Thursday, December 1, 2011

What do you see?

I came across this drawing while aimlessly searching next blog. I'd forgotten about this picture, one that we had published in our newsletter years ago. I wasn't sure the exercise would work on the PC monitor, but to my surprise, after staring at the four dots and closing my eyes, there He was in the circle of Light.

Looking back, I remember how my friend had shared this picture with her ill father who kept it by his night stand, often looking at it for comfort.

It's so interesting how our physical eyes can fool us. By looking within, using our spiritual lens, truth is revealed. The indwelling Christ is always with us.

Wishing you peace and joyful blessings,


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Saint Augustine Love Tree

On our recent trip to Florida, Elliot and I discovered  "The Love Tree" on Cordova Street in the old enchanted city of Saint Augustine. The Love Tree is really two trees; a sable palm tree is growing out of the heart of a live oak. This odd couple has spent many years in fond embrace.  Now, if they were to be separated, both would die.

 According to legend, if you kiss your beloved under The Love Tree, you'll have an everlasting romance. A real true love's kiss.

So, we puckered up, and thanked the Angels for guiding us to this special place.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Rae Karen

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Magic of 2011 and the Power of 111

I read some fascinating email yesterday about 111 and 2011. This year we are going to experience four unusual dates: 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11, and that's not all.

Take the last two digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year and the result will add up to 111 for everyone! I looked up the symbolism of 111 in Healing with the Angels. Author Doreen Virtue's interpretation is:

111 - Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don't want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flashbulb. It means that the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form..."

I was so thankful for this 2011 email. Imagine everyone sharing the same vibration of 111. Our thoughts are creating our reality. With all the turbulence happening in the world right now, it is vitally important to think on the bright side.

Also, this year, October will have 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays & 5 Saturdays. This happens only once every 823 years.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Joy in the Morning

The gift of feeling joy is part of our true nature. It's like the sunrise heralding in a brand new day. It's always darkest before the dawn, but joy does come in the morning. The Light brings a new awareness, things hidden are revealed, and you find that you are the light, rising like the sun to a higher consciousness. The Light of God is shrouded in each of us, waiting to shine out into the world. So all the darkness (our stuff) begins to clear away when we go within and listen, feeling the radiance of Divine Love gently burning off our dross.

May your day be filled with the joy of knowing that God never changed His mind about you. You are made perfect, whole in His image and likeness. So whatever the ego is telling you, don't believe it. Shine your Light and watch the whole vista be transformed as if by magic. Spirit is truth, immortal, supreme, unlike matter, that's perishable and mortal. You are spirit.

When I stop my ego chatter and still my mind, I find myself bathed in joy that touches the loftiest height of human and spiritual joy. Life itself is joy. As the Psalmist sings, "In thy presence is fullness of joy."

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and remember your true Identity as a holy child of God.



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Michaelmas Day!

(photo from web)

Today is in honor of Archangel Michael, called Michaelmas Day. Archangel Michael (whose name translates to "Who is Like God") is called Saint Michael in the Christian churches. He is the warrior whose light triumphs over the darkness of negativity. He is often depicted with a sword, slaying a dragon. He is the Archangel we invoke in battle against negative energies. He helps us to find the light within ourselves.

He is the patron saint of policemen, soldiers, and small children and also watches over pilgrims and strangers. He is the fiery warrior, Prince of the Heavenly Armies, who fights for right and justice and gives guidance to all who find themselves in dire straits.

The Mont-Saint Michel in Normandy, France

There is a legend that in the late 5th century the Archangel Michael appeared to fishermen on St. Michael's Mount.

Michael is considered the greatest of all angels in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions. He is known as the Holder of the Keys of Heaven and Chief of the Archangels, Angelic Prince of Israel, and Angel of the Burning Bush.

We can pray to Archangel Michael to help us whenever we find ourselves, fearful, overwhelmed and alone.

Thank you, Archangel Michael for all that you do.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Light, Please

(Va Beach sunrise)

I don't know about you, but this week has been filled with wonderful opportunities (disguised as problems) to let in more Light. Thank goodness, I got a heads up on what's happening in an email: When old patterns repeat themselves, rather than doing nothing, except wishing them away or getting into that why me? funk, to just stop and gives thanks to the Light. It's shining on the shadows so they can be can translated into light. It's our unhealed stuff that needs to be addressed. Like the old satellite with its heavy tonnage plummeting back to earth yesterday, our old junk has been orbiting us for ages, now it's back in our face. No more procrastination,time to meet the problem head on.

Problems need to be met first in the spiritual realm, so prayer and meditation bring inspiration and peace. And we find ourselves rising up in a state of higher consciousness where the truth shines brightly as it always has and always will be. God is Love and so are we.

So let there be Light. The Light of God never fails.



Monday, September 12, 2011

Correct Vision

God is Love and God is All in all. So God's Love surrounds us always even when we forget to remember that the Love of God enfolds us. On our way home from a spiritual meeting, I was delighted to see this car stop at the traffic light. At first I thought the license plate was Godzilla. My husband, Elliot, had written a song, I Was Afraid To Love You, for the Godzilla music video in the 80's. But we were delighted to see that the license plate was GDIZLV. God is Love.

I'm understanding more that each person I meet is a teacher for me and if I pay attention I am shown how they hold a piece to my puzzle. So whether I like it or not, I am always at the right place at the right time with the right people. A perfect equation for my soul's growth. I can learn by paying attention to the lessons that I may be repeating. The whole idea is to get my thoughts above the issue and meet the condition in the spiritual realm, seeing the big picture as God sees it. From that vantage point, inspiration comes and I find myself experiencing a greater freedom. For in truth, there is nothing going on outside of me. I am drifting in a sea of my own thoughts coloring my world. Today I intend to shift my perception and to see with the eyes of Love.

Wishing you a joyful day with the angels.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ask Your Heart...

Last Sunday I found this old iris poster for sale in a book bin at the A.R.E. and the message touched me. It was one of those many times where I've found myself at the right place at the right time. Today more than ever, it seems we are being presented with tough decisions to make, often unsure of what to do next. Slowly, I'm learning that the answers are within. When I stop trying to solve the problem with my own logic and listen in meditation and through prayer, inspiration comes. Fear is what blocks out my attunement with the Divine. No matter what I'm facing if I can faithfully affirm: The Presence of God within me is stronger than this appearance," I am turning my problems over to Him. Then answers come, often in the most amazing ways.

Enjoy your day with the Angels by joyously expecting the unexpected!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Angel Messages on the Road

("Not of this world, JESUS," sign in the rear window of pickup truck.)

(ARCH AGL License Plate beside the pickup.)

Angels messages were in the flow of traffic.  Two vehicles (above) had stopped at a redlight in front of us.  What timing as my adult son was in need of a new car since his had been totalled in a hit and run.  Archangel Michael is the angel of Change and Protection for every seeker on the spiritual path. I was thankful for my son's protection in the accident.

The blue car with the Archangel plates reminded me of Michael as his color his blue. Then I saw the pickup truck with "Jesus...Not of this world," on the rear window.

 In the scriptures, Jesus invites us to: "Come unto me all ye who are tired and heavy burden and I shall give you rest. " Coming to Jesus, is all about yielding to a place of Christ consciousness within us, within our consciousness. There is a rest in Christ, a peacefulness. Christ told us, "My kingdom is not of this world. The kingdom of heaven is within." In the midst of a crisis, the thought of this kingdom can still the complaints and grievances and bring peace. Jesus more than anyone else born of the flesh understood the nothingness of matter and the material world. He was One with the mighty Truth of an all-inclusive God, good, One Mind.

Every seeming problem comes with an answer. God is Love. When I choose to still my mind, and listen, insights will come, problems dissolve.

How wonderful to know that we are always in the company of His Angels. I can hardly wait to see all the good that is going to come from this.

Many blessings,

Rae Karen

Friday, September 2, 2011

Angels in the Library

"The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him. And delivers them."
Psalm 34.7

Elliot and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Regent University Library. We collected our books and sat down to read at the individual desks, back to back, by the window. When we finished our research, I was surprised to see this poster on the wall behind us. Elliot pointed out the small print underneath. "You've been called to Regent to study exactly what you are studying right now...STUDY HARD! (From your friends at the Regent University Library)

I'm realizing more and more the answer to any situation is just a matter of getting Karen out of the way and letting the Holy Spirit direct my actions. There is only One Mind that is the true Mind of All that is in all. This Mind guides and directs. We never are certain as to how this help, this Divine leading may come. But getting our lower self out of the way and listening to the still quiet Voice can show us. The ideas we need will come to guide us to a right solution. It can come in any form. It may come as insight, illumination, leading or needed information. However it may come, it guides us in the direction we need to go. These spiritual ideas from the One Mind motivate us to reach out in a certain direction, to act in a wise way to reach our goal. It is God's angelic messengers who bring sudden insight, illumining our thoughts to a higher perspective of the seeming problem.

Angelic blessings,


Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 7th Angel

Last week was tumultuous,  a 5.8 earthquake shook up our material world and Hurricane Irene stirred things up over the weekend. We all needed the help of the angels and so when I saw this license plate ANGELL7 parked at a shopping center, I went home and looked up the meaning of the seventh angel in the Book of Revelations.

"And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever." Revelations 11:15, KJV

I love Christ's words: "The kingdom of heaven is within." During these stressful times, the key is to still our mind and go within. I practiced this earlier today, and heard the comforting words, "Be still and know that I AM God."

It is easier to let go when I remember God is Love. An awakening is happening for humanity. As the mists of mortal mind clear, we will remember our true identity as Spirit, created in God's image and likeness.

Angelic blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After the Storm

In our hurry to comply with a mandatory evacuation, I forgot to bring the peace lily plant inside the house. I thought about it when we arrived at our friend's and sent up a prayer to protect the plant in the storm. I tried to see it enfolded in angel wings instead of being battered and tossed in the wind. When we returned home after the storm on Sunday, the first thing I did was hurry to the meditation garden. What joy to see that peace had prevailed during the storm. The plant, none worse for wear, was standing upright with a new white bloom!
This morning the morning glory vine had many new flowers, and a baby bunny came by looking in the living room slider. A wonderful sign of renewal, rebirth and new life.

On Monday, Elliot pointed out this license plate parked at a shopping center. I've never seen one like it before. God is Love and it was a good reminder that no matter what is happening in our life, God is ever present. We are always protected by His Angels. I prayed Psalm 91 during the storm.

Many blessings,


Monday, August 29, 2011

Angel or Agnes: An Angel Message

Clipart Angel on the FORUM Handout

We never know just when or how angels will increase our awareness of their loving presence.  Often we see what we expect to see until we really look closely and focus on the picture at hand. This little angel writing in the sand has a story worth sharing.

Many years ago I was a monthly volunteer lecturer at the Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach.  My favorite and only topic was angels, and what the Edgar Cayce readings had to say about them.

Later on, when I had an opportunity to speak at the A.R.E. evening Forum on Angels, I was guided to skip the usual flyers and only handout a list of recommended reading material.  The little angel scribe pictured here was the header on that paper.

Weeks later, I received a wonderful letter from a woman who had come to the A.R.E. Angel Forum.

"Something marvelous happened after the A.R.E Angel Forum.  When I got home I read the two flyers from the Forum. One listed books to read on angels.  I read through them and noticed John Randolph Price's book on the list. The yellow sheet of paper listed dates of future forum. After I read them, I put them by my computer. During my sleep I was widely awakened at 4:49 a.m. Thurs 8/27/09 and could not sleep anymore. Later, I looked up that angel number in a book.

449 - Your life purpose involves sharing your knowledge of the angels with others. The angelic realm is helping you with this, as well as additional aspects of your mission.

I thought, it was true. I did have many wonderful experiences of the loving angels. Then, I did not think much of it.

In the morning of 8/28/09, Friday, I woke up about six and immediately rose from bed and leaned forward to get the two flyers from The Forum. (No time to wonder why.) When I unfolded the flyer, immediately I spotted something I had missed. My mouth wide open and my whole being vibrated! On top of the list of books, there was a picture of an angel who was writing Agnes, a name I had chosen for myself when I was young. I used this name to correspond and exchange stamps with many.

How in the world whosoever typed out this list picked an angel writing the name Agnes was beyond me! Anybody who looked at the picture would have assumed the angel was writing the word angel. But, no, it was Agnes!

 Nobody in the USA knows I am Agnes.

And, here I was widely awakened the night before and being asked to share my knowledge of the angels which I did not think much of it, and then the second morning found the angel writing my name!"

Surprised, I stopped reading Agnes' letter to grab the handout from my briefcase.  I was sure she had been mistaken.  The angel was writing angel, not Agnes!

But Agnes was right! And, I had learned a valuable lesson on seeing what I expect to see. 

I continued reading her encouraging letter.

 "Tuesday 9/1/09 morning I sat and talked to God, angels and guides and asked if it was for the good of all to share this angel story, and I got I should. Part of me did not want to reveal my English name. I like my Chinese name and prefer people to call me by that name. I had not told anybody, not even my classmates in Hong Kong, that I used an English name Agnes. I also understood this experience was supposed to be shared even though it was very personal.

"When I started the car to go to church, it was 11:11 a.m. angel time! After the healing prayer circle was over...I stepped inside the car, turned the key, and it was 1:11 p.m. angel time! I just smiled. I never looked at the clock at church for it was way behind me and my cell phone which was turned off before I left for church was in my handbag. I had no way of knowing what time it was. We usually end our circle later than that. Anyway, seeing two angel times made my day. I am all smiles for the angels are confirming I am doing the right thing and they are with me. Thank you, God. Thank you, angels and guides and all the ascended masters."

Thankful for Agnes' letter, I smiled and inserted it in the envelope, reflecting back that at the last minute, I'd been guided to change my usual handout and use this clipart Agnes angel for the Forum. Another perfect lesson that everything is always in divine order for those who have eyes to see.

Thank you, Angels for guiding Agnes to be an angel messenger. May we all follow the whispers of our angels and make the world a brighter place.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Clipart on my Angel Forum Handout)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Morning Glory!

I was greeted by a beautiful morning glory. A first! The long, wild vine had grown over the summer, but no blossoms. Its heart shaped leaves made me wonder if it was a morning glory...

A volunteer, it had sprung up from underneath the patio deck. Maybe the rose quartz I put outside in the sunshine gave it a burst. The beautiful blue trumpet flower reminded me of an angel message heralding in a time of unexpected joy.

Morning glories are flower messengers that encourage breaking down of old hard set  habits. Old ways of doing things will no longer work.

Now fresh life forces and spontaneity are key. The heart shape leaves stirs our own heart to be more spontaneous, and to draw on our own inner resources.
God smiles in flowers.  His beautiful floral apostles that bring joy and sunshine.

Many blessings,

Rae Karen

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Angels in the Hurricane: An Angel Mesage

When I was a toddler Mom taught me to sing Irene Goodnight. I learned it before my Dad was sent to Korea in the Army.  Whenever he heard that popular song,  he'd think of me singing "Irene Goodnight Irene... I'll see you in my dweams."

Now Hurricane Irene is in the forecast.

In studying Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, I've been learning about God being only Love. He is in control at all times. God is good, and His creation is good, and does not include any destructive forces. God is omnipotent, every present, filling all space, so anything unlike good has no presence or power except what we give it in our mortal mind. So by turning my thoughts away from any material picture of a destructive storm and focusing instead on God's harmonious presence is the key. Turning to prayer instead of worrying brings blessings.

Yesterday an angel message came to buy new flashlights. I wasn't worried about the hurricane, but it was good to be prepared. At Rite-Aid, the flashlights were long gone, but I got something better. In the  garden accessories aisle, I found this little angel. Enfolded in wings of love, she rests in peace knowing God is in control.

That message was for me regarding the weather.  What a bargain as the statue had been reduced 90  percent. For less than $2, I was prepared for come what may.

Many blessings and remember you are always in the presence of Angels, so keep your thoughts on Higher Ground. They will guide you, comfort you, and protect you through all the storms of Life.

Rae Karen

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the Wake of the Quake: An Angel Message

(Archangel Michael Statue, the National Cathedral sculpted by Granville Carter, photo from

My 93-year-old Mother lives in a retirement community near Alexandria, Virginia. Her apartment is on the 4th floor, the top of her building. When the earthquake hit, she felt as though the walls were about to cave-in and she ran out in the hallway. Never being in an earthquake, it was an experience she wouldn't forget right away.

As frightening as it was, it is a miracle that no one was fatally hurt from the most powerful earthquake to strike the East Coast in 67 years. Other tall buildings suffered damage. The 5.9 magnitude shook the 127 year old Washington Monument. It suffered from cracks at the very top. Last year I'd blogged about the capstone and the Latin words LAUS DEO (Praise God) written on the capstone of the highest building in D.C. A reminder to keep God first.

In researching for this blog, I learned that The Washington Monument is the tallest stone structure in the world and the epicenter of the quake at Mineral, Virginia, both related to the mineral kingdom. After the quake yesterday, I stepped out on my deck to look at the flowers and appreciate the beauty of the now. A large chunk of rose quartz by the statue of Archangel Uriel caught my eye. I thought about the earthquake's epicenter in Mineral, Virginia. Rose quartz is a stone for healing the heart. Mother Earth's heart is in need of healing.

Another casualty of the quake were the spires of the National Cathedral, also the highest point in Washington D.C. Three of the cathedral's four corner spires on the central tower cracked and fell on the roof. Recently I'd learned about the Cathedral and Archangel Michael. Today I did a search and found a website with photos of limestone statues of Archangel Michael on the left holding a sword and Archangel Gabriel, on the right, with a scroll.

The National Cathedral with Archangel Michael on the left and Archangel Gabriel on the right. Photo from

(Archangel Gabriel with the scroll, photo from

In the wake of the earthquake comes a reminder from these inspirational landmarks to put first things first.

Many blessings,


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake--A Wakeup Call?

I was sitting in my chair in the living room, having taken a break from writing. Bleary-eyed, I suddenly realized that my chair was shaking me back and forth and it's not even a rocker. The glass wind chime panels by the door clanked in a raucous melody. Was this an earthquake? I'd felt an earthquake once before while living in Alaska, but an earthquake in Virginia? I didn't think things like this happened here. I called out to Elliot my husband. "Did you feel it?" He, too, felt the tremor in the dining room while eating lunch.

Instead of being in fear, I was so thankful for knowing about the angels and Psalm 91. How God gives His angels charge over us to guide and protect us in all of our ways. I get comforted when I remember my true identity. I am a child of the Light, as you are, as we all are. God is Love and I am made in His Image and Likeness. I am Spirit. With all the shaking going on, maybe we are being awakened from our dream of separation from God to shine in the Truth that we are His Children of the Light and arise in joyful freedom.

Many blessings,


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Angel on the Keyboard

Music is a bridge to the Infinite and I've often read how Angels hover nearby whenever a musical instrument is played. This morning our cat, Angel, jumped up on the keyboard and somehow turned it on. Then she hit a few notes with her paw. This timely "recital" added emphasis to something important just said. For an encore, she laid down on the auto play and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star filled the room. A wonderful reminder for all of us to keep on shining!

Enjoy your day with the Angels,


Friday, August 19, 2011

Pansy Power

Everything seemed to be "coming down" at once yesterday morning. My perception getting cloudier with all the processing going on. Then from the sofa in the living room, I saw this wild flower, a pansy volunteer, had somehow bloomed underneath the deck. I got the notion that this was a deliberate message...and it involved trust. Out of great odds, this sweet blossom unfolded on the edge of darkness in a bed of lava rocks. All things are possible, and it performed this blessed act without any help from me....another let go and let God.

Out of curiosity I looked up pansy in Nature-Speak. "Pansy, which means "To weight or consider", is a flower whose message alerts us to think things through before acting for actions taken now will have long range-effects."

The pansies are flat-faced, reflecting openness, and are symbolic of being open to all possibilities. I am grateful for the message as life is accelerating at a faster speed and it's important to stop and reflect on God's Love before jumping into reaction mode.

Enjoy your day with the Angels,


Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Road to Success

Yesterday morning Elliot and I were on our home from the bank. To our surprise, this beautiful white heron landed in the middle of New Bridge Road. No traffic was coming and luckily I'd listened to an angelic prompt to bring my camera with me. As Elliot drove slowly forward, I kept snapping away, but this big bird was in no hurry to take off. His focus so deliberate or else he just wanted to be in the lime light.

Later at home, I looked up the symbolism of white heron in Angel Messages, The Oracle of the Birds. The author, Claire Nahmad writes:

"The white heron speaks of the dazzling sun centre of our being, the heart and the shining brow. It speaks of the Bright Knowledge, and of spiritual achievement and healing beyond time and space." Nahmad ends by saying, "The little egret calls: 'The fruition of all your striving is at hand, for your season has come!'"

The angels wanted us all to know that we are all on the verge of a break-through. Thank you, white heron for being our messenger.

Many blessings,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silhouettes in the Sand

Elliot and I went to the beach on the morning of my birthday. Someone had drawn this circle in the sand and it reminded me of an eye. Playfully, I got a picture of our shadows in "the eye of God" and then we turned around to focus on the true Light of a beautiful new sunrise. Now I'm working hard to master this in a practical way in everyday life. Angels.... please... help!



Monday, July 25, 2011

A Change of Heart

Things are not always as they appear... It can be upsetting when our lives suddenly take a turn in a totally opposite direction. What is going on? Plans suddenly go awry, seemingly solid relationships break up like icebergs, and we are alone with only our thoughts for company.

Which way to go? At the crossroads, we are truly at the apex of our power. The results depend on how masterfully we can control our emotions and stay in our "center". Stilling our mind, looking deeper, solutions come by prayerfully asking for a higher vision of what is really going on, versus what is being played out in the material world.

We find the simple truth.

Underneath all the chaos, which is designed to help us grow spiritually, the Love of God is always there. At no time is Divine Love absent. Only in our own thinking can we move away from that truth and feel separate, isolated, and alone to face the tall shadows of fear. It's humbling to know that we can't always fix the problem, but Divine Love can and will... if we open up to the possibility that this is so.

Can it really be as simple as a change of heart?

We can't serve two masters. The choice is ours, and we will see according to our belief.

May we open up our minds to entertain the divine messengers of God's Thoughts, the angels, to guide us in love and wisdom.



Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Clean Sweep!

When you visit the Association for Research & Enlightenment, a beautiful dolphin labyrinth is on the hill in front of the old white hospital building, a life time dream of Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet."

On July 15, 1928, Archangel Michael spoke through the sleeping Cayce for the first time. It was several months before the first holistic hospital was to open.


The readings tell us that "Michael is an archangel that stands before the throne of the Father...Michael is the lord or guard of the change that comes in every soul that seeks the [spiritual] way..."

Looking back, Archangel Michael, was a major influence, in helping me let go of my 20 years of government service to start a new life. When I stepped out on a spiritual path, his guidance led me to the next step, not that I realized it at the time. It wasn't until I began researching the Edgar Cayce readings that I gained a better understanding of the powerful role he plays in moving us to a higher consciousness in thought as well as spirit.

It came to me that walking the labyrinth on that "holy hill" is a powerful way to connect with Archangel Michael. He is a sign of Light in the midst of the darkness of heavy testing we're going through now, both personally and globally. His message is rather than fear the upheavals, we should spiritually prepare ourselves. The best way to do this is by awakening to our thoughts and actions, for we are freely given the choice between light and dark, life or death, love or fear.

We get to experience the outcome of our thinking. If we can accept our tests as gifts bringing spiritual opportunities to take us to a higher level of consciousness, we will graduate more quickly. The closer we get to the Light, the greater the need to stay vigilant for God's Love while in the throes of change.

Tests do come. This morning as Elliot and I were having tea in the living room, a loud crash came from the kitchen, as I mentioned Archangel Michael and the labyrinth. Hurrying up the stairs, the lid to my favorite china teapot was lying on the dining room carpet. Not a good sign, but thankfully it was still intact with the butterfly top. A whole shelf had come down in the kitchen. My teapots and china were in many broken pieces on the floor. The tempest, our cat Angel sheepishly ran down the steps. The decorative beer stein from Germany now broken in two went out with a "swan song" as the music box ht the floor playing, Auf Weidersein! (Goodbye in German)

Angel had never jumped up on this three shelf bookcase mounted on the wall. It held some of my dearest treasures. Cleaning up the mess, I was surprised how peaceful and accepting I was. One teapot, over 100 years old, was just given to me by a dear elderly friend as a remembrance of him. It had come from Japan, a treasured gift, many years ago while he was in the military. My iris Lenox teapot, a gift from Mom, now had no handle. Last night I had been thinking about having a tea party! This had all the makings of Wonderland! It seemed like a lesson in letting go, kissing our materialistic nature goodbye. Waking up! I was thankful for the humor of the music box and also for Archangel Michael helping me to hearken to a higher spiritual calling as I swept up some of my earthly treasures this morning. It was a clean sweep.

The words of "Lord of the Way" are for everyone seeking to be a part of this spiritual renaissance.

Many blessings,


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Summer Acceleration

(Archangel Michael artwork from the web)

Everything seems to be happening in acceleration mode. Yesterday looking out the window I could see "energies" raining down. I knew we were in for a quickening but this is something else. A friend in New York told me that whatever we are processing now is more than likely the same issue that confronted us in '92 during a special eclipse. I've experienced this to be true and in asking a few people they agreed. This time hopefully will be the final Rinso-white clearing and we'll be squeaky clean, translating the final vestiges into light. It's no fun though, as we go through the emotional turmoils that afford us an opportunity to keep our egos on a short chain and stay vigilant for Archangel Michael who is here to help us overcome any obstacles that try to thwart our spiritual growth.

In the Edgar Cayce readings on angels, we learn that our true Self is the Guardian Angel that never left the Throne of Grace and Mercy. This throne is not a physical place but a state of consciousness. The Archangel Michael is the Intercessor for every soul that becomes a seeker on the spiritual path. He, too, stands at the Throne, ready to help so long as we pursue spiritual truths in the material world.

The way to keep attuned to our Guardian Angel (this divine part of our selves) is to practice staying in the presence of the Christ consciousness until it becomes a way of life. In every decision we make, we have free will: To either embrace the Light or stumble fearfully in the darkness. The more we work our spiritual muscle, affirming the truth of who we are, (the divine immortal part) the more accessible we become to higher consciousness where inspiration comes in many ways to help us achieve our life's purpose: To make manifest the love of God and man.

I am so thankful to Edgar Cayce for giving us a better understanding of the Unseen Forces, the Angels who help us quicken our awareness in the material plane. The readings tell us that angels come in many guises and when we open our hearts to the celestial realm, He will give His Angels charge over us in all our ways.

The more we invite the Angels into our lives, the more palpable they become and we begin to truly know that we are not alone.

Many blessings,


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Prayerful Tree Frog

My son and I went out on the deck to study our lesson from The Christ Highway. When I opened up the umbrella, this little "fellah" was already holding the space. We left the umbrella at half mast so as not to disturb his vigil. He stayed "put" for the whole lesson which happened to be: "I bless all the world in the Name of Jesus Christ."

This summer is a time of great transition, seeing a frog is a wonderful acronym for (F)ully(R)rely (O)n (G)od. God is Love and nothing is impossible for those who believe in Him...

Enjoy your day with the Angels!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diamond Backs on the Runway.

(picture of diamond back terrapin from the web)

The airport is not always just a place for arrivals and departures of jet planes, as we learned this week, it can be a road to travel to get to the best place to lay our eggs (creativity).

Elliot and I flew to NY on Thursday evening, June 29th, landing at JFK by sunset. In the past I've found it so helpful to welcome the guardian angels of the city I'm visiting. If you think about the population of that city, knowing that each person living there has a guardian angel, you soon realize that you are on holy ground. So when we got an expected call that Elliot's father had passed over that morning, I began calling on the guardian angels of NYC. We had to be in Long Island the next day at noon for the funeral service.

I remembered also that Angels are God's representatives, His winged thoughts embodying divine love, wisdom and healing. I hadn't been on an airplane in over 10 years, but our flight plans came together smoothly. We even arrived at the airport in time enough to take an earlier flight out. The 45 minute flight to Kennedy was a test of faith. Air turbulence had me recalling that I am in the midst of legions of Angels and so I began silently affirming that God is Love. A peacefulness enfolded me and we had a beautiful vista of the NY skyline as we landed. The terminal was backed up, so for 20 minutes our pilot drove around and around on the tarmac.

How surprised we were the next day to read about the herd of 150 diamond back terrapins "storming" the runways at JFK early that morning, the day of our flight. They were making an annual pilgrimage to the Bay to lay their eggs. The "Angels" helped escort the wayward turtles, rescuing them in trucks and driving them to their destination, while major airlines were rerouted or flights delayed for 30 minutes.

Something about that story hit a chord in my heart.

I thought about the determination of those female terrapins to fulfill their life's purpose. In the midst of chaos, lumbering across the tarmac, in the path of 747s, they kept on doing their best, leaving the rest up to God. Although their trek was precarious, they didn't turn back, but kept moving forward in a steady pace, sticking out their necks to get ahead. Their perseverance paid off. They received a helping hand(s) and were safely delivered to the sandy shores to lay their eggs. Again, I was reminded of the race between the tortoise and the hare...Only this time, the "turtle" won the race again, but so did humanity as airline officials yielded to the quest of nature, slowing down our advanced technology to meet the needs of motherhood, creating a moment of heaven on earth. It was truly a win-win.

The message of the terrapin was an important one. No matter what the externals look like, keep following your intuition and help will get you to where you need to be to develop your creativity.

Wishing you a joyful day with your Angels,


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Perfect Spot

I took this photo at The Perfect Spot in Florida. A little sandwich shop at the local sky diving scene. What fun to eat lunch and watch the colorful chutes float by the restaurant window making a graceful landing. It looked like fun to open up and embrace the blue sky, so much so I wanted to give it a try. I wish I could say this is me you see, but I got cold feet when a dud chute dropped to the ground like a straight pin. Although riderless, that impression didn't give me the courage I needed to make a leap at that time.

I realized that when planning a leap of faith, it's good to pack your own chute, but without you, there is no action. Someone needs to pull the chord to take a ride. We may board the plane, fly up to the right elevation, but unless we follow through with a courageous jump, it's just another dud with good intentions. This is true for whatever we do, we must put ourselves into "it" in order to achieve success. When faced with trying out new things, I try to remember I am not alone, but in the company of God's Angels as I begin to take flight. So maybe next time...I'll take action at the perfect spot.

Wishing you a joyful day with your Angels.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Just A Dream

This car was parked at Ruby Tuesday's where we stopped for lunch while on our travels. I loved the reminder of "Just A Dream." In spite of a smashed grill, the license plate affirmed that God is good all the time. Although we may sometimes get a little bruised and dented on the journey to our awakening, the truth about us never changes. We have and always will be perfect, made in God's image.

I like to think of Angels as God's representatives. They come as intuition and pure thoughts from God of Love, Truth and Life. These messengers are available 24/7 if we remember to tune in to the perfection of their Guidance. It's like listening to a radio, the radio waves are constantly bombarding the atmosphere, but unless we turn on the radio, we cannot listen to the broadcast. Can you imagine how wonderful this world would be if we each listened to the guidance of Divine Love (God)? The Bible tells us we have legions of Angels surrounding us. A legion of Roman soldiers numbered 6,000. Let this be an indication of the company we keep. The more I open up and listen, the more I will experience the Angels enriching my Life's experience.

Enjoy your day with the Angels,


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grow Where You Are Planted

Angels often speak to us in signs, songs, books, and words of a dear friend. So when I passed this marquis at a local church, I took this photo at a stoplight because it was a perfect message for me. Not a new saying, but a wonderful reminder that wherever I happen to be is perfect for my growth. A good measurement for growth is to be vigilant for my thoughts. Am I thinking purposeful positive thoughts? Or am I filled with resentment, anger, and frustration? Have I learned to be more tolerant and patient with others?

Light attracts light. To the degree I control my mind, I can control my actions. I can keep them at a higher altitude, above the clouds of confusion and doubt. I can fly in the sunshine. Growth to me means reaching a higher state of consciousness, stretching beyond the five senses and connecting with the peace of the Christ consciousness. Some days it is easier than others, but hopefully I'm quicker on pulling back on the throttle rather than throttling someone.

The Angels are here to help us quicken our higher consciousness and so the more I remember to ask for help, the easier it becomes to stay at peace or get back to center after turbulent conditions.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Full Moon, The Eclipse, and the Rainbow

How many of you saw the rainbow here at the beach the evening of the full moon? We were on our way to a meeting. I love the rainbow as a sign of God's promise. I remember years ago being warned of the emotional climate prior to a full moon. Seven days before the moon reaches its peak, we are building up to the height of our manifestation power at the full moon. Opposition often arises to thwart us, especially with sensitive issues where we are the most vulnerable. So it is wise to remain vigilant for all the little nuisances that can knock us off our center. If you can, do your best not to react but maintain peace. A good way to safeguard against emotional turbulence is to call on Archangel Michael to go before you and make your path straight and clear. And get ready for a miracle!

Angelic blessings,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Archangel Raphael

And to Raphael, God said, "Heal the earth, and proclaim the healing of the earth."
-1 Enoch

Today my angel card is Archangel Raphael. In the Zohar, Raphael is charged to heal earth and "through him the earth furnishes an abode for man, whom he also heals of maladies." He is also the angel of science and knowledge. Raphael is the keeper and guardian of the most sacred symbol of Christian mysteries, the Holy Grail. He works to awaken the Great Quest, the quest for our true spiritual essence. He works with a group of light beings known as the Malachim.

He is also the overseer of the season of spring. The sun sometimes symbolizes him. He is the angel of brightness, beauty, healing and life. His name means, "God has Healed." Often he is shown with a caduceus staff and his finger pointing upward, a reminder of where all prayer is answered. He helps us to link the heart and mind in the healing process.

One of the best ways to open the energies and rhythms of Spring is by reading or meditating on stories of resurrection and renewal and imagine yourself as the hero/heroine of the story.

Some suggestions in Ted Andrew's book, Nature-Speak:

Biblical events in the death and resurrection of Jesus
Egyptian tale of resurrection of Isis.
Native American tale of White Buffalo Woman
Chinese tails of Kwan Yin
Hassidic tale, "The Healing Tree"
European tale, Snow White and Rose Red
European tale of Rumplestiltskin
Japanese tale, The Ugly Son
Goethe's Faust

Many blessings,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gateways Into Light

(Virginia Beach sunrise May 10th, 2011)

On Sunday I found this wonderful book, Gateways into Light, by Flower A. Newhouse. As usual, I asked the angels to guide me to the books I needed. There was quite a selection as I was in the library at Association for Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.) here at Virginia Beach. One of the world's largest repositories for spiritual books with over 65,000 to choose from. Edgar Cayce spoke highly of Flower's clairvoyance in his readings. You may want to check out her website for a list of her inspirational works.

In this particular book on meditation, I came across a powerful invocation that can be used before prayer or meditation:

"Dear Presence of God, we ask that our desires be calmed so that new and inspired ideas may enter our consciousness. We also ask that all reverent meetings taking place throughout the planet at this moment shall be mantled. Let all persons everywhere who need and desire renewal receive it from the Divine Resources of Spirit. Let mental bodies be purified in Thy Presence. We take new heart and find new vision in the glory of the hours before us in this time of at-one-ment. So may it be for everyone, through Thee, Lord Christ, amen."

When I'm feeling tired or out of sorts, I know I need to still my mind. My reception is out of attunement. Taking a few moments to rest in God can make all the difference.

Wishing you a joyful blessed day!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Grow My Way Today

"Don't be afraid of what you do not understand but grow through the darkness of ignorance like a seed cracking open to become a little seedling, struggling to reach ever upward by an invisible force that demands, Grow! Grow! Grow! All the earthly struggles push you up higher and higher. Until one day, you have a tremendous breakthrough. Not only is the world you see different, but you yourself have been transformed into a new creature in Christ. Through many phases you transform, not recognizing yourself as you go from plant to bud to flower. A beauty in God's garden. Enjoy the process--it is consciousness in action. You play a part by deciding. To not move forward with the energy is to stagnate and wither.

Grow My way today. Do not stop to think too much but keep the pace steady in your climb to the Light. Delay serves no purpose but to keep you in the darkness an hour longer. You, with your free will, decide but know that when you do, it is always a choice between darkness and Light. Peace be with you, holy Child of God."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Morning Orbs

Yesterday the morning mist added to the magnificence of the sunrise. Our universe is teeming with energy. The world is more than we can perceive with our physical eyes.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

What joy to find Jesus' forehead lit up with a rainbow this morning. The glass wind chime sun catcher hanging in the living room delivered a perfect message. He has risen!

Many blessings,


Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Easter Bunny

I saw a baby bunny in the meditation garden at dusk this morning, but he hopped away before I could take his picture. So Easter is on its way. A glorious time of year to reflect on the resurrection energies. Nature shows it best. The yellow irises are in full bloom. The Sweet Williams made it through the harsh winter and are singing their own song.

Yesterday I moved a fake boulder in the Magdalen garden. Underneath the hollow rock, I was saddened to find daffodil shoots. They had done their best to grow, having pushed through the dirt, they reached maturity, but with no sunlight, they never bloomed. Last winter, I moved the large rock to a new spot without realizing spring bulbs were sleeping there. Although I was sorry for my lack of planning, it was a good lesson about not hiding under a bushel, but coming out in the light to reach our full potential. To blossom. Rabbit symbolizes new beginnings, fertility, and overcoming old fears. Now is the time to rise and shine.

Happy Easter in the Name of the Living Christ,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesus in the Garden

An opossum stirring in the garden woke me up last night. It was a gift to see the moon shining brightly through the old apple tree. Having watched the movie Jesus of Nazareth, I thought about him as I looked at the moon. This was the same moon he saw in the garden as his disciples were sleeping. The Son of Man was all alone. He prayed, "Father if Thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless, not my will but thine be done." (Luke 22:42). It turned out at that crucial moment an angel came to help him, strengthening Him.

Moonlight flooded my bed and I soaked it up. I thanked the Father for his gift of the Christ. I thought about James Dillet Freeman's poem, I Am There. It's on the moon. Looking at the moon is comforting. God is always with us, we are never alone. He has given his angels charge over us.

Many blessings,


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When Angels Visit...

My new friend, Mary,  in DeLand, shared this wonderful explanation of angels shortly after we met. Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy explains that "they are pure thoughts from God."

 "When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of  a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.  Oh, may you feel this touch,--it is not the clasping of the hands nor a loved person present; it is more than this: it is a spiritual idea that lights your path!
 The Psalmist saith:  "He shall give His angels charge over thee."  God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies.  Never ask for tomorrow:  it is enough that divine Love is an ever present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment.  What a glorious inheritance is given to us through the understanding of omnipresent Love!  More we cannot ask:  more we do not want:  more we cannot have.  This sweet assurance is the "Peace, be still" to all human fears, to suffering of every sort."

Truly when we still our minds, divine inspiration comes on the wings of Love.  What a comforting thought that He has given His angels charge over us.

Angelic blessings,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Releasing the Power of Psalm 91 for Protection

Don't wait until the next storm to begin releasing the power of Psalm 91 in your life.  This scripture is for protection and the key to its success is abiding in the Shadow of the Almighty.  To abide some place is to live there, not just stop by as a last resort when everything is falling apart.  The Secret Place of the Most High is not a physical place but a state of consciousness.  As we begin to fulfill our part of the Psalm by staying close to God, we are assured that God will deliver us.  That He will give His angels charge over us to guide us in all of our ways.  They shall raise us up in their arms, lest we dash our foot against a rock.  In other words, as I go about my business, angels surround me, raising my mind to Christ consciousness, so I don't get tripped up by my ego or mortal mind.

I started releasing the power of  Psalm 91 over three years ago.  Now  I spend time reciting this powerful psalm of strength and encouragement every day.  Although this scripture doesn't promise that we won't experience times of trouble, we do have the assurance that God will answer our calls, because we know Him.  He will not only deliver us but He will set us on high and honor us with long life and show us His salvation.

Our last night in  Florida, a terrible T-storm hit the area with high damaging winds.  We were in the house, watching the storm when  I remembered the words of an old friend who once advised us on what to do during a  storm.  Go to the window and raise your hands, softly speaking to the storm by saying,  "Peace be still in the name of the Living Christ." 

After praying Psalm 91, I did just that.   Soon the storm calmed down. I know that I was not the only one praying., but prayer is powerful and it works.   It is often said, why worry when you can pray. 

Imagine our surprise, after the storm passed,  we were amazed that a heavy  tree limb had fallen in the driveway.  Its branches just inches away from our parked car.  The car was packed, ready to head home the next day.  Elliot's keyboard and studio equipment were in the trunk.  We clapped, thanking the angels for watching over us.

If you want to learn more about this psalm of protection, you may want to sign up for a  free e-class on releasing the power of this psalm.

Angelic blessings,


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Duties to Our Guardian Angel

1)  Always remember that you are in the presence of your Guardian Angel.  In whatever place you may be, in whatever secret recess you may hide, think of your Guardian Angel.  Never do in the presence of your Guardian Angel what you wouldn't do before the Lord.

2)  Refrain from using every word or gesture, or taking any action that would displease or grieve your heavenly companion. 

3)  Keep your thoughts at a higher altitude.

4) Call for his/her help to overcome temptation, for protection, for guidance, and for all necessities.

5)  Remember to express the most profound gratitude for the countless blessings he/she provides.

We are so blessed to be aware of the presence of these divine messengers.

Have a joyful day,


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Guardian Angel of Where We Live

 (Archangel Raphael)

Several months ago while traveling , I came across a little booklet, The Guardian Angels.  It was a perfect find. I read a wonderful recommendation that I took to heart. It helped me see things differently.  It was to remember that all the towns or cities we drove through have as many Guardian Angels as there are inhabitants, and to send them a loving salutation. I already knew about honoring the Guardian Angel who oversees the city where I live, but the idea of greeting the Guardian Angels as we traveled was something new. 

 I followed this timely advice for the rest of our trip, acknowledging the Guardian Angel as  we were driving by each city. . Coming upon the sign on the highway, I would greet the Guardian Angel of Saint Augustine, Daytona Beach, DeLand, etc.   The results were amazing.  Blessings unfolded enriching our travels. We were in the flow of divine timing.

Many of you may know that Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing, of Travel, of Happy Meetings, of Marriage, and of Joy.  The next time you plan on taking a trip, you may want to pray to him for a smoother journey.

Angelic blessings,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Entertaining Angels. Is Anybody Home?

The busyness of our daily lives competes for our attention, lessening our likelihood of recognizing the influence of angels.  To stay angel-minded is to still the mind and tune inward, listening for divine inspiration.  Our true spiritual home is in the One Mind, in God and to entertain angels unawares it is important to be at home in the Mind.  We were made in God's image.  We are spiritual, dwelling in the divine Mind.  By remembering this wonderful truth, we can feel the presence of angels and we can "entertain" them.  By being at home to angels, we find ourselves in heaven. Our thinking is at a higher altitude.

When an angel message comes to us, our thoughts are lifted to a higher idea of God, of Christ consciousness. We have a clearer vision.  If we take time to open the door and invite these messages into our minds, we find ourselves to be more use to those about us.  By keeping alert  to entertaining our angel visitors, there is nothing we shall not know.   But often our distractions drown out the heavenly rap on the door, and our celestial visitors are shut out. We miss the golden opportunities, the Thoughts of God that come enfolded in angel wings they bring. 

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science defines angels this way:  "Angels are not etherealized human beings, evolving animal qualities in their wings; but they are celestial visitants, flying on spiritual, not material pinions."

Today I will try to stay more alert to entertaining angel visitors by keeping my mind at Home, in God.  When inspiration comes, I will welcome them,  grateful for their visitation.  "Angel food cake, anyone?"

Angelic blessings,