures who
are so full of knowing,
so full of love that they don't chat,
they just gaze with their marvelous understanding.
                    --St. John of the Cross
                       Love Poems from God

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Thank you nature angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(photo: wikimedia commons)

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

An Angel Weather Alert: An Angel Message

Yesterday morning an ominous sky turned black as night.  I couldn't recall,  not even in  our history of hurricanes, when it was so dark during the day.  Watching from the sun-room window, a sudden burst from a heavy cloud dumped needed rain on the lawn.  Hearing an occasional rumble off in the distance, the view had definitely changed from the sandhill crane who had stopped by over the weekend, peeking in and pecking at the window to the angelic music coming from a CD.

Now, the winds began to pick up. 

An angel thought nudged, Check the weather forecast for your area.  Picking up my phone, I took a look.

WOW.  I couldn't believe it.   A TORNADO WARNING! in effect for our county, with the potential of spawning from the thunderstorm. 

Heading south-easterly, it would reach our little town in 8 MINUTES!

Thankful for angel guidance, and with no time to spare, Elliot headed for the piano, filling the house with Amazing Grace.  I stood at the window and prayed Psalm 91 out-loud, claiming that we abide in the Shadow of the Almighty.  I asked the angels for protection for everyone, the birds and animals, all life that may be in its path. 

As in the past, we then played Handel's Messiah CD full blast on the stereo.  That heavenly-rousing Hallelujah Chorus, has gotten us safely through other dire weather conditions. 

Before long, the rains stopped, the clouds gave way to blue sky. After lunch, we had a grateful walk in the sunshine down the country road to the mailbox.

Prayer works! Psalm 91 is a  powerful shield of protection during the storms in life as we abide in the consciousness of God's Love, and not just run there at the first sign of trouble.

Many people were praying, and there were no fatalities,,and minimal damage.  The tornado touched down in Sanford, and then went out to sea.

Thank you Angels for all your loving protection and guidance.  In hindsight, I remembered the sandhill cranes are symbolic of noble guardians and protection. 

I'm so thankful to know that angel messages come just when most needed if we are willing to quiet our mind and listen. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Monday, April 20, 2020

Checking and Pecking In, A Sandhill Angel Messenger

Something was up early Saturday evening.  While I was making dinner, Elliot called out, Come take a look! Dropping my potholder, I made a bee-line for the sunroom.  

What I saw was a first, and had a touch of angelic influence as I'd been wanting a close-up pic of the sandhill crane family who frequent our yard.  And here it was.  Either Papa or Mama Crane had stepped into the flowerbed and was looking in the window.   

That big sweet bird stayed for quite awhile, and to our amusement began gently pecking on the windowpane, perhaps hoping to get a better glimpse of us, too.  Angelic music was playing on the CD, so maybe the sandhill was picking up on the celestial vibrations, and  drumming along to the music.   Anyway it was one of those rare sweet moments of oneness.

The window visitor was so deliberate, I looked up the symbolism again.  Sandhills are high flyers and always announce their presence with loud calls. (So true, they have a unique guttural squawk!)   Because of this, they are often considered noble guardians, calling out loudly to forewarn.  If they are appearing in our life there is usually something that we should watch out for, and take care of more carefully.  When they appear, there is usually some hidden protection around us.  It is sometimes a sign that we may need to be the hidden protector of someone else. 

I took it as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is ever present, and we are all always in the company of unseen loving angels, so just keep the prayers going, reaching out to share love and light.  To radiate love rather than absorb fear, since we can't do both simultaneously.  The choice is ours in any given moment.   

Nature is a wonderful teacher, full of surprising touches.  

Sandhills are also known for their enthusiastic mating dance—jumping up and down like two big bouncy  ballerinas, as they face each other, long feathery wings aflutter, tossing sticks in the air….so whenever they appear it is a sign to remember that life is a dance and to enjoy every step.  

Something I need to remember just now…

God is in the details.  This message is for all of us.  The angels are our loving guardians, watching over and guiding us during this dark night of the soul.  It is in the darkness that we often discover that we are Light.

Love, peace and happiness, 

Rae Karen 

Friday, April 17, 2020

How Now, Brown Cow? An Angel Message

A soft cool breeze on this sunny morning brought an irresistible invitation to take a long walk, something I haven't done since moving to our new neighborhood, steeped in nature.

Cows, horses, and a goat were munching down on the lush grasses, a gift from recent rains.  This beautiful young cow had such a sheen to her chocolate coat that I was hoping to get her attention.  But she was content to just be, enjoying her breakfast that she had no need for fanfare. 

Cows are symbols of birth and motherhood, power, fertility and abundance. They have a strong connection with Mother Earth who nurtures us all with her plenitude. 

I'm learning more and more each day to be thankful for each precious moment, and to look for the blessings.  God is Love.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and remember you are never alone, you are in the presence of angels who love you and watch over you.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Surprising Hitchhiker: An Angel Message

Last night's much needed rains delivered a surprise this morning.  With a break in the weather, Elliot and I were getting into the car to pick up our mail, when he discovered a special delivery.  Opening the driver's side of the car, he was taken aback by an amazing sight. 

As I climbed in on the passenger side, I heard him, exclaim, "Look!  A brown frog!" 

I got out to take a look, expecting to find a fat frog in a puddle by the car.

To my surprise, a baby tree frog was clinging to the inside car door jamb! 

Somehow he was alive, safe, holding on tight with his tiny suction-cup fingers and toes.  He must have hunkered down in the heavy rains during the night. 

The greater mystery, how did he get in there?!

At least Elliot saw our surprising passenger before shutting the car door again.

 With a friendly little prod, our little hitchhiker took a leap on the driveway, and was off on his next adventure.  We laughed, remembering the acronym for F.R.O.G  is: (F)ully (R)ely (O)n (G)od!

The entire life of a frog is a symbol of transition.  The tadpole must lose its tail and grows legs to become a frog so it can navigate both on land and in water.  A reminder that those things we lose during transformation bring an opportunity to become something better. 

So during these times of tremendous change, it is a wonderful reminder to keep fully relying on God.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Monday, April 13, 2020

Suck it up, Buttercup: An Angel Message

Recently while out for a walk, I noticed an unusual decal on a mini-truck parked at the clubhouse.  "Suck it up, Buttercup."  Anything with buttercup on it grabs my attention.  I laughed, recognizing an angel message as the slogan hit home. 

Suck it up means to deal with it.  You have to do it. 

My wild buttercup plant sprang to mind. Instead of growing out in the garden with plenty of dirt to spread her roots, the wind had seeded her in a narrow crack in our stucco wall by the back door.  She had to suck it up to survive.

 Somehow she had managed to not only grow, but cheerfully thrive over the past two years, spreading her leafy branches with even more buttery blossoms. She had almost reached the top of the door.

Her cheerful blooms had greeted me most mornings at the backdoor as I fed a bowl of chow to our feral feline waiting at the stoop for breakfast. 

It was hard not to smile at her sunny presence.

 Against all odds, she had managed to survive, with  just a little dirt in the crack, plenty of sunshine, rain, and an occasional spritz from me as I watered the garden.

Shortly after moving,  I  heard some bad news.  At our old house, roofers had hurriedly tossed down the old shingles and crushed the buttercup plant! 

Maybe the move had been  a mistake? I tearfully thought.  Look what has happened.   I remembered how that strong buttercup had withstood all kinds of storms over the past two years.  She was a testimony to the power of faith during the seasons of life.

"Her blooms were knocked off," my son sadly told me, who has taken up residence there.  And, her branches broke off.

My thoughts turned to the worse, as I imagined her just a twig in the wall.

Silently, I thanked that buttercup for coming into my life, for all the gifts she had given me.  Her teachings by demonstration, on perseverance, joy, and to grow toward the light day-by-day.

Shortly after seeing the buttercup decal, my son surprised me with a text photo he had taken that morning.  To my delight, that amazing buttercup had resurrected with five yellow blossoms! 

So I'm trying to learn another lesson from my buttercup teacher.  To suck it up, and realize I have more inner strength in my spirit, as we each do, to endure, and shine through these hard times, if we will keep our focus on the light, and share our joy day-by-day.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter, a Time of Resurrection

This morning while we were listening to an on-line Easter service, a little bird tapped on the windowpane in Elliot's office.  Curious, we turned around to take a look.  

To our surprise, the bush below began to stir and a female cardinal appeared on a branch.  

The visit seemed so deliberate, I looked up the symbolism:  The female cardinal joins in whistling with her mate, which is unusual among birds.  This reflects a need to listen to our own inner voice (the feminine) more closely for our health, and well-being.  Since most birds are usually quiet and camouflaged, a cardinal most always reflects a need to assert the feminine aspects of creativity, and intuition more strongly. Remember everything you do is of importance. 

Easter is a time of resurrection!  A time to expect a wonderful resurrection in areas in which you have been feeling crucified. During this tragic pandemic, it may seem that the world is a very dark, empty place, but God is ever-present.   

As Dr. Paul S. James writes: "Christ's resurrection changed Mary from a mourner into a messenger; it changed Thomas from a doubter into a believer; it changed Peter from a denier into a preacher; and it changed Paul from a persecutor into a missionary. 

For early Christians the Easter event became an Easter experience, a cleansing, life changing, transforming experience. Today nearly 2000 years later, that Easter event is still the greatest hope in a world of fear and confusion."

Mary Magdalene returned to the tomb early Sunday morning to finish preparing Jesus' body for burial. Instead of finding a body, she found a resurrected Christ. What joy!  But would the disciples believe her?

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Ref. Animal-Speaks by Ted Andrews)

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A New Day's Touch of Thankfulness: An Angel Message

At breakfast, Elliot had just made a comment on how Spirit is moving everyone about, when this delightful gobbler strolled by the window.  Turkey is a sign of thanksgiving and gratitude.

In his book, Angels of Grace, Anselm Gruen writes:  The Angel of Gratitude would like to bring a new taste into your life.  It would like to teach you to look at everything with new eyes, grateful eyes.  Then you can be thankful for the new day, that you have your health and can get up and see the sun rise.  You are grateful for the breath that is in your body.  You are grateful for nature's good gifts.  You are aware.  Gratitude makes your heart open and joyful.  You are not obsessed with the things that might annoy you.  You do not begin the morning grumbling..."

The  word "thank" comes from the word "think."  The Angel of Gratitude would like to teach you to think right (on the bright side) and be aware.  If you begin to think, you can thankfully recognize all that has been given you in your life."

Try to work with the Angel of Gratitude in the coming week.  You will see everything in a new light.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A Rare Bloom: An Angel Message

This morning while out for a walk, what a surprise to see a lone cactus wearing a bright yellow bloom.  Standing tall by the fence, I could almost hear her cheerful call, See me!  I did it! I bloomed!

The only flower lighting up the large field next door, she was hard to miss.

 A cactus rose! I smiled, remembering  that yellow is a color of faith, and it takes faith and lots of patience to bloom in the desert, but it happens.   Right now it feels like humanity is in the desert, an arid time of spiritual testing and endurance.  A time for faith.  But these extreme circumstances can be used to build our spiritual muscle and help us to grow into a greater awareness of our true being if we let them.  The good news is that we are not alone.  Unseen, but not unnoticed, celestial help is with us strengthening us to sustain, day by day.

This afternoon, I returned to take a photo of the flowering cactus.  The sun had warmed her buttery petals and she had opened wide to share her gifts.  Bees were flitting around her blossom as I leaned over the fence to take a picture. 

One industrious bee had buried himself deep into the flowery nectar, making the most of the sunshine and bounty.  Bees represent doing the impossible-- like flying with such big bodies.     

To my surprise, while I was taking the photos, a car pulled into the long drive.  Not having any visitors since we arrived, I was surprised by its sudden appearance. 

 A young woman driver, removed her face mask, and called out asking me if I was Mary, assuming I was waiting for her.  Turns out, she had taken a wrong turn.  I gave her directions, and silently prayed for the angels to watch over her as she drove away.

Later, on-line, I looked up the symbolism of the cactus. 

The yellow cactus flower popped up.

 It  symbolizes warmth, protection and endurance.  This flower is a symbol of maternal love because it can endure and thrive in harsh conditions like a mother's unconditional love.  It also represents an endurance and strength to survive in new environments and situations.   Something we're all learning together right now, to adapt and be flexible.

I smiled after reading about the maternal symbolism of the yellow cactus, -- and the young woman had called out, Mary from her car.  Synchronicity was at play.  

My earthly mother Mary has been a guardian angel  watching over me since 2014. 

A joyful rush of grace moved through me.  I could feel my mother's loving touch.  The veil is thin now, our departed loved ones are with us.

Angels are watching over keep having faith. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Out for a Stroll: An Angel Message

Although we are officially housebound, some special visitors stroll by to keep us company at lunch time.  The sandhill crane babies are about a month old now, and are growing tall.  It's fun to watch them learning to run, wobbling on their spindly long legs.  It takes practice to keep balanced. 

Nature is abundant.  And, the crane always brings a message of new life and creativity.  Right now  the world is like a caterpillar wrapped up in a cocoon, dreaming of becoming a beautiful butterfly with wings that will soon take flight.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, April 3, 2020

Guess Who Showed Up At Breakfast? An Angel Message

Angel messages that suddenly turn up in nature always bring an element of surprise.  They come when you least expect it, when you are not looking, but simply being.  In that moment, it is as though a pin has popped the bubble of illusion, breaking the mesmerism of how you think life is.  Wide-eyed you the spontaneity, and loving touch of it all. 

Around 8:30 this morning a rare treat appeared as Elliot and I were about to sit down at the table in the sun-room to enjoy a bowl of warm oatmeal. 

I could hardly believe my eyes.  There he was, so close, I held my breath, not wanting to dispel the moment.   A beautiful tom turkey at our window.  A wonderful messenger, he faced us with a heartfelt greeting, spreading his sunlit feathers.    Thankfully, he posed long enough for me to grab my phone for a photo to share with you. 

I heard him let out  a loud gobble as he strutted around to the side yard.   I watched from the window.  Again, he posed, fanning his tail feathers, just like a peacock.

His happy visit brought joyful tears.  The timing was amazing.  You can't make these things happen.  Recently, I learned it is turkey season.  I'd been praying for the safety of the Tom Turkeys who are at risk,-- seeing a real live turkey and a frozen one at the grocery store has changed my perception. 

There he was unafraid, out in the open, doing his turkey thing, fully giving of himself.

In the book Animal Messenger, I learned the symbolism of turkey:

"The turkey tells you to give yourself, unquestioningly and boundlessly.  Give yourself up, give in to life.  Immerse yourself to the fullest in your life's narrative.  Now is not the time for you to set boundaries and modify the events and relationships you live through, but to let them happen.  In external self-abandonment, discover internal self-development.  It will be a great experience for you, your fellow humans, and your environment.

...The more you give of yourself, the more you let go of restrictive ideas about yourself, and by these means you can discover strengths, qualities, and possibilities that may have been long buried or lying idle.  Give yourself entirely and you will see that life begins to adjust to you, so that you can always experience things wholly and authentically. "   

Enjoy your day expressing yourself like Tom Turkey.  Give! Give! Give!  Your love, your creativity, your joy, your smile.  Spread your wings, keep pushing the Light!

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Animal Messengers, An A-Z Guide to Signs and Omens in the Natural World by Regula Meyer)