Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Slow and Steady: An Angel Message

 The surprising sight of this peaceful little dove resting on the tortoise's back delivered an angelic message with a smile.   To choose peace, and take it slow and steady...one day at a time...will win the race.  

Don't try to run around and make things happen. Trust in divine timing, and let the answers unfold naturally. 

More tortoise energy was in the forecast.  After the heavy weekend rains, our neighbor, Timothy the Tortoise, came out of his hole underneath the shelter of the shade tree. I wondered how he was doing during the thunderstorm, hoping he wouldn't get flooded out.  What a happy sight to see that thick crusted shell moving across the pasture toward home.  Munching down on the greens, he didn't seem to mind a friendly photo op.  It's hard to believe he's over a foot in diameter, and must be about 20-years old.

And, then early last evening a gray rabbit appeared in search of a good meal in the raised mulch bed out front.  The tortoise and the hare... hmmm...

The grass is getting tall from the much needed rain.  What joy to watch the rabbit hop across the front lawn.   A little late for Easter, but a most welcome sign of new life.  And a reminder once again to take it slow and steady.   

Angels messages come in many different guises.   It's fun to be on the look-out and expect happy things of God to come your way.  It's amazing how accurately they can reflect our inner landscape. 

What angelic nature messages are speaking to you today? May you remember that God is Love, and so are you. You are always in the company of your Guardian angel. Do not fear.  The best is yet to be.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Dragonfly Memories: An Angel Message

 What severe contrasts we’ve had in the weather lately.  Sunday  morning  brought high winds pruning the heavy old fronds off the tall palm trees.  Rain poured in so fast the front yard became a rush of swift flowing little gullies. I was thankful for the Holy Spirit, and for knowing that “God is the strength in which I trust.”  In the midst of the storm, God was there, as always…nothing in Truth had or could ever change.   I’ve also found Psalm 91 to be a powerful comfort during these trying times.  “For He shall give his angels charge over you….”

Late Sunday afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds…a grateful sight.  The sweet sandhill family had weathered the storm.   The angels must have tucked the trio under their wings during the high winds. :-D

Then today, while parked by the lake, beneath the bough of an old tree, I saw something else that brought a smile.  A dragonfly out on a limb!

My good friend, Joanna, a writer, often sat at the picnic table by the lake while editing her books.  Her thoughts were clearer in nature.  She had written a book on Passing On shortly before she did so in 2018. Dragonflies were always her special messenger ever since her husband had passed on shortly before I met her in 2011.  Whenever a dragonfly appeared, it was a comfort, as though Jack was sending a love message.  He was still around watching over her.  Joanna had many unusual encounters with these lovely winged ones who would pay her a visit. One showed up in her hotel room while she was in deep mourning shortly after his transition.

So today when I saw this beautiful dragonfly, I immediately thought of my dear friend.  “Hello, Joanna!” I smiled, looking through the camera lens.  With two sets of wings, I recognized it as a damselfly, even more appropriate as a messenger for me.  The damsel appeared to have a hint of turquoise on its head, a favorite color of hers.  To my delight, she rested on a bare branch, soaking up the sun light on high.  Together we looked out at the serenity of the lake on a beautiful day that had a touch of heaven itself with a gentle breeze.

Usually damselflies and dragonflies are busy flitting here and there…but this visitation was special, and I knew it.  When it was time for me to go, she, too, departed…in her iridescent jeweled wings, leaving me lighter.

Back at home, when the photo was uploaded, it might have been just my imagination, but it seemed as though the damsel had turned her head, and was looking right at me. 

I’m so thankful for the gifts that come to assure us that our love ones go on and on…and that there can be no break in the link of eternal Love. 

“Dragonfly reminds you that you are light, and you can shine in powerful ways if you choose to do so.”  --Ted Andrews 

May you find peace and joyful moments today with your Guardian Angel by your side. 

Rae Karen



Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Stretching to Reach Our Potential: An Angel Message

Lately synchronicity has been in the air about rubber bands.  It started when I landed on a local radio station in time to hear the end of a talk.  The minister was saying how God stretches us so that we can reach our potential, because we cannot do it by ourselves.   By yielding to the hand of the Father, like a rubber band that is stretched back so far, when let go, it can travel a great distance with the help of the Force. 

Something amusing happened yesterday.  A package arrived in the mail, a gift for an upcoming special occasion.  Three porcelain  dolls of the world were individually boxed and bound together (side-by-side) with a 14" rubber band!  I was amazed by the recurring symbol.  Who knew rubberbands were that big?    


In that moment, it seemed like an angel message.  The world is being stretched today as never before. All of God's children are being severely tested to build up our spiritual muscles.  When confronting a problem, we are stretched and stretched.  And, with the help of God's angels, we don't have to worry about snapping.  We will have the resilience to stretch safely beyond our seeming limitations. 

"For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways."  (Psalm 91:11) 

Now, if only my memory would stretch far enough to remember where I put that extra large rubberband... 

Keep on stretching...it's worth it in the end.  The best is yet to come.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Scoring Points: An Angel Message

A juvenile hawk, with wings spread wide, was flying low this morning. His behavior displayed something new and different.  Rather than land on any one of the many trees, he chose a playful spot.  The neighbor's weathered basketball backboard. If I hadn't seen him fly by,  he would have gone unnoticed as he was well camouflaged in that setting.  Soon he flew to a nearby pine tree, and quickly returned to his post above the hoop.  

 Hawk has been a special messenger over the years, and so when one appears, I try to pay attention.

This young red-shouldered hawk seemed to point out that the best way to score points today is to fly low (below any turbulence) and watch out for anything that may try to distract you from your goal. Keep your eye on the ball.

I was thankful for the heads-up.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Rae Karen

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Friday, April 2, 2021

May You Pass Every Test! An Angel Message

Tom Turkey stopped by early one morning this week, not exactly displaying his best side.  But before long, he passed his test because he chose to turn around and present his true colors. 

 I’d forgotten the natural beauty of that turkey's bright blue face and red neck.  It was as though he'd  been hand-painted for an upcoming ceremonial rite of passage.  Thanksgiving is the message he gratefully brings.  So much to be grateful for.  How blessed we are to know the angels are with us as well as Holy Spirit and the indwelling Christ.  So the appearance of turkey reminds one to share all of yourself, to freely give your gifts, your time, your love, your energy, as they are freely and abundantly given to you as a gift from the Creator.  


What holds us back from loving at times? 

Perhaps you've noticed on a number of occasions that by your words and actions, you may have caused some great burden and grief.  Through negativity, criticism, judgment, or clamoring about getting your own way dark clouds have rolled in.  Yet on other occasions, by acting your very best, everyone gathered has gone away feeling satisfied, and happy.  In both cases, the ego puffs itself up, a petty tyrant, wielding its power to either build up or tear down.   It has an agenda, to keep you off balance, always seeking but never finding the eternal peace within.  Recently I read, "The ego plays on the keyboard of human emotions and we need to be like the silent key."  In other words, don't keep reacting.  

 The other day, while looking for a book, I came across a teaching that helped me pass a test that would be coming unexpectedly that afternoon. The simple instruction made me laugh a little. 

 "May You Pass Every Test!"  It hit to the heart of the matter.   It could be used as a parting greeting to those you encounter.  "May You Pass Every Test!

 I liked that!  Goodness knows tests are flying around at rapid speed these days.  Who isn't getting tested? If you're here in a body, the tests are part of the schooling.

And, you've probably noticed how the test comes to you.   Tailor-made just for you at just the right time and just the right mood to strike your Achilles' heel.  Perhaps it feeds into a negative belief you hold about yourself.  Or a cherished ideal you can't release.   Something you insist upon being absolutely right about.  Something you are perfectly justified in doing.  Self-love, self-will, and self-justification are signs that the ego is warring with the Spirit.  With universal divine love they can be dissolved.    

When we open the door and greet the test, we can choose to recognize the insult/judgment/criticism as a blessing disguised.  Silently count to ten.  Whatever it is has come for you to grow spiritually.  It is a set-up. 

Silently affirm:  "May I Pass Every Test!"  What has been personally delivered is a gift,--not a burden.  A chance to rise up above the battlefield of the mind.  Instead of getting a rise out of you, you may choose to experience a sense of mastery and dominion over your lower-self if you willing yield to your Higher consciousness.  

Whatever comes has no power over you, except what you give it. 

So why not choose to see peace instead of this.  Ask the Holy Spirit for help in that moment.

When you do, it's amazing how we find peace in chaos. After a while, you'll be able to spot these tests right away and not buy the lie.  You realize not only have you passed every test but you have passed the course! 

Today we remember Good Friday, and the beloved Christ Jesus, the Master who overcame all of his Earthly tests to teach us the truth about who we are. We are not material beings, we are spiritual. Love conquers all.

May You Pass Every Test!

Love and peace,


Rae Karen