Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Angel Gong

Our family was relaxing in the porch just recently when I was reminding a troubled loved one that the angels were with him and to keep having faith.  With all the challenges, he'd been facing, he told me, he really couldn't feel the angels around him.  Just then a distinct clank, like a gong sounded.  An angel ornament hanging by the front door had somehow struck the light fixture. And there was no wind!  As human nature so often doubts the validity of the gift, we tried to recreate the tone, but of course we couldn't.  Things did lighten up though, and we enjoyed a good laugh at the timing.  Angels were no doubt delivering a message.  No one is ever alone.  The plaque hanging beside it:  "Wherever you go, whatever you do, may an angel watch over you," made the message appear even more deliberate.

Whether we believe it or not, angels are always with us.  Sometimes they appear in physical ways that make them more real, but often they embrace our thoughts with higher inspiration, taking us to a new level of grace. 

Lately, whenever I find myself beginning to entertain a fearful thought, I remember that there are legions of angels surrounding me.  It's such a lovely visual, that a wonderful peacefulness settles over me. The Psalmist wrote, "For he has given his angels charge over you to guide and protect you in all of your ways..." So our being is always secure in the Love of God; and His representatives, the angels, wing their way into human thought, lifting us up far above the din of mortal mind's limitations.  This is something to be eternally grateful be in the company of angels. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As Clouds Go By

As an amateur photographer, I must learn to keep myself out of the picture.  I didn't do so well with this one, my knee is centerfront.  Perhaps as a reminder to be more flexible when confronting my issues. I love the reflection of the clouds on the clear water, changing the appearance of the lake. The clouds never commingle with the water, They are merely "reflections" (like misguided ideas that often block the clarity of God's thoughts, the messages of the Angels.)  By keeping myself out of the picture, I won't take things so personally and can more readily be the observer.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Monday, May 28, 2012

The Baby Hawk Message

Hawk is one of the ways the angels communicate to me so I was thrilled when this little fledgling landed on a utility post outside our house.  I was sitting in the living room and could hardly believe my eyes.  I grabbed my camera but this was the best I could do.  Later I learned his nest is in a tree across the street.  Maybe this was his first flight?  Not wanting to disturb him, I took the picture through a window.  Hawk is sometimes a sign that an opportunity is coming our way; or an indication to look at a situation from a higher vantage point. 

My cat, Angel, watched me, snapping away at the hawk,  No doubt she was feeling a little jealous because I wasn't taking her picture.  To my delight, she began giving me her best poses.  I especially liked this one of her in the sunlight on the porch.  A good message:  Drop any jealousy and stay in the Light.  Each of us has a gift to share.  Enjoying being the glory of you.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.



Friday, May 25, 2012

Full Radiance

(Photo by Rae Karen Hauck)

I was reminded of how often we shy away from being our true self.  This bashful sunflower is reluctant to share its full radiance, hiding behind a leaf.  When our heart is open, it is filled with love and our ability to give and receive is no longer based on anything external.  It gives with no thought of a return. It gives with no fear of rejection or acceptance.  It simply gives because it is overflowing.  The angels are messengers of Light and Love.  When we keep our mind above the appearance world, higher thoughts illumine our mind with amazing insights, helping us to make a brighter day. 

Enjoy your time with the Angels.  The Light is within each of us, waiting to shine out into the world.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Harmony with Nature

With no time to watch the tutorials for my new camera, I called on the angels to help me as we headed to Bok Tower in Winter Haven, Florida last week. The results were amazing and it's embarrassing to admit I didn't know what I was capturing until the photos were uploaded.  With the zoom feature and my unsteady arms, I was so happy that I had called out for assistance.

Off the beaten path, we found a lovely spot called The Window on the Pond.  Nature runs that show as you quietly take your seat inside the hut and wait to see what may appear at any moment. 


I was so excited when this fellah turned up for a meal.

And this hungry squirrel was enjoying corn and bird seed on a floating log.  I could see the reflection of the trees in his eyes

I was so thankful for the photo opportunities and for the angel's help in guiding my hand. 

Enjoy your day and all the beauty that surrounds you. What remained hidden will suddenly emerge in grace.



Friday, May 18, 2012

The Light of the Soul

(Photo by Karen Hauck)

I love stained glass.  Sunlight filtering through the window changes the complexion of the artistry.  The Light is what makes it most attractive. That's the way we are, too.  On cloudy, moody days, our masterpiece is dull and drab.  On sunny, bright days, we shine and sparkle, reflecting the colors of the truth of our Identity, a Child of the Light.  Unlike the stained glass window, the Light is always shining within us, our thoughts determine the quality of our radiance.

May you day be illumined with the beauty of you as a holy Child of God.



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angel "Lift"

Life is simple:
We are living in a transparent world,
and God shines through in every moment.
This is not just a fable or a nice story;
it is a living truth.
If we remember God, abandon ourselves to God,
and forget ourselves,
we may see this truth;
God manifests everywhere, in everything.
We cannot be without God.
It's impossible.
It's simply impossible.

I came across this quote in a favorite book.  The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman  has a wonderful Life-Purpose System guide to help gain a better understanding of our challenges, qualities and issues, potential and destiny.  Your birth date determines your birth number along with the application of spiritual laws especially related to that number. 

This book crossed my path when I was in the middle of changing careers.  I found the information to be very accurate and have shared the profiles with many friends and family who also found it helpful.  I had a good laugh when reading about my own profile when it was recommended to work in the garden or read a book about angels.

Enjoy your day with the Angels and expect a wonderful blessing.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bird Angels

(photo by Karen Hauck)

The birds have been especially communicative the last two weeks.  First off,  there was the mother duck who found a perfect nesting place inside a large storage container on my friend's dock.  Our friends, snowbirds themselves, had returned to cooler temperatures for the summer, leaving us free access to the lake.  A week before Mother's Day while visiting their pier, we noticed the chain had slipped from around the storage bin.  Someone had broken in.  To our surprise, the intruder had laid a half dozen eggs, so we let it be.  Where was she?

On our next visit, the mama duck was dutifully sitting on her creativity. Wanting to honor her privacy, I didn't take a picture, but we did enjoy our lunch quietly sitting on the dock, enjoying the view.   All of a sudden, a sandhill crane underneath the dock, let out a raucous whooping call that caused the hair on my neck to raise.  Elliot and I must have been a funny sight as we hightailed it down the planking, thinking Mama Duck was on a rampage, protecting her territory.  Anyway, lunch time was over and we were well on our way.

 Ducks are symbolic of emotional comfort and protection:   No matter what's going on, try letting it roll off like water on a duck's back."Ducks can sometimes remind us to return to those parts of ourself or those activities that we feel safe and comfortable in as well." (Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews). 

As for the crane, it's message is longevity and creation through focus.  "The crane can teach you how to celebrate your creative resources and keep them alive, regardless of the conditions in which they are manifest, both by simply having the proper focus in life."

Enjoy your day with the angels and remember to thank them for watching over you and your creativity.



P.S. Hopefully I'll get a picture of the little duckling family soon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 My good friend, Debra,  sent  this lovely poem to celebrate my birthday and my favorite flower, the iris.  Flowers bring love to the heart.  The Angels speak to us through flowers, conveying messages of hope, love, and inspiration.  I read somewhere that God smiles in flowers.  May you feel the loving presence of joyful expectancy embracing your path today.   

White Iris, how pure, how lovely,
Like a virgin
In her starched lawn fete dress
Iris, pallid blue, gold veined,
And as if coloured from dawn chills,
Or from the yellow-fingered touching
Of curious starlight
Purple Iris,
Streaked with amethystine memories of the night,
Health-glossed and firm are those ripe wings
Of Oriental butterflies
So in my garden
Undulating ranks of Iris,
Slimly holding their broad flat blooms
(Like tripods of incense)
Aloft towards the moist spearing
Of morning sunlight.

by Michael Strange

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Girl's Prayer: An Angel Message

Back in the 60's, my husband, Elliot Chiprut, co-wrote A Girl's Prayer with his friend Eugene Stabile. Last week we found it playing on a Youtube Radio Station WCFL1000. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.